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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 24, 2020 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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says enter quell cities he says of botley out of control interestingly in this election year those cities are all controlled by democrats opponents say the president's plan will pour fuel on the fire rather than putting it out i'm phil in berlin and this is the day. today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into american communities plagued by violent crime we don't need federal troops we don't need unnamed secret federal agents roaming around the streets of chicago i want to be very very clear that we will not allow this to happen in our city we are ready willing and able to go in there with great force and if we see these federal officers on our streets then we will see. in court for those people in chicago and other cities where we'll be help is on its
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way. also on the day of 93 year old former nazi death camp god receives a 2 year suspended sentence for his role in the murder of thousands of people. how is this a measure of justice that is not published he goes home happy they go back to their nightmares and dramas. the president trump has announced that he will send federal forces into more u.s. cities he says it's to combat a surge in crime in cities like chicago kansas city missouri and albuquerque cities that are all brought in by what the president has described as the radical left but the truck deployment of federal forces already operating in portland oregon has been targeting protesters demanding racial justice and city officials say the feds have done nothing but increase local ag. it
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stings it's hard to bring the mayor of portland tear gassed by federal offices in the middle of his own city. ted wheeler was in a group of protesters outside a federal courthouse he said he saw nothing which provoked this response but. the irony is poor and protest is fair and good that the democratic man had backed his own city police using tear gas until a federal judge ordered it should only be used when there was a safety issue. for the 55th night in a row protesters flooded the streets of portland and a new chant was being sung. i said sco a clear message to the federal agents deployed by the trumpet ministration to crackdown on demonstrators. the local governor a democrat didn't mince her words this is a democracy not
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a dictatorship we cannot have secret police abducting people into and putting them in unmarked vehicles. i cannot believe i have to say that to the president of the united states i know that we're going ian's are outraged american should be appalled but the controversy hasn't stopped president trump announcing that more federal agents will be sent to other u.s. cities today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement in 2 american communities plagued by violent crime will work every single day to restore public safety protect our nation's children and bring violent perpetrators to justice federal offices will be sent to albuquerque and chicago both democrat run cities critics say the deployment is political an attempt to make democrats weak on crime and to burnish trance image
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as the lore and order of president ahead of the november election the mayor of chicago says she welcomes a partnership with federal agents but warns against using the same tactics as in portland. i've been very clear not happening in chicago we don't need federal troops we don't need unnamed secret federal agents roaming around the streets of chicago that's not democracy that we saw unfolding on the streets of portland as a result of this federal action that's what we call tyranny and dictatorship and we're not having it in chicago residents of chicago say extra police weren't so of the issues facing the city they say action on gun control would be more effective in tackling violent crime. while activists and journalists lawrence d. has experienced the action of the feds at 1st hand on the streets of portland from
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where she joins us now welcome to day w doesn't the white house have been absolute right to protect federal promises. the white house has a right to protect federal properties but i'm not sure that they have a right to protect them in a specific way. the damage to these federal properties has at least in portland been cosmetic at best most think your feet and i feel that the response has been extremely disproportionate tear gas own crowd control munitions aimed directly at the heads of protesters it's been frankly just over the top and extremely violent when acting homeland security secretary chad wolf describes protests as violent mobs how far off the money's. i just don't think that's true at all if you look you'll see that the protesters have been responsible for i believe 0 of the actual injuries to human beings on all of the injuries to human beings have been at the hands of the police and protesters have engaged in some limited property
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destruction it's true but i just don't think that's comparable to the kind of violence that we're seeing against the police i don't think that is the description of violent and or kissed is accurate at all i think what you have is a bunch of concerned citizens who frankly had enough of the police brutality in america who are taking a stand exercising their 1st amendment rights and being violently suppressed that's where they started wasn't that they'd started with the george floyd protests. what are people protesting about now well i think that's and i can only speak for myself i think that these protests have a multiple to give people with multitude of different reasons but i do think it's expanded but i think it's all connected you've got the systemic racism of america which is tied into the police the history of the police the brutality of the police tied into white supremacy tied into a lot of the. proto fascist tendencies of our current administration and i think that as the scope of these protests have expanded and as the the reaction from the
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police and then the feds has expanded that the the things that we're addressing has expanded as well but it's all the same mess which is that america needs to get its brutality problem under control needs to address its history of white supremacy and frankly needs reform and abolition of the police what effect have these federal troops have the protests and the protesters. if anything it's galvanized people on the ground 2 weeks ago we had made me want to 200 people showing up tonight we've kind of lost steam but since the feds have begun to routinely violate people's rights and be incredibly violent we've seen those crowds swell into the thousands we had over 2000 last night and that's become very normal portlanders are not willing to put up with this and i don't see these protests dying down until the feds back down to what we've heard about these unidentified unidentifiable snob squads scooping people off the streets and interrogating them what do they want what do they want to know. it's a great question and i don't i have not thankfully been snatched i've heard from
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people that it was really quite generic questioning i'm not sure what they want in my opinion it seems to be more of a terror tactic than anything else they're not targeting people who have done anything they're targeting people walking away from protests people who were involved but not accused of any kind of crime to me it feels like they're trying to intimidate people let them know that if they show up to these protests that the feds can do basically anything they want to them so what needs to happen that important for all these processes to put down the signs and go home and get on with our lives well as i said earlier different protesters will tell you different things i think there's a very large faction in portland that would like police abolition by which we don't mean lawlessness or anarchy but a complete reformation of the way that we deal with law enforcement in america there is no reason for armed gunman to be addressing things like domestic violence disputes or traffic stops and i think that what poor leaders want is nothing short of a systemic rearrangement of the way that we address justice in
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a way that protects and serves the people instead of as this gang of armed thugs that all too often is just brutalizing the people they're supposed to be helping thanks for joining us activist and journalist nora deed poll thank you very much. court here in germany has given a 2 year suspended sentence to a former nazi concentration camp guard for his role in the murders of thousands of people world war 2 bruno de was 17 at the time he's now $93.00 he insists he was not responsible for the killings the trials likely to be one of the last of those involved in the holocaust. a 2 year suspended prison sentence from a juvenile court not the outcome one might expect for a role in the murder of over $5000.00 people but bruno di now aged $93.00 was a small cog in the nazis machinery of killing and he was
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a teenager at the time he was a guard at the form of concentration camp near the danskin what is now poland from august 944 to april 945 historians estimate around 65000 people were murdered here in various ways in a gas chamber or by shooting or poison or 3 disease and exhaustion bruno deeded sentry g.t. keeping watch preventing inmates from fleeing in court he denied guilt saying he knew little about the killings and was not in a position to prevent suffering. but still thought survivor. who gave evidence in the case remembers it differently. so his testimony before the called was a nothing but a lie because standing on the watchtower he had a view of the whole camp right under his nose as he stood next to the machine gun
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and so that if anything it happened an inmate rebellion or a riot he would have shot without hesitating. it was the 2011 conviction of former camp guard john demjanjuk as an accessory to murder at the sobibor death camp that opened the way to a string of such cases against minor figures he did not kill but facilitated the killing demjanjuk died before his appeal could be heard but the case helped to cement the view that in the context of the holocaust guards were perpetrators to the judges found bruno di guilty as an accessory to 5232 murders the number killed while he was at start off in his closing statement he apologized to all those who as he said went through the hell of this insanity but many survivors will feel that such words and a sentence which in effect falls short of punishment is not justice enough
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let's look at some of the matters arising from this with our yakob essay who's a research fellow and lecturer at the fredricka schiller university you know his book holocaust angsty examines how holocaust memory in the united states influenced to post war west germany welcome to day w. so we have a 2 year suspended sentence and that no jail time than acting as an accessory to 5232 murders does that sound like justice. well i think well 1st of all good evening to you nice to be able to join you tonight. i think that if. on the face of it it's in now there are a number of reasons. to not consider this you know an adequate or just a sentence the number of 2 year sounds very little but i think the court really
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took into account at the age of die at the time when he served as the guards and that's one of the reasons why he was tried in a juvenile court and that's why the court had a suspended sentence. so i think. you know considering their overall circumstances it's probably and adequate that if it's infancy compared to 2 of the simplest and similar case just ok and i want to play you a clip now this is a from sort of speaking to d.w. today from his director of the simon vs intel center 1st of all a journey has a horrendous wreckage in terms of terms of prosecuting nazis during the initial decades of question many for example many of the judges themselves were members of the nazi court and they give you example there were 120000 best geishas of nazi war criminals and less than 7000 were were convicted. so
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that gives you a sense of how faulty justice was but when many years later now and in a sense the german government the legal authorities made a correct decision a decade ago to make it to facilitate the prosecution of nazi war criminals by saying that anyone who served in a death camp or camp with the apparatus for mass murder like a guest chamber that there was used at all. can be prosecuted even if there is no evidence of a specific crime against the specific victim motivated by racial hatred which was in till 10 years ago the standards by which that's what criminals would press were prosecuted well thank god they changed that because it's virtually impossible to prove so yes of ada how would you characterize that they have with heads tammany has pursued nazi war criminals. you know i would agree on many points with that
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with inference or off statement that we just aren't and i absolutely agree with with last comment that he made that it was a 100 percent correct decision by germans germany's courts. during the demjanjuk trial in 2011 and then another court we affirm this decision in 2015 when i was with concentration camp guard. of the burning was put on trial that. those individuals who played a supporting role. could be put on trial based on on the argument of association with the crimes and highest german fellow courts actually confirm these rulings in 2016 and even though we are seeing you know you know it seems like this is very delayed a very delayed justice i think it's still important at that these old men are still being being prosecuted and being put on trial. as jim is attitudes to the holocaust
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changed over the decades. yes germany's attitude has changed very much significantly over the past 7 decades so to say since the are 7 of the past 75 years since the end of world war 2. it's you know it's a very long story and a very complicated process but one could say that the western money and then unified germany which you know fall out west germany and this and this kind of development you know took from its early years on responsibility for the holocaust but there was really very you have the. knowledge in a little responsibility most of the blame and guilt was put on a small group of top level nazis while the majority of germans you know consider themselves as either victims or you know people who participated because they followed orders and this was also very common common. meant in earlier
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trials that we've seen or that we've that we've heard and. we see only a significant shift in the 1990 s. when there's a lot of new research about the holocaust emerging and i want to debate in many european countries the night it states changes if it significantly and germany finally takes full responsibility for the holocaust also by acknowledging that it was a very large amount of german practice who committed these crimes and what about the way the country is sort of confronted its past the economic success built on such a bloody foundations the relatives that no one dares to talk about. he made a little bit more specific. what are you thinking about the idea i'm asking you whether germany has faced up to that so germany's a successful country how much has he looked at that success and said well do you
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know what a lot of that money was was very badly come by. yeah i think that we. we've seen a lot of just wrecked thing. happening but also with a very very long delay or it was only in 2000 for example that a large german companies took full responsibility for quite millions of steel east european forced labor us and gave money into a big fund. distributed company. so that the form of forced laborers were still alive at the time. so you see these forms of reckoning but again with a with a very long very long delay ok thank you for joining us oh yeah our best aid from the university of iowa apologies for the technical quality.
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china has successfully launched an unmanned proto mass the 1st time beijing has attempted an independent mission to another planet china's largest carrier rocket blasted off from challenge space launch center on the island of hi not a mass will be at its closest point to earth that's about 55000000 kilometers away for about a month and this winter is only available every couple of years so the probes expected to read sits at destination in february but it will attempt to land on a vast plain of the planet's northern hemisphere and that it will deploy have a robot to explore the planet's surface for around 90 days time says this is the 1st of many such missions and had thought when it comes to planetary exploration after the 1st mars exploration mission there will also be an exploration of asteroids and a plan for a plan to cross it to jupiter as well as a mission to collect samples from mars and return to earth that were planning such missions tomatillo for them. well dr david browne's an astrophysicist from the
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astronomy and astrophysics group at work at university in the u.k. welcome to day w i this sounds exciting and dangerous. good evening it is certainly exciting. as you mentioned in your introduction this is china's 1st independent mission to mars and as with any deep space mission there is an element of danger to it the 7 minutes descent to the surface of mars from orbit is notorious for fayez all previous probes and about hof of the previous missions to mars for more countries have been successful so this isn't a big investment for china yes i'm the u.a.e. launched a mars mission this wake of the u.s. launches one next week as you mentioned that your crash one in 2017 as the india last year why all this activity now around as. well as you
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said miles is coming up to its closest approach to the earth and when you're dealing with interplanetary missions you really want to try and tie in your travel to take advantage of these close approaches if you time it wrong you can add months onto your travel time which then increases the amount of fuel you need and that's the cost of the mission and so you really want to time it around these points that's why we have this flurry of 3 missions. this 2 week period. and there was another mission actually europe in a mission to mars that was due to launch this year but because of delays they've had to delay that by a full 2 years to take advantage of the next opportunity and what are they all looking for up there. well there's a lot we don't yet know about mons although it's one of the highly explored
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places outside of the earth there is a lot we don't know in every every device new technology development that gets pushed onto a mission tells us a little bit more about it and the region this mission is going to explore and is this vast plane which has a very large amount of frozen water underneath the surface and so what they're looking to explore is really the apocrypha the geography of that region of mars how it might have been shaped by the water. what the material that that's covering up the ice is made of and how it behaves and try to figure out a little bit more about the conditions on mars and how they've evolved over time ultimately this does all feed into the ongoing search and investigation to see if we could have. or could be hosting life at some point i was sort of track record does china have in space missions. that's
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a pretty good one they the chinese national space agency is a fairly young organization and it was only founded in its current form in 1993 but since then they've. put 11 astronauts into space they've had several successful lunar missions including the fast ever voted. for him the 1st ever mission to the far side of the moon and that rover is still active right now. this is their 2nd attempt to send a mission to mars the 1st one failed through no fault of the chinese. the chinese aspect of that mission and that was beyond their control so they have a good track records. in their space program and i see i see no reason why they shouldn't continue with this and what it planning to do what's ton of planning to do with the information that's collected. well they're you going to use
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it to feed some of the ongoing research as i said into the environments and mons and they're also using some aspects of this mission as technology demonstrators. both for potential developments of their lunar program but also for developing. future missions to go back to miles as the clip you played said. they're talking about potentially doing a sample return mission from mars so some of the technology they use in this mission could be put into that future mission to bring material back from mars and there's a lot that we could learn. with material being brought back much in the way that we and the apollo missions brought material back from the main you can do a lot more once you have it in a lab on earth and. heard that there was a problem with this in that time it wasn't looking to share the data or it. brought
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back. that is always a possibility that would be disappointing if it turns out to be true. international corporation is is one of the foundational aspects of modern science particularly when you're looking at penetrates ration. not sharing information is is a potential risk area. as i said that would be disappointing or could talk with you thank you for joining us dr david bach from warrick university. i'm not it's that they have a conversation continues online you can join us on twitter i have outstayed up the new political follow me out phil gal to use the hash tag video of the.
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move. drugs weapons human trafficking. delaval tool known near naples where the nigerian mafia is on the riot. how's it comes of this. is behind it for the holding. a meeting inside to see how business it's really done . on europe. on t w. ok your distance. coronavirus
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has changed almost everything. how we live. how you spend our free time how you travel. how our company cover tires is and creative industries reacting to social distancing. mood in. 60 minute detail. are they friends some honor to be with you if you are so you're going to do what you wish it was the way you believe i come up with the thing you feel for are the economy going to the finish the future you will ever see you push the ball with the music you're going to what he's going he's going to get me to my work for roger. i
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were to park i'm intrigued analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the west and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangers mutual admiration for the rest of the. trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. hello and welcome to focus on europe thanks for joining us today look we're in a crisis has overshadowed many important issues that were meant to be top of the agenda for europe in 2020 such as environmental protection the fight against cold 19 has actually intensified along existing problem and that is plastic waste the ocean floor.


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