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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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good look at it. this is do we news live from berlin coronavirus breaks out in another german food production facility over 170 workers tested positive at the very end vegetable farm and still the latest cluster of its kind in germany raising questions about conditions for farm workers often migrant laborers also coming up a diplomatic standoff the stars and stripes are lowered as the u.s. is forced to vacate its consulate in the chinese city of chengdu is a retaliation for the shutdown of the chinese diplomatic mission in houston texas
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last week. thank you so much for your company everyone well officials in germany are scrambling to contain a corona virus outbreak at a farm in the country south it's the latest in a string of covert eruptions linked to food production in germany 174 workers on the very informed tested positive over the weekend. around 3000 people live in the bavarian town of manning and many are now waiting for corona virus tests a farm is under quarantine after 174 migrant workers tested positive for covert 19 . officials are trying to find out how they became infected and if the virus has spread outside the farm there are strict guidelines for businesses employing
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seasonal staff but various state premier says they were not followed. officials on the local and regional level say that hygiene inspections work carried out at this farm but there are obviously fim violations which and that's why action has to be taken now. he said but verio would tighten its coronavirus rules. even be it businesses will face more frequent hygiene inspections and they'll be carried out by mixed teams from the public health commerce and agricultural departments which of survival. the very it will also step up testing of employees and violations of social distancing and hygiene regulations could incur fines of up 225000 euros instead of 5000 before people in my ming are waiting to find out if the virus has spread from the farm to the town if tests show that has happened they
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likely face a new lock down aren't i want to welcome now where martin exner he is the head of the institute for hygiene and public health in bonn a professor x. or a very warm welcome now this is another outbreak in a food production facility here in germany that relies mostly on cheap labor from poorer e.u. countries what does this tell you. it tells me that. coming from countries with high rates of coronavirus infection there are risks the risks of context infection between the lakers and where it's very cold to look for at the roots but hygiene rules here in germany or back home because obviously there has been a problem here in the very in this case. i think it's very important that labor is coming from other countries where the rules. have to.
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they we must communicate to these laborers which they have to do sometimes we see that they are not customized with the german roots of hunting but obviously there's also a problem with the rules that are now in place there would be this surge recent case of a covert search it was at a slaughterhouse recently your analysis in that case was that the air cooling system was to blame for spreading the virus in this case of a farm in bavaria these are agricultural workers outside presumably so why do you think the virus was so rampant and were there no guidelines in place. i think we have good guidelines but they must be controlled so but public. because departments and other. officials parkman's to look if the
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rules are really translated in reality. now it just so angry merkel's or chief of staff is warning that the infection rate must be kept low ahead of the flu season in the fall let's take a listen and we'll continue our conversation after that before we have to ask ourselves how we want to increase our chances of getting through this pandemic well if we want to do that then we need to make sure we have as low a level of infection as possible at the end of the summer. so and that means we have to get from what we have seen over the past days with some 800 infections a day back to a situation where we have fewer than 500 cases per day i believe then we will have good chances of managing the pandemic this cold as well under me. now professor x. or the chief of staff of the chancellor's office they're determined to get the infection rates down before the fall flu season begins is that enough time to
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address the working and living conditions of migrant workers in germany which are very vulnerable it seems i think it's very very important to do this because we see we have. to leave it in you know. but we have outbreaks and we must look for these traits and the circumstances and there is the. integration of labor are coming from other countries working in germany it's very very important martin the exner thank you so much sir for weighing in. a 2nd look now at some of the other developments in the coronado virus pandemic all germany is requiring a mandatory testing at airports for incoming travelers from high risk areas
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countries on the risk list include the united states brazil russia and turkey. vietnam is evacuating some 80000 people from a resort after dozens of people there tested positive for covert 19 and in the u.s. the world's biggest vaccine study has kicked off some 30000 people have begun receiving experimental test shots developed by the u.s. government and also in the u.s. a president donald trump's national security advisor robert o'bryant has tested positive he's the highest ranking white house official yet know to have contracted covert 19. u.s. marines have lowered the american flag in u.s. diplomatic staff have left their consulate in the southwestern chinese city of chengdu beijing ordered the closure in retaliation for washington's shutting down of the chinese consulate in houston he was secretary of state mike pompei o called the facility a center for spying once the u.s.
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consulate this building now stands empty. onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse of the americans leaving some celebrating their departure. but long live the chinese people shelter one man. the closure of this consulate in chengdu is no surprise it followed the shattering of the chinese consulate in houston texas by the u.s. government last week washington claimed the consulate had become a hub for spying and attempting to steal coronavirus research the chinese foreign ministry denied this and said beijing was not looking for a fight. the current situation of relations between china and the us is unfortunate the u.s. bears the entire responsibility urge the u.s. to immediately correct its mistakes and make it possible for bilateral relations to get back on track. nationalist sentiment is running high on both sides
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yet some of trying touse residents were disheartened by the sudden end of the diplomatic mission for them. it's a big deal and it's never happened before the consulate has been here for several decades and i think it's a real pity to see the current state of affairs and i think because of. the video. the. it's a shame so i hope there's no confrontation we should have peace that is the best way to do things because the world doesn't need war it needs peace. all eyes are on washington and beijing to see if they will escalate further or look for a truce. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. the ukrainian army is accusing russia backed separatists of breaching a ceasefire in the country's east the separatists have denied the accusations the truce went into effect at midnight on sunday it was it was agreed last week by
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negotiators from russia ukraine any international monitor group the over a c e. flooding in china has again caused extensive damage in central you bay province floodwaters submerged roads and to weigh vehicles in southwestern chongqing heavy rains caused multiple landslides. japanese fashion designer cars a yellow moto has passed away at the age of 76 he wanted recognition for his bold designs and was perhaps best known for designing colorful costumes for rock star david bowie only animoto had was battling leukemia. in the us the body of the late civil rights campaigner john lewis is due to lie in state at the u.s. capitol and washington lawmakers and the public will have a chance to pay their respects to the icon following an invitation only ceremony
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held in his honor his casket arrived in washington on monday after a symbolic journey from alabama georgia where he served as a congressman for more than 30 years representative lewis was widely admired for his champion championing rather of civil rights for everyone he died of cancer earlier this month at the age of 80. and iness a d w xena's poll has been finding out how some african-americans in washington will remember him. culture of coffee 2 is a 100 percent black owned business its mission is to bring all kinds of people to gather as tributes to john lewis coming from across the country customers here share their thoughts about how the civil rights activist has affected their lives john lewis a lot of folks know that the conscious of congress knowing that he existed has made me a better man a better father. how did i have been able to impart that to my daughters in part
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how it's important to stand for something. to be committed. whatever it might be in his case it was for the people civil right now just like people of all people the recent killing of john troy has brought the fight for equal rights back to the streets like lives matter has become a cuts cry for protests which often turn white to defy the war and it's not something that people are trying to peacefully end its war for years now. that had it but now now are fighting. the lincoln memorial the site of many historic events. right here at this very spot john lewis spoke in 1963 next to civil rights icon martin luther king he dedicated his entire life to fight social
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and racial inequality in a non violent way his death comes at a time when many americans think that this is not the right response anymore to the ongoing discrimination especially younger protesters have the feeling that they have to take more forceful actions. but congressman lewis always advocated getting into what he called good trouble a political tactic which continues to resonate with many african-americans to me he means the world as a african-american as someone who believes and i think he stood for being nonviolent and just the things that he accomplished on his life time that enables me to do what i do right now everyone's going into social injustices so i think the right approach peaceful marches and protests this was needed we don't need to be violent we need to persist. just keep at it. john lewis himself remained
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persistent until the end of his life talking to dr bell of 4 years ago he expressed hope that his vision would extend. beyond the united states i believe if we can get it right here in america maybe we can serve as a model for the rest of the world. now are 2 major league baseball games have been canceled due to a suspected covert 19 outbreak all this at a time when the new season has just gotten off the ground while at least 14 people on the miami marlins have tested positive that's according to their your sources marlins worse to host was 1st i was the baltimore orioles at miami sees an home opener on monday night instead marlins players are staying in their hotel in philadelphia after finishing a series there meanwhile the new york yankees game with the philadelphia phillies has also been counseled as the visiting iraqis would have used the same clubhouse
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as them are listed on the weekend. and that brings us to the end of this edition of do you have a near use on mylar rock n roll and don't forget you can get all the latest headlines for heading to our website that's deep w. dot com for now thanks for watching. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona. coated 19 special next on d w. a meal and i'm good looking but the 2nd season on the.


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