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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2020 5:15am-5:30am CEST

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injuries and miss germany's winning 2014 world cup run the book does make a season starts on september 18th. as many as live from but live business news up next don't forget you can get all the latest news of olive side d.w. dot com talk a lot of this journalist. why subscribe to do you know where your books your favorite writer is in china like to see myself as the kid sky in the strange grown up world do you know where your books are you 2 are they friends so long to be with you i should try to see it for you which it was literally a bull fight among the for new stimulation or are they and i mean he's going to the feast see you in a couple of she'll push you to go with me but he says you should look as he's going to go good looking i guess for russia almost trumped slightly more i were to part
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documentary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between the presidents how does the little marie and the dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the. bosom bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. k. the u.s. economy suffers its biggest decline in post-war history meanwhile germany and i'd say rack or death in g.d.p. will get you analysis on what some are calling it the recession off a century. also coming up while america has tech giants help or hinder an economic recovery we'll look at how their fairing turned upon tonic. clonic airballs loses altitude coronavirus courses 18 months instead. in sales. this
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is the dumping of business i'm kate ferguson welcome to the show the united states and germany have posted their biggest economic decline in decades business investment exports and consumer spending all dropped as lockdowns put the brakes on economic activity in both cases the record drops came despite major government spending programs. one ruiz's one of around 18000000 unemployed americans. the 56 year old accountant lost his job at a forklift manufacturer after a contract at covert 19. with no job to go back to he's finding it harder to find work than he had expected which. many people are losing their jobs because the companies they work for closed their doors in fact my company closed they said they were not selling and shuttered their warehouses. factories are closing small businesses to americans are tightening their belts and that's cause the country's
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gross domestic product to drop by a staggering 33 percent last quarter. but it's also worth mentioning that if the u.s. counted g.d.p. like europe does that it would have only fallen by 10 percent making germany's g.d.p. drop during the 2nd quarter slightly worse than the u.s. is. however germany has seen less unemployment. thanks in part to government backed short term work schemes satisfied by digit pin numbers for germany in q 2 are worse than expected but let's be honest we weren't expecting good news in terms of growth the important thing is to put the 2nd quarter behind us and look to the future so everything depends on the course of the corona pandemic. in germany infection rates are on the uptick. around 700 new infections were reported on wednesday. in the u.s. the number is north of 60000. worrying numbers for one marines and he doesn't
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expect the economy to get back on track soon his wife and son work part time but they barely make enough to pay the family's bills. that's right this done with the business correspondent yes costa in new york yes the u.s. has been much more badly hit by cofa 900 than germany has been why then are they posting similar to clients well i mean there are devil is in the details so if you look at certain numbers for example investments here in the u.s. almost got cut in half in the past quarter also if you look at consumption there was also a drop of about 35 percent and i know that you can compare the headline number there almost 33 percent decline in g.d.p. with a good 10 percent in germany and it's like comparing apples to oranges but my feeling overall is that actually a country and an economy like the u.s. is fairing worse than that germany is faring better than the united states
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the economy here in the u.s. is driven by consumption of striven by services and those were the sectors most during the past months of the pandemic now against you know both of these countries very well how would you compare the stimulus response from both so far. well i mean definitely the united states is throwing a lot of money trillions of dollars at the problem you also have the federal reserve supporting the markets and the financial system but overall i would say that germany at least for now seems to be better prepared and that's basically because of the socialist social system that just works much better and much more direct to actually bring money to people where it's needed to bring it to companies where it's needed this by the way is not the fault of u.s. president donald trump we have those social systems here in the united states for
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decades and it's just very difficult to bring directly the money where it belongs to this is clearly something that has to be worked on for the future but as of now at least it feels like germany is the we dealing with the crisis better than the united states even if the headline numbers as you mentioned earlier are quite similar. great talking to you now to some of the other business stories making news zimbabwe's government is to pay $3.00 and a half $1000000000.00 to white farmers whose land was seized over 20 years ago unless say the seizure wreaked havoc on the agriculture sector it's unclear however the cost structure country will afford to the compensation in. chinese telecoms giant huawei has overtaken samsung as the largest smartphone maker in the world that's according to market research company connell us analysts say china's early
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recover from the coronavirus pandemic reinvigorated hallways domestic market where it sells more than 70 percent of its full is. now some of america's biggest tech companies have announced their financial results for the last quarter . facebook came out on top reporting an almost doubling in profits despite an advertiser boy cost during the quarter meanwhile amazon posted its highest profit ever and applebee's wall street's revenue expectations but google parent alphabet and now it's 1st ever a decline in overall revenue that was due to flocking. let's take a closer look now at how the u.s. tech sector has been faring during the pandemic to do that i'm joined by arthur sullivan i think thanks for coming on run me through just how it's an impact the coronavirus has had on the industry ok so it's not really been as simple as how
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about a good it's been it's been a bit of a mixed bag now in a lot of specs the big tech industry was made for the bizarre circumstances that the coronavirus pandemic put people in because it's an industry that's obviously based primarily on 2 things internet usage whether people will spend money on the internet or companies like amazon that was obviously a very clear way that they were going to benefit join the pandemic because people were rushing on to their platform to buy everything from groceries to facemask to whatever things that they weren't able to go to the stores to buy for giants in the social media areas just facebook or in the search area like google it was a little bit more challenging because while usage was off the all people were on facebook and google more advertising revenue was not necessary or because so many small businesses which advertise in those platforms were no longer in a position to advertise because their own businesses were struggling for other reasons to do with the pandemic so in many respects big tech has benefited on like so many other sectors from the circumstances of the pandemic but it's not as simple as that because there are other challenges that the democrats for them i think feldman thanks so much for your insights. and hosted
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a quarterly loss of 1900000000 euros the plane maker says the coronavirus has presented the industry with its greatest crisis ever the company sells half as many planes during the 1st 6 months of this year as a detour in the same period in 2019. for residents of the tiny town of levine you need to lose it's a familiar event and these 3 u.t. is on the way. whenever one of these giant aircraft is assembled in the nearby factories part of the fusion which has to squeeze through the tons narrow streets this time it's for plane to 70 to last the giant airbus a 380 has been discontinued after just 15 years in production i think that people would have loved to have the sec rough you know being produce for a longer period of time anyway again i think everybody is very proud about the aircraft and what it means to help us know how the skills that we developed along
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those is very important then to pave the way for the future innovation. up to $850.00 passengers fed on a $382.00 decks but times have changed airlines around the world are no longer looking for maximum capacity nobody want their aircraft to be cost effective and flexible the end of the a $380.00 couldn't come time for us we've barely recovered research and development costs and at the same time the company is dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. is in charge of carbon design but today he's in charge of delivering a long haul here of the new 50 type. the pandemic he says has picked airlines around the world in a precarious position. is feeling the knock on effect. 911.
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we've seen crises in the past 911 the sars virus those were just small dates that didn't affect our long term growth less time the losses are big and they're going to last much longer that means we have to think in terms of years before things get better. around the globe airlines are struggling with insolvency and cancelled orders airbus has had to cut production by 40 percent since the beginning of the pandemic employees like pilot thomas wilhelm see each delivery that takes place on shared you as a glimmer of hope. that was a switch to. it's important for us to keep our production stable even if it is it's a little level and it's a very good feeling and a positive sign that we're delivering big planes like the. group toyed with. the flight of the new a 350 was a success but stuff are worried airbus has announced plans to cut 15000 jobs from
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its worldwide workforce. and finally with all this economic doom and gloom you might be forgiven for just wanting to get away from at all no surprise then that the value of the so-called space economy has risen to an astronomical 400 and $30000000000.00 in the past 10 years spending on rocket satellites and other services has risen by more than 70 percent over 80 countries now have space programs. the sky's the limit i'm not following up time for thanks for watching.
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how will i pay my ranch more money for. ever more people are facing this reality around the world to cope with 19 pandemic is shattering millions of lines. in germany the government is reducing the load but how are things in places where people are struggling. next on d w. to the point showing
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a clear position on the international perspectives of. the united states and china drifting towards call of moral compass so much at stake what can be done to ensure that the world's 2 most powerful nations don't reach a point of no return find out onto the point show fight. to the point. the 60 minutes on t w. oh far more posters from nigeria who we are as a people you know that's what money would stands for they're unique. we wouldn't go in. center.
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court sentenced moving the camera. and successful beyond belief. this hollywood this is the way we do it. nollywood starts august 7th on d w. the coronavirus pandemic is not only a threat to our health for many it's a threat to their life a hoods and it doesn't matter whether you live in europe in the night.


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