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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2020 11:30am-12:01pm CEST

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i'm not nothing out of the gym but sometimes i found myself laughing with the german thinks deep into the german culture here you could get his grammar there you go it's all about who you know i'm right so join me for me to get on to the course . what's it job openings for chickens find out later in the show. and with that one welcome to another edition of your own bikes let's see what else we have lined up for you. a life sized version of the classic boardgame cat town on
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germany's my no i and. how to prepare choose from cyprus in many different ways. or to choose a can with a little imagination be compared to champaign as in both cases the name is protected only about 2 dozen people are allowed to call themselves or to design us the ana is awarded by the french federation of old could chew and fashion which also to sites who may participate as a guest design at the party or to shows this year aisa was invited he's a self-taught fashion designer who was born in cameroon but because of the crawling up on that make it like all designers he could only present his designs in digital form. this is the man i.e.c. his new collection. he's the 1st designer from cameroon to showcase his creations of the paris shows even if this time only on film.
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i.e.c. has been living in the fashion capital paris for more than 20 years. to me paris is like a museum there's always something new to discover. the fashion is everywhere culture is also very present so many people from all over the world come together here paris is a very international city and very important for fashion. draws inspiration from both africa and europe he sees himself as a kind of ambassador for africa and the look serious fashion industry. we said if. i don't try to make clothes like to your long gone. and i don't have the means to do that. you need from a different world and that's what i'd like to bring across using my designs to tell
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my story of africa. i want to show that the fabrics can be worked well and that the clothes can compete internationally. it could be a fit. he designs most of the fabrics himself. this series was produced in ghana it will be used to make a coat ordered by a customer. but. there are machines very modern ones that can produce these kinds of fabrics in a modern way. in africa we don't have these machines yet. there's still a lot of sewing by hand like back in the day. also working by hand is very time consuming but when it's done well it's really high quo. it would be offensive to. the city or the government. and as opposed to popular cliches not everything needs
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to be colorful. demand i.e.c. learned of the trade all by himself an exception and paris's elitist fashion seen. the son of a professional boxer and a model he grew up in cameroon and was interested in his mother's exclusive dresses from an early age. that my mom was pretty cockhead ish she was very beautiful and liked to wear nice dresses. as a child and i was allowed to close the. door it all made an impression on me and i started to sketch from an early age to please i wasn't talking it just sort of developed to put it i drew figures in the sand with a stick that's all so then i designed clothes for them it is a that's how it all began. with. later he became a dancer and performed in a traditional group with his siblings he started modeling 1st in cameroon and later
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for well known brands and friends. eventually he found that his own fashion label his 1st own couture show in january 2020 caused a stir the international fashion scene was delighted by his mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. it was a milestone and not just for a easy to do with how it was as if a door was opened it was a historic moment and then event for the media to organize i mean everyone was surprised when the paris chamber of commerce for fashion announced that we could take part at the hold coach will we it will leave you. and yet black designers are still an exception up. big fashion shows even if there have been some changes take fashion houses like leaving town for example who's had designers vergil oblong supermodel naomi campbell says it's not enough and recently called
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for more black models and designers in the fashion industry. it is time to read it sustainable conversations with minorities can they can they do so it's good that she said it but it would have been better if she had said it earlier when she was still a superstar. she's had a great career she is our voice. but sometimes you don't think of raising that voice when you're at the top and in the spotlight credit while it's a shame she did not do it earlier. now the manner you see hopes that his fashion is not only admired but to especially by african haute couture customers looking for traditional yet elegant design. this is the best dressed lady by fog this is fleet up and it is
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a white misconception that chickens are color blind that is not chewed and at least frida is anything but the stupid chicken in fact she often appears in theater place chicken was said to be intelligent some mammals there are all kinds of surprising things to say about chickens for example they could even have a career as a model and according to the photographers we about to meet their potential is completely on the estimated. proud self-assured and with elegant feathers. these words describe the ornamental chickens displayed in coffee table books by photographers matteo trying to leni and marino monte from milan they both openly admit they're fascinated with chickens and have even acquired a few of their own. their pets could just as easily struck the catwalk.
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it was a love at 1st sight i never would have expected it. chickens make very good motifs they're very photogenic and great and. they know right away what they're supposed to do but you don't have to explain it to them. they need hardly any makeup from our experience in the advertising and fashion industries chickens are the best top models and the most natural. and they also seem to be the most patient they obediently follow whatever directions the photographers give them. for their latest project. posed to chickens each from one of a total 60 breeds as lovers chicken in love as the snappy though somewhat tongue in cheek title. the relationship between rooster and hen a close loving one and unconditional love. love their
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rooster and always run after him and every morning the rooster looks at his hands as if he'd never seen them before. 5 years ago in search of an ideal pet the 2 men attended a bird show and were surprised by the great variety of chickens they grabbed their cameras and the hens and roosters strutted their. stuff. the result their 1st photo book titled simply chicken featuring 200 glossy images of 100 different breeds of chickens. but we were primarily interested in the aesthetic aspect. that explains the beauty and success of the book. so you just don't expect chickens to look so great. like kevin the proud rooster in mateo trenchantly nice garden in milan. and his hens should know.
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and samantha our house chickens of the coach and green queen victoria introduced these unusually large chickens from asia to europe in the 19th century. for chicken in love the photographers brought roosters and hens of different races together as couples a dutch crested with a bantam y. and. a silky with an oar being 10. i mean to find out about and we went searching for what chickens looked best together but not like a breeder was we mixed breeds and sexes to get a colorful variety like we have in our human society. and what about to roosters. why not. the rooster may protect his hands but he doesn't have that great a reputation as a romantic lover. in the roosters the worst example and absolutely not
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a role model when it comes to romance fine doesn't do anything he doesn't produce anything and it dominates hundreds of hands we know that is definitely not politically correct but it works. right. now it's offended we've heard his feelings and it's no real tragedy. everything always revolves around him the rooster. but now my tail trying to leave me and marino monte have proven that hens too can hold their own in the spotlight. anyone who has ever looked around a toy shop would probably recognize these honey comes they play an important role in the board game cat town it is the 2nd most favorite ballgame in the world
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following willfully facebook phone book and microsoft billionaire gates plate sure because it's all about power and ownership this year the bought game celebrate its 25th birthday and now you can play it in a big way. these honeycombs on the island of mine now in lake constants are actually part of the x x l edition of the boardgame katon to markets 25th anniversary the world famous classic games board was recreated on an area someone hector in size the biggest version in the world the game's fans are delighted. i love good time this is an amazing the kids love it too and it's also really diversified. the game's creator klaus toy that worked on katon for 4 years before it came out in 1995 thereby creating a totally new kind of board game. and. it's always the
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stories that are in the back of my head where i say it would be great to experience this story in a game and with katon it was the story of the vikings not so much the aggressive aspect but more their expedition that they just say aloud to see they discovered iceland north america and my idea was what do they do then they have to chop trees plant crops and so on and from this rather romantic idea i started developing this game on these groups and thinking whether in a field of war on the board of players turn has 3 phases rolling the dice to determine the yield of resources training and constructing new roads and settlements skillful expansion is the key to winning. today numerous additions are available the board game is won numerous awards and been translated into more than 40 different languages selling over 32000000 times. in 2002 the 1st kids hand world championship even took place and the game is also longer the digital
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world people are still just as fascinated and excited by it as ever katana has been so successful because it's really rich in variety and at some point you're hooked we one started playing and then we simply couldn't stop. the basic idea of the. game is just so brilliant so the combination of tactics having different strategies but also being a lottery that's really unique. on the super sized board in mind now all the fields from the original board game are included 19 honeycomb shaped landscapes using plants flooring and the right objects the resources. clay. and wood are displayed. 10 gardeners spent 3 months working on the giant game. we collected ideas dismissed a few again we reshaped some things and bit by bit the different themes came into
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being. it was always really important to us that we fill the individual themes with like. the so-called flower island my now in lake constance is a magnet for tourism in south germany it attracts over a 1000000 visitors every year. throughout the entire summer they can enjoy the game both the large sized version. and the original board games to. his invention is more than just fun and i know he attended katon world championships and see players from different countries that are normally enemies and i see these players interacting as if these problems did not exist sitting at the same table training and bargaining those are the moments when i sometimes wish that politicians would play the game together to put it to good number. 25 years ago katon entered our living rooms and now it has set up home on an island where the head board game will move to next remains to be seen.
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and now for another international export hit this time in the cold and every well some say it tastes like. nothing in particular but others laugh this cheese because it goes well with so many different dishes and it has to put it nicely a very mild flavor we are talking about how loony and it comes from the sun drenched island of cyprus. grated holo me on pasta as a burger. with fruit. in an omelet. the semi solid cheese traditionally made from sheep and goats milk is a real all around for cypriot cook marlin enjoy one of these tastes like home this cheese is milder than fat and a little rubbery and consistency that's what makes it so unique quite soft cheese.
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as you. should eat and an even squeak your taste when you eat or. pan fried or grilled the classic way to cook at the. company for a short time medium to high temperature for a short time just to get some color and then. if whether it's fresh and filled with meant or age to with a hearty taste the looming is traditionally part of numerous dishes and cypriot cuisine. marlena joe wanted to use constantly develops new recipes like the holy burger. the burger mainly consists of grated potatoes onions and eggs. or agree or. and we can eat with bread.
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for centuries the mediterranean island of cyprus has been the home to home where exactly and by whom it was 1st produced remains a mystery to this day. probably arab invaders brought home to me to cyprus in the 7th century. and you move it's an integral part of this cuisine to the. shonan cut chaps. how you only saw one of the all this recorded it she says and they were. the oldest a reference. for. me i was following of a nation document dated back in 1554. the pan tele family farm is at the foot of the trudeau's mountains in western cypress here they use only goats or sheep's milk for their home to me the way it's
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traditionally been made in cyprus for centuries. and the opposing view of. the milk is crucial to the whole loonies good taste yes it will fail here in the region around the city of powerful as the livestock find the most nutritious plants on the island. and his small dairy pantelis cantelli only makes cheese when he's got enough milk this time he only has goats milk. i take what i spoon falls of rennet a mixture of enzymes from the goats stomachs it curdles the milk i have the rennet to the milk at around 35 degrees celsius where it works best then the warm mixture is left to stand in the vats for about an hour. what remains is the liquid way and the kurds. pantelis pantelion his daughters press these into molds.
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once it is set it's heated once more in the way. finally they can serve the finish to lummi and brine until it's consumed. there's so many food raising how do you know we is in just a moment fashion internationally and nowadays it is used by. chefs and all of them to run a loony from cyprus is a hit the world over. and for the islanders it's. more than just another cheese it's an important part of cypriot culture. and if you are looking for more reports about food from all around europe than check out our new you tube channel the food here is a small taste of what we have on a. family to see these. stories
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. and to see as a. just knowledge amazing the best chefs with their best tips from the lead just has to be to die in order recipe secrets while the modern world europe's diversity is a smorgasbord to get my list going to. subscribe and enjoy d.w. food. julia was born in switzerland now he calls ballin his home he's at travel and research like the german geography alex on the phone home board he wants to explore and discover the world but julian sharia is also an artist and he is currently one of the most successful in europe nature installations he takes things to the limits physically artistically and he travels to places few people ever go to one of his
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latest projects took him to regions where the icy temperatures pose a huge challenge. most works of art beisel known as start with a bold expedition of some kind a journey to the ends of the earth where few others would venture. for his latest project he's captured images of icebergs in a dark the poetic film. this is in suddenly used as bathed in this light show you see this vision magic tragic not unlike the grand finale of an opera which would be absolute sculpture the absolute or object informants for us and you just can't comprehend it you'll never be able to bring it back and reproduce it and an exhibition space. he spent
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2 years travelling through a variety of icy grounds in switzerland iceland and greenland he filmed using drones often at temperatures below minus 30 degrees celsius. 'd this wisp or an artist completes his films another works of art in his berlin studio. has led to a school cannot say for example piled up to create installations. there radioactively contaminated having grown on the bikini asshole where the americans carried out nuclear weapons tests unlimited 20th century and sank decommissioned naval craft to capture the results on film. dives deep under water. now in his studio he's constructing an outsized lamp and filling it with palm oil from indonesia where the rain forest has been slashed and burned for a problem or oil plantations. he drew attention to this exploitation of nature in
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a performance together with muse. in 2018. holes where an average 3 degrees of global warming is the most optimistic scenario for the future these questions are highly relevant it's just absolutely insane of course it's something that affects my daily life as well and it changes my art too . has been causing a stir with his art for years in venice in 2012 pigeons with food coloring to create an independent artwork for the architecture. 5 years later he exhibited sold columns in lithium brine in venice they both came from a salt waste land in bolivia where lithium is mine for use in electronics. now use film on icebergs. yeah as
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a conceptual artist with many different forms of expression. i have an idea for a work that i've been trying to create and that determines. so what i do is actually a dialogue with the locations i don't come along and try to bend the location to a work that i conceived in advance but instead i try to hear the voice of that location on. his next adventure already awaits him julio is a man who explores the relationship to manage its own nature through the media of art . and that's all for today but you can find lots more lifestyle and culture by following us on social media make sure to stop by our website w dot com slash lifestyle to fight us thanks for watching and my wife i know.
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what's going on here oh no house of your furry only from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. just explains delivers facts and shows what the future holds. living in the digital world shift. in 15 minutes on d w. nothing like
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a breath of sea and to calm the song. oh the gun is an island as the parlance of and as germany's longest speech some 1900 hours of sunshine a near. the chance of a bygone era on the magical downtick sea island of the blues and down. chicken. in 30 minutes on d w. o. while most hers from nigeria you know that's what nollywood stands. authentic. and successful beyond belief.
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followed this is the way we do it. all it would start aug 7th on d w. a new era has become. the slave of the billy the to play this game play our shutting his place in the 1st place play the flames that consumed the forest and entire residential areas cut the rising temperatures water shortages lens clearance there's an abundance of flammable material once again to the players to stop the lawyers claim someone going the 1st plane hit the world on fire starts aug 12th on t.w.
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played 7. players . is this data over the news line from birth and pushing back against corona virus restrictions thousands descend on burden from across the country to demand an end to closures cancellations and social distancing measures that's despite warnings about a potential 2nd wave of new infections are coming up. if could be time off a tick tock in the u.s. president trump says he plans to ban the app over concerns about chinese spying what will it mean for the video platform and u.s. china relations.


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