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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2020 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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training suits are. to. start jan 27th. this is d w news live from berlin squabbling over a new coronavirus recovery plan in the u.s. if lawmakers in washington can't agree on a federal unemployment subsidy millions of jobless americans could face financial ruin. also coming up a worldwide spike in corona virus infections prompts
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a warning from the world health organization as europeans trying to navigate the vacation season under the new normal. and berlin's temple of techno can't pack in the party goers due to the pandemic so it's clear the dance floor to make room for something to bitch plus toy strips. omarion evanston welcome to the program we begin in the united states where record numbers of jobless workers are facing uncertainty as they wait for congress to decide on whether they'll extend of boost to unemployment benefits the current coronavirus relief program expires at the end of july but republicans in the senate are divided over how much financial aid they're willing to provide. she won the fight against corona virus but asia brown has lost her job and now bills are piling
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up that's why she's hoping to get the government's financial support. it would help out like with my card rode in rain and food who would ever we need we need it for and i think they. passed the bill in good detects out there to the people who really need it congress is still debating the coronavirus aid package but time is running out the weekly complementary allocation of $600.00 for the unemployed will stop this week republicans one payments linked to previous earnings but with an eye on the elections democrats are pushing for a quick agreement this is deadly serious the house is burning down in terms of the economic security of america's families and these people are settling wherever they may be this weekend some $30000000.00 people would be affected if the payments
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stop many say they will not be able to pay the rent without the extra state allowance and as the deadline looms neither party wants to see a wave of evictions. all right let's get more from washington d.c. and for that i'm joined by oliver salat hello to you oliver so what exactly are the lawmakers unable to agree on what are the sticking points. well we are looking right now at a conflict essentially between lawmakers republican lawmakers that congress and the wide toes in the white house wanting to cut unemployment benefits to around $100.00 per week currently they're on the level of $600.00 but they are running out as we've just learned in the report now the white house believes that the current higher level of $600.00 is a disincentive for american workers to returning to work republicans of congress do believe that a higher level is necessary to protect the workers and of course now with that
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ongoing spat they have proposed a new proposal that's supposed to be unveiled as soon as monday after the weekend that again that has to be confirmed by the democrats as well as by the white holes before that so we are looking at some more negotiations in the coming days ahead all right since then difficult negotiations in all of our what happens if they don't manage to agree. well if they don't then that would certainly mean lots of negative would have most lots of negative implications for the recipients of that money they could potentially run into default not pay their rents anymore and that eventually might even develop into a or develop into a full blown financial crisis with banks running into default when they don't receive their credit installments anymore the stock market could crash of course very dramatic pictures we would see lots of suffering among americans and that
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would certainly also mean poison for president trump's attempts to turn the tide politically as you scrolly losing support as a result of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic so certainly one thing the president does not want to have that situation also the democrats don't want to be held accountable for a situation like that so both parties are actually interested in finding a deal and it's also worth pointing out that is torie please no matter how difficult the negotiations have been the deal has always been fallen so we can be carefully optimistic that this will also be the case this time around all right so a lot at stake out of a solid in washington thank you so much well almost 285000 new cases of corona virus infection were recorded globally in the past 24 hours at the highest number in a single day so far the world health organization says tighter restrictions may be
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needed to curb the spread in europe many people traveling for summer holidays some european nations are introducing new measures to protect people from infection. they cajun season is in full swing and authorities across europe are trying to stop a 2nd wave of infections belgium is just one of the countries that have tightened the rules on masks this after a 3 year old became the youngest person to die with a virus in the country a local governor appealed to the public. the clock struck many doctors keep telling me it's getting out of control so we're asking people to be even more cautious than they have to be. in catalonia and northeastern spain nightclubs and entertainment venues have been ordered to close after a surge in cases france has advised its citizens to avoid traveling to the region. asia is also experiencing
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a resurgence in infections vietnam reported its 1st locally transmitted case in nearly 100 days japan and south korea have reimplemented restrictions the world health organization has warned people everywhere to remain vigilant. we're asking everyone to treat the decisions about where they go what do you do and who they meet with life and death decisions because they are. but social distancing isn't always possible thousands of people are stranded in a baseball stadium in the philippines this after a plan to transport people back to their hometowns from the capital manila drew larger numbers than expected. a survey released saturday shows that support for the handling of the pandemic by national governments is falling in many countries. and
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here are some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic the german government says it may introduce compulsory coronavirus testing for holiday makers returning from high risk destinations that's after the number of new infections in the country hit a 2 month high brazil's presidential year bulls n r o n l's that he's tested negative for corona virus that's more than 2 weeks after being diagnosed with covert 19 on facebook he attributed his recovery to an unproven malaria drug and british prime minister boris johnson admitted to mistakes in his government's handling of the pandemic in an interview he also predicted that the worst of the crisis would be over quote by the middle of next year well protesters in the city of hadera of in the far east of russia have flooded the streets for the 3rd weekend in a row tens of thousands of people are calling on president vladimir putin to step down and they're demanding the release of their governor said
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a gay for golf the 50 year old was arrested earlier this month accused of ordering the murders of 2 business men 15 years ago the supporters say the arrest is politically motivated as punishment for defeating a pro protein candidates in the 2018 election. now to some of the other stories making news around the world in jerusalem thousands of protesters rallied outside prime minister benjamin netanyahu is home calling for his resignation amid corruption allegations many protesters are also angry over the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis and the economic fallout from the pandemic much smaller groups of right wing activists than netanyahu supporters have held counter demonstrations. in an escalating diplomatic few china has accused the united states of forcibly entering its consulate in houston after washington ordered it to close beijing said american officials had no right to enter the
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houston consulate in response beijing closed the u.s. consulate in the chinese city of chengdu. days of tributes to american civil rights icon john lewis have begun in the u.s. state of alabama a congressman's body was laid out for a memorial service the troy university near his birthplace due to the coronavirus pandemic the number of people participating at the event was limited to 800 who's died of cancer a week ago at the age of 88. baseball fans in the u.s. finally have something to cheer about after a long delay because of the pandemic the major league baseball season has finally started but like pretty much all sports in north america that have restarted their seasons no fans will be allowed to attend. this is professional baseball now so is this. and this. definitely
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nothing to roar about. sure it's still just a practice for these detroit tigers at comerica park but game day will look about the same no fans are allowed this year and that hurts the game and the economy a report from the commissioner's office of the m.l. b. estimates that each game without fans will generate a loss of the equivalent of 550000 euros and a minimum loss over the entire season of at least $72000000.00 euros per team not to mention all the nearby businesses that will suffer because they depend so much on the so-called foot traffic offense walking on route to the stadiums most of the 30 m. l.b. teams have urban ballparks stadiums where the lack of foot traffic now will have a huge impact on local vendors especially in a city like detroit which has pro baseball basketball football and hockey teams. i tell you. from the line with tiger the hockey. the pistons
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all. that something he used for a fee if it's not going on. in the food down something that we're just we're rolling with in we're giving our best effort but there's absolute going to businesses that you're not going to see that some legacy business is to i'm sure that are not going to be here. the biggest hope is that the virus will be defeated and fans can come back safely now that would be a homerun for everybody. berlin is a city or announced for its nightlife with packed nightclubs providing a raucous party atmosphere that of course came to a stop with the coronavirus tend to mix and with many now fearing for their future one of the best known clubs is finding new uses for its dance space.
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they are kind of legendary techno club is venturing into new territory the now sunlit boiler room is hosting a signed installation. it was created by all st and arsonists on a strong boat and so all we know is that what this place is full of energy this place is part of a city's cultural history and we're trying to communicate with our cultural history community and. the clothes had just in a former power plant since 2004 electronic music fans from across the world have been flocking here to partially around the clock. i think it's. space to be completely free. it's almost like. a prayer space a modern prayer space because you're listening to music as a group and you're experiencing it together and it's a place that you don't find anywhere else in the world because you have a mix of gay people straight people you know people for any kind of you know sexual
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preference or partying together you know so i think it's very interesting you would find this anywhere else in the world did a song. every song features a different way that the space interacts with the. acute senses and. this is going to go to show intervals and that's the beauty of this installation is trying to reveal that listening by itself tells a different history of the world than seeing does. it's for listening know for dancing and new experience for fair kinds patrons. of the time when the future of music clubs is less than certain their kind is finding new ways. to draw in the crowds. and before we go a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you the financial squabbling
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continues in the west congress as lawmakers argue about financial aid for those hit by the coronavirus and demick failure to agree continuing payments could leave the u.s. as most vulnerable financially and dry. you're up to date now on t w news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news for you in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our website just go to the w. dot com america haven't seen thanks for watching. what secrets lie behind small. discover new adventures in 360. and explore an aging world heritage sites. to double your world heritage 363. hours now. of climate change.
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