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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2020 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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it could be the fact that. this is deja vu news of live from berlin pushing back against coronavirus restrictions thousands descend on berlin from across the country to demand an end to closures cancellations and social distancing nationals that despite warnings about a potential 2nd wave as new infections so. it could be time up for tick tock in the u.s. president trump says he plans to expand the app over concerns about chinese spying what will it mean for the video platform and u.s. chinese foolishness. and muslims around the world celebrate the dalai lama
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this year the krona virus is posing a new challenges but people are finding new ways to worship amid the pandemic. i'm michael ok welcome to the program here in germany the number of corona virus infections has soared in recent days the country's leading public health institute is warning that people are letting down their guard and not observing social distancing measures ironic then that berlin is set to see its biggest demonstration against grown a virus restrictions thousands of people are gathering in the german capital central to are caught in park for mass rallies demanding an end to all virus related restrictions conspiracy theorists. and right wing extremists from across
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the country are among those attending it comes as germany braces for a potential 2nd wave of the krona violence. political correspondent. and ease at the protest and she joins me now laney welcome what's happening where you are. well i'm sounding here behind me tens of thousands i'd say these 15000 people have gathered you described before they call its day of freedom the end of the pandemic they are celebrating and a figure on a virus and i made as authorities are warning of a nice search and if infection and right on the other side you can see the count of protesters that have also got this year's apparent difference as you can see the problems are protesters are wearing the face mask keeping the social distance whereas the protesters here at this match i'm not i have been having and i've been
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shouting and the pandemic never happened as you can you got me and there was an interesting standoff between friends of protestors and processes both shouting at each others nazis house nazis get out of fear because the people who were attending the smiles i'm expressing to just one sense of distrust with the government's measures and a calling goes that are listening to the governments and locks on measures to one of us restrictions and comparing them to not to the people who follow us and this regime in the sassy's so this is an interesting conflict going on right now i mean yeah in an interesting contrast between us and the mask and all those people behind you. obviously freights legally not doing so i'm really curious about those protesters taking part in the demonstration today could you tell us a little bit more about who they are. exactly i've talked to many of the processes
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here and this is really a wide variety of people who come here from all over germany transposes let's start with i'd love to have. bus driver from croatia who is as driven processes from the south of germany up to the northeast protesting the coronavirus restriction that said that in practice the tourism industry when i. often somebody or better a protester shouts it in my face and we've seen that a lot a lot of verbal abuse and attacks and i think the tourism industry when i talk to somebody or better a protester shouts it's in my face and we've seen that a lot a lot of verbal abuse and attacks and i'm so physical physical people are not keeping their social and also talk to the press and ask the press and who knows who believes in conspiracy theories believes that bill gates is a very common consistent hearing that the big ace is down to one of our eyes and wants to vaccinate most of the ducks in a everybody and the german government is happening to do that so we see
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a wide variety of people who have concerns about their their parents who are concerned about the restrictions in place because their parents are lonely happen so frightening and far right writing stream magazines and proof to our under off invasion by real currency i saw someone from the compact magazine who's been under observation by the authorities for it's inappropriate and revisionist messages so you can see this is really all also people attending this rally are definitely what we can say to sum up is they don't trust the government they don't trust the government measures and they don't trust the media they don't trust the media. plenty of 115 thank you for that in a stay safe of course. take a look now at some of the other coronavirus related developments the number of deaths in mexico has surged past 46000 it's now poised to overtake britain as the country with the 3rd highest death toll behind brazil and the u.s.
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british prime minister boris johnson says he's putting the brakes on easing local lockdown measures and will instead be imposing new restrictions that's after a new spike in krona virus infections in the u.k. and in japan the region of okinawa has declared a state of emergency people have been asked to stay home for 2 weeks as the popular tourist destination sees a surge in new cases. u.s. president donald trump says he plans to ban the chinese own video talk because of security concerns u.s. officials are currently looking into the potential for tick talk to be used by the chinese government as a tool for gathering intelligence. to talk with its viral dance routines and political activism videos is a favorite among teenagers worldwide. with over $2000000000.00 downloads and $17000000000.00 in revenue last year the app is extremely successful and
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influential but its exploding popularity has also raised red flags in the u.s. officials are investigating whether tick-tock is a threat to national security there are concerns that the data collected by the app owned by the chinese firm by dance could be accessed by beijing the company denies any connection with the chinese government but donald trump is threatening to ban b.-f. in the u.s. . well look you know we may be betting we may be doing some other things here. but a lot of things so we'll see what happens but we are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to their. reports on friday indicated that one of the alternatives being considered is an order for bite dance to give up ownership of tik tok potential buyers are reportedly already in talks to take over the apps u.s. operations including tech giant microsoft and national security review have to talk
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is expected to be presented to trump in the coming days its results may further sour already deteriorating ties between the u.s. and china with tensions already running high on trade and the coronavirus pandemic cyber security concerns are now further straining relations between the 2 powers. has been following this story for us from new york. they have been charges siggins to talk for quite some time that the company actually collects privacy data from their users and if you look at the user base of tick tock it's basically the younger career out and that's why they have been some concerns not just in the united states but also in the u.k. or in germany for instance so let's wait and see if any kind of deal is going to happen on one side for microsoft to talk would be clearly pretty attractive was
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just recently more than $2000000000.00 off the tick top globally on the other side microsoft would be right in the middle between those struggling superpowers the united states and china and i'm quite certain that microsoft will think twice to have spent billions of dollars and then might be caught in the middle of china and the u.s. highlighting now some other stories making news at this hour. hong kong's legislative elections scheduled for september have been for spillane 4 year chief executive kerry lam says the delay is necessary due to a surge in coronavirus cases but opposition lawmakers accuse the government of using the pandemic as a pretext to thwart the pro-democracy movement. that violence has again erupted in portland oregon protesters and police clash at the local courthouse which has become
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a focal point of the rest earlier president trump tweeted that federal agents will remain in the city until local police and finish what he called a cleanup of quote and and. hurricane. is churning through the caribbean bringing strong wings and flooding in puerto rico and some islands of the bahamas a hurricane warning has been issued for parts of florida where the storm is expected to hit later on. muslims around the world or celebrating. one of the most important holidays in the islamic calendar this year the 4 day holiday is taking place under the shadow of the pandemic social distancing measures are making it difficult for families to celebrate together but worshipers are making do the best they can. 2 even all.
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of them in a historic 1st for dublin's croke stadium the home of irish sports and normally a symbol of catholic higher land hosted socially distance prayers for several 100 muslims celebrating. for me that's really the diversity integration it's about to see today that you know. it's and to be honest i was just hysterical it is complicated if you're in the air with like i'm acting. muslims around the world are celebrating a scaled down version of the festival worshippers in war torn yemen perform a prayer in freedom square. the festival of sacrifice is marked by the ritual slaughter of animals which are then share it with those in need in a live and then geo is distributing meat to syrian refugees.
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this project is important because there are many families who do not get meat except on and there are families that don't get me to tall not even on eat a lot of there are more families in need then there is sacrificial meat but god willing we will do our best to bring this meat to those who deserve it. and if the afghans pray as a 3 day cease fire between government forces and the taliban begins. many hope this will bring an end to nearly 2 decades of conflict. strict health guidelines in indonesia allowed muslims in the capital of jakarta to attend prayers amid the pandemic. though a quieter affair than usual the spirit of each ensures across the globe. for many students university is a passage into adulthood with new freedoms and experiences it's
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a time of grows and self discovery before heading out into the real world but not for everyone our next report is about a man who stands out on campus and made history in italy. a crowning achievement for just a paper terno. university graduate at the age of $96.00. he received a degree in history and philosophy with top honors and the highest mark in the class. a dream come true for the great grandfather i'm giving the last. year. i said it's now or never got so in 2017 i decided to enroll there were i knew it was a little late to get a 3 year degree but i said to myself let's see if i can do it. we often i was uncertain when i made the decision because i didn't know the
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environment. and i didn't know the teachers and how they would behave in front of such an old person. just seppi was born into a poor family in the 1920 s. and was unable to attend university he served in the navy in world war 2 and then supported his family as a real way worker. his experience helped him to cope with today's challenges. war 2 strengthened us all of us in my peer group everyone who's still alive it's strengthened us against covert 19 it hasn't really scared us that much. for years just be relied on his trusty old typewriter but the pandemic changed that . oral exams were moved online and he had to get a laptop. he now plans to devote
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himself to reading and writing the old school way. we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour up next is world stories you can stay up to date on our website dot com and don't forget to follow us on twitter and instagram at g.w. news i'm michael beaucoup in berlin but for now. the line to us is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we reach see the screen how can we protect habitats we can make a difference the ideas are mental syriza came global 3000 on t w.


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