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airport city managed by truck part. of the. visit to the view news alive from berlin a widening crackdown a fueling fury in the u.s. city of portland president trump says the deployment of federal forces that began in portland will be increased to trick clue to other cities where he says they're needed to restore law and order critics say the move is politically motivated and will create even more anger also coming up on the show is john bowles hi yes ok yes
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due to reopen as a mosque for friday prayers after more than 80 years as a new. i'm kyra trades and welcome to the show anger and on rest are growing in the united states following president trump's announcement that he will send federal troops into several democrat controlled cities he says they're needed to deal with a surge in violent crime but the trump deployment of federal forces already operating in portland oregon has been targeting protesters demanding racial justice but the mayor himself caught in the crossfire. very. big statements it's hard to bring the mayor of portland tear gassed by said row offices in the middle of these own city. ted willow was in
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a group of protesters outside a federal courthouse he said he saw nothing which provoked this response but. the irony is portland protesters are angered that the democratic man had backed his own city police using tear gas until a federal judge ordered it should only be used when there was a safety issue. for the 55th night in a row protesters flooded the streets of portland and a new chant was being sung. cut the feds though how the a clear message to the federal agents deployed by the trumpet ministration to crackdown on demonstrators. the local governor a democrat didn't mince her words this is a dub ocracy not a dictatorship we cannot have secret police abducting people into and putting them in unmarked vehicles. i cannot believe i have to say that to
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the president of the united states i know that oregonians are outraged american should be appalled but the controversy hasn't stopped president trump announcing that more federal agents will be sent to other u.s. cities today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into american communities plagued by violent crime will work every single day to restore public safety protect our nation's children and bring violent perpetrators to justice federal offices will be sent to albuquerque and chicago both democrat run cities critics say the deployment is political an attempt to make democrats weak on crime and to burnish trump's image as the nor and order president ahead of the november election the mayor of chicago says she welcomes a partnership with federal agents but warns against using the same tactics as in
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portland. i've been very clear not happening in chicago we don't need federal troops we don't need unnamed secret federal agents roaming around the streets of chicago that's not democracy that we saw unfolding on the streets of portland as a result of this federal action that's what we call tyranny and dictatorship and we're not having it in chicago residents of chicago say extra police won't solve the issues facing the city they say action on gun control would be more effective than time playing violent crime. well all this comes as trump faces an election this year seen as paul is in chicago and i asked her if trump's decision to send troops adjusts to cities controlled by democrats is being seen as politically motivated. that's what many people say they say it's not an accident that donald
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trump president trump picks cities run by a democratic leaders so he can say listen the democratic democrats are not able to bring peace to this country through these cities to end gun violence to end violence on the grid on the streets it needs me it needs a law and order man whom i am to finish this this situation so sure it's not an accident that she picks democratic cities which are led by democrats when how is all about playing with residents of chicago. well you know the people in chicago they don't really want to have federal agents here because they saw what happened in portland so she can go campin really compared with portland there are much more let's say aggressive protests is seen over the last years but still they say our police if they would be educated enough is people
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would work together with the police the police and local leaders that's the way we have to go we don't need to send in troops who don't understand who we are here in the city of chicago in as fall in chicago thank you so much for your reporting. president trump meanwhile has canceled the florida portion of next month's republican national convention the 4 night event was expected to draw more than $10000.00 people to celebrate trump's formal nomination as the party's candidate for the november election but florida now seeing a spike in corona virus cases the president says safety is his main concern but i looked at my team and i said the timing for this event is not right just not right with what's happened recently the flare up in florida to have a big convention it's not the right time it's really something that for me i have to protect the american people that's what i've always done that's what i
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always will do that's what i'm about. well let's go now to some other stories making news around the world a u.s. an f. 15 fighter jet that flew close to an iranian passenger plane was at a safe distance according to u.s. officials but iranians or as i say the mahanta air flight was forced to descend quickly to avoid a collision injuring some passengers the plane landed safely but the incident is likely to increase tensions between the u.s. and iran. protesters in israel have been keeping up the pressure on prime minister benjamin netanyahu for what they see as his government's mishandling of the coronavirus crisis israel has just reported that more than 2000 new cases in one day. if the o.p.'s prime minister has hailed of the early filling of the massive dam on the blue nile river as historic the announcement came as abbey ahmed said his country has reached a major common understanding with sudan and egypt over the controversial project.
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south africa's president cyril ramaphosa has announced that public schools will close for 4 weeks as confirmed coronavirus cases roza to more than 400000 he said it was important to ensure that schools did not become sites of transmission. lines or. the latest round of talks between the u.k. and the european union have ended with a downbeat assessment from both sides the chief negotiator michele said a trade deal will look to unlikely for the u.k. david frost also admitted there was a long way to go. well a german court has handed down a jail sentences to several men convicted of raping an 18 year old woman in the southern city of freiburg the assault in october 28th scene was carried out in large part by refugees prompting anti immigration populists to seize on the case.
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the judge sentenced the primary defendant to 5 years and 6 months imprisonment saying he had raped the woman 1st outside freiberg nightclub then handed her over to the others it was october 2018 the young woman was under the influence of ecstasy and alcohol 10 of the 11 accused were found guilty of rape or failing to help and one was acquitted the trial took over 40 days prosecutors said it was an unusual the case. there were a number of them q.'s. arrests were made within a short time so if it ends because of the state of the victim during the act. witness to shun state issued it can be taught the young woman now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder the defense attorney had argued that sex was consensual despite the evidence. he wanted but it was incriminating but there were also exonerating moments in the moment to convict
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a man where between $18.30 at the time one is german the of those refugees playbooks mayor said the city remained open and tolerant. offputting the crimes are not committed by nationalities than by individuals but it shouldn't be to move to talk about it and we do have to ask ourselves whether we need to make adjustments with integration. in the judgment is not yet final and the primary defendant is likely to appeal his sentence is that sophia will host a friday prayers this week the mosques 1st such services since the building was converted into a museum and more than 80 years ago originally a cathedral it has stood at the heart of istanbul for 1500 years its recent conversion back to a mosque has triggered an outcry. and has this report. the highest of fear is temples landmark. it symbolizes the byzantine the ottoman as
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well as the turkish period for. the architecture is so marvelous that the old byzantines believe that the dome was held by god himself the beauty of their cover that took the mark but it also marked other missing. young as cortez show knows everything about the whole yes i feel for 20 years he's been guided interests to the world heritage site and when he talks about it he is still amazed every time. but right now everything is different 1st the museum closed due to the coronavirus and then the museum was suddenly no longer and museum. because president projectile bad one turned the heaviest of fear back into a mosque been a show so good as a christian citizen of this country it saddens me but i'm trying to stay calm as a mosque the highest of fear will still be open for visitors they can even enter free of charge in the future but the rules will probably change that they give you
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short notice is give a shit load of all which. visitors will now only be permitted outside prayer times was a stand i can see that testify that the i.a.s. of fear was the most important church of christianity for centuries will be covered with curtains during worship. and best and biggest decision ever made for turkey. it's great news for the entire muslim world which we've been longing for this for more than 80 years. i am here we can see these days thanks to our president for this decision that many people here are happy that they had yes sophia is now in moscow again but there's also a lot of criticism the european union has called the decision regrettable the u.s. a disappointment pope francis said he was very distressed and unesco wants to
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review the haggis afia status as a world heritage site. the criticism does not only come from abroad like yourself that some people in istanbul consider the habeas of fear decision to be a political maneuver by out. there dr already have enough mosques in istanbul we don't need another one i think this has clearly been a political decision. to make you stronger if you just do that to distract people from the actual problems in this country the economic crisis and high inflation he was and is all about i also feel miserable how he is a fear is a museum because i am absolutely against making it a mosque because istanbul is home to many religious beliefs but if she hears. the tourist guide young his quarter shallow for example belongs to the greek orthodox minority in turkey people in his church see themselves as descendants of the byzantines who built the have yourself here in the 6th century for them it's
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part of their identity. but younis is reluctant to voice criticism he says his community has experienced many setbacks and yet they've always managed to move on. that nationalists of course now celebrate the highest afia decision as a victory. because because because we're a very small community they don't hear us. in a country with more than 80000000 people it's not easy to make a few 1000 voices heard which been kissed. chick's. nearly 4000000 people visited his sophia last year. and young is quite a shallow hopes that he can continue to show this monument to his many tourists as possible because for him regardless of its status it remains the most beautiful landmark he stumbled. was over got you can always got news on the
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go and just download our app from google play or from the app store that will give you access to talk all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you are part of a news story you can also use that to send us photos and videos of what's happening . that's your news update at this hour i'm claire richardson embroiling for me in the team thanks so much for watching. i'm neal and i'm not complete the 2nd only to. the planet on the brink of disaster there's a long interview with experts about one question.


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