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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2020 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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this is a double life from a u.s. consulate closes in china. and. u.s. marines aboard the american flag at the diplomatic mission it comes just days after the shutdown of the chinese consulate in houston amidst allegations of. hungry tourists again but for how much longer. on travelers from spain. and the huge dam across the nile that's causing
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tension between 3 nations they've agreed to resume talks but concerns remain about . suppliers. welcome to the program u.s. marines have lowered the american flag and u.s. diplomatic staff have left the consulate in the southwestern chinese city of chengdu beijing ordered the closure in retaliation for washington's shutting down of the chinese consulate in houston texas u.s. secretary of state. the facility a center for spying. hundreds of onlookers gathered to watch the evacuation of the u.s. . china though many took selfies and waved chinese flags knowledge numbers of police up. cers put
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a quick stop to any provokers of gestures. some . closure has stoked nationalist sentiment in china. but at a korea i improve the us close star consulate i think we should shut theirs too it has been said many times if we are to have a trade war something should have been done long time ago china rarely got aggressive i support china closing all of the u.s. consulates and embassy. what i fear most is that the us won't just stop and that might get uglier here. with just hours to go before the departure deadline shipping containers were loaded up while signs were stripped from the building.
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the departure follows the closure of china's consulate in houston texas last week and made allegations of espionage and intellectual property theft. the tit for tat diplomatic route marks an escalation in the tensions between the 2 superpowers over a range of issues including trade the coronavirus. correspondent material standing by for us in trying to materialize how was disclosure being received where you are. here i am in front of this consulate over there next to the black gate you can see this sign that said consulate of the united states covered by by wouldn't handles and a lot of people are here they came out today as they have done in the past 2 days
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to have a look at this historic moment some people where i outright triumphant are joyous they said they were happy for the u.s. to go others were sad that it had come to the datapoint and many just were curious they said that something historical was happening in their city and they wanted to have a look at it they wanted to witness this historical shock matures the whole important was the trying to consulate to the united states is diplomatic presence in china the u.s. consulate was probably one in there somewhere in the middle of the importance of the us have 5 consulates in mainland china and one from hong kong and macau and do is not where most of the business is the u.s. businesses are it is not as important as shanghai or quango but it is quite
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important because it covers a wide area of china it covers the whole southwest of china and it also covers to bed which has a distinct political meaning so it was an imp. it was a step that china taking that is about reciprocal to what the u.s. had done it the importance should be about the same level as the use and consulate was to china as you mentioned this was indeed a did for target response but where does this leave the relationship between the 2 countries. their relationship is as bad as it has ever been this this is really a low point during the past few months we have already seen deteriorating this this relationship. this closure of usin consulate
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sets off another deterioration we will see now what will happen next there is little chance that the relationship will get better before the elections in the u.s. and then of course it will also depend on the outcome of the elections whether the 2 countries can move on and maybe take these panels down again and restart. more positive note but here's billing going to porton from outside the former u.s. consulate in thank you so much in the united states the body of the civil rights campaigner john lewis is due to lie in state in the u.s. capitol in washington today and on tuesday before his funeral later this week news died 10 days ago at the age of 80 in the 160 s. he was one of the leaders of the civil rights movement alongside martin luther king jr he later became
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a congressman and was widely admired for his championing of civil rights for everyone. has been finding out how some african-americans in washington will remember him. culture of coffee is a 100 percent black owned business its mission is to bring all kinds of people to gather as tributes to john lewis coming from across the country customers here share their thoughts about how the civil rights activist has affected their lives. john lewis. knows the conscience of congress knowing that he made me a better man a better. how been able to impart that to my daughter in court how it's important to stand for something. to be committed. whatever it might be in his case it was for the people civil rights. people for all
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people the recent killing of george floyd has brought the fight for equal rights back to the streets like lives matter has become a cat's cry for protests which often turn out to defy it to the war it is not something that people are trying to peacefully end its war for years now. now now we're fighting. the lincoln memorial the site of many historic events. right here at this very spot john lewis spoke in 1963 next to a civil rights icon martin luther king he dedicated his entire life to fight social and racial inequality in a non violent way his death comes at a time when many americans think that this is not the right response anymore to the ongoing discrimination especially younger protesters have the feeling that they have to take more forceful actions. but congressman lewis always advocated
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getting into what he called good trouble a political tactic which continues to resonate with many african-americans to me he means the world as a african-american as someone who believes and i think he stood for being nonviolent and just the things that he accomplished on his life time that enables me to do what i would do right now everyone is going to miss social injustices so i think this is the right approach peaceful marches and protests this was needed we don't need to be violent we need be persistent. just keep it. john lewis himself remained persistent until the end of his life talking to don't you believe 4 years ago he expressed hope that his vision would extend beyond the united states i believe if we can get it right here in america maybe we can sort out the model for
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the rest of the world. now to some other stories making news around the world hundreds of protesters of mosques in the philippines capital manila against the new and to terror law head of president broad you could detect his annual state of the nation speech public gatherings of more than 10 people are banned under coronavirus destructions protesters said the government was using the health crisis to mute widespread criticism. in central portugal more than $600.00 firefighters battling wildfires with strong winds hampering efforts to tackle the blaze the wildfire began in the midst vanity of literals and spread to 2 neighboring minutes balances several people had to be evacuated. and at least 174 migrant workers have become infected with the coronavirus on a farm in southern germany nearly 500 people are under quarantine and are not allowed to leave the farm. the spanish government says the country is
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safe to visit despite in coronavirus cases the statement comes after the u.k. reimposed a quarantine on travelers returning from spain with a cluster of new outbreaks of residents they fear tighter destructions. it's not much of a lockdown barcelona's regional government recommends that people only leave their homes if it's urgent but few people are paying heed. is having a drink and urgent enough reason to go out. alex ahead works at one of partial on as many beach bars he sympathizes with the young people of the city who are tired of staying home after weeks of lockdown. you are losing like your life the friends the community through are important for every young people and old people here in your opening specially in barcelona life is very open it's very
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active and the people who get our house just across the road from the beach is one of barcelona's biggest hospitals dozens of coronavirus patients have been admitted the past few days dr one of flores is worried when she looks at the crowded beach just a few meters away medical authorities have plans in place should the situation worsen . the scenario goes from just not changing their regular day of the hospital and to the worst case scenario which would be when we have to stop all the activity that is not urgent in order to for all the professionals to assist patients which is what happened at the end of march another area of concern is staffing public health facilities around 1000 extra staff are needed in the region to accurately track chains of infection. right now doug fernandez and his 20 colleagues are responsible for more than
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a 1000000 residents. we are not enough people to do the contact tracing properly not only the contact tracing that more or less we can pass you know the contents of the person that that is the best confirm but also to the proper money touring of the cases and to see if this outbreak even though it's a small if it's spending. despite repeated promises from the cuttle on regional government that more people will be hired to work in public health not much has happened yet experts agree that tracing contacts is crucial for slowing the spread of the virus especially with young people who may have no symptoms just a few weeks ago about the loan us regional authorities heavily criticised the poor crisis management in the capital and moderate now they find themselves in this sense of attention and more and more critics say that the crisis management here is anything but idea. barkeeper alex and others in the industry have one major
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worry that infection rates will rise so much that the region will have to be placed under total lockdown again that could mean not just the end up this year summer season but the closure of their business for good. and here's a look at some of the other developments in the koran or how to spend make the overall number of confirmed cases worldwide topped 16000000 at the weekend that's according to figures from johns hopkins university vietnam is evacuating 80000 tourists from the central city of denying off to 4 people tested positive they are the 1st new infections in the country in 1009 days china has recorded its highest daily rise since april with 57 no clue transmitted cases and hong kong so another 261 cases over the weekend and in the austrian lakeside resort of songful funk a new cluster of more than 50 infections among young workers in the tourism sector is causing concern. over 1000 has stranded people in holiday results and on
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business trips and a travel shutdown has also left some international students high and dry here's a story of 2 of them who happened to be on germany's remotest north sea island after their options ran out. they've been trying to leave heligoland for weeks but travelling to india and kenya during the pandemic is proving difficult. i feel a little sad that i can't be home yet. quite some time that i've seen my family and i've been in there the marine biology students are here on a scholarship program with the alfred a vegan institute for polar and marine research. gabriel coco's field of interest is climate change he wants to know how marine plants remove excess c o 2 from the atmosphere he's been in germany for nearly
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a year he keeps in touch with his family on skype gabriel's flight to kenya has been cancelled 3 times. and it will depend on how. and how things are in kenya for the time being i'm. excited to do. and we hope that when the flights get back and i'm able to travel. and reka can relate. she'll keep on learning from the experienced team while she waits to return to india the longer she stays on the island the more she thinks about her darjeeling in northeast india. i am very worried when i think about india. situation my hometown has been put back under lockdown
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completely. because the case is lost and so high and. the hospital. at least they have company 6 more students at the institute are also stuck on the island. to this most do you know of course everyone wants their child to come home but you to the current coronavirus situation in many countries some of our students families are happy for every day they are able to spend here. anyway since on the open sea there are always places to be trapped but for the students there's still no place like home. for. stories making news around the world germany has been checked and inviting moscow back into the g. 7 after the prospect was raised by u.s.
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president donald from german foreign minister mosque and from the decision in an interview published monday russia was expelled from the group following its annexation of crimea from ukraine in 2014. a cease fire has gone into effect in eastern ukraine moscow and kiev agreed to implement a full ceasefire between government forces and pro russian separatists earlier this month more than $13000.00 people have died in 6 years of conflict. and somalia's. prime minister. in a north confidence vote and internet blackout followed legislators accused of failing to move the country towards democratic elections the e.u. says his removal undermines somalia's constitutional foundations. egypt is your p.r. and so diane have agreed to resume talks over the disputed hydroelectric dam that
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is feeling on the river nile negotiations over the grand bernays on stam have gone on for almost a decade so why is it so difficult to settle this dispute over the waters of the 9 years mall. this is the ethiopian ground renee sounds down or good for short. erected on the river niles mean tributary the blue nile it took almost a decade to build and it's meant to be part of ethiopia's transformation. roughly 65 percent of the country is not connected to the power grid energy from the dam could more than double ethiopia's current output fulfilling its needs and making it an exporter but the dems also highly controversial due to its location. denial its main source the blue nile starts in ethiopia at lake tania the river flows toward sudan and joins the rivers other tributary that's
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a dense capital hard to him before heading downstream to egypt good is being built here on the border with sudan near the blue nile source the demo catch water in its massive reservoir whose surface area is larger than that of greater london. this will inevitably have an effect on how much water flows to downstream countries egypt and sudan. egypt is home to almost 100000000 people who depend on the nile for 90 percent of their fresh water supply some fear that ethiopia will leave too much water in its reservoirs during periods of drought in danger and the flow downstream. that could leave egypt farmers unable to irrigate their lands causing major food losses. and all this as the effects of a workman climb meant have already strained egyptian agriculture. to meet.
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the effects for sudan seem mixed one fear here is that the gerd could jeopardize the operations of sudan's own dams on the nile however sudan also sees an opportunity to get cheap energy from ethiopia thanks to gird and it could regulate water flows that it sometimes cost flooding these competing interests are among the reasons why negotiations over the dems operations have been difficult. no comprehensive final deal has been reached but even with an agreement cooperation between egypt and sudan will be needed for the years to come. there are more projects planned along the nile and the effects of climate change and growing populations mean water could be an increasingly scarce resource. for more let's bring in our abraham who filed that report and has reported from the region quite a bit for a d. wus i welcome so clearly the negotiations are difficult but what are the main
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sticking points i mean right now the main sticking point is egypt and sudan's attachment to whatever agreement comes out of these negotiations being a legally binding agreement this is been very important for these 2 parties throughout the negotiations but now it is hinting that maybe this they can discuss these these matters but the legal need by the nigga by meeting aspect of the of the deal is suddenly now coming into question and this is very important for egypt and sudan not because of the initial stages of the feeling which have which has already been completed but their big thing is what happens if there's a drought what if there is a prolonged period of drought and they want it to be attached to releasing a certain amount of water from their massive reservoir to offset the drought periods but there's also competing economic interest we're talking about 3 countries and they have their own individual interests is that all there is to it or is there something else. i tend to think of the competing economic interests or
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perhaps the easiest part to understand of this conflict the more difficult part to understand and the less tangible is that this is also about history and this is about identity this is about who gets to set the rules about a very very important asset for all aspects of life i mean you have if you know people which sees egypt egypt's claims to the nihilists colonial heritage that they completely reject and you have to do 2 things because you know the nile was interval of an interruption identity and. egyptian history and it's hard to think of egypt without the nile at least to the egyptians there's been talk of war is there any risk of armed conflict over this disagreement it's possible but unlikely and it's possible only because the leaders of both egypt and ethiopia have not ruled it out completely but if you look at the current situation the fact that egypt's parliament just last week gave essentially a green light for egypt to intervene in libya egypt now militarily at least has too much on its plate and if they were to strike the damage can always be rebuilt again and there's also the geo political aspect which is that sudan is right in the
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middle so unlikely but possible you know it's to be seen you never know i thank you so much for coming in. eventis fans voted long into the night after the team won the 9th consecutive italian soccer title tune in win over some. of the triumph of percent over naldo side the children club were pushed hard by rivals this season but still prevailed with 2 games to spare the italian season was suspended for more than 3 months by the pandemic and fans were left to celebrate on their own with no official party allowed. and you can't keep the name. of the bundesliga of the long term is the nephew of form a buy in munich president only has been appointed coach of german top flight side hoffenheim is a bust and is just 38 and guided by a reserve team to the german 3rd division title in the season just finished he's
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son of blues brother dita who like his sibling played for bion and west germany hoffenheim will be hoping footballing success continues to run in the family. and in motorbike racing the 2nd race of this season's moto g.p. saw france's fabio cannavaro win the under lucien groan prix this extends his lead in the world standings with defending champion mach is missing the race after breaking his om last week. in baking temperatures at the track and yet as spain fabio took the lead from the outset and held on throughout the race perhaps more interesting was the battle for 2nd for a while it looked like francesco bug team promised dukakis would get on the podium for the 1st time ever he got past yamaha teammates valentino rossi and maverick knowledge only to see his bike start trailing smoke forcing him to retire then it was up to the 2 yamaha drivers to battle it out for 2nd italian rushy was
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impressive here but his spanish teammate banal has passed him on the penultimate lap to take 2nd and hand the italian 3rd winner court tomorrow said the heat played havoc on the track so tough because you know to make 25 laps in front with these temperatures i think was the hottest. race of my life honestly it was so hot. in 0 ad or so in my head and my feet was so hot so really difficult but honestly i felt really good on the bike toronto now claims his 2nd successive win and this coronavirus steal a championship after taking the spanish g.p. at the same yet as track last weekend. another bite of the top stories we're following for you of the moment u.s. marines of the of the american flag of the consulate in the chinese city of chengdu beijing ordered its closure and to tell you for the u.s. shutting down the chinese consulate in houston texas last week.
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this is the w.'s live from berlin don't forget you can get all the latest news on our website that state of the dot com and you can also follow us on twitter and instagram as well of the. infant in minutes.
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the protests have been silenced there is now fear and uncertainty on the streets. hama china's new security law has shut down freedom of expression. teachers are threatened with dismissal. activists are being arrested for fleeing the country 3000. and 60 minutes on d w. a
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new era has begun. the fire. by labelling the business. objects is ablaze observe. the law by. that consumed forests and entire residential areas. rising temperatures for water shortages land clearance there's no supply of mobile material. once you've noted there's no stopping the fires. will be quick. colorless. world going up in smoke.
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conflagration the world on fire starts on his 12th w. we have to try to fight it back. and dance with the big. gold prices hit a record high as investors seek safety in an uncertain well the precious metal is now more precious than have a. pilot's ryanair is priced at a quarter of a loss stuff to european lockdowns cause the grounding of the budget airlines fleet . and us cases their approach to how many involved south africa is being.


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