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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 26, 2020 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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so how quick intercultural understand the meaning of the in one way and i way to tell you. this is the wu news live from berlin the coronavirus hits north korea leader kim jong un calls an emergency meeting after a person shows covert 19 symptoms be isolated country has so far claim to have avoided the coronavirus also coming up britain imposes a 14 day quarantine on travelers arriving from spain where there's been
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a recent spike in corona virus cases starts as spanish authorities reintroduce measures to prevent the spread of the virus. and policing the pandemic will meet the people here in berlin with the an enviable task of keeping party go socially distinct. i'm gathered as well come to the program north korea has placed the city of a song near the border with south korea under total lockdown after a person was found suspected of covert $900.00 symptoms leader kim jong un called an emergency meeting on saturday if confirmed it would be the country's 1st official case north korean state media say the person suspected of having the virus crossed illegally from south korea. for more on that story i'm not joined by just
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smithies reuters correspondent in seoul in south korea josh if confirmed this will be the 1st case officially acknowledged by north korean authorities how credible is that. there has been a lot of suspicion cast on north korea's claims to have no confirmed cases so far not least because information is so difficult to get out of north korea in any kind of independent fashion obviously there's a lot of control on any kind of media access and even international institutions like the w. h. o. have only had to rely on numbers given to them by the north korean government and so while it's been a lot of suspicions that there is some kind of outbreak there we also have no confirmation that there has been any kind of outbreak and in recent weeks north korea had actually sounds showing signs of lifting some of the restrictions that it imposed there and so at this point it's really unclear and as you said this would be the 1st confirmation and so that's something that's when you get
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a lot of attention if confirmed this case has been linked to a person whom the authorities in north korea claimed defected to south korea 3 years ago and just now returned to north korea what are we to make of. it is somewhat interesting scenario on several levels south korean authorities here say that they're still. figuring out whether that story does credible but they have said there's actually a good chance that someone didn't return to north korea recently at the same time it's unclear whether that person actually had covert of any type and so it's something that we'll never know the actual details of that in the past north korea has sometimes mixed a bit of facts and. fact and fiction together and that may be the case that we're looking at here. in seoul thank you. britain has
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imposed a 2 week 14 on travelers arriving from spain after a surge in covert 19 cases that europe had only recently reopened most of its borders to travel nightlife in the spanish region of catalonia is shutting down once more while national authorities are introducing measures against the recent spike in infections as well the new restrictions are causing disruption to the travel industry and to tourists for. the u.k.'s sudden decision to take spain off a safe travel list you have to travel as with no time to prepare for its consequences 2 is to returning home environment breeds barajas airport were frustrated they had come on holiday with the understanding bay would not have to quarantine upon their return. i think it's pretty bad because it's just come all of a sudden it's not given much time to prepare. for everyone so our partner came and i also i think it ruins comes out everybody we had
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a wedding to go to help plans to you know visit friends and family that we haven't seen in about a long time and not again have to cancel out as planned so it's really quite upsetting and those with holidays books for the coming days and weeks also face headaches to operated theory says it has canceled its upcoming flights from britain to spain but some airlines say they'll still fly possibly leaving would be holiday makers out of pocket. the rush to grab the mediterranean sun and sand after months of lockdown is believed to have contributed to this spike in code 19 infections in the country sending some beaches into a 2nd shutdown. in barcelona nightlife is scaling back once more with clubs forced to close and do re imposed curfew on restaurants and bars there are concerns young people could transmit the virus to the elderly france
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is also advising its citizens against crossing the border into neighboring spain printing concerns over 2 isn't there. everything's going so badly maybe this year there has been a 30 to 40 percent drop in a very much as compared to usual if 10 or even 50 percent fewer french people come it will make a difference spanish authorities insist their country is safe with fresh outbreaks being local isolated and controlled fears of a 2nd wave of coded 19 across europe are seeing nations struggling to stave off fresh outbreaks while trying to reopen their economies. of story let's go to correspondent stephen bergen in barcelona stephen the spanish government says outbreaks in spain are localized controls so other measures taken by the u.k. and also by france to structure think. well i would say it's up to the.
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decisions on the information. i think there's a feeling here in the case of the u.k. this is yet another improvised decision. and somewhat hypocritical to have given that you're actually far more likely to get infected with corona virus in the u.k. than you are here a moment the other thing is that the worst operates with there are some here. but the worst outbreaks are actually places of tourists who wouldn't visit as one that's an agricultural area in northern gaza. which is north towards the area told . outside of a. long time of posting. which is you know a working class dormitory. or risk of this is the other place. it off with another country for example which includes of course the blanket benidorm of places like roll tourist resorts there over there only 14 people in hospital the whole of our
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country so. in some ways it seems it seems disproportionate. it's making this decision overnight just a story perhaps people people who are here will have to go home and ask for 2 weeks off work because they're going to be important in spain just open up one month ago after a very strict lockdown how big a fear is now if a 2nd wave in the country briefly if you can. well the government doesn't seem to fear a 2nd wave and they insist that it's isolated most of the outbreaks and not happened in public places is not actually true that they are mostly derived from beaches and mostly drug from family gatherings and people then you know missing having family gatherings and. that's basically been the main the main cause of them. i think that the other problem is the these statistics mix both tests of people with the antigens and people who are positive most of the people who are protesting positive
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or in fact asymptomatic stephen thank you very much for this. 3rd time of a brief look at some of the other stories making headlines today australia's state of victoria has recorded its highest daily death toll from the corona virus 10 people died within 24 hours this despite a 2 week lockdown imposed in the state's largest city in melbourne the state leader says the outbreaks are due to workplace infections. and asylum seeker from rwanda has admitted to an arson attack on the cathedral in france the blaze badly damaged the 15th century church and destroyed its organ prosecutors say he was a volunteer who worked in the cathedral. several people were hurt in the u.s. state of colorado when a car drove through a demonstration against racial injustice police say protesters were walking along a highway when the vehicle struck them one of the demonstrators fired
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a gun at the car injuring at least one person. and we say in the u.s. where record number of jobless workers are facing uncertainty as they wait for congress to decide on whether to extend a boost to employment benefits the current coronavirus relief program expires at the end of july but republicans in the senate are divided over how much financial aid they're willing to provide. she won the fight against corona virus but asia brown has lost her job and now bills are piling up that's why she's hoping to get the government's financial support. it would help out like with my card no. ran through whatever we need we need it for and i think they should. pass the bill in get the checks out there to the people who really need it congress is still debating the coronavirus aid package but time is running out the weekly
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complementary allocation of $600.00 for the unemployed will stop this week republicans won payments linked to previous earnings but with an eye on the elections democrats are pushing for a quick agreement this is deadly serious a house is burning down in terms of the economic security of america's families and these people are settling wherever they may be this weekend some $30000000.00 people would be affected if the payments stop many say they will not be able to pay the rent without the extra state allowance and as the deadline looms neither party wants to see a wave of evictions. among other things germany is we known for its sense of public order so much so that towns and cities have a public order department to ensure that all the rules of daily life ah being followed by berlin is also known for its wild night life
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a while officials often turn a blind eye to all but the worst excesses that's not always possible with a coronavirus surging again. for i think i love you all from the same household no one and a half metres apart please otherwise we'll take all of your personal details and issue a citation so if no one is listening i'll start taking down names. 10 pm at one of berlin's busiest squares public order and police officers are on patrol they know where to look. so look at this here yeah we have a different situation i'm wondering if we should go in and ask some questions. on your show burke is a public order officer in berlin she counts 69 people inside this bar and many other violations. when i came in the bar was very full social distancing was not adhere to the tables were very close together there was no
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proper ventilation the air was muggy it has become a real party zone here and maybe we need to set some new boundaries for. a party paradise in the middle of berlin with the city's legendary night club shuttered people are flocking to bars which are allowed to open. rate here under the t.v. tower there was a corona virus outbreak in a restaurant that was apparently turned into a club and it's still open for business authorities discovered the law book of patrons was useless filled with fake names and addresses the city now wants to turn open spaces in tonight clubs to curb the un really behavior but not all club owners are on board. and took a gun to a nightclub doesn't have the capability to simply dismantle their bars and rebuild them outside most clubs don't have the materials and equipment required for staging
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an event like that on hand. the night isn't yet over for anya and her team. could you pose calm him down and let him know that we are taking his details. it's a frustrating job. the others are heard that the numbers have been shooting up again since june. but she says it's not only the night owls who misbehave while others because i see it society is split into 2 groups there's the conservative side that follows the rules and there's the other side that's always testing the limits get off the body. shop worker do it for her shift ends at midnight anya talks to her boss the district mare. sacking if we can i'll tell you right now we absolutely need a night shift from around 10 pm until 5 am because so many people are out and about . anya heads home and berlin's party scene is just getting started.
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watching the news on his with top stories at this hour north korean leader kim jong un has called an emergency meeting after person exhibited covert 900 symptoms and chase near the border with south korea the city has been placed under total lockdown if confirmed it would be the isolated country's 1st official case. that's it for now from me and the other team michael will have an update at the top of the our plans to watch. our planet these are. places.
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