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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2020 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a u.s. consulate closes in china as tensions between washington and beijing escalated u.s. marines lowering the american flag at the chengdu diplomatic mission this comes just days after the shutdown of the chinese consulate in houston texas amidst u.s. allegations of chinese espionage also coming up. in spanish beaches open to sun hungry tersely again but for how much longer the u.k. poses a quarantine on travelers returning from spain with a large workforce found
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a correspondent there. and corona virus outbreak at another german food production facility it's just the latest cluster of its kind you're raising questions about the conditions for migrant workers. i'm brian thomas could have you with us today. marines have lowered the american flag and u.s. diplomatic staff have left their consulate in the southwestern chinese say of change due beijing ordering the closure in retaliation for washington's shutting down of the chinese consulate news in texas u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o called that facility a center for espionage. hundreds of onlookers gathered to watch the evacuation of the u.s. consulate in chengdu china though many took selfies and waved chinese flags norge
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numbers of police officers pose a quick stop to any provokers of gestures god god god god god god god. you will go up. to close your has stoked nationalist sentiment in china. but it is. hi andrew the u.s. close star consulate i think we should shut theirs to it has been said many times if we are to have a trade war something should have been done long time ago china rarely got aggressive i support china closing all of the u.s. consulates and embassy one you won't be having what i fear most is that the u.s. won't just stop now you might get uglier. with just hours to go before the departure deadline shipping containers were loaded up while signs
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were stripped from the building. the departure follows the closure of china's consulates in houston texas last week and made allegations of espionage and intellectual property theft and. the tit for tat diplomatic route marks an escalation in the tensions between the 2 superpowers over a range of issues including trade the coronavirus. let's get the very latest now we're. standing by horace in chain do good deeds. how those closure being received by the people where you are. consulate that's just behind me you can see this this gray area there that's where the sign consulate of the united states of america was and workers are just
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dismantling it's people are allowed to pass on the pile of way on the other side of the road and many people are taking the opportunity to take a look to take a selfie some with victorious poses over all people have been around the here to to witness this event for the whole week and some are happy and have told me that they're happy to see the americans go others are a bit sad. sad about the cheerio ration of the relationship and many come here because they say it's historic event and it's happening in their town and they want to witness it they want to take a picture and to see what's happening in here the u.s. personnel has already left and the chinese side has talk taken over the building materials you touched on the relationship where does this closure leave the relationship between china and the u.s. . the relationship has been in
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a downward spiral for the last few months already and this is of course another low point the closure of the use and consulate came quite as a surprise to the chinese side and to also observers and this retaliation measure of course is what the chinese side had announced it is quite reciprocal the. consulate in 2 has about the same meaning for the u.s. as the consulate and used for china it is also a political message because this consulate was covering the bet and other minority regions as part of their consulate district and this of course is an intended message i think until the elections in the u.s. we are either going to see a further deterioration or some kind of a stable bad relationship there are lots of issues the south china sea where china
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is expanding its operations and taiwan and as the conflict with neighboring countries like india. and all this is it is making the situation extremely difficult and in some points also dangerous there certainly are a number of last points out there between the 2 countries right now medina sperling enjoying do thanks very much. let's get you briefed down some of the other stories making the news at this hour small his parliament is ousted prime minister has on only a r a in a no confidence vote and internet blackout followed those legislators accuse him of failing to move the country towards democratic elections the e.u. says his removal undermines the law is constitutional foundations. germany has rejected inviting moscow back into the g 7 that after the prospect was raised by u.s. president donald trump the german foreign minister hike a mosque in front of the situation in an interview published monday russia was
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expelled from the g 7 following its addicks a sion of crimea from ukraine and 2014. and a cease fire has gone into effect in eastern ukraine moscow and kiev agreeing to a full ceasefire between government forces and progress in separatists more than 13000 people have died in 6 years. most banished government says the country is safe to visit that despite a surgeon coronavirus cases that statement coming after the u.k. reimpose the quarantine on travelers returning from spain there's particular concern about a cluster of outbreaks and catalonia and its capital city barcelona residents fear tighter restrictions than they already have will be reimposed as we hear from the full of shots. it's not much of a lockdown barcelona's regional government recommends that people only leave their
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homes if it's urgent but few people are paying heed. is having a drink an urgent enough reason to go out. alex works at one of partial on as many beach bars he sympathizes with the young people of the city who are tired of staying home after weeks of lockdown. you are losing your life the friends the community 3 important for every people young people and old people here in your opening specially in barcelona life is very open it's very active and the people don't used to get our house just across the road from the beach is one of barcelona's biggest hospitals dozens of coronavirus patients have been admitted the past few days dr one of flores is worried when she looks at the crowded beach just a few meters away medical authorities have plans in place should the situation worsen
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. the scenario goes from just not change in the regular day of the hospital and to the worst case scenario which will be when we have to stop all the activity that is not urgent in order to for all the professionals to assist patients which is what happened at the end of march another area of concern is staffing public health facilities around 1000 extra staff are needed in the region to accurately track chains of infection. right now dubie fernandez and his 20 colleagues are responsible for more than a 1000000 residents. we are not enough people to do the contact tracing properly not only the contact tracing that more or less we can test you know the contents of the person that in that case that it's on firm but also to the proper money touring of the cases and to see if this outbreak even though it's a small if it's expanding despite repeated promises from the cuttle on regional
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government that more people will be hired to work in public health not much has happened yet experts agree that tracing contacts is crucial for slowing the spread of the virus especially with young people who may have no symptoms just a few weeks ago both alone us regional authorities haven't they criticize the poor crisis management and the cup it's a moderate now they find themselves in this sense of attention and more and more critics say that the crisis management here is anything but idea. barkeeper alex and others in the industry have one major worry that infection rates will rise so much that the region will have to be placed under total lockdown again that could mean not just the end of this year's summer season but the closure of their business for good. let's get some more details on this now we're joined from the spanish resort city of marbury and now by the reporter who put that piece together
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for us young philip schultz good day to young philip oh what have been the reactions from british tourists aware you are to the new 2 week quarantine announced back home. well you know in the region of god there are some of the most popular tourist destinations for british tourists you can see some of the hotels in the background insects and from what i can see they remain quite relaxed of course they're not very happy that they have to be in quarantine when they fly back home but they say that they don't really understand the messages and they quite safe here this vanished government says they respect the decision of the british government's about they say that they have everything under control here of course they are in a very difficult situation at the moment and they don't want to seem irresponsible especially regarding the obvious risks on the other hand we have the middle of the summer season and spain heavily depends on tourism 3000000 people are employed in
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the tourism sector and the british i one of the most important groups this is a key sector isn't it for spain and now it's looking at the prospect of more regional lockdowns including possibly for barcelona how's that expected to weigh on the country's already battered economy yes indeed the situation in barcelona is very sudden there are lots of new infections but there are restrictions there including the restrictions now that have been imposed over the weekend i quite moderate nightclubs have to close there's a curfew and bars midnight curfew but i don't think to be honest that we will see and you already coat and i've spoken to a lot of business owners in barcelona and about places in spain and also to a lot of residents and they say that spain simply wouldn't survive this economic. young if there is not going to be a lockdown what is spain going to do to curb to rein in what looks like
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a spike in new infections. well that has been a lot of talk recently about its new app that is supposed to trace infections has been tested on the small day island of like a mad and a lot of spending outs us them so when it will be available 'd don't know that it's an extortion this hasn't happened so far but i think the even bigger up problem spain is. also all around the country that completely overwhelmed by the problem they don't have a not enough employees a lot of people that are infected with the virus say that they have never been contacted by for a ts and there's a new study that says that there should be 5000 people employed and offices to trace the infections just as a comparison 8 to 9 times as many people doing this jump in germany ok maybe spain
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will be redirecting us some resources to turn that around for us and. thanks very much thank you. take a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic right now the overall number of confirmed cases worldwide will hit a stop 16000000 over the weekend that according to figures from john hopkins university. is evacuating 80000 terse from the central city of denying after 4 people there tested positive they are the 1st new infections in that country in 99 days and china has recorded its highest daily rise and april with 57 locally transmitted cases of hunk on wall and saw another 261 cases over the weekend and in the austrian lakeside resort of song both dong a new cluster of more than 50 infections among young workers in the tourism sector is causing some concerns. well here in germany dozens of migrant workers have
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become infected with. a large cucumber farm in the very nearly 500 people are under quarantine right now side it's the latest in a string of outbreaks to hit germany's food production industry. all 480 farm employees in mumming have been told they aren't allowed to leave the premises security guards are monitoring the corn period imposed after more than 170 of the seasonal workers tested positive for the corona virus there were 7 new cases on friday and blanket testing revealed that the vegetable farm was the focus of the infections the district administrator moved to reassure the public. just like the high number of positive tests we believe that it's currently limited to a closed group of people in c. . there is the seasonal workers from hungary romania bulgaria and ukraine bus together from the accommodation to the cucumber crops ready for
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harvesting it sets hygiene standards weren't strictly followed the variant opposition parties see the state government is partly to blame there have been a lack of special measures in both slaughterhouses and on farms. however the various health minister praised the quick reaction of the authorities and called on the public to go for testing. for all so important in my opinion that the population here also gets tested so that if they want to travel they can then travel accordingly with a certified negative test which i like the taste of and patient i think. throughout the outbreak the district of think of england is on the verge of exceeding the infection rates of 15 every 100000 people on a regional knockdown would be imposed is still unclear. well one of the keys to
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stopping the spread of the chronic virus is of course early detection and isolation of carriers of the disease but before symptoms appear there's no way of knowing so far someone's inspected other than their lab tests but research is now underway here in germany to see whether canines to be used to a dental fido's with over 19. can these canines help detect could have 19. or 20 german army program in to achieve the service dogs working with dedicated trainers and the head over university of veterinary medicine cannot sniff out the virus itself but they are able to detect biochemical changes in body fluids caused by the virus in tests the dogs were successful in detecting those changes 94 percent of the time. they were trained with a rewards based system. the dogs get treats if they identify saliva affected by the virus and no treats for sniffing out healthy saliva. promising as these initial
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results are there's still a long way to go. of a tree here. i want to make clear here that the next steps like for example being able to tell the virus apart from a normal influenza or to identify an active carrier are all questions that still need to be answered so we've room need more months to be able to offer any clear results you know to open a full and even this is over this isn't. over germany isn't the only country hoping to use dogs to fight the virus. a french veterinary team is training dogs to sniff out covert patients from the smell of their sweat sniffer dogs trained to find explosives or drugs have been used to detect diseases like cancer and diabetes . the hope is that these canine helpers can be especially useful in countries with limited access to lobby for testing. does it not we have some business now and
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budget airline ryanair is reporting 185000000 euros in losses for the 1st quarter the dublin based carrier was forced to ground almost all of its fleet from march to june as the krona virus brought global travel to a standstill executives say their biggest fear a 2nd wave in may the airline announced it would be cutting $3000.00 jobs. in times of crisis gold proves to be a safe haven and that is once again proving to be the case the prices hit an all time high with buyers and even markets forking out about $2000.00 for one ounce of the precious metal. in this gold dealer in beijing business has been booming for weeks july sales were up some 30 percent in the previous month whether as jewelry or bob's demand for the precious metal just keeps on climbing the gold price is now
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surpassed the previous record set in the aftermath of the global financial crisis 9 years ago since the beginning of the year gold has climbed 28 percent on monday asian traders were paying 1900 $44.00 an ounce analysts reckon the price will climb above 2000 right now the perfect storm is brewing to send investors running to the safe haven of gold the uncertain business outlook thanks to the coronavirus pandemic the growing tension between world powers china and the usa and central banks which are printing money like mandarin to help the american economy the fed may decide on negative interest at its meeting this week that will increase pressure on the already weak dollar and may well push the gold price even higher chelsea glenny is with us for more from frankfurt to day to chelsea a lot behind gold shine right now where is this rally having.
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well investors and analysts think it could continue to rise from here obviously it's already had a pretty spectacular increase this year but one of the main reasons why that's been happening is because this massive stimulus that central banks are putting in place so they're pumping trillions of dollars into the economy and what that really could potentially do down the line is create inflation so gold is very popular whenever there's a lot of economic uncertainty when people aren't so sure about the outlook that's obviously happening now but it's also very popular among investors who are trying to sort of. prevent themselves from from experiencing inflation in their portfolios so it's also really hedge against inflation if central banks continue to print money to pour money into the economy we could see inflation rise higher so
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that does sort of indicate a longer term rise for the poles and. there's a real paradox though isn't there as central banks prove more money pumped into the economy pandemic lockdowns like receding in spain still mean the jobs can't be created so where is the trouble sector going to head on this kind of pressure we're seeing today ryanair catastrophic numbers there. it's a really difficult situation for the travel sector over the past couple of weeks there's been a lot of talk about the reopening of borders the restart of travel people airlines getting their fleet back in the air but we're just seeing a lot more a lot more. restrictions being put in place so spain. travelers to spain from the u.k. are not going to have to be quarantined again we're seeing more and more restrictions more testing more quarantine rules so that really creates a lot of questions about what what the long term recovery is going to be like in
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the airline market and that's really hitting shares of companies today and the travel market josie thanks so much for that from frankfurt today. it is a sports out in motor sports the 2nd race of the season's moto g.p. season saw francis fabio qatar are. yamaha winning the analysts say in the grand prix this extends his lead in the world standings in fact carter oros leaving the competition in the dust especially with defending champion mark marquez convalescing after breaking his arm last week. in baking temperatures at the track and yet as spain fabio kuantan who took the lead from the outset and held on throughout the race perhaps more interesting was the battle for 2nd for a while it looked like francesco bug team promised dukakis would get on the podium for the 1st time ever he got past yamaha teammates valentino rossi and maverick the knowledge only to see his bike start trailing smoke forcing him to retire then it was up to the 2 yamaha drivers to battle it out for 2nd italian rushy was
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impressive here but his spanish teammate banal has passed him on the penultimate lap to take 2nd and hand the italian 3rd winner court tomorrow said the heat played havoc on the track sort of because you know to make 25 laps in front of these temperature i think was the hottest. race of my life honestly it was so hot. in 04 so my head and my feet was so hot so really difficult but honestly i felt really good on the bike toronto now claims his 2nd successive win and disc or on a virus steal a championship after taking the spanish g.p. at the same get as track last weekend. while baseball fans in south korea of finally been allowed back into stadiums about 3 months after the season began but in one stadium in the capital seoul only about 10 percent of the fans who would usually fit in were actually allowed in. back in the stadium but not nearly but
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to normal rather than just waltzing through the turnstiles fans were treated to temperature checks and thermal detectors and not even the cheerleaders were exempt from the compulsory musk's. but it couldn't dampen the excitement of the lucky few who gets knocked up the 2400 tickets. would be with 2 of the 5 games being played behind closed doors because they were held in areas with stricter distancing guidelines fans of the dusun bears and l.g. twins here in seoul were counting their blessings not everyone was entirely happy. to make it at them but it's sad that we can't enjoy beer and fried chicken but that's understandable. and we just hope they'll wrap up the season safely. not much going to monday. despite a win for the twins the bears players were appreciative that the fans were finally
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but. the fans who came here to sit apart from each other. it means they can't cheer like they did before. but there are source of strength. for you and hopefully soon there will be more of them. junk and his fellow bears at least don't have to worry about funds up tight to watch them play tickets for the game here sold out in just 25 minutes. while the 2 time oscar winner olivia havilland has died at the age of $104.00 to have won was known for her role in the 1939 epic the when she made 50 movies in total during her glittering career her publicist said she died of natural causes of her home in a paris where she'd been living for more than 60 years. here's a reminder now of our top story this hour u.s. marines have learned the american flag at their consulate in the chinese city of
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chengdu beijing word disclosure retaliation for the u.s. shutting down the chinese consulate music in texas last week. this is deja vu news live from the left i'm brian thomas from the entire news team facts of in.
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the 5. deep insight into the body. chemical process makes it possible to sleep or dentition. down by sound internal structure becomes visible. to researchers can understand diseases better and make artificial origin in the future tomorrow to tick. next on d w. i
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was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hardest for. i even got white haired. language head nella this gives me a little push maybe in truck loads of say you want to know their story lines are fighting and reliable information for margaret. are they friends she wanted to be with you she says she choisir board which it was the moving of belief among the bush in his new mission or are they enemies going to an issue of the mission of that he's still in good order she wished you could go with him but his usual what if he's going to go give me shit my damn word for i just donald trump and saddam
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you're clinton were 2 part documentary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the. bosom bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. how do you believe know which blossomed to land on for the best nectar scientists studying flower to insect communication have an electrifying answer. animal testing is very controversial how viable are the alternatives. researchers are using a fresh method.


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