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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2020 11:45pm-12:00am CEST

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but today what it. is there's a settlement not just on the greens are good always and so i don't know but it soon will be we're occupying the land just as naturally as a frenchman would for his fields. of the. news. as you call it but i don't see a palestinian flag ever flying here. are but is a symbol because it's the capital of judea and a symbol for everyone from sudan and somalia to this is not about a handful of settlers or pilgrims as you were talking about half a 1000000 people. nobody is just going to throw us out of today are. not anymore. but the settlements and not without the critics in israel i think the country's supreme court recently declared the expropriation of
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palestinian land owners unconstitutional the ruling overturned a rule passed by the government in 2017 it should retroactively legitimize such land transfers but new settlements continue to be erected regardless. geos once we have $10000.00 residents and curious arba we will have a city and then they'll have to build a highway connecting it to jerusalem and then things will look very different each area are already you're sure to. keep at it but it's located on the outskirts of hip problem and can take advantage of the high unemployment among city's majority arab population a lot of palestinians work on the construction sites on jewish settlements. which. if everyone were like you they'd have been. ages ago. shallow in the summer and.
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it's been working here long. 6 months at least. it's your. yard sponsor choose to leave why are you helping to build their homes. the leibniz men we've been working for the jews for years working elsewhere is not enough to make a living i mean it could be must go to move you on the lowest you go to which is so you sure are sure this is my permit for working here. but it's not valid for israel you know is there also no only in kiryat arba mccomb come to cut it off. couldn't the old fart is relax the rules for these people that but he's never thrown a rock and has no criminal record sure they need help and encouragement but this
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little hot head here might then slit your throat the next day so no we can't let them into our land go. oh shit a cop was ok. it's israel that means this division between peoples. so after that israel doesn't want me to have citizenship so i have to commit to palestinian nationality. is a lot we need 2 independent states side by side now so this is. the meaning of. what if you were given israeli citizenship. oh sure i mean. to prove it is home 220-0000 palestinians and 800 jewish settlers no way is the israeli palestinian conflict movie simple been here outside israel. no way to palestinians and. jewish
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settlers live so closely to each other the 2 groups are stricken separated with fences and checkpoints. to. get it to the fence shows the fear of each other this is palestine and over there is israel and you can't cross over. a suit no not me it's very dangerous without the fans you know them but yes look. at the arabs have stone crabs israelis have tarmac. you know the us 1st stone versus tarmac. and that leads to hate cincinnati you know what that means you know as i tell ye is determined to buy up buildings in the arab area regardless of their well you know i'll show you a house on the other side where israelis aren't allowed to go or live he's clearly on the front burner r.v. to home plate at present i'll take off my yarmulke to avoid attention away from my
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let's just go there but yet i feel should present you don't. blow it on me but you're absolutely sure. so if you're. the nominee you couldn't come here know that by law that law says have. the israeli government. why. don't to improve relations and avoid provocations and conflict look as he will and to prevent any danger to me. if you see. the shame it's a lot. of
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. why you're interested in this house and. there's a great view across the square in front of the mosque and the caves of the patriarchs. and up front is a building which is precious and belongs to people who live in jordan and want to sell it. yes if you knees and. there are buildings owned by arabs and being sold to jews. all those if they agree then we'll accept that with all due. to reseize accept only that good.
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in this endeavor to acquire buildings and land in hebron extends not only to the entire west bank but also to majority palestinian east jerusalem. to proceed next year the aim is to buy buildings to restore them to jews and you know where does the money come probably. cornerstone the more you have yet do we provide the money and then money from me and my partners who also want to invest for ideological reasons want to fail and if as we go to the morgue and money from abroad and i shall be underhanded everybody going to yes most is coming from the u.s. but rarely from europe the europeans tend to give their money to the palestinian side these projects are funded by american jews against the suggestions on the ocean. and.
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penis i tell you he is committed to what he sees as a mission to settle the west bank which a news. sources told it dave this is an urban planning project for jerusalem from 1976 homes and others with this is us inside the walls of the old town and here is the western wall you don't usually and then. you see. you don't create a new world in an office you want a piece and this is my land. it's around 10000 square meters on the mount of olives. sort of is only it belonged to an old arab family from jerusalem a film about new shows that is. the temple mount is home to both the muslim dome of the rock and the western wall that is so sacred to the beaches jews. the hormones i mean that shit. on the back coming up is the tour
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a district of east jerusalem as all the people here are very anti israel let's say. what about sell them at the loss of the other they could get hairy now and it's all you know feel oh it's blocked off the cliff unbelievable stuff that's new to me they've gated off my land i wanted to take us through here with. us interesting and us and get us and. tell us what justice you're let's see what's possible. there's a road block here too i can't believe it who did that. yes inside. the sun. she said bawly. if things get out of
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control then we're french and we're doing a film for french t.v. jews these offices know. it but drift i mean. showed us what sort of appeals if we have to provide id when our french passports suit but they can appear. we have to keep them separate. things about it the peoples of the bit in my israeli passport that stays here always love with you. and careful from now on we only speak french in english. don't you know this is the mount of olives. and behind it is the temple mount
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which we also call the explanation before the mosque. just illegal yeah just sat there and good day the land was acquired legally by contract and paid for it in israeli court recognize the purchase the in me as the owner yelled goodness locked but the same cannot be entered in the land registry me they say it's risky politically and can lead to an uprising among nearby residents. in their eyes i did something crazy this year with 2 boys different and she'll. have you had threats for buying the lot. but you know if you have been as them oh yes i've had death threats a number of times when i've come here over the line she. welcomed how can he be coming from that direction. sorry we are friends to that is it. yeah. not all of them. are.
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hello. but it's all. coming from here yes. sir but that's my grand grand father built that house where was it set up a 100 year white why you don't build here why does it seems empty. was just for a tease very smart because i live in israel jewish roots now you build 4 houses over there the government took them down. they don't only to build. and who is the land is this really gives you have paper that is yours a 1st but they will take a nobody can take if you are paper a nobody they took the whole palestine you don't believe to peace you don't believe peace you don't believe justice be for peace justice be for peace this is my land give me my land don't make business.
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us gold on the job. at the drama. series about the bush regime i've been in on this to us it's all about i can't change 2000 years of history and still no of course i'd prefer to see a synagogue here instead of a mosque near that area but nobody's going to blow it up or demolish it got heated of course the mosque has been here for many years how could it disappear. well maybe through an earthquake or some other natural disaster i don't see any other solution but do i pray for it no go it's good watch me because i know.
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the protests have been silenced there is now fear and uncertainty on the streets. in hong kong china's new security law has shut down freedom of expression. teachers are threatened with dismissal. activists are being arrested for fleeing the country global 3000. and 30 minutes on d w. o s a far more posters from nigeria who we are as a people here that's what really would stands for their unique. 10000 authentic.
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fast moving target. and successful beyond belief. this is the way we do it. nollywood starts august 7th on d w. this is d w news and these are our top stories germany is bracing for a 2nd wave of the corona virus the country's leading public health institute says new infections have soared in recent days it blames negligence among the population for driving the surge in new cases.


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