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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2020 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news a live a from berlin escalating tensions between washington and beijing a flurry of activity outside the chinese consulate in houston texas as the u.s. government's order to close takes effect china is retaliating shutting down an american consulate in the western city of chengdu we'll get the latest from washington also coming up on the show. dire sophia hosts muslim friday prayers for the 1st time in more than 80 years we
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have the latest on president are the ones controversial decision to change the world famous monuments back into a mosque. i'm claire richards and welcome to the show we begin in the u.s. where a government order forcing the closure of the chinese consulate in houston texas has just taken effect a convoy of vehicles was seen outside the building and there are reports that a group of men who appear to be u.s. officials are forcing open the back door of the u.s. alleges that chinese agents tried to steal data from medical facilities in texas china calls the claims of malicious slander it's responded by ordering the u.s. to close its consulate in the southwestern city of chengdu the escalating diplomatic spat comes as relations between the 2 countries are at their lowest point in decades. it was less
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a question of if china would retaliate but rather how and the answer is the u.s. has been told to close its conscience and chain to. raising the stakes yet further and this diplomatic standoff. through majority of the current situation in china u.s. relations is not what china wants and the u.s. is completely responsible for all of this. all of this includes the u.s. imposing sanctions on communist party officials and companies linked to the mass detention of weak and ordering china to shut its mission in houston citing concerns about. the clear out is under way the president even full to the potential to cut diplomatic ties completely. as far as closing additional embassies it's always possible that marks the biggest fall out since richard nixon renewed relations in the seventy's when he extended the 100 friendship. all the more
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significant then that the u.s. secretary of state would head to the former republican president a library to all but declare a new cold war with the c.c.p. the kind of engagement we've been pursuing the kind of change inside of china the president nixon had hoped to induce. the truth is that our policies and those of other free nations resurrected china's failing economy only to see beijing bite the international hands that were feeding it. we opened our arms to chinese citizens only to see the chinese communist party support our free and open society. back in 2017 when donald trump and she jinping occasionally sparred over trade no they're even farther apart it may be a long time before they're rolling out the red carpet for each other again. well i'm joined now by g.w. stephan simons in washington d.c.
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good to see you stephan how has the united states reacted to china's. almost a lot of all very very complacent like is really was expected that the chinese will answer what happened here with their consulate and used in for tit for tat and announce closing over consular us consulate in china that happen now so there was not really a big surprise here in washington everybody had that on the on the radar and it was as you pointed out in this piece which we just saw a question what are they going to do not when are they going to do it or when are they going to do to them how they're going to do this but that it's going to happen yeah that's fine and nobody that doesn't relish the face rather see it in the united states or in in washington for that matter what is there a strategy behind the white house his decision to close the chinese consulate in houston as relations with china hit a low point well it is if there is
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a strategy then it's not to make things better with china at the moment is to say that is nowhere on the rise and at least not for me to see are for many many experts who are commented on what just happened here but of course it comes politically speaking an interesting timing as the president is trying to portray himself as a loren order man and the sheriff in town towards the inside of the united states as well as everywhere else in the world so strong and trump now out of patience with china and that is maybe if you want to a political strategy which might benefit him at the end when it comes to november and the presidential elections that will of course be watched with scrutiny from around the world as stephanie simons in washington d.c. thank you. well turkey's i.s.o. fia has hosted muslim friday prayers for the 1st time in more than 80 years the same a landmark was built 1500 years ago as a christian cathedral before becoming
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a mosque and then a museum 2 weeks ago president aired a one issued a controversial decree returning it to use as a mosque after a court an old it's museum status. prayers led by a president on a friday that will become unforgettable in turkey thousands of muslims gathered in worship for the 1st time in 86 years. oh i see iconic buildings journey through time from orthodox christian cathedral to muslim mosque to museum for many here and historic wrong has been righted. but only young and old i'm not on my own we have been waiting for higher sophia to open as
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a mosque for decades for decades we said that the chains will break and highest here will reopen the young women there because my this remains a museum this kind of atmosphere would not have been possible it doesn't mean much for the people abroad and i think the important thing is what the people of turkey want were happy. but everyone critics in turkey see the conversion as a political ploy to score points with his conservative base. and the move has sparked dismay among christian leaders and some western countries that this one time symbol of christian and muslim unity may become a source of religious divide but. well straight to istanbul where we joined your correspondent a dorian jones a georgian what more can you tell us about president everyone's motivation in issuing this decree to turn the i.s.o. fia back into a mosque. well prison speaking after
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the friday prayers said that this had been an ambition of his since his youth to convert the software back to a mosque. one is a very religious and pious man but there's a lot of politics behind this move one has been in power for nearly 20 years but why now he's taken such a dramatic move it is because his ruling a k party is suffering very low poll ratings the lowest since the party has been in office and been hit very hard by the economic woes of the country because the covert 19 epidemic now for out the ceremony we use for very powerful in images aimed at rallying not of the religious but the nationalist base heard one recited the koran before the friday prayers commenced and then the prayers and cells carried out by the head of turkey's religious authority who carried a sword which is a symbolism all the conquering of istanbul by 14 men made and this is a very important symbol for turkish nationalists who see him as the man that made
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turkey a great country founding the ottoman empire now on top of that useful is a rallying point for both nationalists some religious people thousands of people came from all across the country to mark this moment a very important rallying point and i think will be looking at this as a point of stopping the further hemorrhaging of support of his party and the higher so if he is of course a world heritage site could this move have implications for its status. well you know sco has voice could deep concern over this move a said that any major change to the site we needed to be notified and unesco had to sign off on this that didn't happen now that does raise the question that turkey could lose the i saw fish unesco world heritage site something that seems very keen to avoid it is a very important tourist location it is most popular site visited by tourists in turkey and it is going to be remaining open to tourists as well as serving as a mosque is unclear whether unesco will go as far to remove its status because i
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think unesco looking forward will still want to retain some influence over the way it is maintained and use and it would realize if it gave up that status it would have little influence so i think the expectation is that some kind of compromise will be reached but there was indeed concern from. the wider international community thank you very much indeed of your correspondent dorian jones in istanbul . well german authorities are offering a free coronavirus testing to incoming travelers on the spot testing will be available for people coming from covert $1000.00 hotspots people traveling from lower risk areas will also be offered tests but at laboratories away from airports as part of an effort to avoid a 2nd wave of infections. touched down in berlin after a summer holiday far fewer germans the normal yet taking their vacations abroad the joy of returning home is as strong as ever but can people be sure they haven't
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picked up the coronavirus on their travels. now the health authorities in germany have taken the decision to offer free virus testing. the health ministers of the states together with the federal health minister have today greed that people returning from risk areas should be tested at airports we intend to establish testing facilities at relevant airports. secondly we have decided that we want to reach not only those from risk areas but also those coming from elsewhere so we agreed to pay the costs of the testing for travelers this. isn't in frankfurt germany is largest airport is already offering tests for a free under the new plan people arriving from the 130 countries seen as at risk
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can be tested directly on arrival checks will also be beefed up at sea ports and on land borders the tests will be voluntary at 1st and people from corona affected areas will continue to be asked to quarantine is home for 14 days germans love to travel and those starting to get the travel bug again but with these tourists arriving from the popular spanish island of new york or be willing to take a test yes certainly personal safety reasons that would be the most important thing . we think sure i think so. if you had to go into quarantine. them you now have to go. i wouldn't really want to people have responsibility for themselves and people are very careful about their behavior. carona infection rates in germany remain low at the moment a big part of keeping it that way after the holiday season will be persuading travelers to take advantage of testing. well let's go now to some other stories
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making news around the world the mayor of chicago has ordered the removal of 2 statues of christopher columbus' until further notice the overnight move came a week after protesters tried to topple one of the figures mera laurie lightfoot a said there would be a review of the appropriateness of all the city's monuments. thousands of hungary and have marched in protest against attacks on media freedoms after the perceived muzzling of the country's most read website earlier more than 80 journalists at index john h. you quit in protest at the sacking earlier this week of the website's editor in chief index is the last of hungary's key independent news outlets. went out to russia and the discovery of some big bones a group of reindeer herders has discovered the remains of an ancient woolly mammoth in a lake in northern siberia russian scientists are now working to retrieve the rest of the skeleton which appears remarkably well preserved. constantine teddy behead
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and expected this he set out to catch fish but instead the fisherman on the peninsula in syberia put something quite different out there i was talking on a skull the whole day from morning till evening then i started poking around in the ground with a stick and i saw more bones. these bones turned out to be quite a sensation they were the remains of a woolly mammoth this species has been largely extinct for over 10000 years the mammoths were larger than today's elephants and weighed up to 5 tonnes researchers were quickly called in and recovered several more bones pieces of a prehistoric puzzle for more than a decade no one in this region has discovered such a well preserved mammoth stone of wits about you we don't even know yet what else is in the water there are definitely more remains but we're not yet sure whether it's an entire or partial skeleton by now in the next few days scientists plan to
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bring special tools to this remote region in the north of russia they hope that in the mud at the bottom of the lake they will find more mammoth remains. and that's your news update at this hour don't forget you can get all the latest at dot com i'm richard i'm in berlin and thanks so much for joining us. today don't miss our highlights. program. w dot com hearts. that 77 percent poppy are younger than 6. that's me and me. you know what it's time for since. the 77 percent talk about the issue.


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