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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2020 4:00pm-4:30pm CEST

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this is the. u.s. consulate closes in china as tensions between washington and. u.s. marines lowered the american flag at the diplomatic mission comes just days after the. outbreak. it's just the latest cluster of. the conditions for migrant workers. and spanish teachers open to some hungry tourists again.
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welcome to the program u.s. marines have lowered the american flag and u.s. diplomatic staff have left their consulate in the southwestern chinese city of chengdu beijing ordered the closure. of the chinese consulate in houston u.s. secretary of state. the facility a center for spying. hundreds of. the evacuation of the u.s. . though many took selfies and waved chinese flags numbers of police officers plus a quick stock. so
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. the closure has stoked nationalist sentiment in china. but at the korea i improve the us closed our consulate i think we should shut theirs too it has been said many times if we are to have a trade war something should have been done long time ago china rarely got aggressive i support china closing all of the u.s. consulates and embassy. have the foresight fear most is that the u.s. won't just stop now and might get uglier. with just hours to go before the departure deadline shipping containers were loaded up while signs were stripped from the building. the departure follows the closure of china's
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consulate in houston texas last week and made allegations of espionage and intellectual property theft. the tit for tat diplomatic route marks an escalation in the tensions between the 2 superpowers over a range of issues including trade the coronavirus. correspondent material standing by for us in trying to materialize how was disclosure been received where you are. here i am in front of this consulate over there next to the black gate you can see this sign that said consulate of the united states covered by by wouldn't handles and a lot of people are here they came out today as they have done in the past 2 days to have a look at this historic moment some people where i outright triumph and are joyous
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they said they were happy for the u.s. to go others were sad that it had come to the datapoint and many just with curious they said that something historical was happening in their city and they wanted to have a look at it but here's the whole important was the trying to consulate to the united states is diplomatic presence in china. the u.s. consulate was probably one in there somewhere in the middle of the importance the u.s. have 5 consulates in mainland china and one for hong kong and macau and do is not where most of the business is the u.s. businesses are it is not as important as shanghai or quango but it is quite important because it covers a wide area of china it covers the whole southwest of china and it also covers
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to bed which has a distinct political meaning so it was an imp. it was a step that china had taken that is about reciprocal towards the u.s. had done it the importance should be about the same level as the use in consulate was to china as you mentioned this was indeed a tit for turkey response but where does this leave the relationship between the 2 countries. their relationship is as bad as it has ever been this this is really a low point during the past few months we have already seen deteriorating this this relationship and this closure of euston consulates set off another deterioration we will see now what will happen next there is little chance that the relationship will get better before the elections in the us and
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then of course it will also depend on the outcome of the us elections whether the 2 countries can move on and maybe take these panels down again and restart on a more positive note but here's bill in your reporting from outside the former u.s. consulate in thank you so much. and here in germany almost $500.00 employees on a single farm on the strict lock down off the market because they're tested positive for the corona virus it's the latest in a string of covert 19 outbreaks involving food production facilities in germany. around 3000 people live in the bavarian town of manning and many are now waiting for corona virus tests a farm is under quarantine after 174 migrant workers tested positive for cove and 19 officials are trying to find out how they became infected and if the virus has
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spread outside the farm there are strict hygiene guidelines for businesses employing seasonal staff but various state premier says they were not followed. officials on the local and regional level say that hygiene inspections were carried out at this farm but there are obviously feeling violations histories and that's why action has to be taken now. he said but varia would tighten its coronavirus rules. even be it businesses will face more frequent hygiene inspections and they'll be carried out by mixed teams from the public health commerce and agricultural departments which of the larger. area will also step up testing of employees and violations of social distancing and hygiene regulations could incur fines of up 225000 euros instead of 5000 before people in miami are waiting to find out if the virus has spread from the farm to the town if tests show that has
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happened they likely face a new lock down. the spanish government is saying of the country is safe to visit despite the surgeon coronavirus case is the safe then comes off of the you can't be imposed upon to in on travel those of atoning from spain with a cluster of new outbreaks in residence the title distractions. it's not much of a lockdown barcelona's regional government recommends that people only leave their homes if it's urgent but few people are paying heed. is having a drink and urgent enough reason to go out. alex ahead works at one of partial on as many beach parts he sympathizes with the young people of the city who are tired of staying home after weeks of lockdown. you are losing live your life the friends the community it's very important for every people young people
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and old people because here in europe and the specially in barcelona life is very open it's very active and the people don't used to get our house just across the road from the beach is one of barcelona's biggest hospitals dozens of coronavirus patients have been admitted the past few days dr when the flores is worried when she looks at the crowded beach just a few meters away medical authorities have plans in place should the situation worsen. the scenario goes from just not changing their regular day of the hospital and to the worst case scenario which would be when we have to stop all the activity that is not urgent in order to for all the professionals to assist patients which is what happened at the end of march another area of concern is staffing public health facilities around 1000 extra staff are needed in the region to accurately track chains of infection right now fernand these and his 20
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colleagues are responsible for more than a 1000000 residents. we are not enough people to do the contact tracing properly not only the contact tracing that more or less we can test you know the contents of the person that in that case that has confirmed but also to the proper money touring of the cases and to see if this outbreak even though it's a small if it's expanding despite repeated promises from the cuttle on regional government that more people will be hired to work in public health not much has happened yet experts agree that tracing contacts is crucial for slowing the spread of the virus especially with young people who may have no symptoms just a few weeks ago both alone us regional authorities heavily criticized the poor crisis management and they kept the moderates now they find themselves in this sense of attention and more and more critics say that the crisis management here is
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anything but idea. barkeeper alex and others in the industry have one major worry that infection rates will rise so much that the region will have to be placed under total lockdown again that could mean not just the end of this year's summer season but the closure of their business for good. egypt ethiopia and sudan have agreed to resume talks over the disputed high through electric dam that ethiopia is feeling on the river and negotiations over the ground remains holes domme have gone on for almost a decade so why is it so difficult to 2nd this dispute over how to share the waters of the. you know some months. this is the ethiopian grand renascence dam are great for short. erected on the river niles mean tributary the blue nile it took almost a decade to build and is meant to be part of ethiopia's transformation. roughly
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65 percent of the country is not connected to the power grid energy from the dam could more than double ethiopia's current output fulfilling its needs and making it an exporter but the dems also highly controversial due to its location. the nile its main source the blue nile starts in ethiopia at lake tanya the river flows toward sudan and joins the rivers other tributary at sudan's capital which don't before heading downstream to egypt. is being built here on the border with sudan near the blue nile source the demo catch water in its massive reservoir whose surface area is larger than that of greater london this will inevitably have an effect on how much water flows to downstream countries egypt and sudan. egypt is home to almost 100000000 people
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who depend on the nile for 90 percent of their fresh water supply some fear that if you believe too much water in its reservoirs during periods of drought in danger in the flow downstream. that could leave egypt's farmers unable to irrigate their lands causing major food losses. and all this as the effects of a workman clime meant have already strained egyptian agriculture. the effects for sudan seem mixed one fear here is that the gerd could jeopardize the operations of sudan's own dams on the nile however said that also sees an opportunity to get cheap energy from ethiopia thanks to gird and it could regulate water flows but it sometimes cost flooding these competing interests are among the reasons why negotiations over the dems operations have been difficult no comprehensive final deal has been reached but even with an agreement cooperation
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between egypt and sudan will be needed for the years to come there are more projects planned along the nile and the effects of climate change and growing populations mean water could be an increasingly scarce resource. has announced that it's bidding to host the 23rd to do some olympics it's already hosting the football. and wants to build on that legacy. competition from india australia. and the potential joint south of. the games have been delayed on 2021 because of the. hosting in 20242028 human rights groups have accused of mistreating their but as constructing the world cup stadiums. this is. $1000.00 special with monica jones is up next but don't forget you can get
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all the latest news on our website. and you can follow us on twitter instagram as well. i'm going to thank you for watching. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. ground information. next on d w. is for me. is for. beethoven.
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beethoven is for. is for. beethoven 2020. 150th anniversary here on. hanging out with friends and partying in crowds all that despite covert 19. young people just want to have fun like they were doing here it by orca. they are taking the threat of the corona virus seriously after all their young healthy and strong. thousands have been gathering at raves in parks across europe the police break up one party and another one pops up elsewhere. will party revelers be responsible for the 2nd wave. welcome to you covered not in special indeed on the news i want
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to jones a villain good to have you with us. 19 is on the rise again here in europe expert at germany's central scientific institution in the field of biomedicine that is the institute sound the alarm keep your distance the threat of a 2nd wave is real but more and more such warnings are falling on deaf ears. it's 1 o'clock in the morning in berlin district were filming with a hidden camera and has a night of park we got a tip this is where it's going to happen a big open air party somewhere hidden in the middle of the park where since the coronavirus of the shutdown of the club scene hundreds of people supposedly gather here every weekend to party even come when it's raining. suddenly party noises this must be it. in
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a clearing the 1st people begin to gather. they've already started dancing. but the center of the party is probably father away people are streaming into the bushes we follow them. and there it is dance floors in the middle of the bushes people downs close together without masks the party is wild. like mad and. you know they're going to pounce parting here to. he'll talk to us if we don't show his face. want to cut a corona is not an issue in the house and haida since march it's been that way since the beginning. of the parties here have been going on for a while i don't think they are a lot more than the usual 30 percent. it's now half past 2 in the morning more and
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more people are arriving how many it's hard to say maybe 400 or 500 the fact that it keeps raining doesn't slow down the event the party is well stocked people have brought their own drinks drugs and umbrellas andrei has also been here several times 3 weeks ago he discovered the party for the 1st time because you know i mean busking her base vote ok so something is happening here i didn't know what and i was curious and started following the sounds i was walking around behind where it was happening and all of a sudden i came to this clearing and saw a crowd let's say 500 people and one man with a big speaker they needed a new car battery everyone chipped in money so that they could afford one and then we kept on partying all night so that was back in the day and that was a little more critical with this now everything is a bit freer i have a great feeling now i obviously feel at the time he was still concerned that people
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weren't paying any rules. down done because this is yeah sure that's kind of critical and you shouldn't do that but in the end you're human too and you're young you work you still have time and some will be over soon then you do things that might not be so smart really the answer to since as it is. another party goer tells us they were 4 police fans last week at the parties keep going on. here today the group can party without interruption at about 3 in the morning we leave the time the. do you reaches its high point these people plan to keep on dancing until sunrise. the parties like these are legal in berlin with up to a 1000 party go as if they keep a distance of a more i'm john boffa lawyer quits now he's assistant professor of social psychology at the university of hyderabad good to have you with us now do you
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sympathize with those party go us or are they completely irresponsible you know or . they can see plausible explanations. even right now i mean even if they look for example at cosmos survey by can you be. strict appraises people experience that don't don't feel threatened anymore and are once released it cost the interest of us really trying it and is this a problem that really just applies to youngsters to young people i mean what about those holiday makers that we've seen in spain are all straight out there parting without a care what is their excuse. to be 1st come back to the youngsters and i think for them this is a problem that i see a confusion wind right i mean if you one corporation i just behaviors you need trust as opposed to. just originates in one thing from.
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never look at me i understand what you need what your needs are the needs against as i think are particularly underrepresented in the public discourse that ranges from a decline of corporate restriction cost sexual activity declines or to organise working events the inability to celebrate degrees from university to travel or the. future is. so so you're saying go partying is also to a large extent just an expression of frustration. it is of particular interest with ostomy just that they don't take their cost seriously i don't know now perhaps you talk about it and different party goers in my aco holidays and i mean here. the context is really part of what i mean we tend to think that the behavior bureau is what people are and what they really desire but i mean if you why do the
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street people will speed up and if you increase plate sizes we need more and if you vote open party locations people will party it seems to ask them not to do so if they have the room to do so but so so what sort of thora t. said politicians do i mean case numbers are rising again. i think and it's it i mean if it comes to party rant i mean that they have to sink art when they really want to allow credit. and then in addition require a social distancing or physical distancing as it should be caught and if they want to have more hope aeration not in the party but overawed they should communicate in terms of communication for trust besides and stating that you know in the needs of different people what you have to do is be really transparent about what groups and
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what does not work in the actions you take but isn't that where empathy comes in which has nothing to do with age 20. and yeah if you need it and to see i mean from the side of policymakers embassy needs that you have or embassy for different groups in the population not for the citizens as a whole and i mean the the cause. an interesting behavior is the general and it. seems and your. visit here is that regulations i mean they seem not to worry anymore for everybody to groups minorities people that you cannot reach that more and then important to reach there important a region with half a minute to go florian clits not young people even though they don't believe it or also add risk can that be communicated to them. that can be transparent about the statistics you use about the experience you can. get seriously all right for the
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way of quotes now from the university of hydel back on the psychology off party reveling in times of the pandemic thank you so much. and now it's time for your questions to a science correspondent derrick williams. can inhaled steroids help in the treatment of covert 19 for example for people who also have as not. currently the only steroids being used to treat coke at 1000 patients as one called meth as though it isn't inhaled and it's only used to treat people who are in very bad shape and need respiratory support i think that what you're referring to is a group of other compounds that made headlines last week called interferon so now they're signaling proteins that play
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a key role in steering the body's immune response by acting as a kind of frontline defender one thing they do is warn an infected cells that an invader is around so those cells have time to shore up their defenses source code to appears to be able to block the interferon perspire hans kind of allowing it to sort of rampage unchecked so the idea is that by administering interferon based drugs through an inhaler at just the right moment you can cause the immune system to work not only as it should but also exactly where it should in the air passages and in the lungs initial results from a non peer reviewed small scale study appear extremely promising but it was also conducted by a british drug company testing their own formulation so there will definitely have
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to be a lot more corroborating data before we can say anything for sure. and derek williams will be back tomorrow which means you can post more of your questions to derek on our you tube channel and if you'd like to keep up with the latest developments on the coronavirus then subscribe to our newsletter go to d.w. dot com slash corona dash news letter. now then there's an interesting story from japan and i hope we have the pictures here because several robots which could help fight covert 1000 were unveiled at a railway station in japan the operators of attack cannot gateway in tokyo they showed a disinfectant robot which cleans a sanitizes happen drills benches and other parts of the station using artificial intelligence other robots also help deliver food or carry luggage all the robots
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are equipped with a 3 dimensional cameras and sensors to help them avoid obstacles. and from what i can tell they also keep a social distance well that's your code not in special here on d. w. of course you can find more updates and analysis on our website to d.w. dot com that is for me the team of bill and thanks for watching. the protests have been silenced there is now fear and uncertainty on the streets. in hong kong china's new security who are has shut down freedom of expression. teachers are threatened with dismissal activists are being arrested for fleeing the country 3000. next d.w. . deep insight into the body. of
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a new chemical process makes it possible to sleep boredom to shut. down by sound internal structure becomes visible. to researchers can understand to see the pattern and make artificial organs in the future to morrow to do it. in 16 minutes on d w. actually far more coasters from nigeria will be i was a people you know that's what money would hold dear unique. one don't. often take.
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fast moving. and successful beyond belief. did not do it this is the way we do it. nollywood starts august 7th on d w. well come to global 3000 people all over the world are taking a stand against racism in germany activists and scholars search for solutions to the country's racism problem. the elephants are.


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