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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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the world on fire starts aug 12th on d w we have to and if i had it back in and dance with the baby. this is g.w. news mind from berlin here in germany and new coronavirus cases are increasing as children head back to school and schools are reopening their doors for in person learning amid warnings of more and more new infections across the country can children and teachers stay safe and stay in the classroom also coming up tonight a tug of war over to the video apps trying these owners could sell their u.s.
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business to microsoft this after the american government threatens to ban. plus a ruler you'll run away spain's former king juan carlos flees the country amid a corruption probe he's accused of taking millions of dollars in kickbacks from saudi arabia. it's good to have you with us here in germany it's the 1st day back at school for some children and it is happening amid warnings of more and more new coronavirus cases across the country today is the 1st time that schools have reopened in germany since their closure back in march when the pandemic began but a return to school is not a return to health school used to be we visited one school in the city of rostock.
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finally back where they wanted to be in the schoolyard with all of their friends for the 1st time in 5 months these children from john franklin primary school in rough start can play together without a mask and without daring to social distancing rules. even hugs are allowed although not recommended. and it's best of my it's better now because we are allowed to sit next to each other again and we can see all our friends again where no. one is i i find it great because we can see all of our friends again and also our classmates and teachers. it's even my sister's very 1st day at school so that's really exciting in this choice turk. just like this class all 11000000 german pupils are supposed to return to a daily school routine in the next couple of weeks a great for the for their parents as well but playing and learning so close to each
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other every day comes with a certain risk of infection that to make some teachers uneasy. as of course we're anxious it's not just school it goes beyond that i'm thinking about my family my grandmother is $91.00 you don't want to be a carrier plus i have to be extra careful as my child has asked me a. passer with coded 1000 infections rising again in germany parents have mixed feelings about the new start to go this is a mother do this there's a degree of uncertainty you don't know where people have been on holiday. i'm glad it's starting up again the last 6 months have been exhausting. comes to that but. it started normally and i could see that. distancing. keeping the kids at home even longer isn't an option for the school's head teacher. recall is really important for the children and their families as well i think schools can restart
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despite the rising cases. for the most part everyone is trying to keep a distance even though some hogs just inevitable for the kids they hope to be able to continue their school year as normally as possible so earlier i spoke with the education minister of the german state the 1st reopen schools after the summer break and i asked her what schools are doing to make sure that they stay safe for peoples and teachers well 1st of all we accompany the whole thing was a strategy of testing all teachers are allowed to be tested if they want to it's voluntary 5 times until the fall break then we do separate different groups we structure defined groups in the classroom so that the kids who don't belong to the same group don't need each other during the school day and so
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also if something happens if there's an infection which we hold out hope but we cannot exclude the possibility that we can quickly find the chain of infection that we can close certain sections maybe of the school maybe a whole school but what we do want to avoid is to go back to a lockdown in the whole state. and there was but he did mark they're speaking with me about schools reopening here in germany amid the coronavirus pandemic here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world government forces have retaken control of a prison in eastern afghanistan after a prolonged battle with is one big state militants 300 prisoners are reportedly still it more the battle began on sunday night after a suicide car bomber targeted the prison where hundreds of members were reportedly being held 29 people were killed. a new motorway bridge has been inaugurated in genoa italy to replace a structure that collapsed from his 2 years ago to the day the collapse of the
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morandi bridge killed 43 people and was one of italy's worst civil disasters in decades the new bridge designed by its star architect rienzo piano was built in record time the former northern irish politician john hume has died at the age of 83 hume was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1998 along with david trimble for their efforts to end decades of violence in northern ireland hume was a founder and leader of the social democratic and labor party and campaign for the nonviolent reunification of our. spain's former king juan carlos says he is leaving the country to live abroad the announcement comes weeks after the 82 year old was accused of corruption in june spain's supreme court opened an investigation into his connections with a high speed rail deal in saudi arabia that followed a report published in a swiss newspaper alleging that one carlos had received $100000000.00 in bribes
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from saudi arabia the former monarch has repeatedly denied the allegations. are for more now is bring in journalist squares in madrid is i mean what's the motivation behind this surprising decision i mean it's not every day that a king a former king just says i'm leaving the country. well it looks like he's almost going on exile but the real reasons i'm probably one of the main reasons is that for making of this pain he's trying to save that institution and the morning after all these reports that are given very bad press to. mourn his spade we also know that it has. a nation of prosecution all 3 teams are ready to try pretty major should they find any
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wrongdoing after 2014 because. let's remind that the king of it spain has full immunity until he's abdication in 2014 and all these allegations of bribery. hof and 2014 why he wasn't still in office that the prosecutor believes or might you know carry on rupi and for all the event to 2014 he could be tried in the supreme court do we know where the 1st where he's going where. we don't know we don't know exactly where he's going to relocate relocate but we know there are some recent reports that the king the former king of spain might have already left the country we don't know where about you know the whereabouts of the king but there's
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some informations of the moment say in the. mail might have already left the country and if he did. if he does do that is that going to save the royal family in spain. well that's a complicated question i would say well this is something that for. all the morning if you were looking out you know getting as much distance from the former king in all that to say the. on the steel institution as a whole we know that. the seat has already. we now know to inherit from the father and have already you know caught all the allowances to one got to 3 made off there in that. fix was actually a beneficiary of one of the foundations that one guns permitted hot created the me in switzerland and all the countries so moved you know.
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me not you know saving or separating the figure of women or from the mourner institution as a whole. but the latest from madrid for me thank you thank you very much. microsoft has confirmed that it's in talks with the chinese company behind the video sharing platform to acquire the apps business in the u.s. canada australia and new zealand the talks all the way u.s. announcement that it will ban the popular concerns that the chinese government could access user data by dance which owns tick-tock has repeatedly said that it would not turn over data to beijing microsoft hopes to have a deal finished by mid september u.s. president donald trump said on monday that he would approve a deal with microsoft. or trump's moves over to talk
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of outraged many of its users who are mostly aged in their teens and twenties to be reporter joel overall who's also maybe in his twenty's he's been told me this story for us so tell us more here about how young tick tock users are reacting to this may have just motivated a whole generation of young voters and not in a good way for many of them this threat to 1st band to talk might be their 1st direct experience of one of his policies and it's not the 1st time however the trumpet experience a twitter talk political backlash you may remember back in june he held a rally which they expected some 900000 people to turn up in the end only about a 3rd of that number actually did and at the time many users boasted that they had books free tickets as a way of pranking that rally is not clear how much impact they actually had on the ground on the day but what this did was wake people up to the idea that this is a user base and a platform that could become politically active will now users are angry and
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created millions of followers have spent the weekend raging against trump we've also heard from from parents who have been posting on twitter saying that their children have been signing up as campaign operators for trump's campaign as a way of spamming that getting boxes of material and in order to drain it of resorts says some people say. that this could lead to more people young people signing up as voters will have to see if that happened when do we know our tick tock users are they interested in politics the image we have is you know young people watching other young people dancing there is a lot of dancing with a lot of pranks but i did check and there is some political content particularly about trump a lot of sort of parody videos but also some where users are trying to argue for or against his policies now to talk creators say that it is actually a more diverse platform than some other social media platforms like facebook and twitter i spoke to max beaumont he is a prominent to talk creator with millions of followers and he recently wrote an open letter urging trump not to bend to talk precisely for this reason because it
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has functionality that bursts out of that so-called filter bubble and lets people see a more diverse range of opinions we can have a listen to what he had to say and in my opinion i think it's something where it allows you to see perspectives that you may not be otherwise regularly seeing if you're someone who consistently follows people who are conservative on twitter or someone who consistently polls people who are product on twitter then and then it got put you into this echo chamber of ideology depending on who ever you follow it with with to talk seemingly it's content that generally the public is engaging with and kind of also over time is rising and i think as a result you're seeing things that use might not otherwise be exposed to it and then that is beneficial because it's giving you a wider perspective of perspectives that you might otherwise get on facebook and twitter today in a by by microsoft would do wonders for microsoft's image i heard that today i know that trump is warming up to the idea of microsoft taking over the platform is that
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going to placate tick-tock users well not necessarily that same tick-tock style we just heard from an expert on he told me that this is for many people a 1st experience of how trump really operates that is making threats setting deadlines and then flip flopping and they may come to wonder is this how politics really should be done now of course it does remain to be seen whether these young people can actually maintain this rage that they've learned over the last few days and carry it all the way through to november's elections and its rivals go through what about 90 a little more than 90 days until the election joe as always thank you. well now we've got something for you to smile about during britain's coronavirus lockdown a former air force pilot became known for spreading some much needed cheer by drawing him oh geez in the sky today richard goodwin was back in action this time over bristol the city was holding its annual hot air balloon festival to onlookers surprise the balloons were joined take a look here by a huge smiley draw. goodwin's plant using the clear blue sky as
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news in its it's nice when mother nature of will help you all right so you're watching me back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see of in. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. coated 19 special and next on do.


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