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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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training success for. tech. stocks. this is the w.'s life from a widening crackdown fueling fury in the u.s. . president trump says the deployment of federal forces that. will be increased to include other cities where he says they're needed to restore order critics say the move is politically motivated and will create even more anger also on the program a german court conflicts
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a former concentration concentration camp guards for crimes committed during the holocaust the court finds the guilty of being successful. 1000 people. welcome to the program and rest are growing in the united states after president trump's announcement that he'll send federal troops into several democratic controlled cities he says that need to deal with a surge in violent crime but the trump deployment of federal forces already operating in portland oregon has been targeting protesters demanding racial justice with the man himself caught in the crossfire. it's hard to bring the mayor of portland by federal on. fizzes in the middle of his
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own city. ted wheeler was in a group of protesters outside a federal courthouse he said he saw nothing which provoked this response but. the irony is portland protesters are angered that the democratic man had backed his own city police using tear gas until a federal judge ordered it should only be used when there was a safety issue. for the 55th night in a row protesters flooded the streets of portland and a new chant was being sung. because feds though how the a clear message to the federal agents deployed by the trumpet ministration to crackdown on demonstrators. the local governor a democrat didn't mince her words this is a democracy not a dictatorship we cannot have secret police abducting people
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into and putting them in unmarked vehicles. i cannot believe i have to say that to the president of the united states i know that we're going eons are outraged americans should be appalled but the controversy hasn't stopped president trump announcing that more federal agents will be sent to other u.s. cities today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into american communities plagued by violent crime will work every single day to restore public safety protect our nation's children and bring violent perpetrators to justice federal offices will be sent to albuquerque and chicago both democrat run cities critics say the deployment is political an attempt to make democrats weak on crime and to burnish trump's image as the law and order president ahead of the november election the mayor of
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chicago says she welcomes a partnership with federal agents but warns against using the same tactics as in portland. i've been very clear not happening in chicago we don't need federal troops we don't need unnamed secret federal agents roaming around the streets of chicago that's not democracy that we saw unfolding on the streets of portland as a result of this federal action that's what we call tyranny and dictatorship and we're not having it in chicago residents of chicago say extra police won't solve the issues facing the city they say action on gun control would be more effective in tackling violent crime. and let's get more from v.w. correspondent stuff and siemens in the washington d.c. welcome stephanie chicago then the next stop on the list of cities slated to receive federal troops what is the problem that the president says will be solved
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by sending in the feds. president thinks that surging the amount of federal law enforcement personnel to chicago will solve chicago's crime problem gang crime problem that these all denies to crime violence latest incident just yesterday 14 mourners at a funeral home were shot by in a drive by shooting now indication here that this is gang related. that the people who came out of the funeral home and were shouted out of the driving recall shocked beck so everybody walks around with guns if you're in a game and you're organized crime then that's very likely that is what mr trump the president wants to tackle with sending federal law enforcement personnel in as you have heard chicago adamant about if this is coordinated and collaborative then they have no problem always good to have more boots on the ground to fight organized crimes and gangs but
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a situation like in portland is very very different that has nothing to do with the operation he announced yesterday portland is separate this is operation legend what he's doing now named after a little boy his name is legend fierro and he was shot in kansas city just a month ago 4 years old while he was sleeping so that is the operation legend and this is the charms president trumps effort to now send troops into troops law enforcement officers law enforcement personnel into chicago now the city's kansas city and albuquerque as you've already said i mean this election here these troops are only being sent to cities controlled by democrats. yeah that's good to notice and good to note actually and of course there is the background and backdrop for this is that the trump campaign is really launching a for the last few weeks a really dark advertising campaign political advertising campaign really
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trying to stir up a little bit of fear going after the suburban white and female vote there hoping to make people basically a freight and saying that even getting worse if somebody should have the idea to vote for democratic presidential candidate joe biden come november so clearly clearly a move law and order pushing move by the trunk campaign and by the administration directed towards the ember and the presidential election stuff and as the ones in washington thank you. of course here in germany has given a 2 year suspended sentence to a former nazi concentration camp god for his role in killing thousands of people during world war 2 the film god known as bruno deeds now 93 he insists he was not responsible for the killings that took place at the camp the child is likely to be one of the last of those involved in the holocaust. a 2 year suspended prison
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sentence from a juvenile court not the outcome one might expect for a role in the murder of over $5000.00 people but bruno di now aged $93.00 was a small cog in the nazis machinery of killing and he was a teenager at the time he was a guard at the form of concentration camp near good danskin what is now poland from august 144 to april 945 historians estimate around 65000 people were murdered here in various ways in a gas chamber or by shooting or poison or through disease and exhaustion bruno deeded sentry g.t. keeping watch preventing inmates from fleeing in court he denied guilt saying he needed little about the killings and was not in a position to prevent suffering but still hope survivor martic do an inverse of it who gave evidence in the case remembers it differently. so his
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testimony before the court was a lie nothing but a lie because standing on the watchtower he had a view of the whole camp right under his nose as he stood next to the machine gun laws and so that if anything it happened an inmate rebellion or a riot he would have shot without hesitating. shallow but. it was the 2011 conviction of former camp guard john demjanjuk as an accessory to murder at the sabi board death camp that opened the way to a string of such cases against minor figures who did not kill but facilitated the killing demjanjuk died before his appeal could be heard but the case helped to cement the view that in the context of the holocaust guards were perpetrators to. the judges found bruno di guilty as an accessory to 5232 murders the
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number killed while he was at start off in his closing statement he apologized to all those who as he said went through the hell of this insanity but many survivors will feel that such words and a sentence which in effect falls short of punishment is not justice enough or let's pick up a point where efraim zuroff is the director of the simon wiesenthal center in jerusalem and coordinates a nazi war crimes research worldwide welcome to day w do you believe that that is a just verdict that it all i think it's a ludicrous verdict to be honest. so what do you think. this is one of the problems that has plagued the renewed efforts of german justice to bring perpetrators trial there's been shot there for trial isn't worse the defendants have been have been convicted it's beginning with they found
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a new look at sobibor as good learning about fruits round any auschwitz and now dates to tell us and with this judgment now it's clear that we know that not a single one of those people will have sat one day prison if today if. so what do you believe would have been a just punishment for a 93 year old man whose crimes were committed when he was a 17 year old cog in the massive nazi murder machine it's 1st of all i don't think age is whether the youths who are old age are an excuse. people who are part of the process and the fact that someone reaches the age of 90 doesn't turn it person who put dissipated in the fire presses the final solution to a righteous among the nations. so i think there is no question that he should have
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been given some time in incarceration even though i mean he was very young and that could be taken into account but without any punishment that's a real insult to the survivors and that is the basic flaw in the judicial process in germany these days let's talk about the survivors and do you think that if the pursuit of justice in a case like this is not going to die as the perpetrators the victims and indeed the witnesses die of course it will die now there is if there are no perpetrators alive to bring to justice there won't be any dish will trials and these trials are important even if they don't supply even if even if the the end result is flawed. element of closure for the survivors for their families
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and for all the people who know it's a interested in these issues and then many people like that even if they're not survivors well families and it's also a very important to start a lesson i mean i think about the 1000000 really have refugees who came from north africa and the middle east to germany in less you years people who come from countries with very deep anti-semitic traditions and most of whom were convinced how it was never happens so for them this is a very good lesson democracy in the rule of law and about this stark black you see the holocaust unfortunately if the person is not country so it sends definitely the wrong message no punishment no crime really and deepening germany has been vigorous and off in its pursuit of things criminals. you've got to be kidding vigorous enough prison for germany as absolutely terrible record. over the years and if we talk about
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a western movie i can tell you and give you the figures till 1985 there are 120000 investigations there were tens of thousands of indictments less than 7000 convictions and this is a renewed effort i have to say i want to give credit to the people of lewisburg and especially to yes romanov who has been the director of the central office for the clarification of nazi war crimes to making the sentence but if this if it doesn't include a element of punishment then it really is in a sense it taints it tasty s.f. and so that's unfortunate because the effort itself is a positive thing and when the last not seen an ass of victims and witnesses are dead will germany still have anything to apologize for. these 2 types of guilt there's individual guilt there's callet. is no question that
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the current think generation of german certainly the young ones the middle age would not think so accountable because they didn't commit the crimes is the crimes of the grandparents a great. price said that there is a we are going to have to mail a better deal i beg your pardon but thank you for joining us here on day to hear from sort off of the sun vs town center in jerusalem i set you up today they say state of the news of more at the top of it. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. from the covert 19 special next on.


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