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this is deja vu news live from berlin jubilation after european union leaders strike a deal on a multibillion euro coronavirus recovery package. we did it's europe a strong europe of the 3 nights. after 4 days and nights they finally agree on the details of loans and grants to be given to member states hit hardest by the
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pandemic so who won and who lost also coming up a panel of british lawmakers blasts the government for failing to investigate russian meddling in u.k. politics their long awaited report calls for immediate action to tackle the threat . here in germany the high profile trial of the man accused of tarkin targeting a synagogue in the city of hama gets underway to passers by were killed during the attack. i'm sunni so much kind of good to have you with us european leaders have sealed a deal on an unprecedented 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery fund after 4 days of heated talks leaders finally agreed on the details of loans and grants to be given to countries hardest hit by the pandemic of the 750000000000 euros the.
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390000000000 will be in the form of grants the remaining 360000000000 euros will be dispersed in the form of cheap loans it is a compromise that satisfies the demands of more fiscally conservative countries good morning everyone we did it europe is strong europe is united level for these were the words the delegates have been working towards a deal has been done on the wrangling can stop everyone can go home some kind of when. relief was visible on their faces despite the masks. e.u. council chief france's emmanuel mccall and ursula fund a line commission president plus standing tallest of the mole. from the netherlands he had led the group limited the grants and made them conditional what i was aiming for and i think we have achieved the emergency brake and emergency brake at the
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level of european council to be able to enforce the reforms in member states if they are not taking place against the program that particular member states. have agreed with european commission states like poland invicta all bans hungary they insisted that they hadn't been boxed in and you haven't tried to make a connection between the rule of law and budget. was. pact was successfully rejected despite underlying problems that haven't gone away maclin macor say the e.u. works. after a very long session we have reached a good conclusion and i am very happy about that therefore. europe has shown that it is prepared to take new paths in what is a very special situation i believe that is necessary extraordinary events and in
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this case that's the pandemic that has reached us all demand extraordinary new methods for doing the whole thing may have been close but macro says the deal they reached will help all 27 e.u. nations just recovering i'm convinced that this plan this budget will respond to the health economic and social challenges we are all facing in our countries. it was a long fight 4 days of negotiations brought significant divisions to light but the deal stands and now everyone can go home. for more perspective on the story we have spend your gold with us he's a member of the european parliament and the speaker of the german green delegation mr gold thank you for joining us i 1st of all want to get your perspective on this agreement what do you think were the big winners here. well it's not about who is the big winner i think that is quite silly of the council to try to
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confuse it with attempts to chip what is 1st of all important is that we have a budget deal between the member states so we can move to the negotiations with the parliament and the parliament has of course to work carefully and to consider carefully the deal in order to take a perspective for the european common good rather than each leader looking for his national or her national audience and obviously there were some big taboo self european policymaking broken successfully at that summit and that is basically good news. as you said the european parliament will have to look very closely at this agreement now after a very difficult negotiations what do you think it will this deal get passed. well they still as it stands will certainly not pass because obviously the european parliament has important points to make so basically when it comes to the recovery
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package this is the 1st time when that we take up corona bonds from the market and spend it now when it's most needed so that's the move forward and the breaking of taboos in europe but. the spending of the money it is not going to the common future programmes of the union such as education we surge adaptation to climate change and so on so the european continent should insist that more money is spent on the common future programmes of the union to make europe stronger and most importantly the deal on the rule of law is far too weak we need tougher rules on member states which break the full not fundamental well use of the union i do want to ask you about climate protection because this deal earmarks 30 percent of the entire package for climate protection and that's going to be spent over the next several years so that's not enough you're saying. well look the 30 percent
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are success for the parliament because it was the parliament insisting on 30 percent and member states wanted $25.00 so we moved them quite a bit but the current accounting for the 30 per cent it is a bit doubtful yeah so never doubt never trust the statistics you have and you haven't faked yourself so therefore we need to look at what is counted as climate spending and 2nd for the recovery package that was the original idea or the commission to spend 30000000000 in order to help struggling with germans which are suffering economically from a new car fossil fuel and future this just transition funding has been cut from 30 $1000000000.00 to $10000000000.00 and that is the price to pay which is difficult for all regions which depend so far on 1st side fuel business models and we want to
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socially just transition for these wages if we take an overview of this deal now mr gold it's been 4 long days getting to this point as you were watching it as well all the negotiations happening how do you feel about the e.u.'s ability to get through this crisis together. well look at the leaders of the member states because they take decisions in unanimity they tend all to have in mind mainly then national audience so then if europe moves a big leap forward by spending money in a sort of their way to moat countries in crisis rather than celebrating off the words the big issue is who was the winner this is how we got into brics it by this move mindset and it shows clearly we have to move to majority voting also on budget issues and in the end probably we need something like
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a european problem republic rather than member states in consensus trying to govern this will never make us competitive we'll have to leave it there spending gold a member of the european parliament speaker of the german green delegation thank you for joining us here in the. in the u.k. a highly anticipated report on russian interference in british democracy is spelling trouble for boris johnson's government after being held up for months the intelligence and security committee finally presented a blistering indictment of the british government's failure to take the threat of russian meddling seriously the report foreigns that the u.k. is a top target for russian interference but it accused officials of turning a blind eye to allegations that moscow sought to influence key votes like the break that record referendum. and our correspondent there that moss is following this story for us from london so what does the report actually say about whether russia
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interfered with the 2016 brags that referendum. well it's a bit of a surprise that the report card really also that question because the biggest finding of report was that the u.k. government has not really looked for on says to that question the u.k. government has not instructed the u.k. intelligence services to see whether there was any interfering interference from russia for example with the bracks of referendum however that doesn't mean that russia is completely exonerated it just means that the committee called on to the question because they are working with the material from the intelligence agencies and they simply don't have the information as to whether russia interfered for example in the bronx referendum however the report does say that russia poses and established a threat to the u.k. and also that the intelligence agencies should be given the tools in order to
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tackle this kind of threat from russia back at what are the implications here for the government of boris johnson. well the government really looks sadly complacent for example the intelligence committee has contras did the u.k. government in action with the action by the us government which actually did look whether russia sought to interfere with the 2016 election in the us so the u.k. parliamentarians who sit on this committee also are saying that there is just too much interference of russia in british society they are mentioning the nation's 2 political parties there mentioning. that basically in. very close contacts with british politicians and they're all saying that basically the u.k. government hasn't really taken this threat and hasn't taken this russian interference
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in its society and potentially also in its democratic process serious enough so it really doesn't reflect well on the british government at all. reporting from london thank you for that update. let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world the trial of former sudanese ruler omar al bashir has been adjourned to due to a lack of social distancing in court a khartoum judge said a larger court room will have to be found for the next hearing in august is facing charges relating to the military coup that brought him to power in 1909 police in zimbabwe have arrested a prominent investigative journalist hopewell chinoy no filmed his detention he's just the latest critic of the government to be arrested her ahead of anti-corruption protests that are planned for later this month. the trial has
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begun here in germany of the mad accused of attacking a synagogue in the eastern city of hillah last october he is alleged to have killed 2 passers by after failing to gain access to a synagogue on yom kippur the holiest day in the jewish calendar prosecutors say he intended to massacre the worshipers inside. and wearing a coronavirus face mask 28 year old was led into court to answer for one of the worst anti semitic it tanks in post-war german history it left 2 people dead but prosecutors allege he intended to kill many more $43.00 victims and relatives have joined the trial as co plaintiffs they want but there are concerns the suspect could seek an opportunity to spread more anti semitic hatred. of this case is that the perpetrator has already confessed he doesn't deny what did
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i have learned from the files that in the end he only denies he has killed by arguing that he believes that struggle is necessary to achieve certain political goals. and. xenophobia and related to anti semitism. it was your last year judaism's holiest day when an armed men tried to storm the synagogue in her 52 worshippers were inside only the sturdiness of the door prevented what investigators say would have been a massacre. the man then shot and killed 2 people nearby this video was filmed by a member of the public the perpetrator live streamed footage of his attack on an internet gaming site. the case has drawn huge interest the start of proceedings was
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delayed for 2 hours while dozens of reporters and others passed through security. across germany people are concerned about a rise in the number and severity of anti semitic crimes according to official figures such attacks rose by 13 percent last year the interior ministry says right wing extremists are to blame despite that context the authorities say they're reacting to violence with fairness. the anger. defendant is presumed innocent until a final judgment has been made his statements in the investigation and the videos which are supposed to show parts of what happened do not change anything the presumption of innocence applies without restriction playing. the suspect told the judge today that he liked using the internet because people could talk freely their back chimes with warnings for instance from the government's commissioner for protecting jewish life that social media gives a new outlet to hatred that's just one of the aspects to consider as the called
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tries to understand an attack that struck not only against jews but against german society as a whole well day one of the trial is now over our correspondent thomas sparrow has been following events from outside the court we spoke to him a little earlier and asked him to tell us more about the suspect. we're talking here about a 28 year old german who was described as being isolated socially isolated he himself said he had no friends we heard more today about his relationship to some of the family members including his sister but also a very detailed description about how he planned the attack how he carried it out how he tried to escape how he had built his own weapon so very detailed impressions on not only those elements but also some of his motivations we heard some of those anti-semitic conspiracy theories that we also saw in his manifesto that he published online and we also heard from him about the relationship he had with the
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internet saying that he believes that it was important because that he could he could express himself freely and even saying that at one point that he lamented the fact that the streaming side where he published where he live streamed the attack how that had been actually suspended saying that the streaming was actually more important than the attack himself this gives you an idea of how important this case is here in germany as well it really really is an attack thomas that that shook the country i mean what reaction has there been from that from german lawmakers what the consequence is going to be. they have been consequences off the attack protecting synagogues for example or increasing police presence or increasing cooperation between federal and we journal levels but this is important this trial because on the 100 to seen as a president to understand how these kinds of people work as the lone actors with an online presence is also important because internationally it is being watched
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closely the perpetrator the alleged perpetrator himself for example said that he had been inspired by the attack in christchurch new zealand also last year so this is being seen also something that goes way beyond other german borders and it can also be interpreted as something that goes again beyond germany and can be of interest internationally as well. as thomas sparrow reporting for us from mike to work thank you very much. a german woman has been kidnapped by an identified gunman in iraq helen mavis was reportedly abducted on monday outside her office in the capital baghdad where she runs an arts collective for young iraqi artists mavis was born in berlin and has lived in baghdad for years friends said she had feared for her safety due to involvement in protests there rocky interior ministry says it has directed security forces to step up their efforts to find the german national. and earlier i spoke to discuss our some in baghdad she's an artist and
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a close friend of helen mavis i asked when she last spoke to her friend. the last time i spoke to hello was maybe 10 days ago. she participated in the ork for it the assassinated friend dr chapman hashimi and as the harrier she joined this walk and she called me and she was like afraid and. she. doesn't feel good and ask me what you think might happen in future. i told her that you have to care and this is this like every day it's the same message to ation. kidnapping incidents never stop in this city and everybody might be targeted for. a special reason or just like this so this is the last time and the
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from here. we do not trust the thirty's well if that's why we are because we witnessed several kidnapping incidents before and this never stuck and in baghdad or other cities. activists and journalists and protesters are being kidnapped and sometimes being released. from her and there's no. not as a source of a part of the people who are doing this. and that was the excess are some a close friend of helen mavis speaking to me earlier from baghdad. now to some more stories from around the world in ukraine an armed man has seized a bus and taken at least 10 people hostage in the country's west police said the man is believed to be carrying weapons and explosives the interior ministry says the suspect was born in russia and has
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a criminal background all gary as the prime minister boyko body so it has survived a no confidence motion in parliament the country has seen almost 2 weeks of protests over a series of corruption scandals opposition parties attempted to oust government but failed to gather enough votes in parliament the irish budget carrier ryan air has announced that it will close its base at frankfurt airport in november and it is reportedly considering closing hubs in berlin table and dusseldorf as well the decision is in reaction to german pilots rejecting proposed pay cuts due to cope with $19.00. people there our next report follows one of the country's best known artists michael soy he's long used this paintings to cast a critical eye on kenyans inspired to outrage known for his critical stance coronaviruses giving him plenty of material for instance the brutality of the police crackdown on people who bring curfew. and on sex workers who have no choice
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but to keep on working. this is a. it. is a very common kind of like you know theme in my office you know with your typical of a strip club scene since we know there's an issue of court on on that kind of thing you know that's why you see the bosses but yet people still don't care you know. kenya closed its borders and schools soon after recording its 1st corona cases the number of people testing positive has continued to rise however. and though the official numbers are still low that's likely due to a lack of widespread testing the true number of cases is estimated to be much higher. before the pandemic can so i took on the subject of chinese influence in africa he portrayed china as the future leader of the african union.
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where then is a boat is not always horses men are always it's like you've got everything that you can get under the old you know unfortunate you know what lives are what they basically got to go to join is up to you we otoh much we thought it was to that which is now all. come into my view i mean our feel like this is the word that has been used to call of us as you know postulating or chains that is a new chains you know but so are his criticisms haven't spared african governments either he's been especially searing about their response to the corona crisis one thing that this court good thing has done in africa is that is completely exposed the deficiencies that exist in africa when it comes to health care where you have countries like south sudan the top of for a vice president and the 4 ventilators in the whole of the country when those are issues you have their priorities on. his latest work is entitled say their names
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about african-americans who have been killed by police violence. to football now and dortmund doesn't only have a reputation as a world class football team it's also at the heart of the sports youth movement the club is a magnet for bright young stars itching to hit the pitch like jude bellinger has just signed a long term contract with dark meant at the tender age of 17. it was a bit overboard to welcome by his new club and teammates. for 17 year old sudden millionaire jude bellingham it might even be called the cheesy. but hey jude that club dortmund seems to always be good enough to make the champions league tournaments and always challenges for 2nd in the bundesliga. so the size of the stadium and the quotes in the pictures and. get a real realize how big the club is so real on the to be. who else founded in honor
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at a very young age superstar in the making jaden san show join dortmund at 17 i you know the funny thing is now associated with this youth movement in football 19 year old erling holland has joined the club just this year and has scored 16 goals already. in terms of. what the paid for play is and what they're getting and you know the most striking example of course is monday at age 19 before he helped france win the world cup. signed with dortmund at age 17 american christian pulis sic debuted for dortmund he's now at london's chelsea and don't forget robert levin dogs at age 21 the striker left poland for dortmund it became one of europe's best before moving to buyer from a i think it's the perfect club right now in this point. there's not
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a better club in the world at producing young talent and developing them for the next level the thing is that next level for young stars is often somewhere other than dortmund maybe rivals like biron or clubs in england or spain holding on to the stars requires trophies and dortmund fans know they get close but don't often win those trophies. let's get a recap now of our top story here on t w e u leaders have struck a deal to implementing a multibillion euro coronavirus recovery plan after 4 days of heated talks they finally agreed on the details of loans and grants to be given to member states hardest hit by the pandemic. thank you for watching us from back at the top the hour.
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if. you can.
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provide for transplant but what about the principle of. scientific advances could help in the brutal black market in human organs. patients come away for years crypto often in vain or look for an illegal alternative. for shortage of. close up. next on d w. i i don't think you. well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and with that message i haven't fixed you consider german culture looking at the stereotype question but if you think it's the 1st country that i know a long time. kenya needed change the thickness grama they are to me
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it's all about a new primary job join me to meet the jetman from d.w. post. this is some dope story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem pests. his credo no chemicals. and he's trying this. step. some of. the students are. taking this drama they are to me it's all about a new primary job join me to meet the jetman from d.w. post. this is some dope story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem pests. his credo no chemicals. and his tremendous.
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step. toward. the students. the. training successful. to me starts july 27th. w. there is a global shortage of organ donors the illicit trade in human kidneys and hearts is booming it's a lucrative business but it doesn't only save lives it also claims that.


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