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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2020 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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or are they enemies within the field of the huge seal of the border still pushed you know before we're finished you should know what he's going to go good luck to my dad lowered for right jeff dahmer trump and flooding your pollutant if i were to parking entry analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some bullies trump and couldn't starts august 3rd on d w. is europe seeing the start of a 2nd wave of covert 19 it's the middle of summer vacation season here and people are traveling that has led to a spike in corona virus cases in spain there have been a few new outbreaks here in germany too and local lock downs put back in place and in the u.k. prime minister boris johnson says he's seeing signs of a 2nd wave in some places so his government's put the brakes on easing lockdown
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restrictions. are you going to hope all these restrictions like the steam posed do firmly and the actual miss see in the front door because some group forward to them coming i would start right along this forest a pretty good thing. whether physically it was healthy it's the 1st thing isn't it because we need to get me to get over this grow that business we try to bracket you know do it to protect we. also coming up the beat goes on in berlin the city's famous club and nightlife scene is shut down right now a victim of the pandemic but illegal raves have been popping up outdoors will take you to the party in south korea they thought they had the pandemic under control
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because they had hardly any new cases then they opened the clumps and they had their 1st case in a clump within the week which meant that the club's had to be closed down again. but 1st to the u.k. coronavirus restrictions were supposed to be eased there on saturday casinos and bowling alleys were going to open up weddings could take place again but not so fast prime minister boris johnson now says the restrictions have to stay in place for another 2 weeks that's because of a worrying rise in new coal 1000 cases especially in northern england here's what the prime minister and the health minister matt hancock had to say. with those numbers creeping up our assessment is that we should now squeeze that brake pedal squeeze that brake pedal in order to keep the virus under control on saturday the 1st of august you remember we had hoped to reopen in england
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a number of the higher risk settings that had remained closed last night the health secretary announced new restrictions on household contact in the northwest specifically greater manchester and in parts of east lancashire and west yorkshire what we've seen is that one of the causes of this increase is households gathering together ignoring the social distancing roles so we're having to bring in action and say that 2 households cannot meet indoors because that way we can help to stop the spread of the virus i know that the steps that we're taking will be a real blow to many people everyone obviously whose wedding plans have been disrupted or who cannot now celebrate eades in the way that they would wish and i'm really really sorry about that but we simply cannot take the risk that the nature of the timing of the announcement has sparked anger among members of britain's muslim community announced by twitter late in the evening just hours
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before the holiest festival in the islamic calendar. so you can you can just imagine picture the scenario it was 9 30 in the evening last night which is christmas see you basically put the turkey in the oven you brought the presents you've got family coming around early in the morning from all of the country and 930 you read the news you see the twitter feed say i'm sorry but tomorrow is cancelled. now oldham is one of the communities that is experiencing a spike in corona virus cases and it has one of the highest rates in england right now local authorities have put strict measures in place because of the flare up opinions are mixed your own after no room in a word press. one of the getting once over truth of the giving them of the soul roots of the people up it confused and scared at the minute all we can do is follow the guidelines on public people and hope the government saving lives. and i've got
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a daughter in the hospital of. the congo and see. so. i'm not very happy at the moment. all right let's get some perspective from the u.k. now we have 2 guests with us john campbell is a medical expert he's a retired nurse and his you tube channels become an important resource for people seeking clarity about the coronavirus he's with us from carlisle and we have more $1000.00 shot he's the chief correspondent of geo news he reports on pakistan britain as well as muslim and european affairs he's joining us from london gentlemen it's great to have you both john i want to start with you how worried about are you about these a localized outbreaks that we're seeing. yes i'm very worried is the onset of the virus has been declining for some time now in the u.k. but over the past week or 2 we've seen a gradual increase but the increase is not even although over the counter those
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particular areas where the increase is more prevalent there's more of the virus in the community and what the government is doing he's moving to try and crush these increased localized areas for example nest has been closed down probably 3 or 4 weeks now a gradual reopening of leicester stocks on monday and now this straight to manchester area it's a contiguous area there's greater manchester yorkshire possible long kisha that have now had to be closed down unfortunately and what the government doing particularly in combination with the local directors of health is looking at the drivers of transmission and a lot of the drivers of transmission in this area is caused by families socialising together especially in multigenerational households so the office for national statistics has shown that south asians typically i'm more likely to they've been multigenerational households than the members of the population and this is particularly a problem because it means that younger people will come into contact with their
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parents and their grandparents and this is an issue because the older people are generally speaking the more they are at risk and also the south asian population has suffered disproportionately in terms of morbidity and mortality so it's essential that we protect these vulnerable populations morteza let's come to you now because we just heard there that there's been some numbers about south asian communities we know that there's been a lot of anger in places like older men brought for that have large muslim communities who are now celebrating they can't meet up with their families to celebrate i mean how big of a blow is this. well you know actually if you kill to minister announced that you know that is going to be logged on specially you know on the day off a muslim festival of feed it can wasn't really a big shock and and a disappointing news for nearly a you know between 800000 blond you know 1000000 muslims who live in those areas it's off for good a month just to not and of us your i mean you know that up to huge pockets of asian
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pakistani muslim indian and in muslim communities who actually vote like you know just about 10 hours of a phone offering prayers and huge numbers and start of their sort of missions which is it so that is like you know the i mean there was so much kind of misunderstanding which was we start with a government that has been no clarity of why a group of the other gen needs all of the health minister to go out needed 10 o'clock at night when most of the group love gone. i mean you know i mean most of you do not used to it but it's just you know that a small percentage are opposition to jews there so that if you did a lot of confusion as soon as you just get but it's very important to note here that this is the festival which you don't muslims varied all year long and they had made huge populations for it they were good they had learned meals together they had celebrations from the supposed to reject media that some had actually other did left london to at least to do that has to be that families but all of
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a sudden you know a big plus would on top of that that it was a very you know huge a lot of and given in the community as to why does that you know that is a very overwhelming feeling but in the community within the issue community ok that this is a dog or dietitians this is dog you didn't eat and this this this size is out of you know the body studer types that asian there to to do for generations lived together and then more the more activist but actually that is not the case ok john i have to bring in here because i saw you just shaking your at your had at that i mean what is your feeling as a fair to say that this it isn't that lockdown that's targeting specifically this community that's. absolutely not the data from the office for national statistics to show that asians are much more likely to live in multigenerational households and that is documented by the office for national statistics and to be fair the government has been warning for some time to further vote down measures may be necessary and local directors of health the days and weeks before have been warning
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that this might be necessary so to say this is complete you know inspector expected is not accurate there's been the possibility of this for some time the local directors of health warned of this last tuesday for example in various parts of that particular area so it wasn't inspected but to make to make this into a racial issue over a cultural issue is indeed unfortunate we all fighting a life threatening pandemic cadia we have to look at the meds and we have to look at the epidemiology and i think to cloud the science with cultural issues is unfortunate and indeed cultural clouding has been a problem throughout this pandemic and i mention this quite a few times we've seen it in the united states we've seen it in iran we've seen and afghanistan and now we're seeing in the u.k. and i think it's important we keep that out and stick to the signs this is about saving lives ok i'm going to get your reaction to that a moment 1st just listen to what the health minister matt hancock had to say but
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unfortunately the rights across the whole area was starting to rise and not just in the more focused areas like in oldham. and others that brought for differences that we've been working on so that's why we had to take action across the board ok so much as we heard the health minister say this is due to a spike in infections and john said that it's unfortunate that there is something he called a cultural clouding what's your reaction to that. well in shadowman some of the talk about i'll give you stock to give you good example i've been covering the story and i did it i think about 7 or 8 stories and it's not my newspaper the news international genius what happened a few days ago there to public at that many of you know the doctors talking about you know public bodies started sticks and all that good as a go public health thing learn in collaboration that the daily telegraph newspaper published a very sensational headline it said that you know british pakistanis at the sponsible thought of 50 percent of the imported koran and guesses and then that you
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know the story made headlines and that you it was there as it biased on his upbringing or thrown off from abroad then it turned out that there were on detainee cases on the t.v. guesses which came from pakistan out of nearly 60000 and those are all you know bases of that it was said that on pakistani the most of the original imported cases are from pakistan not when i asked public opinion if they had a competitive bid i would any other forms of salvation national or beautiful that matter any other nationality didn't have any so there was an element of targeting and to do public health england has not expend why the said that if you look at you know since in the last 4 months of the cases of it because i know what is the code 19 you know doggone it is a record those are happened at the beaches at the bugs i did out of places that i've been musical festival going on those are the yards which have been really really high risk off and then i mean look did the government said why is it mr
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cummings what there was a whole lot scandal about how he has been picking their been governed how distance of a big can these are so good but then something is the big government is trying to portray it is more about what the government suspects about a certain you know communities i live the nation communities and i tell you this to your diet it should hold on. 3 or 4 generations lived together on us today that is not true no history would remember in seventy's but not anymore ok. i have to bring john back in here and john to follow up on more testing i mean there's been a big heat wave right now and i just want to bring in some images that we have of bournemouth also brighton and pool there were beaches during this heat wave i don't know if we have the images at the moment but these these beaches were packed we saw some pictures at least of that today so i mean are britons really in general not just the south asian communities observing distancing and mask roles that less so than we would like but to talk about the the idea about asian communities being
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particularly at risk let me give you one particular example from black bird in darwin now the population in that area is about 50 percent south asian there's been 114 cases in the past week in the past 2 weeks and 97 of those whoa have been asian and the reason i'm concerned about that is asian people have a greater morbidity when they get covered 19 disease they are more likely to be hospitalized they are more likely to go to intensive care they are more likely to develop a cure response reduce stress syndrome they're more likely to develop sepsis and they are more likely to die now there's a lot of reasons for that and the office for national statistics has pointed to the multigenerational households which all that it's a simple office for national statistics fact is no point trying to disagree without and in my view another major factor is lack of fits him indeed because dr cohen skin makes fits in india more slowly and is a very important and you know modulating mode here i've been trying to get this message through for months now but it just doesn't seem to be getting through the social economic stuff seems to get in the way of the medical facts and that's the
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problem to many very interesting discussion where of course we're going to leave it there john campbell medical expert in northern england were totally shocked commentator on a pakistani affairs in london thank you both so much for your time thank you. now here in berlin coronavirus restrictions have shut down the city's notoriously wild nightlife that's got some ravers raving mad there defying authorities in their going underground or rather outside and i know to our viewers that this report contains flashing images. merlin's club scene is world famous but corona is threatening its existence. clubs like this one have been empty for months. a vaccine is the only hope for many owners. and we've
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already seen examples of brawn showing that it really doesn't work in south korea they thought they had the pandemic under control because they had hardly any new cases then they opened the clumps and they had their 1st case in a clump within the week which meant that the clubs had to be closed down again. people are itching to dance again. illegal raves have been taking place weekly in berlin's house in hyde park up to 5000 are thought to have attended one last saturday. laura was one of them she wanted to remain anonymous. just look around you at every football match there are at least 22 people on the field with substitutes you've got up to 30 or 40 people and they were very quick to allow that again. with restrictions but this categorical band ignores the needs of the party community. but reverse seem to
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be ignoring the threat of the coronavirus. i think the problem with a lot of people is that they can't understand why open air options are not being made available. they don't see an infection risk because there have been numerous large events such as demonstrations with no infections because. it would appear that there is little danger of infection. so i guess people say why not make it legal and if it's not made legal they do it illegally in this new league. of these and for. many club owners have asked district authorities to allow open air events they've been waiting months for a decision. for they can't be that hard to just make green spaces available where it's possible to set up a security cordon and some portable toilets people are doing it anyway much of an
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empty font fought on. sinful. i think most of us would cooperate if there were an official location that's cordoned off with a limit of say 50 or 100 people and you'd have to wear a mask. but with fall and cooler weather fast approaching the window of opportunity for open air events is closing and with it possibly many of the city's beloved clubs. now the european union will not provide grants to 6 polish towns that have declared themselves l.g. ideology free zones or have adopted family rights resolutions it's a rare financial sanctioned by the e.u. and one that has been condemned by the polish government and public fully aaliyah's has been looking into this thank you for joining us what exactly is in a free zone well basically it dates back to last year when over 80 villages towns
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and even provinces in fact in poland declared themselves these l g b t free zones now what it is is a basically there are areas that don't provide avenues will say for members of the q plus community to express themselves. for example trying to inform people about issues that affect our community or even hold pride marches for example and it's important as well to note that these aren't laws they're. resolutions and their declarations of intent but that doesn't take away from the fact that of course these are incredibly dangerous and very damaging to the close community and also it's been condemned not just in poland by rights groups but of course across europe what is the e.u. saying about this decision well the e.u. back when these laws were these resolutions were originally and the parliament actually condemned the move from poland and also said that they would increase
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monitoring of the use of e.u. funds and of course that brings us to where we are now and it's very clear what the stance has been from europe if we just actually read a tweet from the president of the e.u. commission ursula funder line it was very clear she said that our treaties ensure that every person in europe is free to be who they are live where they like love who they want and aim as high as they want and will continue to push for in union of equality but if we actually read what helena da you know she's the e.u. commissioner for equality which brings us to what this story essentially is about that grants are not being given to these 6 towns in poland she says that you values and fundamental rights must be respected by member states and state authorities this is why 6 time twinning applications involving polish authorities that adopted l g b t f reasons or family rights resolutions were rejected so they're coming out and they're saying directly to poland look this is not ok and we are going to make sure that there are consequences and what does poland think of this losing out on money
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in the fixed towns well i mean poland said the minister of justice there has condemned the e use decision and he said that he will not allow discrimination of polish citizens and local governments by the european union let's not forget as well the presidential campaign president dude made l g b t q plus writes you know a pretty important topic was talking very much about ideology and he made it one of the main issues of the campaign and also the leader of. holden's governing party has said. rights are threat to polish identity to our nation to its existence and the polish state so this is a big topic in poland and tell us more about the situation right now for the l.c.p. teach you plus community in poland well poland is one of the few countries still in the european union where it doesn't issue or recognize same sex civil partnerships because of what i was talking about there politically it's created a pretty hostile environment for members of that community and in some cases we've
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even seen violence and you know what's quite worrying and very scary even is to say that in poland hate speech against the. community isn't punishable by law so it's old these elements which are making it a very you know difficult place to be and have for members of the community do these probably fully public fully ileus with a thank you so much. the atlantic hurricane season this year is already breaking records as the trend toward more severe weather continues 9 storm systems have produced hurricane force winds the season after tropical storm isaac was declared a hurricane on friday it's the earliest date for the 9th hurricane of the season on record storms have already caused havoc across the caribbean and atlantic coast this year it was an early start this year for the hurricane season storm started forming before the official start of the season on june 1st it is the 6th year in
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a row that hurricanes have formed early. and we have matthew capote's here with us he's an atmospheric scientist and a meteorologist at the washington post matthew thank you for joining us as we said this is a busy hurricane season so put this into context for us i mean how troubling are the numbers that we've seen so far. you know just to give you some perspective we've had 9 storms so far typically to date are not storms closer to october or so we're more than 2 months ahead of schedule and it's not just the number of storms this form we've used so much energy in the atlantic so far this season your cult a security disciple an energy now typically we see about $100.00 units of ace this time of year we're at 238 percent what we normally see so the arctic is buzzing with activity and it doesn't look to shut up anytime soon or the last time we saw hurricanes come this strong and fast was 2005 when a hurricane katrina as we know brought devastation to the u.s. do you think that there's any indication we could be heading for that type of storm
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or season again you know it's impossible to predict weather are going to go one storm that goes you know all the way up to it's up the scale but i do you think this season if there was to be season this season is really proud we have so many different elements in this season bird sample large if you're in the western atlantic point 6 degrees celsius above normal any have to keep in mind for every degree celsius the air temperature increases the whole 7 percent more water so that really pushes us towards stronger storms and wetter storms which is pretty concerning already it is far out of season now in addition we have a weekly niña starting to form that reduces the westerly winds in the upper atmosphere over the atlantic westerlies to strong going to tear apart a storm playing tug of war with the storm we don't have that this year so we're likely to see more storms in addition we have cooler waters of the senate which means rising air over the atlantic easier for storms to form and on top of that something towards the end of august probably connectedly couple killed in waves will help push more air out all the lancets or again the stage really separate
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increasing number of storms and with ocean captures like this more intense storms are likely it doesn't sound good matthew i mean why are we seeing this frequency now. well that every roughly 40 years or so 25 to 40 years you get this flurry of activity now over the past 4 years we've seen 6 category 5 hurricanes in the atlantic it's been a very busy period and part of the reason may be thanks to climate change now probably change won't increase the number of storms but it was a 2 for significantly more intense student changing window to get the atmosphere warming waters and of course pushing these storms to truro whose motives and matthew just quickly what is it that authorities can do to prepare unfortunately not really a ton of other than making sure people know this is a threat to anyone along the atlantic coastline pass watch this and take it seriously and when in certain elements with climate change this scales are tipped towards more rapid intensification in the future which means a storm can gather strength
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a lot more quickly than we can predict it as and the consequences can be significant. meteorologist at the washington post thank you for sharing that insight with us and your. that was the day as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or at some ugly ass and don't forget to use our house check the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day.
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the difference in genetic material you saw it takes men and women to get sick if. gender medicine takes the distinction seriously as a man or woman what you have to know when it comes to health for better medical
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treatment and prevention. good shit. 30 minutes. to go beyond. yes. it was a little bit to live. as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to you. what ever it is. running no such influence. w. made from mines. not all think. well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up in the capital thanks to you consider jemma culture of looking at the stereotypes of class if you think you see from the country that i'm not. yet needed seems to take his grandmother day out to meet
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us it's all about a new guy my job join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. post and a new era has become. the age of fire you can feel the heat. this has been feeding. and all of these. blazes are still every piece of the. flames that consume forests and entire residential areas. placing temperatures water shortages land clearance there's abundance of flammable material once again good players know stuff to find some up close and close and the someone world going up in smoke and conflagration the world on fire starts
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aug 12th on d. w. we have 205 back. and dance with the baby. this is deja vu news live from berlin and democracy deferred elections in hong kong are delayed for a year schieffer executive carrie lam says a surge in coronavirus cases is the reason germany weighs in by suspending its extradition treaty with the territory. also coming up we joined the manager of a coronavirus task force in israel the city where he works as
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a hotspot for the disease and one of the worst and most.


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