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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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usage of the. day safe. to say. oh. 000-000-0000 extension 0000. this is datable emus line from the police break up a protest against coronavirus restrictions in the german capital thousands of people at the rally ignored hygiene and distancing rules event went ahead despite rising numbers of new infections in germany also on the program u.s. president donald trump threatens to pander to talk about the video apps u.s.
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team is defined as anyone going anywhere to talk with talks for tech giant microsoft buy to talk now on hold what's next for the year's most downloadable apps . and the serenity of a memorial to half a 1000000 murdered people could be disrupted by massive construction project outrage and anger to those romany killed by the nazis. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program some 20000 people from all over germany descended on the capital berlin on saturday to protest coronavirus restrictions particularly the use of masks place moved in to break up the march early citing the lack of social distancing and face coverings the protest comes amid a spike in cases in germany which has also he's concerned over an imminent 2nd.
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wave of fire. for a chance this crowd during the coronavirus pandemic they say wearing a mask and hearing to restrictions is violating that freedom and it seems thousands agree the mixture of conspiracy theorists far right figures and citizens concerned by the economic effects of the law took to the streets of berlin to say the coronavirus has been a false alarm. that's just plain scare tactics i don't see any danger i don't know any sick people i knew many sick people in march is vacationers there was really something going on in february and now there's no sick people anymore. i've got a friend who is 93 she's in a care home in her room totally isolated there's no corona in our home and yet she wasn't allowed to leave her groom now she's allowed to go out for
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a walk again but if she meets someone she has to give their address i think that's extremely high prices of all the wrong things now demand is back to democracy get rid of the laws that restrict us to get rid of them are expect us into slaves. hardly any of the demonstrators were wearing face masks or adhering to social distancing protocols early and police attempted to enforce distancing measures over megaphones eventually dissolving the protest and telling people to go home german politicians mostly condemned the demonstration saying that it risks harming germany's relative success or handling the outbreak. that success might just be why these people feel impatient to get back to normal life but with a fresh spark in covert cases across the country a gathering of thousands of people not wearing masks could jeopardize the freedoms germans are enjoying compared to many other countries hit by the pandemic. the
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reporter leoni on how much time was at the protest she sent us this assessment a lot of the people i've talked to many of them are really just concerned about the coronavirus restrictions being put in place by the german government they're saying well coronavirus numbers we have a situation here under control they're not doubting the existence of off the virus but they say we need these measures to end they're worried about their children not being able to go to school they're worried about their parents not being able to see people but this protest has been used by other groups by conspiracy theorists to capitalize on by far right groups have mobilized for this protest you know if 100 in britain well let's take a look now at some of the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic in australia victoria has declared a state of disaster after a further spike in cases despite firm lockdown measures in place the premier has announced a host of new restrictions including a nighttime curfew for the capital melbourne south africa has now surpassed
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a 1000000 code 19 infections a 3rd of the cases who have hung province which includes johannesburg and in the us a democratic congressman has tested positive just days after he interacted with a republican colleague who refused to wear a mask and was lighted diagnosed with the virus. well the u.s. state of florida is bracing for tropical storm is the highest which is expected to hit in the coming hours its full cost of the upgraded to hurrican strength before crashing into the state's atlantic coast it may test the state's ability to handle a stone during the cold 19 pandemic and all of florida's intensive care beds are already full. to get this close to its i.e.s. this film was taken by a so-called hurricane hunter plane as it passed through the storm its mission to measure how intense the worst of it will be when it hits the u.s.
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already the skies have been docketing of a miami storm band sweeping across the c.v. the center of the storm is due early on sunday. i feel that the public is really panicking. because if they hear again then we're in the middle of david. because they've been through enough already. complicating people's preparations for this storm but 19 there have been tens of thousands of cases in the suburban area near miami alone. in the state government has been trying to prepare emergency shelters for residents the challenge ensuring that in the back you ation doesn't create even more crime in the cases inside them i think our guidance from the state has been look if it's a close call err on the side of people just just hunkering down rather than sending people on the road ne area in the storms pop is already the scene of a quiet tragedy in all over 7000 people have perished in florida from the
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coronavirus. to now as i.e.s. threatens to add to the state's suffering. staying in the u.s. and tick tocks general manager for its u.s. market said the company is not planning on going anywhere that's out of president donald trump announced he plans to ban the chinese on video because of security concerns u.s. officials a currently looking into whether it's possible to talk could be used by chinese government as a tool for gathering intelligence. to talk with its viral dance routines and political activism videos is a favorite among teenagers worldwide but with more than $2000000000.00 in loads and $17000000000.00 in revenue last year the app is extremely successful and influential but it's exploding popularity has also raised red flags in the u.s. officials are investigating whether text talk is
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a threat to national security there are concerns that the data collected by the app owned by the chinese for by dance could be accessed by beijing the company denies any connection with the chinese government but donald trump is threatening to ban the app in the u.s. . well look you know we may be betting that we may be doing some other things. but a lot of things after the show we'll see what happens but we are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to. one of those alternatives is for bite to give up its ownership of the potential buyers are reportedly already in talks to take over including tech giant microsoft in the face of presidential threats take us assures that simple answers and audience that this is not the end. we've heard your outpouring of support and we want to say thank you we're not planning on going
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anywhere the purpose of home creators and others to express themselves their ideas and connect with people across different backgrounds and we are so proud of all the various communities they're called to talk to their heart it's not clear if. president actually has the executive kyra to ban the app in the u.s. but a national security review of tech talk is expected to be presented to him in the coming days. and we spoke to ina fried she's the chief technology correspondent fanny's platform access in san francisco we also even microsoft takeover talks u.s. operations would put an end to the security concerns the administration has indicated in the last 24 hours that it doesn't solve their concerns i'm not really sure what their concerns are that a deal wouldn't solve but microsoft has apparently and tick-tock have been in talks they thought they had a deal they thought they had a deal that would please the white house with by selling all of its stake perhaps
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some of its non china investors remaining investors and microsoft taking over which would seem to solve the security issues but that doesn't appear to be enough so it's unclear what the trumpet ministration once it's unclear what their main issue is if it's a national security issue with microsoft owning it's all that it's really puzzling to be honest and i've covered tech for 20 years i think there's up to 3 concerns that the one that's being voiced is the national concern security concern that data of americans could end up in chinese hands the 2 other things that are at play here that don't get talked about are the broader trade war with china certainly the u.s. and china are at a low when it comes to relations and there's a lot of threats going back and forth about companies and then the 3rd is donald trump at a rally in tulsa and a bunch of popular to talk users managed to get free tickets so that the trump campaign thought they had the rally sold out and in fact it was praying if you will
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and that may be weighing on the president's mind it may not but that's certainly an issue underneath the covers. now some of the other stories making news around the world police in jerusalem have dispersed thousands of demonstrators gathered near the house of prime minister benjamin netanyahu 12 arrests were made at this latest rally calling for netanyahu his resignation protest his condemn his handling of the coded pandemic and say he shouldn't remain in office while on trial for corruption . and in russia thousands marched through the eastern city of khabarovsk for a 4th weekend in a row the anti-government movement was funded by the arrest of popular local governors sergey fergal for from an opposition party prosecutors allege did contract murders but locals believe he was detained for criticizing moscow. 2 astronauts have departed the international space station aboard a so-called dragon capsule from the california based company space x.
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doug hurley and bob behnken set to become the 1st people to return from space courtesy of a private company they do to land in the gulf of mexico on sunday soccer now and in england arsenal crowned this season with a win against chelsea taking out the f.a. cup in the 1st final ever played with no fans in the stadium once again emerick obama and made the difference for arsenal he scored twice to bring his club from behind to win $21.00. and now to a growing controversy here in berlin over a monument to the half a 1000000 romany people killed during the holocaust the traditionally nomadic people were targeted by nazis before and during the 2nd world war the memorial to those who were murdered has been open since 2012 there if it is it will soon make way for a new railway line. every day at 1 pm in the heart of berlin
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a moment of remembrance the memorials fresh flower replaced daily commemorating the $500000.00 cindy and roma murdered during the nazi regime for roxana loraine visit it's a special moment she says. her grandparents survived the holocaust. and this place is a burial site for those whose ashes are still adrift in auschwitz it's hallowed ground for the community of the city romani and all people. under. the memorial is located in the heart of the capital a stone's throw from parliament its proximity to the center of political life is symbolic but that proximity has become a problem germany's rail operator dortch is planning a new underground line connecting berlin's main station with potsdamer platz it says to maintain a safe distance from parliament the route must run through the memorial site the sinti and roma are outraged even if the disruption is only temporary during
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construction berlin is now looking for a new route that would not endanger the monument. complex task because around the building and in the tear garden there are already tunnels and pipes underground you have to look hard for an alternate route annoyance but we are optimistic a solution can be found from representatives of the central council for cindy and roma have been included in the planning process they want more public information about the genocide they mun yes indeed if there is no other option than to run the trainline beneath a memorial. it would be an opportunity to realize our longstanding demand for a place of information to be included in the underground construction. by using one day your dish and sushi from until the new line has been rerouted germany's sinti and roma will remain vigilant. you're watching date over the news for me back with
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more headlines for you at the top of the hour and you can find more information on any of our stories and much more on our website at state of any don't come to africa to follow us on twitter and instagram as well at b.w. news i'm rebecca rhythms in berlin thanks so much for watching. images of cars a. blue studios or cars documents lives and bygone era. and leads to those living today. they are guarding guns as fast in a box. collected memories stored supply.


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