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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2020 5:00am-5:15am CEST

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the. business news live from berlin the president says he will send a search of federal agents into u.s. cities the president says the crackdown is needed to combat a rise in violent crime but local mayors and law enforcement say the presence of federal agents and cities like portland oregon is actually increasing tensions also coming out firefighters are called to china's consulate in houston texas just as washington ordered orders its closure citing concerns over u.s. intellectual property where to commence burning sensitive documents.
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and new phenomenon welcome to the program we begin in the u.s. where president trump has announced a major deployment of federal agents to 2 u.s. cities the white house says operation legend will target a crime and will involve the imminent arrival of security offices in chicago and then the president says in albuquerque albuquerque new mexico. today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement in 2 american communities plagued by violent crime will work every single day to restore public safety protect our nation's children and bring violent perpetrators to justice we've been doing it and you've been seeing what's happening all around the country we've just started this process and frankly we have no choice but to get involved for more on this stuff
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bring in our correspondent in washington stephens emotions 7 donald trump announce a surge of federal forces to more u.s. cities including chicago what else do we know about the search. well we don't know too much about it just that the president is adamant about that the action of the federal government of his administration is needed in cities like chicago and albuquerque sticking with chicago in this example he thinks that the city leadership failed the city and that crime is rampant there now having said this of course chicago has a violence problem there's a lot of gang violence going on for decades for 3 many many years but there's no many local law enforcement who's trying to get a handle on this and now the president decided it's time and time is the key word here to send in federal law enforcement that is for example the f.b.i. the d.n.a.
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that's the drug enforcement administration the h s i and this is the only for security so all those federal law enforcement officers will not just protect federal buildings in chicago they will now also fight crime and that is the search and the search interesting choice of words here the last time america in the search that was in the mid 2000 when general petraeus asked for more troops in iraq to put down a. very very painful rebellion for the for the u.s. troops which killed many u.s. soldiers at the time now as i said which is 7 years of cargo you're talking about chicago the mayor of the city your life which already urged the presidents to not send those on identified federal agents to his city what message does it send if he sends them anyway. it sends the message that he's in charge he's the marshal he's the model not just the sheriff he can. put the foot down and he is the man of law
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and order again timing and that's why i mentioned this is very important we're just a few months away from the general for the presidential from the front for a presidential election in november and i suspect that there were some advisors who told the president that he has to really play hard on this topic on this agenda of the law enforcement the law and order agenda to actually have a good chart at becoming president again come november and to really set this set this straight for the larger public to see that there's no way that he will allow any kind of the most racial violence surging somewhere without himself getting involved as the strong man in charge stephanie months in washington thank you so much america's relations with china have reached and you know with the u.s.
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ordering beijing to close its consulate in houston texas president said it was always possible he would order the closure of further chinese consulates the u.s. state department said shutting down the houston site was necessary to protect american intellectual property as ng has called the move a politico provocation just hours after the order was issued firefighters were called to the building. bins on fire inside the courtyard at the chinese consulate in houston witnesses said they could smell paper being burned the 1st whiff of a bigger story because this firefighters arrived chinese state media started reporting the u.s. had ordered the consulate to be closed. it's a political provocation you know that 3 launched by the u.s. side which seriously violates international law basic norms governing international relations and the bilateral consular agreements between china and the u.s.
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china strongly condemn such an outrageous move. beat you to it or you. speaking in denmark the u.s. secretary of state said china had stolen intellectual property. we are setting a clear expert for how the chinese communist party is going to behave and when they don't we're going to take actions that protect the american people protect our security our national security and also protect our economy and jobs that's the actions that you're seeing taken by pressing trump will continue to engage in those the u.s. directive comes a day off to 2 chinese nationals were charged with hacking said to be working as spies they're accused among other things of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research. campaign targeted intellectual property and confidential business information held by the private sector including covert 19 related treatment testing and vaccines. back in houston this was his closeness far far
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too get to the concerts we weren't allowed in chinese officials have 72 hours to get out with china threatening to close the worst crimes units in response. to fire may have been profound but the u.s. china relationship is smoldering as much as ever. and now to some other stories making news around the world no way remembers the victims of the country's worst terror attack in a region prime minister joined survivors at a commemoration ceremony on the island of. 9 years ago a right wing extremist carried out a mass shooting on the island and 2 coordinated bombings and also killing 77 people the european union's a story except 150000000000 euro coronavirus stimulus fanous due to be scrutinised by lawmakers on thursday members of the e.u.
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parliament will vote on the recovery fund later this year the fund is the biggest joint borrowing project ever agreed by member states. the 1st female prime minister of has been sworn into office proscribed jannah. was appointed by the country's president and the government shake up just taking office has got on bettles the coronavirus and falling oil prices it's the economy. in southern greece firefighters continue to battle a wildfire into the night strong winds are fanning the blaze near the town of corinth in the kind of police reach state media says 4000 people have been evacuated from the area. thousands of demonstrators in bulgaria protested for the 14th day in a row on wednesday to demand the resignation of prime minister boyko boris off's government. listens survived a vote of no confidence in parliament earlier this week after opposition socialists
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called the motion over accusations of corruption the protests began in the capital sofia but discontent has been spreading across the country. these ball gary and refused to let up for weeks now they've been rallying in the streets to protest against prime minister boyko ball is sort of and his government . now the demonstrations have spread to several major cities across bog area. can you say that the people there have more rights than we do paid liar and humiliate us constantly that's why we are here. the protesters mostly young people are fed up with the government has borisov and his cabinet of corruption. gary is one of the poorest countries many people here feel the problem is much more deep rooted. things have been going wrong in bulgaria for the last 30 years you know when you today's leaders are the cancer of the ninety's when
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they're leading roles were taken over by a protection racket ters and former competitive athletes. today the same people are in power you can i can hold it. in an effort to appease the protesters prime minister barak has promised sweeping changes pledging to sack key ministers and reshuffle the cabinet but critics are demanding that the entire government step down. we demand his resignation because he's also a part of the whole machinery what happened on duggan's beach is why i'm here the scandal is that public property has become suddenly products. of this little child . the protests started on july 9th after police and prosecutors righted the offices of the president's top aides. 2 days earlier of the minority democratic both carry a party and 2 other men had landed a small boy on
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a beach close to the private residence of an ex politician a dog and they were ordered to leave despite the law guaranteeing public access to the beach incident on least a wave of outrage when she's day the government survived a 5th vote of no confidence to spot the protests borisov has vowed to complete his 3rd 4 year term in office which ends in march 2021. sky watches the world over have been out in force for some weeks to catch a glimpse of the new wife comment it's currently about as bright as the north star and can be seen with the naked eye you know why is this expected to make its closest approach to planet earth on wednesday night before returning to deep space . when comets come too close to the sun their ice evaporates. this shoots massive dust particles into space and creates shimmering clouds.
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because of these glowing particles you can see the comet neil wise without a telescope. the astronauts on the international space station also follow this on the usual drama is the orbit it at around 400 kilometers above the earth. it was just an awesome sight to be able to see all these changes are just examples of our world around us it's not a stagnant place it continues to change it continues to evolve and you know part of our job is to capture capture that change and share it with people. on july 23rd the comment will have its closest flyby to the earth but it will still be more than 100000000 kilometers away. neil winds will then head towards jupiter and. saturn the comets orbit will change as it nears those planet's gravity fields and will disappear even deeper into space it will not reappear in the earth for another 7000 years comets like neo wise are like to flying libraries
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they archive the original building material from which our solar system was formed more than 4 and a half 1000000000 years ago it's quite possible that comets transported organic molecules to earth and thus helped create life all this makes them exciting research objects but they can only be explored in detail in elaborate missions in 2004 the nasa space probe stardust approached the comet wild 2 collected dust from its tail and brought these precious particles back to earth. the european space probe rosetta sent the 1st research robot to a comet. and then accompanied the icy heavenly body on its path to the sun its task was to observe the escaping gases and investigate what they
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were made of the resulting data shows how comets have influenced the evolution of the earth. remarkable video has emerged showing how 2 french children escaped a blaze in a tele block in the south eastern city of. black smoke and go over there and park and 1st one brother and then the next at least 13 meters into the outstretched arms of residents below. the turgeon are 3 and 10 years old and they were subsequently treated for smoke inhalation 2 of the people who caught them reportedly suffered broken bones. you're watching did every news lie from berlin don't forget you can keep up with the news on our website that's you dot com and you can follow us on twitter and on
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instagram at d w news i'm going for my mustang thanks for watching. i'm secure in the fire more than tired and in the end this is a me you're not a lot of the year and more rules and you. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliances are being what's your.


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