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this is the news live from. the pressure the u.s. secretary of state is trying to get. russian gas to germany also coming up. the crime that shocked germany the man charged with attacking a synagogue on judaism's holiest details his trial i have no problems with religion but i have. and the women and children stranded by the collapse of the
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so-called islamic states many of them are good citizens we need a frenchman fighting to bring his daughter and grandson. welcome u.s. secretary of state mike bump aoe is visiting denmark to try to persuade him to stop walk on the north stream to gas pipeline bossing through its waters denmark has just given the go ahead for the work but to get the danes to change their minds the u.s. believes the pipeline would make germany too dependent on russian gas. now last week pump warned companies involved in the project they would be subject to u.s. penalties if they didn't hold their work. on the baltic sea gas pipe. line nord
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stream too is still moving forward albeit slowly the u.s. has threatened sanctions for companies participating in the project so right now there is just one russian ship laying the pipes for the remaining 160 kilometers the pipeline runs parallel to the north stream one pipeline from russia to germany 1200 kilometers across the baltic once complete it will allow russia to supply double the current volume of gas the united states says germany is making itself dependent on russia earlier this month u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o warned against continuing to build the pipeline this action puts investments or other activities that are related to these russian energy export pipelines at risk of u.s. sanctions it's a clear warning to companies aiding and abetting russia's malign influence projects will not be tolerated get out now or risk the consequences germany has rejected the
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criticism and says sanctions would be contrary to international law now denmark has given permission for additional vessels to work on the last phase of the pipeline within its territorial waters that means work on the project may soon pick up speed angering pomp aoe and the white house. so how exactly is the german government reacting to this latest u.s. diplomatic offensive against an old stream to chief political editor. spoke to german defense minister comp. system once known allstream is a project that is also being debated among but also nato member states. too there is concern that germany could become too dependent on russian gas a concern we were able to diffuse but it's also about the concerns in the interests of ukraine and poland which have to be negotiated into the contract this was indeed . to the u.s.
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that if sanctions and government have the clear position that these are not in accordance with international rules. and the character of the who conducted that interview joins us now from our politics studio because i'm a good scrub carbo isn't just germany's defense minister she's also the chair of johnson i'm going to american see do you party and of course a close ally of the chancellor what else did she have to say about the nord stream pipeline controversy. well you can sense that there is a high level of concern over what the united states may do next at the same time i also know from previous conversations that she never was a big fan of this particular project in fact there were german m.p.'s european m.p.'s who signed up against it saying that it weakened europe's integrity and sovereignty particularly towards russia and with the us of course applying pressure and having its very own interests of liquefied gas to the european union so for now
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the government is trying to build a bridge by building also a new ports for gas that could be imported from the united states but clearly there is a deadlock here and referring to international law that's the big questions how far does talking mental get the german government which after all continues to say that the u.s. their closest ally and speaking of the u.s. to trumpet ministration has taken a very hard line on this pipeline but with their presidential elections due in 4 months time do you think lynn is thinking of just sitting out this confrontation from 0. well of course bullen has also heard all the politicians here that do biden the democratic candidate has vowed to review all decisions taken by the term government that may include north stream 2 at the same time there's also very strong voices in congress that are opposed to it so it probably won't be that easy at the same time the dems government has learned to live with
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a certain level of aggravation with the united states for now also focusing on stability within nato and keeping the current government on its side when it comes to key defense issues but north stream 2 simply won't go away at the same time a different government couldn't afford to give ground because that would be seen as basically having lost a standoff not just with washington but also with brussels. political editor beheaded thank you so much. i'm staying in germany what a man accused of attacking a synagogue in the city last october then murdering 2 people has made clear his anti-semitic and racist sentiments as his trial began he told the court he had court no problems with religions but. he also made racist remarks. and wearing a coronavirus face mask 28 year old stephan bay he was led into court to answer for
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one of the worst anti semitic attacks in post-war german history it left 2 people dead but prosecutors allege he intended to kill many more $43.00 victims and relatives have joined the trial as co plaintiffs they want answers but there are concerns the suspect could seek an opportunity to spread more anti semitic hatred. because. of this case is that the perpetrator has already confessed he doesn't deny what he did and i have learned from the files that in the end he only denies he's killed by arguing that he believes that struggle is necessary to achieve certain political goals. and. xenophobia and related to anti semitism.
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it was your last year judaism's holiest day when an armed men tried to storm the synagogue in halla $52.00 worshippers were inside only the sturdiness of the door prevented what investigators say would have been a massacre. and then shot and killed 2 people nearby this video was filmed by a member of the public the perpetrator live streamed footage of his attack on an internet gaming site. the case has drawn huge interest the start of proceedings was delayed for 2 hours while dozens of reporters and others passed through security. across germany people are concerned about a rise in the number and severity of anti semitic crimes according to official figures such attacks rose by 13 percent last year the interior ministry says right wing extremists are to blame despite that context the authorities say they're
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reacting to violence with fairness. there and get this time that the defendant is presumed innocent until a final judgment has been made his statements in the investigation and the videos which are supposed to show parts of what happened to not change anything the presumption of innocence applies without restriction showing. the suspect told the judge today that he liked using the internet because people could talk freely their back chimes with warnings for instance from the government's commissioner for protecting jewish life but social media gives a new outlet to hatred that's just one of the aspects to consider as the call tries to understand an attack that struck not only against jews but against german society as a whole. now to some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of israelis have protested against prime minister binyamin netanyahu and his government's handling of the coronavirus bandana business owners and to corruption activists mobs to let them know whose official residence in jerusalem is now has
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been under pressure amid an ongoing corruption trial and so infection rates. a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of the alaskan peninsula in the u.s. state of alaska there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties authorities have now cancelled a tsunami warning initially issued for the coastal area the u.s. city of portland oregon has seen a feather clashes between protesters and federal law enforcement officers sent by president donald trump to end and racism protests the nightly rallies have been held in the area since the death of george floyd in police custody in me. and us president donald trump has told americans to wear mosques when social distancing is not possible saying face coverings can have an effect against the coronavirus trump has previously done played the impact of mosques and has been
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reluctant to wear one himself in public. and staying in the united states but the government has ordered china to close its consulate in houston texas saying it was a necessary measures to protect american intellectual property with an oz of the defective however being issued firefighters were called to the consulate responding to reports that paper was being burned in waste bins beijing has called the u.s. order a political provocation and a violation of international norms. let's speak to tyson baka from the truman national security project here in berlin tyson what more do we know about why the u.s. has taken this step. well clearly this is an escalator tory step on the part of the u.s. and we don't exactly know the reasons they have not the us is not given exact reasons what we do know is the kind of atmospherics around this the u.s.
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has unsealed a an indictment the department of justice on tuesday involving 2 chinese hackers that have been infiltrating research centers looking into hope it 19 vaccines. the as you mentioned earlier my pump a.o. is doing a trip through europe it was just in the u.k. pushing for other countries to ban walkway so the relationship attention and ration ship is fro ing brenda says the diplomatic ties between the 2 countries. there they're extremely fraught right now i think when you look at the kind of global landscape china and the united states are crisscrossing our allies partners pushing for partners to take a tougher stance because of the the other the chinese have become quite aggressive here in europe for example with what they're calling a world war your diplomacy pushing. partners to allow walkway for example to
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take part to participate in 5 g. infrastructure development places like germany. it's quite tense and in the united states this idea of you know a great power conflict with china has has credibility has it giving credence in a bipartisan way there's a lot of support for this in congress as well do you think the company ministration is also hardening its position on china given that we are in an election year. well you know there is obviously a political overtone to this the trump campaign has made a point of saying that that trump president trump is tougher on china that joe biden is soft and china that he was supportive of integrating china into the global trade system for example in the ninety's and early 2000 that he has a record that doesn't match well with with trump's record. it's not clear that that's going to work the rhetoric coming out of the biden campaign it's very
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similar to the trump rhetoric and a lot of the support for toughening sanctions measures in the senate and house which are moving right now banning tick-tock for example on federal devices that's all coming from the democrats as well as the republicans tyson baka from the truman national security project in berlin thank you so much thank you books have not been a safe tree and in hong kong for 7 yeah some books and as mysteriously disappeared 5 years ago and dunned up a few months later saying they've been held in mainland china now with the tough new security nor imposed by beijing last month a growing number of hong kong all foes publishes a book stores are moving their businesses abroad all sense of ing their products. publishing books in hong kong hasn't been easy for a while especially while the battle last year's protests for publisher a window the new chinese security law has changed everything about his current
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project a collection of articles written by thousands of people who are top part even demonstrations raman and his team have been taking a word some pictures that could prosser. they have even changed to a book cover these tax on patience mark some of the so-called to boost. if i can move along a few yards most of the political slogans were removed such as the popular protest slogan liberate hong kong revolution of our times which has recently been declared illegal to handle here we also deleted the paragraphs which we advocate are in crisis session but no one can tell us how exactly that red line is drawn not even lawyers it's the most painful project i've done for years i will be no. work was to have been published 2 months ago but that still hasn't happened as 5 printers have rejected it because of the sensitivity some ask raymond to change part of the content that rarely happens in the past this repeaters and bookstores also turned
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it down. beijing's weeping law is not only deterring new publications but is also affecting older ones jimmy page and a federal publisher who has worked in the industry for over 3 their case has also felt is effects he has suspended further publication after burke police last year to mark 30 of any of those 3 of the 10 those were press the remaining top piece won't be put on display at book fairs anymore. i think in this is the biggest crisis facing the whole industry everyone is anxious we don't want to be revolutionaries but to free speech and promote knowledge quality to our citizens this diversity and enlightening ideologies vanish that's hard to restore once there . i can make to see. what's going on in hong kong it's more than self-censorship at least not written by opposition bankers happy move on public libraries in order
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to review what are they preached and. also many other do the same if any. possibly illegal. a growing number of home publishers and bookstores are moving their business abroad neither to me paying no raymond you are ready to quit writing this book is taught to freedom that's what he wants to practice despite the challenges. it's all it's frustrating but i will try to publish it in hong kong this book itself is a form of resistance and the only way to keep the freedom of publication in life is to actually size it here not to abandon the rights we desire. and i handled but he's in the minority many more people in hong kong observing the situation from that. too fearful of beijing's clout to speak up.
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and yet in europe it's a dilemma for many governments what to do with citizens who joined the so-called islamic state in syria and iraq among them women and children many of them are living in kurdish controlled refugee camps their status in limbo european countries have been locked and to bring their citizens back home preferring them to face trial in the region instead of human rights groups governments should get their citizens especially the most vulnerable and deal with them around. the biggest group these are french citizens including 400 women and children in our next report we meet and one who is fighting to bring his daughter and grandson back to france a quick note the man asked us not to use his real name. on ton is standing his ground the former trade unionist has defended workers' rights his whole life but when 5 years ago is 26 year old daughter suddenly left to join isis
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in iraq he had dropped bottom. it was my house came tumbling down on top of me. she had always been a good student and we didn't see this thing coming at all her family is ignore steak but she converted to islam without telling us what i told to do you know what you're getting yourself into and who these people are that you're joining he. last year his daughter was captured by the kurds and brought to the whole camp he kept in touch with her until she and her baby born in syria that is 5 weeks ago on one is today saying his face on camera for the 1st time he says he has nothing left to lose and. i don't know exactly what she did but i'm not the judge she should be held accountable for her actions and she has the right to a fair trial like everyone else that's the difference between a democracy and
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a dictatorship where creating a 2nd going trying to make their own and what about my grandson 18 months old he's responsible for nothing more you know that's what the french government has only repatch rated about 30 children from the camps and refuses to bring that women and men. god i did want to let you know we are proceeding according to international law people should be judged in the country where they are alleged to have committed their crimes we take back young children if and when the mother agrees that we should take charge of them. but this lawyer representing the families of 40 women in the camps says that approach actually goes against international law. so the kurdistan doesn't exist so there are no judges anti us people are being arbitrarily detained plus their crimes started in front of it i think they are accused of
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joining a terrorist organization good movement should be judged here and these children are in mortal danger 300 of them died at al gore than 29000 jews to the living conditions france has an obligation to protect them but it's leaving them there to run. france is not the only country reluctant to repatriate its citizens who left to join the so-called islamic state about 1000 western europeans are still being held in syria and iraq only a few of them have been brought back so far. together with other families on twan has gone to court to force the government to bring back his daughter and grandson he believes repatriation is actually in the government's own interests sonya. during a recent attack on one hand the kurds just open the gates and some women escape to join i asked so leaving these people in the cabs is a lot more dangerous than bringing them back we always wonder if they managed to
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get away there is a real risk that they might commit more attacks here in france or you know he's determined not to lose hope so that one day it can finally meet his grandson were joining me now to talk to him young of and from the international center for counterterrorism think tank in the netherlands dr van ark welcome you are writing a book about foreign fighters and the fate of their children do you think your opinion country's. goal slow approach to repair treating their citizens. yes. in many respects governments have. chosen to focus on the lack of public support and public perceptions in their decision making instead of focusing on what is available to them within the counter-terrorism immigration and criminal law legislation and the toolkits that they're available within them it is very clear that if individuals were repatriated
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into their country of citizenship there's more did nothing the legislation to bring them into trial and or to impose administrative measures. if there is criminal behavior it has started in the country of citizenship if these individuals were radicalized it started in the country of citizenship and a country of citizenship needs to take responsibility you spoke about lack of public support amongst other things that's just one focus on that isn't 3rd born out of a feeling that there could be security risks in bringing foremost under state members to your home for instance some of the patterns of tycho's from 10 to 15 of the brussels attackers inventor 16 have links to islamic state. this is this is true. but at the same time we're talking about hundreds of individuals. all of whom are painted undeserving of state help and state support and while some
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may be a security threat it is not all that or a security threat and certainly not to children and almost all of the children i regard it as causing a future security threat because of alleged criminal behavior of their parents separately we still have to look into what is the evidence available that the parents have indeed engaged in some criminal behavior. and in many respects because there is a lack of public support and western states are very unwilling to invest political capital and resources into sitting the p.t.a. sions even of children unless they're all front. what do you think your opinion governments should be doing to tackle this situation. one of the things that they can do is if they can facilitate or at least make it easier for individuals to return today country of citizenship. this is born one of their responsibility for their citizenship too because any community college community would have started in
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country citizenship 3 the conditions in the camps is being described as deplorable and reaching to trash a living human in degrading treatment as recently as last week by the u.k. court of appeal this situation and the really severe risks of physical and mental health can trigger even further degree furder radicalization instead of actually taking these individuals for rehabilitation and that is that would pose a longer term security threat we leave it there for the time being but thank you for joining us dr manion our phone from the international center for counterterrorism thank you for having me on. a quick update now on the latest developments in the corner of our spend democrat on the world more than one in 5 people in the indian capital delhi have been infected with the coronavirus according to a new antibody study that would mean more than 6000000 cases have gone undiagnosed in the city resident has approved clinical trials for
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a potential vaccine under development by u.s. and german pharmaceutical companies president has reported 41000 new infections in one day bringing the country's total to more than $2100000.00 cases and face masks are now mandatory in public in the australian city of melbourne the state of victoria of which melbourne is the capital has recorded its highest ever jump in infections with 484 new cases on wednesday. now to the story of a teenage footballer in russia who's got to be one of the luckiest people alive look out for the fleeting moment when the blinding lightning flash strikes the page at a small moscow stadium there was even as i was knocked unconscious is jesse bunt and smoking 3 weeks later the only evidence of the strike is a bun on someone else gives just. another look at the flash shows the stunning pot
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of lightning which somehow spread the 16 year old boy. yes skip in a flash it was indeed other news live from berlin don't forget you can keep up with the news on our website he doubled up going to follow us on twitter and instagram attitude up to news i'm going to spend a jeep and i'll see you back out and. ok
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your distance. coronavirus has changed almost everything. how we live. how we spend our free time how we travel. how our complex coverage ties it can creative industries reacting to social distancing. if 60 minutes to. go forward
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a mug or just some of our food for the russian soul. out here comes to. so many different walks of life. some are pumping and honestly trying to get all of that comes straight from the heart to its former c.e.o. who put horns in the morning delusional. in trying to come. from the 1st glimpse of the logs to their final resting place the russians d.w. documentary. are they friends said wanted to be with you thank you for us here or would you wish it was living your full freedom of the friend whose name you mentioned or are they and i mean he's going to finish the feast sealing the border and she'll push him to go with. the way he's going to go good luck to my dad worked for russia almost trumped. were 2 part documentary analyzes the difficult
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relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. is much ado about a russian gas pipeline in the u.s. it's a race threats to sanction companies working on stream 2 weeks warning if europe goes ahead with the project it would become too dependent on russia we talked to an energy expert also coming up the stock market's retreating today as tension between .


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