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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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it would start aug 7th on d. w. . this is. from berlin tonight in washington d.c. in the u.s. capitol remembering and honoring the civil rights pioneer john lewis. late colleague. dr martin luther king in the coming days the
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nation that has been transformed by the black lines meant to move would be able to bid a final farewell also coming up tonight the stars and stripes lowered as the u.s. was forced to close its consulate in the chinese city of chengdu a tit for tat response following the shutdown of the chinese mission in houston last week we'll speak to a former u.s. diplomat who was stationed in. and the outbreak on the farm in southern germany 170 migrant field workers tested positive for coke at night seen our field workers risking their lives to put vegetables on our tables. i'm burnt off to our viewers watching on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we start tonight with
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a solemn tribute to a sin. all rights pioneer wall makers friends and family have been on the late congressman john lewis inside the u.s. capitol building and invitation only ceremony has been held on or mr lewis inside the rotunda of the capitol he is the 1st african-american congressman to live there in state rep lewis was widely admired for his champion of civil rights and human rights he died of cancer earlier this month at the age of 80. and following the event for his in washington d.c. is our washington bureau chief in this poll good evening to you it is c. it is the 3rd day of commemorations in the united states for this american giant what happened in washington today. so randy was
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brought to washington and they drove this casket in a car alongside the matter boulevard they drop alongside the martin luther king memorial and then they brought him to the capitol then t. indeed is the 1st african american lawmaker who is late. to lay in state in the capitol rotunda right behind me and we saw him being walked up the stairs in his casket and that was quite a moment you know i mean it's history being made as we watch right now there in the rotunda to. talk to me a little bit about the significance of congressman lewis for the blacks why does it matter movement. here. right so he is like a man of so many things he cared about he didn't only fight against racial and social discrimination he also fought for women rights he fought for gay rights
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early on he always included native americans at times where hardly anybody spoke about when it comes to black lives matters. to his legacy is a little seen a little bit critical by some because he was a strong advocate for nonviolent fight against racist discrimination so let's have a look at our reports. culture of coffee is a 100 percent black owned business its mission is to bring all kinds of people together as tributes to john lewis coming from across the country customers here to share their thoughts about how the civil rights activist has affected their lives. john lewis a lot of folks know the conscience of congress knowing that he existed and made me a better man a better better father. how could i have been able to impart that to my daughter.
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import how it's important to stand for something. to be committed. whatever it might be in his case it was for the people civil rights not just with black people of all people the recent killing of george troy has brought the fight for equal rights back to the streets like lives matter has become a cat's cry for protests which often turn white to the fight to the war and it's not something that people are trying to peacefully end its war for years now. that had it now now we're fighting. the lincoln memorial the site of many historic events. right here at this very spot john louis spoke in 1963 next to a civil rights icon martin luther king he dedicated his entire life to fight social and racial inequality in a non violent way his death comes at
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a time when many americans think that this is not the right response anymore to the ongoing discrimination especially younger protest is have the feeling that they have to take more forceful actions. but congressman lewis always advocated getting into what he called good trouble a political tactic which continues to resonate with many african-americans to me he means the world as a african-american as someone who believes and i think he stood for being nonviolent and just the things that he accomplished on his life time that enables me to do what i do right now everyone is going to miss social injustices so i think this is the right approach peaceful marches and protests this was needed we don't need to be violent this is. just keep it. john lewis himself remain
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persist. and until the end of his life talking to don't you believe 4 years ago he expressed hope that his vision would extend beyond the united states i believe if we can get it right here in america maybe we can sort out the model for the rest of the world. yeah wise words there from mr luers what would you say when you listen to their sound bite from 4 years ago talk to me a little bit about what is left of of that legacy today in today's america. yes it was indeed 4 years ago when we met him at the democratic conventions and talk to them and he gave us this soundbite i mean he see the united states divided steeper than ever before we see many people whose hope for their american dream to come to become true is turned into anger and hate we see street violence we see
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the reaction of many people when it comes to the federal agents donald trump's government is sending sending him to cities they feel provoked it stirs up even more violence so on this very day we remember a man who always preached peace and it will be interesting to see how his legacy will be carried on there will be i'm sure there are many people hoping that there will be a future of good trouble and not the future of just trouble we will see you newspoll on the story for us in washington thank you. u.s. marines have lowered the american flag and u.s. diplomatic staff have left their consulate in the southwestern trying to city of chengdu usually ordered the closure in retaliation for washington shutting down of the chinese consulate in houston last week u.s. secretary of state. called the facility
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a center for spot once the u.s. consulate this building now stands empty. onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse of the americans leaving some celebrating their departure. but long live the chinese people sheilds one man the closure of this consulate in chengdu was no surprise at follow the shuttering of the chinese consulate in houston texas by the u.s. government last week washington claimed the consulate had become a hub for spying and attempting to steal coronavirus research the chinese foreign ministry denied this and said beijing was not looking for a fight. the current situation of relations between china and the us is unfortunate the u.s. bears the entire responsibility we urge the u.s. to immediately correct its mistakes and make it possible for bilateral relations to get back on track. nationalist sentiment is running high on both sides
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yet some of chengdu is residents were disheartened by the sudden end of the diplomatic mission. it's a big deal and it's never happened before the consulate has been here for several decades and i think it's a real pity to see the current state of affairs not in the ground because of. the video. the. it's a shame i hope there is no confrontation we should have peace that is the best way to do things the world doesn't need war it needs peace. all eyes are on washington in beijing to see if they will escalate further or look for a truce when jeff moon joins me now jeff is a former u.s. diplomat and trade negotiator one of his diplomatic postings was to the u.s. consulate in chain it's good to have you on the program i just want to ask you what your take is on what we're seeing here with the closure of the consulate in the
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following the closure of the mission in houston i mean do you see this is being more than just a tit for tat retaliation. well a tactical level it is a tit for tat retaliation but in the larger picture this is a real tragedy this relationship in western china has been built a refinery 5 years since prince the president george bush opened it up in 1985 and yet within a couple days we have torn that relationship apart and it's going to affect the people american and chinese people as well as the governments the chinese people and trying do they have reason to be sad because they get services from the consulate in the form of visas to go to the u.s. cultural programs people have people exchanges the american community in trying to lose is because they get american citizen services and that's necessary china wants those services because they want to attract american business the governments lose
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because through consulates the embassy is the place where the state to state in the go on through ministries and capitals but the consulates hardware their relationship is really built and promoted and i think china has made a mistake here because china gets much more benefit from its consulates than the u.s. does china have pretty much on unfettered access to american society and the american diplomats in chengdu are used to confronting a chinese bureaucracy that is dedicated just pacifically limiting their access to chinese society in a very non reciprocal way jeff what do you think so that the chinese authorities what do you think they chose this consulate in chengdu i mean is there something specific about this particular posting that would make it comparable to what we saw in houston. well they had 2 choices they could have closed to hans which is the
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smallest of the consulates and if they had done that then who would have been closed and used it would have been closed one closure on each side there are tearing of the consulates in china do is one of the what they call the secondary cities so it would have been the next level up in certain protocol beyond 2 han and that's why i think that the american government has interpreted this correctly as an escalation rather than closing just one consul on each side now the chinese just couldn't resist the nationalist urge to respond in this way and i think that as i said i think they're going to regret that well you know if it follows the u.s. secretary of state last week saying basically that we should see an end to this policy of engagement that has defined u.s. china relations for nearly half a century so when you're looking at it that way can we say that we're entering a cold war now between china and the united states but we certainly have frosty
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relations but i don't think we can say that there was a cold war i mean the cold war analogy with the relationship with the soviet union does not apply here we had no economic interaction between the u.s. and russia for example and yet our relationship with china is very much interest mind and much as the trunk administration wants to decouple is extremely hard to do that you know there's a theory going around here in washington that the current crop administration seeing that their election prospects are not good is doing what it can to decouple and to separate the 2 countries is like this prior to the election you know we will see if this decoupling continues after the election jeff we appreciate your insights tonight thank you. thank you. well here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world flooding in china has again caused
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extensive damage in central hubie province floodwaters submerged roads and washed away vehicles in southwestern schon keying heavy rains calls multiple landslides israel says its soldiers have exchanged fire with hezbollah militants near the country's northern border with lebanon the israeli army says it was preventing several militants from infiltrating israeli territory as but one has denied taking part in any clashes saying its forces never attempted to cross the frontier authorities in saudi arabia have ordered a deep cleaning of islams holiest site in mecca ahead of the annual hons pilgrimage because of the coronavirus muslims will go from abroad will be able to attend this year for the 1st time in the modern era this year's event has been limited to only $1000.00 pilgrims from within saudi arabia. officials here in germany are scrambling to contain a corona virus outbreak at
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a farm in bavaria it's the latest in a string of coded 19 eruptions a link to food production here in the country 174 workers on one farm in bavaria tested positive for cope with 19 over the weekend. around 3000 people live in the bavarian town of manning and many are now waiting for a coronavirus tests a farm is under quarantine after 174 migrant workers tested positive for covert 19 . officials are trying to find out how they became infected and if the virus has spread outside the farm there are strict hygiene guidelines for businesses employing seasonal staff but various state premier says they were not followed. house officials on the local and regional level say that hygiene inspections were carried out at this farm but there are obviously fim violations which jews and
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that's why action has to be taken now. he said but very a would tighten its coronavirus rules. even if you had businesses will face more frequent hygiene inspections and they'll be carried out by mixed teams from the public health commerce and agricultural departments which of provides on. the feria will also step up testing of employees and violations of social distancing and hygiene regulations could incur fines of up 225000 euros instead of 5000 before people in manning are waiting to find out if the virus has spread from the farm to the town if tests show that has happened they likely face a new lockdown when germany will begin requiring coronavirus testing for travelers returning to the country from high risk areas germany's health minister saying the measures are necessary to prevent incoming travelers from unknowingly infecting
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others in triggering a 2nd wave of cope with 19 countries deemed to be high risk currently include the united states brazil russia and turkey through the spanish government says the country is safe to visit and that despite a surge in corona virus cases this comes after the u.k. reimposed a quarantine on travelers returning from spain with a cluster of new outbreaks in barcelona residents there fear tighter restrictions. it's not much of a lockdown barcelona's regional government recommends that people only leave their homes if it's urgent but few people are paying heed. is having a drink and urgent enough reason to go out. alex ahead works at one of partial on as many beach bars he sympathizes with the young people of the city who are tired of staying home after weeks of lockdown. you are losing your
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life the friends the community through every people young people and old people here in your open the specially in barcelona life is very open it's very active and the people who get our house just across the road from the beach is one of barcelona's biggest hospitals dozens of coronavirus patients have been admitted the past few days dr one of flores is worried when she looks at the crowded beach just a few meters away medical authorities have plans in place should the situation worsen. the scenario goes from just not changing their regular day of the hospital and to the worst case scenario which will be when we have to stop all the activity that is not urgent in order to for all the professionals to assist patients which is what happened at the end of march another area of concern is
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staffing public health facilities around 1000 extra staff are needed in the region to accurately track chains of infection. right now doug fernandez and his 20 colleagues are responsible for more than a 1000000 residents. we are not enough people to do the contact tracing properly not only the contact tracing that more or less we can test you know the contents of the person that in that case that has confirmed but also to the proper money touring of the cases and to see if these outbreak even though it's a small if it's expanding despite repeated promises from the cuttle and regional government that more people will be hired to work in public health not much has happened yet experts agree that tracing contacts is crucial for slowing the spread of the virus especially with young people who may have no symptoms just a few weeks ago about the known us regional authorities heavily criticized the poor
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crisis management and the cup it's a moderate now they find themselves in this sense of attention and more and more critics say that the crisis management here is anything but idea. barkeeper alex and others in the industry have one major worry that infection rates will rise so much that the region will have to be placed under total lockdown again that could mean not just the end of this year summer season but the closure of their business for good. ukraine is accusing russia bank separate is of breaching a ceasefire in the country's east the separatists have denied those claims the truce agreed with the help of international moderators was supposed to end 6 years of fighting that it's killed more than 13000 people. the marks of war everywhere in donetsk people here long for peace but the most recent cease fire was reportedly broken barely after it began ukraine's army blames pro russia separatists or at
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least. between 20 past midnight and quarter to one they fired small arms short range missiles and large caliber weapons nobody was injured. to separatist rejects the accusations russian television has been reporting extensively on the cease fire and on a phone call on sunday between presidents putin anson and ski moscow expressed concern that ukraine's announcement that it wanted to renegotiate the peace plan is the only good legal. ukrainian troops have been fighting russia backed separatists in eastern ukraine since 2014 the united nations estimates that some 13000 people have been killed in the conflict. the pro russian separatists in what they call the done yet the people's republic support the latest ceasefire but it's not clear that the agreement will hold. if we face and the me aggression the people's
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militia is prepared to take appropriate action. this cease fire is seen as an important precondition for a new peace summit german chancellor and get a medical and french president and then you're on my call brokered a meeting between putin and selenski in paris in december now they want to do the same in berlin. egypt the opiah and sudan have agreed to resume talks over a disputed hydroelectric dam on the nile river negotiations over ethiopia's grand renaissance dam have run almost a decade now and still no peace over the precious waters of the nile. and you are hearing reports. this is the ethiopian ground renee sounds down or great for short. erected on the river nile does mean tributary the blue nile it took almost a decade to build and cement to be part of ethiopia's transformation. roughly
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65 percent of the country is not connected to the power grid energy from the dam could more than double ethiopia's current output fulfilling its needs and making it an exporter but the dems also highly controversial due to its location the nile's main source the blue nile starts in ethiopia it licked. the river flows toward sudan and joins the rivers other tributary that sudan's capital has to him before heading downstream to egypt. just being built here on the border with sudan near the blue nile source the demo catch water in its massive reservoir whose surface area is larger than that of greater london. this will inevitably have an effect on how much water flows to downstream countries egypt and sudan. egypt is home to almost $100000000.00 people
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who depend on the nile for 90 percent of their fresh water supply some fear that if you'll be a relief too much water in its reservoirs during periods of drought in danger in the flow downstream. that could leave egypt's farmers unable to irrigate their lands causing major food losses. and all this as the effects of a worm and climate have already strained egyptian agriculture. the effects for sudan seem mixed one fear here is that the gerd could jeopardize the operations of sudan's own dams on the nile however sudan also sees an opportunity to get cheap energy from ethiopia thanks to gird and it could regulate water flows but it sometimes cost flooding these competing interests are among the reasons why negotiations over the dems operations have been difficult no comprehensive final deal has been reached but even with an agreement cooperation
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between egypt and sudan will be needed for the years to come there are more projects planned along the nile and the effects of climate change and growing populations mean water could be an increasingly scarce resource. the jersey that basketball icon michael jordan received from the chicago bulls when he 1st signed with them back in 1984 is about to go up on for auction jordan was 21 at the time and a 1st round draft pick he wore the number 23 and became the driving force behind the boards helping them win 6 n.b.a. championships in the 1990 s. i remember that well the auction is scheduled for december it's estimated the jersey will sell for as much as $400.00 sales and don't. 5 the shirt off his back argues a reminder of the top stories we're following for you u.s.
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lawmakers are paying tribute to civil rights pioneer john lewis in his casket return to washington d.c. today the late congressman worldwide instate in the rotunda of the capitol. and u.s. marines have lowered the american flag of the consulate in the chinese city of chengdu beijing ordered its closure in retaliation for the u.s. shutting down the chinese consulate in houston last week. you're watching d.w. news while i go from the berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around we'll be right back.
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played the clip and colors play his own room or hold going up in smoke i'm going to. be a conflagration the world on fire starts aug 12th on d w we have trying to fight it back in and dance with the babes. migrant farm workers they do the work that locals won't they accept wages locals never would and this year in the middle of a pandemic they face a harvest of hazards like never before in southern germany almost 200 migrant workers on one farm have tested positive for covert 19 a rural viral hotspot in a country suddenly caught in corona creep is the pandemic catching up with germany
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i burned off in berlin.


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