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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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disco song africa's facebook and other social media platforms. turn freighters to no. good but a bit of the good. place . to. visit g.w. news a live shot from berlin and u.s. marines the lower the american flag to chengdu consulate in china the closure is the latest in a tit for tat political battle between washington and beijing it comes in just days after the shutdown of the chinese consulate houston amid allegations of as few notch and intellectual property fast also coming up on the show in an emotional
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ceremony the casket of john lewis across the bridge in selma alabama where his journey from civil rights protester to congress that began 55 years ago. the coronavirus his north korea leader kim jong un calls an emergency meeting after a person to show symptoms of a culture at night the isolated country has so far claimed that you have avoided the pandemic. and you could supersensitive noses health purpose spread of the corona virus we take a look at a program of training sniffer dogs to identify infections even before symptoms appear. i'm clay richardson thanks for joining us the american flag has been taken down at a u.s. consulate in southwestern china police have closed off the surrounding area in the city of chengdu as u.s. officials vacate the premises. china ordered the closure of the consulate on friday
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and retaliation for washington's order to shut down the chinese consulate in houston u.s. secretary of state called it a hub of spying and intellectual property theft. hundreds of onlookers gathered to watch the evacuation of the u.s. consulate in chengdu china though many take selfies and wave chinese flags large numbers of police officers put a quick stop to any provocative gestures that go like go china i'm chinese go china i'm china. right now. it was one of the most charming do residents support the closure. we have what i fear most is the us would just start there it might get uglier are you allowing india. the us to close our consulate i think we should shut their eyes to what has been
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said many times if we had to have a trade war something should have been done a long time ago china rarely got aggressive i support china closing all of the u.s. consulates and the embassy but i will tell you though. with just hours to go before the departure deadline shipping containers were loaded up whilst signs were stripped from the building. the departure follows the closure of china's consulate in houston texas last week amid allegations of espionage and intellectual property theft the tit for tat diplomatic row marked an escalation in the tensions between the 2 superpowers over a range of issues including trade and the coronavirus it's unlikely that the strained chinese u.s. bilateral ties will improve before november's presidential election since analysts
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see this policy is being tough on beijing as a way to garner more votes. well the to be your correspondent my tears welling guy is standing by for us in front of the consulate in chengdu ideas as this follows the u.s. ordering the closure of the chinese consulate in houston so how serious is china's response. yeah i'm standing a block away from the consulate at the at the point where the where the whole area is cordoned off today nobody is allowed to go near the consulate but that doesn't stop people from gathering here and watching what's happening it seems the americans have already left. and a group of chinese pro presumably police and houseman soused ha's walked in there's not much happening with people are still curious they want to see this as many say at this historical moment happening in their city not much international politics
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happen in this city at this consulate was one of 5 major consulates in china that the u.s. had and it is ranking somewhere in the middle so it is pretty much a reciprocal answer to the closure of the consulate in houston by the u.s. people here some people have said that they are happy to see the americans go others are more careful do not want to use make a political statement but say that this is history and they want to witness it all right and even from a block away you can see quite a crowd gathered there what do these as soaring tensions between the u.s. and china mean in a practical sense. well in a practical sense for the citizens of chengdu it means that if they want to obtain a visa. they will have to travel much further for the americans living here for consular services it means the same we are also seeing off course
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a trade war that has a lot of practical impact on on the on the relations between the 2 countries but we are seeing simply supply chains being redesigned some companies moving out of china . and lots and lots of tensions in several areas of the world the south china sea taiwan so we are seeing a downward spiral of. the relationship between the u.s. and china it hasn't started with the closure of the euston consulate in the u.s. but this is definitely an escalation nationally will have a wider reaching consequences how important was that chengdu consulate in person compared to the u.s. as other diplomatic outposts in mainland china. i would probably rank it number 3 among the outposts there is of course shanghai and quango where most of the american businesses are big populated economically
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important areas and there's chandu and there is shown young in the north east also maybe similar in as chengdu they're both covering important areas of china but not those where most of the economic activity is concentrated and there was a consulate in one it was much smaller and it also had not been fully operating since the start of the disease so if there if china would have may would have wanted to close the consulate but do but one that's the least important that would have been one hand they choose to do something that is at approximately equivalent to the consulate that china had in use in covering a big region and also covering that's the political meaning of this concert also covering tibet i right now she has a blind eye and shango i thank you for your reporting. well to the united states now where ceremonies have been held to honor the late civil rights icon john lewis
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the legendary congressman a died of cancer a week ago at the age of 80 those his casket is currently lying in state at the alabama state capitol and a symbolic tribute lewis was carried across the edmund pettus bridge in the city of selma which has become a landmark in the fight for racial justice. a bridge that limb to lodge in his life. following a path of rose petals john lewis crossed it for the last time. the event dubbed the final crossing a highlight of the celebrations honoring the life of the civil rights activist and congressman. it was on this bridge in 1965 that he helped lead a march for racial justice he then became known as bloody sunday after was brutally suppressed by state troopers john lewis was beaten so badly he was left with a broken skull. it back.
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and get it and. the national outrage at violence helped bring peace to voting rights for african-americans 50 years later lewis revisited the bridge with the united states' 1st black president barack obama. we look beaten to. slim most of the lady right here in this group. 17 of us were hospital ours that. but we never became bitter or hostile we kept believing that they're truly stewart for what held their fire. more like you know an icon of the civil rights movement lewis remains a hero to a black community here and seeing discrimination to this day. what he means to me is that he's a he was a fighter he just kept pressing and kept pressing kept pressing until he was still
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doing what he's supposed to do and for me it's like you can't stop you've got to keep going you've got to perseverance where there's is it you've got to go through the struggles in order to get better he had to say we've got to continue to get in the good trouble and that's what we have to do as a people because not right say something congressman lewis say something john lewis is cost good will lie in state in washington so the public can pay their respects before a private funeral on thursday. and as national anti racism protests continue all over america civil rights activists more a leader who always encouraged people to get good cons of trouble. well let's go now to some other stories making news around the world germany has rejected a proposal by u.s. president donald trump to invite russia back into the g. 7 german foreign minister hypo mass confirmed the decision in a german newspaper interview published monday russia was expelled from the group of
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following its annexation of crimea from ukraine 2014. a cease fire has gone into effect in eastern ukraine moscow and kiev agreed to implement a full ceasefire between government forces and pro russian separatists earlier this month more than $13000.00 people have died in the conflict which began in 2014. at least 174 migrant workers have become infected with the coronavirus on a farm in southern germany nearly 500 people are under quarantine and are not allowed to leave the farm. so mali is parliament has ousted a prime minister haas an ugly and a no confidence vote an internet blackout immediately followed legislators accused me of failing to move the country towards democratic elections foreign policy chief justice says higher his removal disrespects somalia's constitutional foundations.
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well north korea has placed the city of k. song near the border with south korea under total lockdown after a person was found showing symptoms of covert 19 leader kim jong un called an emergency meeting if confirmed it would be the country's 1st official case north korean state media say the person suspected of having the virus crossed illegally from south korea. we spoke earlier to reuters correspondent and josh smith in seoul south korea we asked him about pyongyang's claim that this 1st officially acknowledged case of kofi 19 has been linked to someone who had defected to the south and just returned to north korea. well south korean officials have said that there is a good chance that someone did recently return across the fortified border and they're checking into that but it is quite interesting that folks that we've talked to know that this would potentially allowing north korea to blame south korea rather than china for example for any outbreak in north korea at the same time they
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also know that it could allow north korea to save face if it decides to accept aid that's been offered by south korea basically framing it as kind of a form of compensation for south korea's role allegedly in sparking an outbreak in north korea. i was josh smith in saul well one of the keys to stopping the spread of the corona virus is early detection and isolation of carriers of the disease but before symptoms of here there's no way of knowing if someone's in fact is just by looking at them the problem that might soon be solved with the help of some super sensitive know says. can these canines help detect coded 19 yeah that's what a german army program in to achieve the service dogs working with dedicated trainers and the head over university of medicine cannot sniff out the virus itself but they are able to detect biochemical changes in body fluids caused by the virus
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in tests the dogs were successful in detecting those changes 94 percent of the time . they were trained with a rewards based system. the dogs get tricked if they identify saliva affected by the virus and no treats for sniffing out healthy saliva. promising as these initial results are there's still a long way to go. of a tree here. i want to make clear here that the next steps like for example being able to tell the virus apart from a normal influenza or to identify an active carrier are all questions that still need to be answered so we room need more months to be able to offer any clear results you know to open a full in the human this is a given this in. germany isn't the only country hoping to use dogs to fight the virus. a french veterinary team is training dogs to sniff out covert patients from
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the smell of their sweat sniffer dogs trained to find explosives or drugs have been used to detect diseases like cancer and diabetes. the hope is that these canine helpers can be especially useful in countries with limited access to lab based testing. well that's our news update at this hour and don't forget you can always get all the latest on our web site at g.w. dot com i'm claire richards and buy land from me and the whole scene thanks for watching. posters from nigeria you know that's what money would sponsor. the center. and successful beyond belief.


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