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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2020 4:00pm-4:30pm CEST

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bialik guest. managed by for. this is. germany braces for the 2nd wave of the. express concerns over shop the rising infection numbers. becoming complacent possibly with disastrous consequences. the search for madeleine mccann leads police to a. 3 year old vanished from. the parents of
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toddlers the ever since to find. and guilty of corruption 7 times over and now sentenced to 12 years in jail. looted millions of dollars from. welcome to the program germany is bracing itself for a 2nd wave of the us the country's leading public health institute says new infections have risen sharply in recent days and it's blaming negligence among the population for driving the problem. 6 months after germany saw its 1st krona case many germans feel relatively at ease. but germany's leading research institute warns that the worse may be yet to come but don't ladies and gentlemen this latest
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rise in covert 1000 cases here in germany is leaving all of us here. very concerned . after we had managed to keep the number of cases stable for several weeks until we have again seen a significant rise in cases for several days or weeks. the government warns that didn't you call week 1000 clusters must be contained to prevent a 2nd wave. if now in the summer through our leisure travel behavior we cause a rise in the rate of infections overall infections then it will become all the harder to keep the situation under control this autumn. so far germany's health system has not been overstretched by the way. over the last 6 months or done 200000 people in germany were confirmed to have coronavirus and more done 9000 lost their lives. paul showed germans continue to support the cautious approach of
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government and i believe that the government has controlled the crisis well. compared to other countries germany has managed. in face of new outbreaks germany has announced it will introduce mandatory test for travelers returning from high risk countries. for more on this i'm joined already correspondent brady kid you are in bavaria in the town of mumming that is in focus because we've seen a massive. outbreak at a farm over there just looking at the way have reacted to try and control this outbreak does it give us some idea of how germany would respond to a possible 2nd wave. it certainly does and an indicator of that is exactly what you can see right behind me right now and this is
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a test center for locals here in the town of manning where just over 3000 people can now be tested for free after the outbreak which you mentioned at a local farm and it just took a matter of hours yesterday for this tent to be erected and today just across town a 2nd testing center was also set up so it seems that what we will see if there is indeed a 2nd wave of covert 19 here in germany is a very localized response and one concern that many people who are coming here to be tested it's a voice to me was the idea of a quarantine many people being very matter of fact about what the coming days and even coming weeks might bring here manning depending on how many more positive cases a confirmed here in this tiny bavarian town but it seems that quarantining and a lockdown even for an entire small district is the last thing that locals want to specially in the heat which i'm sure you can get
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a feel for right now absolutely germany wants to also impose barters testing on travelers who come from high risk areas can you give us some details of how this will actually work in practice particularly on border crossings not. well we could see an indication of how that might work in the coming days the bavarian said the local government cabinet here in bavaria announced today that from orcus 7th there will be voluntary tax senses assessed on 3 border crossings between the various and austria so that will give us some insight as to how that might work but already in the meantime the voluntary tests available at several a large across germany and also at some central train stations as well but the next step as you say would be to make some of these tests mandatory specially for people returning from high risk areas but of course there are
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a lot of the cool and legal questions to be asked 1st and that is something that the german health ministry is looking into but certainly something that we could see become a reality in the next couple of weeks did have a correspondent kate brady in the big things on in the maddening vertigo thank you so much. for this year to germany are digging up a garden in the investigation into the disappearance of madeleine mccann they're searching a plot of land near the city of homs which has been linked to a man who german authorities the suspect was involved in what abduction and the british toddler was 3 years old when she vanished on a family holiday and. 13 years ago the case has never been solved despite attracting global attention. almost spyro is following this for us tell us what you have for us. so this was 1st reported by a local newspaper in the city of hanover and then. to german media by local prosecutors there are certain elements that they did reveal so for example that
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that is taking place that there's an excavator that's also being used that police will continue digging that in other words that it's not finalized what is still not known from this particular search is why exactly they are in this month although it has been reported that the suspect spend some time in hanover starting in 2007 so those are key questions that still remain when it comes to the suspect the suspect is in prison in the city of here in northern germany for drug related offenses and he was actually revealed to be the prime suspect of this madeleine mccann case a few weeks ago especially after a german television program that deals with real crime investigations since then obviously this case has attracted particular attention not only in the english speaking world where it already attracts a lot of attention but also here in germany as well didn't lose time sparrow thank you very much for that 9 months after a right wing extremist
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a turk the synagogue of the german city your father has a new entrance door in october last year. tried to enter the synagogue where 52 people were celebrating young kapoor it was only thanks to the security door that the bloodbath was prevented now the door has been replaced by a new even more secure the old one is to become the central object or from planned to primordial the main suspect of the hunter is on trial in the city of mark to be charged with murder and attempted murder he killed 2 people and since confessed to the crime. nor makers and family members have been honoring the late us congressman and civil rights pioneer john nervous a set of body fluids was held inside the rotunda of the capitol building where he is the 1st african-american congressman to lie in state u.s. died of cancer earlier this month at the age of 80 bidding farewell to
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a friend those who work side by side with the late john lewis paid tribute to his life and legacy. the 17 term congressman from georgia was a pioneer of the civil rights movement remembered for his unwavering pursuit of equality for all. they were all john was a person of great. he also was a person of great humility always giving credit to others in the movement. john committed his life to advancing justice and understood that to build a better future we had to acknowledge the past. house speaker nancy pelosi spoke of lewis is a man revered and beloved by both sides of the political aisle. his bodies lying in state at the capitol rotunda well known make his the members of
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the public a lock can pay their respects. to be a great man. is the joy for civil rights and. it was my are so many of our generation nowadays needs to look back and learn. how he helped to realize the ideals that this country was founded on are all men are created equal hopefully we as younger people will come together and continue to walk in his footsteps and carry on that mantle. arriving in washington on monday representative lewis took a final tour of the capitol. his motorcade made a symbolic drive down black lives matter boulevard but as time of heightened racial tension in the u.s. mourners lined the street to honor the late congressman a recording of the late civil rights icon was played one last time for his fellow role make his. never hate. live in peace. we are
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1. 1 people i want to thank you very much. the words he wanted the world to live by. now to some other stories making news around the world a nearly 100 people have been rescued from an inflatable boat of the coast of malta in the mediterranean sea the military went to their aid although some groups of criticized what they call systematic delays in maltese rescue efforts the boat was off the libyan coast when it got into difficulty. australian police arrested 6 people at an anti-racism march in sydney saying there was a due to the. protest was led by the family. and indigenous man who died after being too strained by prison guards. in pakistan heavy floods inundating you
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have to defeat 5 people experts blame flooding on design development logs drainage systems and climate change which is affecting monsoon patterns. but the country's 5th biggest city on lockdown after at least 15 infections were discovered in a hospital transport has been cancelled in and out of the city which is home to more than 1000000 people. the former prime minister of malaysia. has been sentenced to 12 years in jail after being found guilty of corruption but he won't be spending any time behind bars yet the judge granted a delay to the sentence it was the 1st of several trials and faces over the looting of billions of dollars from a state's development fund the case is being seen as a test for malaysia's efforts to stop corruption. former prime minister not heading into court to be found guilty for his party one of the biggest financial
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fraud in history. during his time in government billions of ringgit disappeared from state investment fund be prosecutors allege some $700000000.00 landed in his private account and were used to buy luxury watches and diamond necklaces. in 2015 evidence of money laundering and theft the marriage in 2018 not government was ousted and the judicial proceedings against him began. in. goldman sachs is also deeply employed in the vast financial scandal having helped set up the fund last week the investment bank agreed to a $3900000000.00 settlement with the malaysian government regarding allegations of
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wrongdoing against its employees but it's not over for not he faces 4 more trials linked to the scandal throughout the former leader has maintained his innocence and has said he will appeal today's verdict. spots now in financial distress bundestag have agreed to accept financial aid from the german state of unauthorised best failure they want has not disclosed the truckers said earlier this month that they would have to take drastic measures in order to survive the club enjoyed of both when is the good season finishing 12th and missing out of normal in football the state finance ministry says shelter are not being treated any differently to other companies. and their mind of the top stories we're following for you at the moment germany is bracing for a 2nd wave of the core of us there's been a significant rise in infections over the last few days and authorities fear it could get for us as holiday makers for top. and german police are digging up
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a garden in the city of hama was part of the search for madeleine mccann the 3 year old vanished from a holiday pop up in portugal in 2007 believe a german man cut a fee in prison was involved in hundreds of girls. this is the news live from berlin monica jones up next ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation . how to make city street. how can we protect our tests. we can make a difference to the ideas the environmental series including $3000.00 on t.w. dawn. today is well to stay every year more than a 1000000 people die from liver cancer and said roses which of course by viral hepatitis the numbers are staggering for
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a disease which vaccines under treatment and now available. globally. b. and c. after 325000000 people but only one in 10 of those people have been tested. and only one in point 5 received appropriate treatment. the world health organization wants to eliminate hepatitis by 2030 but some experts are now asking whether the covered 19 pandemic could derail that goal. welcome to you covered $900.00 special here on the news i want to get jones in the end good to have you with us sars cove too isn't our only enemy amid the coronavirus pandemic viral hepatitis continues to claim thousands of lives every day worth remembering what we're up against. their own main strains of the hepatitis virus referred to as types a. d and. according to the world health
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organization millions of sufferers unaware of the disease but slowly creeps up on them with an inflammation of the liver unbeknown to them all habitat is pathogens except for c. are preventable by a vaccine. the lack of testing also means many cases are discovered too late. and that for a disease that spreads easily and through poor food hygiene dirty water and lack of sanitation. the rest. are all spread via blood semen and other bodily fluids. for more i'm joined by all of them care the spokesman of the german association off research based pharmaceutical companies good to have you with us please tell me how is the fight against covert 19 affecting the fight against hepatitis.
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it's affected in 2 ways really one is that the vaccination campaigns get interrupted in quite a number of countries because. the health care system is so occupied with dealing with covert 19. the all the problem is that patients are afraid to go to the doctor because they are afraid to contract covert 19 in the waiting room really and so if they suspect that they may have got infected. some kind of appetite is they don't seek diagnosis and don't think treatment of course that is a phenomenon that we see with with a lot of illnesses heart attacks and so forth. is also known as the silent epidemic what actually do we need to know about it how how does
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it differ from code 19. well have a tie does this actually not one does the at least 5 different diseases they all calls by viruses to have a different holes so. dangerous one so really the most dangerous ones b. c. and d. and. these appetite is especially b. and c. and i can be really silent as you are in fact it. for you if without noticing you have no symptoms you'll feel well a ripping fine and only after year of when the viruses really. how much harm to your liver you'll start to feel sometimes that's why it's called fila right and of course there is no vaccine against hepatitis c. yet but there are certain drugs to treat patients as well talk about that in
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a moment don't go anywhere but let's just have a quick look at where we stand with the treatment for hepatitis c. and how this could perhaps also help 9000 patients. around one percent of the world's population 71000000 people have hepatitis c. . the virus is transmitted through infected blood for example from shared syringes toothbrushes razors and through unprotected sex. unsterilized equipment in touch to studios is also a risk that causes $3.00 to $4000000.00 new infections every year. the virus attacks the liver and causes an infection which can have serious complications such as liver cancer also ross says there is no vaccine but there are medicines to treat the infection for decades researchers have given intense study
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to the hepatitis c. virus that could help in the search for medicine to fight cough it 19. researchers at the university of mines in germany a fed reams of data into the super computer the computer simulates the effects of $42000.00 substances tested in hepatitis research against the corona virus the result for hepatitis medications contain active ingredients which could hinder application of the. rhona virus that discovery could accelerate the time to develop and other drug. of the german association of research based pharmaceutical companies i.d.d. we find a therapy that helps those hepatitis c. encoded 9000 patients but what are the chances well it would be absolutely fantastic if one of those trucks what do you really suited to treat covert 19
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because we know them well we know about the side effects are minimal so these are the kinds of math that you really want to have it just takes time the supercomputers right at the beginning then of calls you have to verify those results in cultures for example because they're out of the. logical system is not a level of complexity above a computer and if it turns out that you can use them in clinical trials so at the moment. from dramas actually different drugs. which contain antibodies which have been copied from antibodies found in the blood of x. patients x.
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covert 9000 patients so they seem to have the best chances right now in order to. cure well 900 patients is that one of the best shots that we're having right now. it's suddenly one of the best shots and it's the approach which you can pursue fairly quickly we know how to handle and it all days we know how to produce them mass produce them with a technology. and so if this turns out to be a good approach we can have a mass production of them and handling in the clinics quite quickly but these are just some of the many many approaches we have we have stopped counting something $200.00 plus madsen's actually tests the suitability
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against covert 19 among them some hepatitis mithun's right well that sounds promising and hopefully very soon we're lucky and find the right therapy for all those diseases from the german pharmaceutical industries association thank you so much for your time oh you're welcome thank you. well then how are animals fairing in the pandemic that depends of course on where they live and how they kept tipping gwyn's young ones of the brookfield zoo in chicago was visibly enjoying being prompted death perhaps just about a month ago and this is their thriving and growing fast brookfield susa indoor animal buildings of course have been temporarily closed to guests due to code 19. and the reason we show you this well we thought we share those pictures with you because many of you keep asking about animals and 19 in fact that is the question that. what are
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the optics on infection and pat. this is a question i answered in march based on a pre-print study that has since been peer reviewed and published but because it's asked over and over i guess it's time for a general reminder the authors found that of the common pets challenge with the buyer as ferrets could be infected but weren't very contagious cats appeared most at risk of both developing disease and passing it along to other cats dogs on the other hand didn't appear to be very susceptible but other animals might contribute to outbreaks a lot of mink have been called on fur farms and denmark spain and the netherlands in the last few months animal welfare groups say well over a 1000000 after the discovery that they could contract and pass on the disease not
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only to other meaning but also very likely to pets like like cats the fear is that fur farms could act as a reservoir for the virus and thereby contribute to future outbreaks in general though current thinking is that the chance of transmission from pets or other animals to people that it's quite low the infected maine cold on the fur farms in europe probably contract it originally from the humans who work there. the coronavirus pandemic has also changed the lives of millions of goats sheep and camels normally they now get sold at major markets ahead of. the festival of sacrifice this year fee is about catching the virus and keeping customers away and faced with deserted markets livestock breeders and traders attend to websites absence ocean media to showcase their animals festival of sacrifice is one of 2
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major holy days observed by muslims across the world including some 600000000 in south asia. well that's all still all for you tonight in special today of course remember that you can post your questions to derek on our you tube channel and if you'd like to keep up with the latest developments on the grown up virus then to subscribe to our newsletter go to d w dot com slash. dash. and that's it for me and the team of berlin as always thanks for keeping us company stay safe stay healthy. with me just. show.
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the smart way to get when you're. used to it as personal shows. on the show that of us. are going. in support. of all. the debris a lot. of . feeling. this thing.
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just. lazy. consumed forests and entire residential areas. raising temperature water shortages clearance there's an abundance of flammable material once again i did some stuff for some. good. looking. the world on fire starts aug 12th w. i'm in the squad mode so i have one mode left but of cause. i need to take out of the brakes in good condition when i'm coming back.
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