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this is from. justice. for crimes committed during the holocaust the court finds him guilty on more than $5000.00 pounds of excess. but he won't go to prison. 3 was just a teen of the time and was tried in the juvenile courts. u.s.
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president says he will send. american citizens the presidency. but people demonstrating for civil liberties. trouble at the chinese consulate in houston texas. it shut down as the news breaks. sensitive documents. and it. is proving hardest for those survivors we take you to the streets of deming. how they're fighting to keep. on trying to look to the future. welcome to the program. god has been given. yes suspended sentence for his role in
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the killing of thousands of people during world war 293 year old bruno de was found guilty of being an accessory to the mudra of more than $5000.00 prisoners of the. get done school in what is now poland he'd insisted he wasn't responsible for the killings that took place there the trial is likely to be one of the last of those involved in the holocaust. we're joined now by our political correspondent thomas sparrow for more thomas what's the political significance of this verdict there as you mentioned already one of the key elements of this verdict the fact that this is one of probably the last cases of the type that we're going to see in germany bruno he was 17 at the time and that's why this took place out to get a youth court one of the key elements is again his age now the fact that this is one of the last cases of the type but there are more elements that explain why this
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is important it has to do with a 2011 a verdict in a separate case that was seen as a precedent back then the old german prosecutors were actually focused on trying to find concrete evidence attached to specific crimes and back through 1011 verdict so that you could also convict people as accessory to murder and nazi crimes basically as being part of the nazi machine and this is what happened right now in this case as well there's lots more to talk about thomas but 1st let's have a quick look at who bruno di is and the crimes he has been convicted of. bruno these conviction is for crimes that took place here at the foremost it off concentration camp near good density in won't is now poland it's estimated that around $65000.00 people were murdered here in a gas chamber or by shooting through disease and exhaustion. camp records show bruno d. was going to church home from august 944 to april 945. was to keep
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watch to prevent inmates attempting to flee because he was just 17 years old when he started work at stewart of the trial has been held in a youth court bruno de said he was not guilty that he was too young and insignificant to disobey orders and that he was not aware of the killings. but the judges disagreed they found that he did have a role in the deaths of more than funny 1000 people justice in this case has come very late and many will wonder why so few similar cases of going to trial during the 7 and a half decades since the end of the 2nd world war. thomas sparrows done with us thomas why are these trials still happening so many years later and why haven't we seen more of them. that germany took too long to react too long to come to terms with that past and it has been indeed
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a very difficult process here in germany how the country grips with the with its past that reckoning with the past has been a difficult sometimes very painful process and one of the reasons has to do with the what i mentioned already that 2011 verdict with change the way that german prosecutors dealt with these kinds of issues since then there have been a few more cases german media reporting for example that there are i think there are around 30 cases similar cases now under way but this just shows how difficult the process has been in germany in the last few decades but also how important it is also for the future this is not only about trying to understand the past it's also about trying to send a message because it's becoming more important than ever also given current developments here in germany to try understand what happened in the past and how it can be prevented in the future as well thomas sparrow thank you very much for. now to some other stories making news around the world a new u.s.
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unemployment claims for britain by 1400000 in a single week bringing the official talk to 32000000 it's due to a spike in coronavirus cases and marks the 1st rise in jobless claims since late march. in southern greece firefighters are struggling to contain a large wildfire strong winds are fanning the blaze near the town of carinthia in the lebanese region state media says 4000 people have been evacuated from the area . in bulgaria prime minister boyko body soul has fired 3 key ministers in an attempt to calm antigovernment protests thousands of people have taken to the streets in the last 2 weeks demanding the entire government resign they accuse the ruling coalition of corruption and links to all the gods. and the european union's chief negotiator says up almost breaks a trade deal between britain and the e.u. is he looking unlikely michel barnier was speaking after the latest round of talks
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ended he said the main sticking points are fair competition guarantees and fishing rights. the european union's 27 member states on monday agreed historic 750000000000 euro corrado us recovery fund after 4 days of heated negotiations today the autopen parliamentarians us scrutinizing the deal in detail they're due to vote on it in a couple of months but have already identified several areas there unhappy with the rescue package is the 1st joint borrowing fund ever breed by the e.u. and consists of 390000000000 euros in grants and 360000000000 in the ones. nostrums caught up with catalina bali vice president of the european parliament which was looking at the deal bali insisted the parliament was the voice of the people and would take a chance to make to do better. disparity your leaders described deal they struck as
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historic what are the words you would use for it. well it was a compromise and it was a compromise between leaders of member states and so you see it as well a mixture of interests of member states but the european parliament is the voice of the people the only directly elected body so we are here to more european perspective so it's the 1st time in history you sort of rule of conventionality might be introduced you must be happy about that well i would be if it was clear how it's going to announce and the interpretation of these few paragraphs is rather different and this is what worries me a lot because we need a strong conditionality between financial means and the rule of law we are seeing the rule of law deteriorating in a lot of member states and we have to start. it all on for example the hungry in
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prime minister you've been criticizing him a lot so that there's no conscious analyse did he understand something wrong but that's exactly the question have there been some kind of deals behind closed doors we don't know this is why we want much clearer formula i mean what we have now is not a legal text yet we have still to see the legal text that comes out of the council and we will really focus on the rule of law there this year of us very hard for it and we're in an emergency situation here time is running we all know that so what power does the european parliament have now do you set to do you basically have to say yes now to this deal that. the pressure that everyone the member states in the 1st place like to put on of course but also some parts of the media sometimes the population says what has taken so long now and it has been so difficult you have to say yes but that woods would waste
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a chance because it's not only that we have to be fast we also have to be very very good in what we're doing now and i think the element has the chance to make it better. to the united states next where president donald trump is to send federal agents to several more u.s. cities he says the step is to combat rising crime but federal officers operating in portland oregon have been targeting protesters demanding racial justice officials say the deployment has only increased. for the 55th night in a row protesters flooded the streets of portland but there's a new chant being sung. let's go home a clear message to the federal agents deployed by the trump administration to crackdown on demonstrators. what are you doing there pressley support controversy
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dressed in military gear the unidentified officers have been accused of arbitrarily arresting more than 40 protesters some like this demonstrator hauled away an unmarked vans to undisclosed locations the local governor a democrat not mincing her words this is a democracy not a dictatorship we cannot have secret police abducting people into and putting them in unmarked vehicles. i cannot believe i have to say that to the president of the united states i know that were are outraged americans should be appalled. but the controversy hasn't stopped president trump announcing that more federal agents will be sent to other u.s. cities today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement in 2 american communities plagued by violent crime who will work every single day to restore public safety protect our
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nation's children and bring violent perpetrators to justice federal offices will be sent to albuquerque in chicago both democrat run cities. critics say the deployment is political an attempt to make democrats look weak on crime and so burnish trumps image law and order president ahead of the november election. the mayor of chicago says she welcomes a partnership with federal agents but she once again she's in the same tactics as important i've been very clear not happening in chicago we don't need federal troops we don't need unnamed secret federal agents roaming around the streets of chicago that's not democracy that we saw unfolding on the streets of portland as a result of this federal action that's what we call tyranny and dictatorship and we're not having it in chicago residents of chicago say extra police won't solve
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the issues facing the city they say action on gun control would be more effective in tackling violent crime and from portland oregon i'm joined now by activist and john list an origin deed a menorah you've been a part of the protests you also can you tell us what you've experienced in the past few nights. so we've been doing this for 50 i did said and class has been a real shift change for that. which is bad enough extra thanks that go far our film organizations have applied. for a graphic a lot more tear gas using crowd to talk you just embrace that i don't. i and turn a lot of my friends have been injured and standing really scary out here speaking of. brown the governor of oregon said oh my god we cannot have secret police
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abducting people on court is that really what's going on there. it seems to be i have been lucky enough not experienced it myself or witnessed it but i have friends on twitter who while they think they get that after all we are protests she said she was taken to i'm going to miss most part house sometimes here and then a few hours later they really doubt any work and it's going to release a problem as a sense all very extra legal things that guarantee you that will continue to release people. not wanting to box i especially after the protest oh it's very scary it's disturbing when you see the boat is basically having the impact. it was supposed to have and therefore protests are going to subside. oh no i don't think so portland is very angry a couple weeks ago we got a couple 100. 1000 and i got last night now i think we know
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this is you have to get in and. this is the kind of thing. none of us are going to stop fighting stops but when real change only come at the ballot box and do you think that these moves from the central government will go down well among us voters. i mean that is that is the real question is better chance for extremists some kind of car if you're at the great britain or britain if you could no that's not the case had gone out there very regular horrible and you're getting to your doctor now so i think as long as that happens and as long as. he knew that this isn't. still called by letter but instead express anger. perhaps the night i hope very much that backfires on south africa and it's very. important thank you so much for speaking to us and. now there's trouble in the u.s.
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to in its relations with china a spot between washington and beijing over intellectual property theft has led us all totties to order the closure of the chinese consulate in houston texas the chinese consul general is resisting while his bosses say the move is destroying friendship between the 2 countries. signs of the young people outside china's conduit in houston the u.s. has given be ginning 72 hours to close it mission citing concerns about intellectual property theft inside the top diplomat says he's not packing his bags just yet. so you say something ok we have found something wrong ok so give us some i wouldn't otherwise i know we were innocent until you pulled out these pictures may not help his case on tuesday neighbors watch dawna's conscious stuff appear to burn paper emergency services were called
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to the scene. for the man dubbed the conspiracy theorist in chief there is no smoke without fire and there may be more sanctions to come as far as closing additional embassies it's always possible you see what's going on with that there was a fire in the one that we did everybody said there's a fire it is a fire and i guess they were burning documents or burning papers and i wonder what that's all about so to officials at the justice department the conflict closure came on the same day prosecutors accused 2 chinese nationals of trying to steal $1000.00 vaccine research china calls the claim slander. this demolishes the bridge of friendship between chinese and americans. back in houston and the fallout is being felt by locals looking to use this is pawns in a bottle of wills between global superpowers. now to some more stories making news
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around the wild tesla has reported its 4th quarter profit in a row for the 1st time in the company's history this comes despite the covert 1000 pandemic revenue fell slightly over the previous year but came in better than expected tesla has also announced a new $1100000000.00 factory to be built in texas. the 1st female prime minister of gab on has been sworn into office rosa christiane also. was appointed by the country's president in a government shake up she's taking office as a coronavirus and falling oil prices it's the economy. and china has launched its 1st solo mission to mars the long march 5 rocket is carrying a rover the china's space program hopes to land on the red planet to look for underground water and evidence of life it will take several months to reach its destination. here now are some of the latest developments in the corona about as
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pandemic belgium has postponed plans to further ease its destruction restrictions i'm sorry against the virus following concerns over a rise in new infections the country has also ordered people to wear masks at outdoor markets busy shopping areas and accessible parts of public buildings south africa has reported a record daily death toll with a $24.00 increase of $572.00 deaths in brings its total number of fatalities to be under $6000.00 the country is the worst affected nephi in germany anyone entering the country from high risk areas could be tested for the virus when they arrive at airports the rules would apply to germans returning from holiday as well as foreign as and more than 15000000 people have now been infected world wide according to johns hopkins university the united states brazil and india have recorded the highest numbers of covert 1000 cases. and as we've just heard numbers of
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over 1000 infections in india are among the world's highest the health ministry reported more than 45000 new cases on wednesday while the total death toll so far is nearly 30000. and other preventative measures are proving hardest for those living at the margins of society. this report on street. 15 year old system sometimes likes to watch t.v. in this dimly lit room because home which he says with some 30 people this room is one of the many shelters that houses countless homeless families like his own who live under streets. many such families were given space in the shelters after the nationwide lockdown with announced to curb the spread of 19. many who are still on the streets. is one of the f. to meet it 70000 street children living in the capital city daily who live on the
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streets some manage to go to school but for most of them getting an education is a distant tree. with this father in poor health it has fallen on dressed i'm the oldest of all siblings to on for the wolf family before the lock down loose them like other street children did odd jobs to support his family after going to school . before the lockdown and used to go for backpacking at the railway station after the. nearby park also some toys and court costs later i started selling water bottles from cold drinks and. now reduced them has to beg for money while there are no here. for libel to me indicates that there are millions of children in india who live on the street but employed in some of the other form of labor they work at the water fellow boys. and many of us ought to be begging to
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support their families the fed up with banking and the dozens of dollars for the children too much to be playing to politics and the continued cycle labor already at the very margins of society which is regular access to social benefits the current situation has left these children even more wonderful. children may face many problems for example they can be forced into bonded labor situation. but they can also. be pushed into the sex trade the same age as the fire and used to be that seeking to a nearby really station to help and for her family before the lockdown for young girls of homeless families a rare shortage education also takes a backseat as domestic responsibilities take over. buyer dropped out of school to help out her family after her brother passed away. now she spends most of her time
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taking care of her younger siblings and helping her mother with her daily chores. though she got enjoyed in an open learning program she does not have regular access to books and stationery sometimes she has to step out and beg for money we can bring them to the open turned order or to. the home well. there is a little protection of these families unless there is a new person another medical treatment under the thumb form of cash in their hands these children by and large will continue to see on the streets despite their hardships or trust them inspired are hopeful and have plans for their future so i think i mean i want to study further so i can teach at the children and help them. for these creatures in the future which no certainty and the current situation in the country has made matters worse for the. correspondent joins me
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now from delhi with more money iraq has there been any help forthcoming from the government for these children particularly seeing as their education prospects have been severely affected. well of the beginning you know we need to see these 2 not separately but as a part of the systems which basically exist because of extreme depreciation so unless you uplift the entire family and to empower them and children really it's a difficult to imagine any kind of future for the 2 of them so that is why the government on its spot has been taking get of subtle things like announcing this to packages or distributing food to these family and giving direct cash transfers but specificially for the children there's not a lot which has been happening if you talk about education anyway on the ground in the ratio you have done mostly by civil society groups and n.g.o.s but now we just want chopping down it's been a said back and here it is where you see a photo or digital divide and
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a sense of privilege because while the private schools across the country are imparting education through online classes and everything has to go online these children don't want to have that option they have what like one decent less than maybe they have smartphones in the end at family or if i was 6 members and even the schools that they go to they're not equipped enough to give this kind of education online and even they get embroiled in the you know distance learning program like violence in my report did because of the school would log on to to ation they're not even getting access to their books and stationery and more books on a regular basis so it dumbs of education. but all in all but. there's a ton of harvest. in the wall these india being able to cope with this pandemic. well yes in the other means of code words to country in the world but what has happened in the past few weeks of that they have a many cities have increased the death thing a lot so what we are seeing is a lot of being affected over the past one week on
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a daily basis about 25240000 cases are being detected and there are states particular states and south east where the number of active pieces have doubled or tripled over the past few days so india is still struggling in handling the because of this happening now take their own decisions of how and what to implement what kind of load on. the infrastructure in little a particular region and states so in terms of handling this crisis in guys. when you're trying to speak. thank you very much that's. never mind sort of your following for your the moment. i was convicted. for crimes committed during the holocaust. guilty on more than 5000. and.
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10 u.s. presidents. federal agents. in an effort to crack down on crime. but the mayor says they are making protests. from berlin don't forget you can keep all the latest. call also truth on instagram as well.
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ok your distance. the coronavirus has changed almost everything. how we live. how we spend our free find how we travel. how our company advertisers and creative industries reacting to social distancing.
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credo no chemicals. and he's trying to. step. out. orders from. the students who are. training successful. talk to me starts july 27th. t.w. . it was weighted 1st sitting in the park walking down the road switching sides to avoid people quit scenes at supermarkets like a computer game one step forward one step back but who would have thought social
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