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don't let those. lifestyle your 0. 0. 16 and. happiness is for everyone schuman penises are very different from primates you know we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature and there david this is climate change crisis sex how to improve books you get smarter for free get over your books are new to. me. in northern sudan for centuries people have lived in this area region eking out a modest living despite all on but it is being buried under more and more sand blowing off or sorry. residents of this village trying to protect their homes
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part of it's an uphill battle. i did today though i think if you dig down 3 or 4 metres you'll find the house. to the well is down there to. the house is totally covered. and that's the rule for. some families have built 3 more stories on top of their original homes in less than 20 years everybody is battling the sand. with their goodwill and they're going to do what they would it started with this crack the entire wall could collapse these wooden joists are all that's keeping the house together i had to move into the new house over there.
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a number of villages have moved away those still here don't know where to go fertile land is scarce in sudan no one expects any help from the government in the distant capital khartoum. there we are the forgotten people life is hard in these parts. of. the desert is also taking over entire tracts of farmland. this is the plantation of our one mohamed al hussein he moved here with his family 15 years ago. this is. 3 of the mongol is the height of 4 to 5 meter is all of the 4 metre of our. sun. like there is a 3rd. maybe it is the may 30th soul of the government. he
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also grows palm trees and has already lost $500.00 of them to the sand the rest will also soon be buried. at the end it's hard to maintain them. it's hard to water them you need to use a lot of water for it to reach the roots at a depth of 3 metres. at some point you just feel desperate. and he's one of countless farmers have acted about 70 percent of the arab land in sudan is in danger of being swallowed up by the deserts. and the region is frequently percent by sandstorms known as haboobs.
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a little way from that because when. the issue of. good sure but. the 1st time. that my brother welcome mohamed up the law and engineer hakim. the 2 men want to plant trees to try to hold back the sand with the help of drums and i think you have 3 minutes the stage is the war is. over in the rubble but we're developing smart systems and bots capable of going to remote areas that are hard to reach by truck or on foot in order to plant seeds from the air. our projects sap smart agriculture pilot will be the 1st airborne system in the world and it'll be made in sudan. they will plant seeds of acacia trees. the t.v.
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show mash through our lousy young people to showcase their business ideas unlike similar shows in western countries mash roy ends to make a serious contribution to socio economic development. your presentation was comprehensive and speaks for itself. i congratulate you on your immense effort. it shows that for young people in sudan there are no limits to hope. and a. car to the capital of sudan it's been a year since mohammed and her team won 1st prize on mushroom why it brought them a 1000 euros a lot of attention and new contacts now they're working hard on finishing their prototype drone.
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we use the means by the certification. case here. from the sky with this. over a wide range of the area and all of the village. houses so the moving. acacias are well suited to the task because they grow deep and extensive roots that bind sand and soil and help make it fur time again. electromechanical. device in the market. in many other regions of the world it would be easy to find the parts you need to build a drone but in sudan it's a huge challenge. anything in the vast ecology. nothing goes nothing comes must and it's. so.
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off to you or something like that to bring everything we need we can get help slumpy the national guys issue because we are in for that as for danny to write his country so. we are being like classified us today's. the team and mohammed are off to test friday a drone in the countryside. there isn't fly in my mind. it's hard to get. by the end of the day gives us a. test. every time that it will crash more about those of that i am very latest dogs i. am big as the big guys.
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the 2 inventors have been working on the project we can use and evenings for more than 5 years by profession that actually specialist. it's windy so the conditions for a maiden flight are far from perfect. me . because it's not it's not easy. to go completely destroyed.
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back encounter. at the edge of the city of the headquarters of c.t.c. sudan's largest and grow chemicals company this is where the final selection round is taking place for the latest series of. 24 out of a 1000 applicants have made it this far they have thought up all kinds of projects ranging from an electronic health care card to sustainable textile production. made i mean up there our teeth the president of c.t.c. set up a televised contest together with the sudanese young businessman's association and the british council. to come up with that if you're probably right and that was that the whole concept of entrepreneurship at that time was not
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a known concept and was not one that was a tall encouraged so culturally. being entrepreneurial is not part of the sudanese culture no mother you know would tell her son or daughter all daughter i want you to go and start the for a company and fail to never it's like study be a doctor be a lawyer be an engineer if you fail in all these all day what can we do then maybe you can go and start. at the beginning it was unclear if anybody would be interested in a show like mash arroyo. but really from missouri one it was amazing because not only what about it was 5000 participants but 5000 applicants in missionary one but then the engagement once it started to go live on t.v. and on social media you know every one from that person's area or really and would be watching and vote. and they got so engaged it really was the wildest losing
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could be like this. in fact national oil has become the most popular t.v. show in sudan. globally khartoum ranks among the cities with the poorest quality of life it has a population of between 6 and 8w2w of them are people displaced from their home regions because of desertification of the civil war. 60 percent of the country's population are under 30 years of age. and. many of them don't have any steady employment and trying to get by doing odd jobs. whether young or old rich or poor almost everybody in khartoum knows mash through i
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. live it i go miserable i'm with the devil in the show inspired you to work on your ideas in education and plans and to make something of yourself rather than just work for somebody else. young people a lot i wish there were more shows like it because the younger generation are in a sorry state they have a lot to offer they just need some help getting started. on the work that. i am one of the people who have been inspired by my choice of it and they gave me a great push. i want to launch a project that's unique in sudan. and i want to win a trip to london so that's what it is and i know that's what everybody here dreams of a lot of them. to make entrepreneurial dreams a reality is far from easy. and sudan the government offers no grant so other kinds
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of support for startups mass drawing tries to fill the gap it offers candidates workshops on issues such as funding planning and marketing. she's thinking about the cheney was a small farmers are in town. so doing this cause farm and most of them they don't know the technology and they don't have t.v. so what she thought about we thought about you know the radio will be one of the towns that we can use him to reach them. the question is if you understand your customer who does the farmer frost before work because people who are already part of fertilizer from. the can you identify the people who are already vying for those who are from. and if you convince them they will soldier the farmer on your behalf the people attending the workshops here much more passionate the really want to look. very enthusiastic a lot of questions they want to talk about it
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a lot and i compare it to the marcus fund and they want to treat it as much water as possible. from yours to. the candidates might be very keen but few have any background in economics on management. i thought that a boom i'm going to make my project and we have been there the body goes back and back but i. was shocked with a lot of numbers and procedures business plans and goals and whatever those days shocking i learned a lot actually like the market in i never heard the word i mean i never read it before i internet was roy. so that was. a really big good benefit for the exchange student my life actually i'm a doctor i have nothing to lose business but when i take. lectures there used to be clear i know how to put my my plan my business done i know how i do with my budget
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i know how to track. the addition of interest is. measurable is not only about supporting entrepreneurship it also focuses on responsibility and making a positive contribution to society. through the traditional way of the west giving the gift to africa saying here's some money go and do it is not sustainable if there is one so money runs out the project stops or there is exhaustion from the west people who are fed up of giving money to africa we needed to teach the africans to look after themselves. we're now near the white nile and the south of sudan a world away from khartoum. some are al
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gardy was the winner of the 1st season of mash a lawyer in early 2014. it's not normal for at nearly $82.00 together to come into this area is that since cain no i'm not saying it's a business now it's become for me as a venture the end of a massive area that's all it's happening and i couldn't see any babies around so. i'm the only credited you is moving around. gandhi normally works in vocational training for women in khartoum but when she heard about a plague of water hyacinths on the nile she decided to try to do something about it . he knew that. if. well the very interesting because that's why we were in the book and i thought that
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they have to go under the water are difficult. i'm really appreciate the good they're doing fine but. i have since were introduced to saddam in the 19th century as an ornamental pool plant they have since become an uncontrollable past. these what i think is spread like a thunder and it's growing very fast you can imagine that in one week this plant would multiply the 25 it's looking very good so says team spirit and it was going to move freely and even though the fisherman cannot easily catch fish it's a good environment for mosquitoes are part of sides who is living inside the woods oh yeah it's kind of a nightmare for the people the. attempts to cut down the spread of water hyacinth so far failed even weed killers were simply absorbed by the plant.
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some oligarchy had the idea of using them as a free resource to make decorative items back some small pieces of furniture out of their stems. i think this is the unique about my business that you don't need that has kind of prize ecology and it can be very sensible forces can come to life so that. you can see that i'm using such kind of a normal kind of tools you have to go for a kind of false advance for example in schools i'm just using a scissors and i want to spray out and you know even if you don't haave then you can just spray with your hand so kind of easy way of these especially for people who doesn't have a few is kept out of sight of business. for now or she makes the items herself at home in her free time.
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gandhi who sells her products on the internet and at a small shop. played here some of the new things that made it they should be on display here. i'm king as can we make some space for them i can set them up for you to come out of. a quarter of the contestants on mash or on our women and that mark something of a revolution in sudan just a few years ago young women were still expected to marry and raise a family going to college or setting up
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a business was practically unheard of measure oir is contributing to a change in social norms and the advancement of women. we are living now in a kind of condition that we need the cooperation between we as women and the main for the bitterness any woman. who was oh yeah i guess ladies now and women now are very aware of their rights they are looking forward to the kids what they want from the life you can see us part of so the news is we man and we are proud of that actually. many women have reached out to the t.v. contest winner to tell her she has been a source of inspiration among them a young woman who wanted to drop out of school. after he was initially are she wants my journey during that time she decided that i'd have to go for those higher education she won't even google for the for how much 3rd degree she went to all the
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all the problem on the list of those that he faced with me i think the out there will again is how growing further and how did you creation and they were allowed to give her a range of areas where high before my cousin or someone. while national i may have opens new horizons turning a vision into reality remains a challenge the team and mohammed to been trying for months to get a permit to deploy their drones even as the desert keeps advancing like here where trees have been planted as. part of the great green wall project. big dream go lose a bottle by that so that if you get. strong every single point every single day.
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another problem for the team and mohamed is failing to find an investor to back their project despite their trial for national oil in saddam startups can't get funding either from the government or from banks. the 2 want to keep trying. sometimes we feel like we have to give up to. be a lot of them all. but when we when we saw those people. we are fight for and was somebody i was facing. face to face. or they are in the fault line every day there's investigation that motivate us we have to think that you don't do. guard he has not been able to expand her business either due to the still fragile state of a sudanese economy. many factors were just up to operate due to the sanctions we
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cannot even get absence to even information sometimes when you get into a website. of the country so you can imagine how we are suffering. meanwhile candidates for the latest series of the show are hoping to make it into the final 12. this team wants to develop an iris scan as a diagnostic tool. i am not among those chosen by the jury to appear on the show some are gardy has come to cheer on the candidates and in this case to offer consolation and encouragement. don't be upset. just
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keep working on your project. the jury said you should carry on after the contest is over. while mossad from the british council has spent weeks working with the candidates on my projects. they're foreigners they've reached this point out of sauza a sow's and i became. i wish him the best and i hope that they continue their work through this whole bottle almost that i actually this days for me to suffer and this is. the sea for all for the new generation. several dozen startups have been launched with the help of natural oil but for the seeds of hope to sprouting flourish in saddam people will need more than one t.v. show the back of.
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the. law.
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after. the floyd. culture. high hair. superman. superfood stylish dialogue on the lead overs. lifestyle 00. 30 minutes. for him writing is an act of liberation. for a novelist it's a tremendous to him some that he has a in all of our lives in our characters was something going on that's maybe obvious
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except if they don't notice the artist told the irish writer an exclusive new interview art's 21 and. 90 minutes on d w. this is some dope story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem tests. his credo no chemicals. his wife thought i was crazy. and i bought ducks. and this time was. step. by step.
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orders. are good tests to check. the by systemizing the foreigners flee as the final stage production to top it off. turning successful. dr chen. starts july 27th. in the flower. yeah i'm beautiful and i've heard of born and it never grows old. i'm worshiped from my looks and my scent my looks but here's the thing. life starts with me.
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you see i feed each and. every fruit comes from me. everybody taito me every kernel of corn me every grain of rice me me me me i know but it's true. and sometimes i feed their souls. i am their words when they have none i say i love you without a sound. i'm sorry without a voice. i inspired the greatest stuff the painters poets pattern makers i've been amused to them all. but in my experience people underestimate the power of a pretty little flower. because their life does start with me. and without me.
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this is big news live from delhi the coronavirus hits. north korea leader kim jong un calls an emergency meeting after a person shows covert 19 symptoms the isolated country has so far claimed to have avoided the coronavirus also coming up britain imposes a 14 day quarantine on travelers arriving from sea.


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