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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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w. . this is either you news live from berlin late justice a german court convicts an s.s. concentration camp guard for crimes committed during the holocaust the court finds him guilty of being an accessory to the murder of more than 5000 people the man now 93 was a teenager at the time was trying to in a juvenile court also coming up. u.s. federal agents clash with protesters in portland oregon president trump says the surge of security forces is needed to restore law and order critics say the
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crackdown is creating even more anger. at america's coronavirus search threatens to derail its economic recovery concern is growing after jobless claims rise for the 1st time since the start of the pandemic. i'm serious oh my scumbag glad you could join us a court here in germany has given a 2 year suspended sentence to a former nazi concentration camp guard for his role in killing thousands of people during world war 2 the former guard known as bruno d. is now $93.00 he didn't sisted he wasn't responsible for the killings that took place at the camp and the trial is likely to be one of the last of those involved in the holocaust. a 2 year suspended prison sentence from a juvenile court not the outcome one might expect for a role in the murder of over $5000.00 people but bruno di now aged $93.00 was
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a small cog in the nazis machinery of killing and he was a teenager at the time he was a guard at the form of concentration camp near good danske in what is now poland from august 944 to april 945 historians estimate around 65000 people were murdered here in various ways in a gas chamber or by shooting or poison or through disease and exhaustion bruno deeded sentry g.t. keeping watch preventing inmates from fleeing in court he denied guilt saying he needed little about the killings and was not in a position to prevent suffering. but still thought survivor do an inverse of it who gave evidence in the case remembers it differently. so his testimony before the court was a lie nothing but a lie because standing on the watchtower he had
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a view of the whole camp right under his nose as he stood next to the machine gun us and so that if anything it happened an inmate rebellion or a riot he would have shot without hesitating. shilo. it was the 2011 conviction of former camp guard john demjanjuk as an accessory to murder at the sabi board death camp that opened the way to a string of such cases against minor figures who did not kill but facilitated the killing demjanjuk died before his appeal could be heard but the case helped to cement the view that in the context of the holocaust guards were perpetrators to. the judges found bruno di guilty as an accessory to 5232 murders the number killed while he was and still it off in his closing statement he apologized to all those who as he said went through the hell of this insanity but many
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survivors will feel that such words and a sentence which in effect full short of punishment is not justice enough earlier i spoke to efraim zuroff director of the simon wiesenthal center in church and i asked him for his reaction to the 1st act well we have course welcomed his conviction but we are utterly disappointed by the suspension of his punishment we think this is definitely wrong message. to society and it's an insult to the ins to the survivors and their families what is the wrong message that's being sent there you know you can be you can be caught of a murder machine and get away with it does this bring some measure of justice to the plaintiff's must as there often some measure of justice not only the plaintiffs
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but survivors of the holocaust. how is this a measure of justice if he's not punished he goes home happy and they go back to their nightmares in tremors well i do want to ask about what we heard in court from bruno days defense lawyer the defense lawyer said that bernard was just 17 years old at the time and you were forced to do this work by the s.s. and that he wasn't aware of what was happening around him what is your opinion on that 1st of all i don't believe for one minute that bruno day that you know what was happening in shuttles that seems to me if i'm not mistaken the judge said that as well i mean this is pure fabrication. 2nd of all i have news for you there is no documented case of a single german who refused jews murdered jews. in the past murder of jews
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who was executed for refusing to do so and there were numerous cases of people who witnessed the transfers because they didn't want to engage it was quite rare to be so it's truly a group of gay was young that's why the prosecution only asked for 3 years as opposed to 5 years but if they didn't to walk away with no punishment what kind of justice is that firms are speaking to us earlier now some other stories making news around the world the latest round of talks between the u.k. and the european union have ended with a downbeat assessment from both negotiators the e.u.'s chief negotiator michel bunny set a trade deal of the unlikely the u.k.'s chief negotiator also admitted there was a long way to go like 5 west african leaders are in mali for crisis talks about the future of president abraham boubacar cape town has been facing calls for his resignation of a corruption and vote rigging allegations and over the long running conflict but
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she hottest there are fears that the end rest could undermine a regional fight against the islamist militants and china launched its 1st solo mission to mars the long march 5 rocket is carrying a rover that china's space program hopes to land on the red planet to look for underground water and evidence of life it will take several months to reach its destination. now let's get a round up of some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic belgium has postponed plans to further ease lockdown restrictions after a rise in infections people have been ordered to wear masks at outdoor markets busy shopping areas and accessible parts of public buildings south africa has reported $572.00 deaths in one day a record it brings the total number of fatalities to nearly $6000.00 and the country is the worst affected in africa and germany anyone entering the country from high risk areas could be tested for the virus when they arrive at airports the
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rules would apply to germans returning from vacation as well as foreigner foreigners and more than 15000000 people have now been infected worldwide that's according to johns hopkins university the u.s. for sale and india have recorded the highest number of covered 1000 cases. tensions are mounting between greece and turkey after the turkish government ordered a survey ship into disputed waters in the mediterranean in recent years natural gas reserves have been discovered in the eastern mediterranean leading to increased oil and gas exploration there another survey ship is supposed to head for a stretch of sea lying between crete and cyprus but mounting international pressure has so far kept that ship tied up in the port. this turkey survey ship isn't the only other gathering storm the only actual use has been tossed about on crew with exploring waters claimed by both greece and turkey tensions of the sea bed lying
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between the ones of crete inside purpose of risen since the discovery of substantial natural gas reserves in the eastern mediterranean. will now be over choice remains and could offer ports around totally international pressure mounts. greasers denounced his plan on thursday french president emmanuel mack wrong weighed in issuing a stern warning during a meeting with the cypriot president. limited there on the in this part of the mediterranean which is vital for all our countries do for you what the issues of energy and security are essential in the challenges coming into tickler from turkey and russia and so who are increasingly asserting themselves and against which the european union is still doing too little he said feel the breeze on produce effects are good you know i've been hopeful. it's not just mackerel who is running behind e.u. member greece speaking ahead of
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a joint military exercise the us ambassador to greece made the american position clear. i want to echo your message from washington and elsewhere in europe urging turkish authorities to hold operations to raise tensions in the region. turkey has long pursued an expansionist policy in the wider region but its attempts to push the boundaries with neighboring greece are encountering stiff headwinds. to the u.s. now were anger and on rest are growing after president trump's decision to send federal agents to several cities trump says they are needed to deal with a surge in violent crime but federal officers operating in portland oregon have been targeting protesters demanding racial justice city officials say that a plummet has only increased local anger the mayor himself has been caught in the crossfire. very. big stadiums it's hard to
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bring the mayor of portland tear gassed by federal offices in the middle of his own city. ted wheeler was in a group of protesters outside a federal courthouse he said he saw nothing which provoked this response but. the irony is portland protesters are angered that the democratic man had backed his own city police using tear gas until a federal judge ordered it should only be used when there was a safety issue. for the 55th night in a row protesters flooded the streets of portland and a new chant was being sung in. her car say sco posed a clear message to the federal agents deployed by the trumpet ministration to crackdown on demonstrators. the local governor a democrat didn't mince her words this is a dub ocracy not
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a dictatorship we cannot have secret police abducting people into and putting them in unmarked vehicles. i cannot believe i have to say that to the president of the united states i know that we're going ians are outraged americans should be appalled but the controversy hasn't stopped president trump announcing that more federal agents will be sent to other u.s. cities today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into american communities plagued by violent crime will work every single day to restore public safety protect our nation's children and bring violent perpetrators to justice federal offices will be sent to albuquerque and chicago both democrat run cities critics say the deployment is political an attempt to make democrats weak on crime and to burnish trump's
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image as the moor and order president ahead of the november election the mayor of chicago says she welcomes a partnership with federal agents but warns against using the same tactics as in portland. i've been very clear not happening in chicago we don't need federal troops we don't need unnamed secret federal agents roaming around the streets of chicago that's not democracy that we saw unfolding on the streets of portland as a result of this federal action that's what we call tyranny and dictatorship and we're not having it in chicago residents of chicago say extra police won't solve the issues facing the city they say action on gun control would be more effective than tackling violent crime. meanwhile republicans in the u.s. senate are preparing to unveil a new covert $1000.00 relief package it is likely to include another round of
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direct payments to americans there's been a sharp rise in new corona virus infections and lockdown measures are triggering even more layoffs in the past week alone some 1400000 americans have filed for jobless benefits. the effects of the pandemic in the u.s. are easy to observe like here in california many businesses have shut down and millions of workers have lost their jobs the rate of new unemployment claims was slowing but fresh data around thursday shows the 1st increase since march though still working can consider themselves lucky. a lot of people might be. bored throughout. the u.s. has logged 4000000 cases so far and as long as infection rates remain high the economic situation is unlikely to improve much. in washington lawmakers are discussing another coronavirus relief package worth
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a trillion dollars the clock is ticking the current assistance for millions of americans is set to expire at the end of this month. so that's your news update at this hour phil gallo will be here at the top of the hour with more news thank you for watching at least. a meal some good welcome to the 2nd season on the good sense of the planet on the brink of disaster we did long in-depth interviews with experts about one question police change up shut up good morning edition.


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