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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2020 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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migrant farm workers they do the work that locals won't they accept wages locals never would and this year in the middle of a pandemic they face a harvest of hazards like never before in southern germany almost 200 migrant workers on one form have tested positive for covert 19 a rural viral hotspot in a country suddenly caught in corona creep is the pandemic catching up with germany i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. we keep warning and we keep being proven right corona is not over sort of even if he isn't enough just we have 480 coronavirus texts and 167 positive results soon
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and tested to conclude an offense has been a right to demand fund so that nobody can leave humans contant are good if we have to ask ourselves how we want to increase our chances of getting through this pandemic well probably because something to do even if germany seems stable compared to other countries we should be under no illusions it's kind of jewish and corona is sneaking its way back in and with all that string tied up in the mosques . also coming up tonight the late us congressman john lewis will remember his fight for civil rights and will remember his vision of america for the world that he once shared with us i believe if we can get it right here in america maybe we can sort of a model for the rest of the world. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with
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a reminder from down on the farm that the pandemic isn't go. owing anywhere in southern germany in bavaria around $170.00 migrant field workers have tested positive for coke at 19 the news today prompted various leader to warn that a 2nd wave of the corona virus could already be in the making of germany has been praised for its early and decisive action when the pandemic arrived here in europe but that was 5 months ago now with more people travelling on summer vacations the number of new infections is rising again people returning from high risk areas such as the united states must now be tested for 19 it's hoped that mandatory testing will keep the viral spread under control but that is little comfort to the legions of migrant farm workers here in germany when germany shut down and closed its borders back in march an exception was made for tens of thousands of migrant
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workers to tend the fields as we are learning tonight that exception came with exceptional health risks around 3000 people live in the bavarian town of manning and many are now waiting for coronavirus tests a farm is under quarantine after 174 migrant workers tested positive for covert 19 . officials are trying to find out how they became infected and if the virus has spread outside the farm there are strict guidelines for businesses employing seasonal staff but various state premier says they were not followed. house officials on the local and regional level say that hygiene inspections were carried out at this farm but there are obviously violations histories and that's why action has to be taken now. he said but varia would tighten its coronavirus rules. even if you have businesses will face more frequent hygiene inspections and
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they'll be carried out by mixed teams from the public health commerce and agricultural departments which of proposal. the feria will also step up testing of employees and violations of social distancing and hygiene regulations could incur fines of up 225000 euros instead of 5000 before people in my ming are waiting to find out if the virus has spread from the farm to the town if tests show that has happened they likely face a new lockdown. he is in the southern german town the forest good evening to you kate so what is the latest what more do we know about these 170 workers. well we know that one person is currently being treated in hospital and local authorities have said a handful of those employees hair at the farm behind me have tested positive 1000
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have been showing the common symptoms of 19 and in the meantime all employees almost 500 employees including the owner and his family are in quarantine behind this fence that you might still just about be able to see through the darkness behind me here and this 24 hour security in place is well at the moment to ensure that nobody leaves comes in without the correct authorize ation yeah a lot of attention on this area and these people tonight that hasn't been the case though in the past has it we're learning that migrant workers here in germany they have been risking their health to produce produce. they said we have a not just during the times of 19 during the pandemic either it's been our secret for a long long time but some of the questionable and in many cases die a living and working conditions that a face that migrant workers seasonal workers
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a faced with particularly those working in the food production industry we saw similar stories coming out just a few weeks ago when we had the clave in 1000 outbreaks and slaughter houses as well and the thought at least is that way might be seeing a similar case here in miami as well in the various we know from past events that many seasonal workers and migrant workers working in food production here in germany. under paid working very long hours for very little money and often forced to live in very cramped conditions as well which of course the perfect conditions for covert 19 to spread like wildfire and it seems at least that what the local authorities here are saying is that some of the the hygiene regulations that have been put in place to prevent guarded 9000 from spreading among employees hasn't been adequately implemented but i talked to the to the farm owner earlier this
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evening and he did night that saying instead that he feels like he's being scapegoated and that he's being left in the lurch by the by the local government head down in bavaria interesting that he's considering that these workers have all tested positive when you add this to the fact that it's summer in that people are taking their big kingston's and coming back many of them bringing. with them but all of that together how great is the concern that there will be a 2nd wave of coronavirus infections. that concern certainly is great and it is growing the robot clock institute for public health in germany has said that the latest jump as well in the number of new cases is something to be extremely worried about and they are watching the figures closely we were seeing case numbers on new cases numbers of about $500.00 per day here in germany that's jumped in recent days to over $800.00 and those numbers are
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expected to increase again tomorrow once all of those results come in from over the weekend so that all the measures already being discussed here in germany whether that's going to be perhaps compulsory testing for people returning from vacation in coming weeks but already several large apple back up in berlin where you are down here in munich and in in front 1st as well there are plans to implement. free or voluntary i'm free tests for people returning from holidays but at the moment that not compulsory and over 80 the german health ministry is looking into the legalities of how they could indeed make that compulsory for people returning to germany from holidays and make sure that people are tested and ensuring as well that they then quarantine themselves to 15 days you know the testing bottle here. in the southern germany. thank you.
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in a 100 days democrats can win the white house flip the senate hold the house and win seats down the ballot in a 100 days and we can fight for racial justice and ensure that black players matter we can fight for americans with disabilities and heath families together while protecting dreamers. in a 100 days we can restore america's standing in the world and meet the challenge of climate change head on we have 100 days to organize mobilize and prepare for one of the most crucial elections in modern history. in a 100 days. you know the democrats say they will win my next guest tonight is determined to make sure that does not happen i'm joined by solomon hugh vice chairman and c.e.o. of republicans over c.
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solomon it's good to have you on the show you got $99.00 days until the election is there going to be a 2nd trial term yes and absolutely yes what and why i would like to explain why for one the same low a c. right now i want is total chaos and soccer moms suburban moms they want security they won't rule and order and on top of that when you see the polling and you have to ask the question accurate the old polls are where they're going to high society. use political correctness to silence you and what happened you have a sign of maturity there well that's a sign of maturity when you call them they don't want to say anything and don't
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they don't even want to take the call the reason is home to you i know this is in my import ear try to call me and try to trick me to say something then i say something tomorrow i'm going to fire some of them when he was a listen let me just ask you one thing you say these suburban mothers they want security actually these suburban mothers they want to be able to get a good night team tests done and they want to be able to send their kids to school in safety as mess and act as medicine back tromp want to have that kids go to school yes and you're right as medicine they want that kits to go to school the school the public school close to our all in areas cities states controlled by democrats so yeah i know them
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and my daughter is one of them what is the one thing that the us president has done in your opinion that will make schools safe for children in this pandemic president. using he's all for aid to make sure hope that those who can open should open and not only that and use the space socialists distance space to open schools and should be local control arms want to open school. s. federal government is there to help them to achieve that goal and so they can go to work and think combo purposefully la those kids at home and mom can go to work for political purpose some of that me as you can see let me ask you one
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point we have a vote we have i'm going to time and let me drown he is going to have a landslide on november 3rd all right let me just ask you one thing we have talked with the lincoln project reach out with republicans against trump they are republicans working to put a democrat in the white house. what does that say about your party that you've got republicans trying to put a democrat in the white house that tells me traitors everywhere the olds are the people who are the strong people give us what happened for example those people try to beat engage in gauging chan and now china at
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least all have our side well guess what they want a bowling game put the lesson in their car trunk i suspicioned it is that is a claim of course has not been substantiated but some that were unfortunately were out of time solomon vice chairman c.e.o. at republicans oversees solomon thank you very much come back and talk with us the closer we get to election day thank you. thank you all right keeping track of both campaigns will be my colleagues in washington in the u.s. he wus washington correspondent all of her salad he's going to be crossing the u.s. . he joins me tonight from washington. if you heard mr hugh there he was definitely passionate about his position let's talk about the democrats the presumptive democratic candidate joe biden he's expected to nominate his running mate this week what kind of candidate does he need or brand it's going to be a very difficult decision for him so perhaps he might even be in need more than one
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candidate because 2 things you want to consider here and that is number one joe biden politically speaking is a centrist and that is of course great for swing voters and you talked about some of them in your recent interview those who voted trump in 2016 but perhaps are not so happy with his policies now and are considering joe biden and that the fact that he's a centrist is at the same time not so great for a very vast amount of bernie sanders supporters of the progressive candidate senator from vermont with his ideas on the left side of the political aisle so that number one and then to of course joe biden is a very old candidate he's 77 now he would be 7778 by the time he takes office should he win the election so ideally he's looking for someone to compliment him not too old female he promised that perhaps even black progressive but not too much because that would put off the swing voters are what names are being considered.
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well the list is very long brant but some of the most likely names that are circulating is california senator kemel harris she is fairly young black but yet another centrist of course also her campaign was not very successful very much in contrast to elizabeth warren the massachusetts senator who had a very successful campaign she would also be grateful to sandra supporters because she was also offering the same progressive ideas but then he she is considered radical by the swing voters also too old for many so that those in spite of the 2 hot names there are many more on that list that are circulating for the congresswoman bell deming's for instance former national security advisor susan rice so we can be prepared for surprises once joe biden decides who his pick is a very difficult choice this time around for sure. going to be a busy time between now and election day over salad on the story for us in
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washington thank you. so will you through john lewis from his former colleagues in congress the american civil rights icon is now one state in the rotunda in the u.s. capitol with his funeral he did this week embers of congress and the trumpeted history she paid tribute to the one ton representative from georgia u.s. president donald trump did not attend. 10 days ago at the age of. in the 1960 s. lewis was one of the leaders of the civil rights movement alongside dr martin luther king jr he later became
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a congressman and was widely admired for his championing of civil rights for everyone the w. spoke to the congressman during the presidential election campaign 4 years ago and we asked him what america do you want. it is my hope that in the years to come that we had an america at peace with the south that was the end gun violence and that we will sit at all of our children all of our young people receive the best possible education that we would do what we can to protect the environment i sell all the time we have a right to know what is the no food we eat what is the net and we agree. what is the water we drink. as a nation and as a people we must be involved in saving does look planet save in this little space ship that we called earth and let people live together. we have one
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family in america we are one people and i believe if we can get it right here in america maybe we can serve as a model for the rest of the world. that was the late civil rights campaigner and congressman john lewis speaking with us 4 years ago americans are bidding farewell to mr lewis now and those who knew him well are sharing their memories news washington bureau chief in his poll just spoke with texas congressman al green and she asked him about the memorial inside the u.s. capitol well it was very moving the honorable john lewis is a person that cause us to have great. emotional. pain and a sense that we miss him already and we we really wanted him to stay with us but we
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know that he's been called home but it doesn't mean that we don't have some degree of pain. i can recall how he was a calming voice when he was in congress i can recall how he made a difference in legislation a good many pieces of legislation passed because he was voting for it people would ask where is john lewis and as i sat there and i i saw the ceremony develop i just thought in my mind how a person who was born into poverty the grandson of sharecroppers. a person who has his heritage rooted in slavery. who was a son of the segregated south. that no one could have predicted at his birth that he would come to congress but who made his way to congress not because he was
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writing great legislation but because people knew that there needed to be a righteous voice in congress and he became literally that conscious of congress the moral compass of congress he had a true north when it came to righteousness and it was just an amazing thing to sit there and think of how he was able to make his way from the farmlands to the congress of the united states of america and to have the impact that he did on peace peaceful protests and on human rights and civil rights it was it was quite moving somewhat painful but by the same token. we understand that many people say that. approach of fighting in the nonviolence way is not the right response anymore but you say to that. well that has been a model for approach for many people for many many years this is not something new
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when i was led we heard this as well and before that it was said but i think that. gandhi gave us a great message about nonviolence and peaceful protest dr king took that message and he shared it with john lewis and john lewis took it to heart he literally became the sermon. that he preached he became the supreme supreme example of what nonviolence and peaceful protest is all about so i listen to people i hear what they say but i disagree i think this is still the way he demonstrated on the edmund pettus bridge by putting his life on the line that you expose. the flaws
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in those who would suppress you and oppress you. when you are peaceful and you can see how their anger and hate is harmful to society if they hadn't crossed that it went to this bridge knowing they were marching into brutality i'm not sure i would be in congress today because the voting rights act was passed as a result of their being there if they had confronted those men with those clubs if they had confronted them with brutality it would have been just a big melee on the edmund pettus bridge people would be talking about how they were writing but they had the courage to show peace in the face of hate show love in the face of this hate and in so doing it changed the world i mean congress and a good many others are so i hear them but i disagree with you congressman president
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trump just announced that he won't come to the capital to pay his respects to lay down the us how do you feel about that. i think that. this is a day to say good things. to the very positive. and i will simply say that i'm here floyd very positive response and i hope that all of the persons who come will be positive and those who will speak up. what is happening today will share a positive message everyone should this is a day for peace a day for us to acknowledge that the world can be changed by one person who can make a difference if he's on the side of righteousness and john lewis was on the side righteousness. i was the texas congressman al green there speaking with the w.'s in
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his poll well the day is almost done the conversation continues online join us on twitter a d w news you can follow me to bring goth t.v. and we'd like to leave you tonight with the winds words of a true american son the late congressman john lewis and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see then if about 5 people have been discriminated against and it doesn't matter where they are black white latino asian american a native american but it's straight again muslim christian the jews. we all live in the same house the american house. full fair. with the.
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