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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2020 8:30pm-8:46pm CEST

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was passed. i. doubt it's the 1st time they've ever done it. anyone there learn eventually. teach themselves. takes his 3000 students to feed in the rice field every day. normally you have to pay around $200.00 u.s.
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dollars per day to feed them. taking them to the field is 4 times cheaper. he takes them to his own fields as well as to his neighbors. i they finally arrive at the destination. the canteen and the playground await. but the students must 1st learn the 2nd lesson. lesson to getting off the truck. for $3000.00 to get off the truck within 15 minutes. i.
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i. i i. i. i getting off the truck might be simple for students in the lower levels yeah yeah bring me this take i know a level fast. but there's not a simple way for those on the upper decks i. close the rat 1st all the back up. chase them down to me. that i. i. have to use the emergency slide on the 1st day i. like skydiving was i.
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i i i want to use the adjustable able to move down by them so i just need more time. i. knew the out the grains of. rice from the last growing season. the ducks get rid of these grains and prevent them from growing and mixing with next season's crop. thank you. prepping to feed. the many duties the ducks have to help someone grow his rice. and there's always at least one or 2 bucket farms paragraph.
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so no students enjoy the field for around 8 hours. collecting the ducks from the field is the cabin is most difficult lesson 2. lesson 3. have to return to the truck at the sound of the whistle.
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however. getting 3000 students to stop playing is no easy task. when the whistle sound is easy to recognize. it tells them if it's time to go out to the field. but it takes months of training at. the time i use my voice and i caught a cold my voice wouldn't work properly but the whistle sounds the same again. some people call me crazy yeah blowing my whistle like i'm a soldier that the docs don't understand. what i do. i just do things my way.
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because some looks don't stop the female soon they will they exit which will give them a regular in. their in the equivalent of their teens. they enjoy having fun. and certainly even take it a step further. their
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performance is improving day by day. and the 1st day it took nearly 2 hours to get them out of the truck it was chaos. and needy but they've improved a lot they've learned to use the ramps and better going around the corner. i.
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i have how do you know when i need to be gentle when you are trying animals you can shout at them or be aggressive they have feelings when. i get there in step 2 we talk all day and one when they go into the field thanks start searching with that for something to eat straight away i know. that. if there's no food in one spot they move to another there. is no stopping i the field grazing of ducks is chinese folk wisdom that was brought to thailand 100 years ago. currently there are around me grazing ducks in the country. to. take his dogs home every day but most field grazing take up to feed in different
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rice we found that the ducks sneak out about. between. fields grazing raise them for meat and eggs. ducks. the use of chemicals. so much as around 40 acres of rice fields. this is a new lead planted plot. i'm check out the rice plots. these ones are about 14 days old. i'm also checking facts. because i don't use chemical pesticides on my yeah they normally come out to feed in the mornings indeed or in light to rare plants sprouting after 2 days if it ran short and after that the snails will
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eat everything like little on mars they have to take extra care until the rice is a month and. golden apples snails were imported as a food source from japan and taiwan however they brid with native snails resulting in apples nails which quickly spread and became the worst enemy for young plants this is one of the main reasons for the increase in agriculture called news. of. chemical usage in farming started in thailand around 50 years ago it was the result of the post world war 2 through the revolution. if you thought of that there were several changes one of them was the introduction of new types of rice the native riders are abandoned in favor of the new west they'll have a higher yield and shorter stocks or they require the use of chemical fertilizers
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and insecticides. that there has been a drastic increase in agro chemical imports in 2015 thailand imported around 80000 tonnes but recently this amount is increased by well over 100 percent to almost 200000 tons. i think have got a big oath or to carry out regular studies on occupational diseases and they show that a 3rd of thai farmers have abnormally high levels of chemicals in our blood. or may have no i oppose the use of chemical pesticides in addition to snails these substances are so kill fish and crabs they don't own the right way. grazing his ducks in other people's fields has potential dangers. it's
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a little needs to be extra careful. how i ask people if they use chemicals i have fields i need to know in advance because if they've recently sprayed their fields the chemicals could harm the ducks. and then they just harvested the rice. there's a lot of spillage for the ducks. now you are. when did they spray the fields. you can. keep a few days ago right now the owner always does it himself. up. there a snail shells birds have come here to feed there's lots of rice spillage and there . you go while some ducks ducks are popular among his neighbors he must check that
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the field is free of chemicals and that there is enough food for his ducks. for various snails here. taking the dogs to graze in the neighbor's fields provides a new tool benefits. it's a free service to clean up the field while some looks ducks get a free meal. was . i i i. i. i thank god.
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i talk so much better at getting in and out of the truck now than 40 percent faster than i grew up on the 1st day. i. mean i.
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thank. but you. come down to. my. next guns want to get out to. the well maybe you know maybe you. move to the left i. guess good job round of applause.


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