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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2020 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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material. once again i did players and no stopping the flyers player pete clements colors plug his own world going up in small claims complication the world on fire starts aug 12th on t.w. perhaps trying to fight back and on and dance with the big. as if they lived in a different world on saturday 17000 people marched in berlin to protest the fake pandemic no social distancing no facemask but plenty of people chanting we are the 2nd way well as the pandemic deniers marched the number of new infections in germany reached a level not seen since may and here is the irony the reality check those protesters
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those super spreaders of conspiracy theories they may have become super spreaders of the coronavirus berlin this is the day. to acknowledge demand is back to democracy get rid of the laws that restrict says get rid of a masks that time is into slaves. i need to know if a pandemic is not tell you it is not. just in the middle of it they didn't do what we saw at the weekend was unacceptable and to top it he found the irresponsibility of a few puts is all without risk limits not sort of demonstrations like those we saw over the weekend our health risk it's an example it's good it is the behavior of many demonstrators cannot be just a fight each that is. also coming up tonight northern ireland
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mourns the passing of john hughes the nobel peace laureate whose wife's work made it possible to turn the troubles into peace john hume genuinely was a political titan i don't think we would have to have really got the peace process going and. implemented if he hadn't been down offering help and advice. which our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the reality of the pandemic in germany and the people who refused to believe it on saturday the streets of central berlin were flooded with protesters who say the coronavirus pandemic is fake they demanded an end to face mass requirements social distancing rules and all measures to stop the viral spread when police moved in to disperse the crowds there were skirmishes dozens of officers were injured 3 were
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hospitalized now images of pandemic deniers marching through berlin have shocked the world germany has been praised for its early response to the outbreak the mortality level from the corona virus is one of the world's lowest here but that success may not endure complacency and summer travelling have sent the number of new infections rising now at levels not seen since mid may there are warnings of a 2nd wave public health officials say those chanting crowds on saturday the people who insist that the pandemic is not real but they may have helped to spread the virus. protesters called it the day of freedom without masks and without social distancing according to police $20000.00 people talked about in streets on saturday to protest against current a fiver structure in which they say violate their rights and freedoms. journalists and camera crews were also targeted closer gem and public broadcast as
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that they have filmed the chants of shame on you and lead on lighting press. here than it would if there was a reading divest mix of people from the file left to the phone right remember people. he where i am to facts is people who believe bill gates is responsible and there were people who say there is no corona and there are people who say the measures proportionately so if you heard me say hi to say thank you on monday commentators were left asking can this be even allowed the debate on how to deal with mass protests during the pandemic is now playing out of federal level. kotick was it in criticism must always be possible in democracy in this respect the attitude of the german government has not changed but the pictures that we had to
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see at the weekend are unacceptable. if it were seeable from the beginning that the requirements will not be met or cannot be met then the question arises whether such a gathering can be allowed. the effect of the protest on the number of new cases is still unclear but the number was already ticking up ahead of the weekend prompting fears that 6 months of efforts to curb 1000 could go to waste in the blink of an eye. or let's pull in our political correspondents i mean young he's on the story for us tonight going to need to use simon there's been a flood of reactions to those saturday protests here in berlin i want you to take a listen to what the german president said today the following 4 things nor is it the irresponsibility of a few put this all out risk if we are not particularly careful now we will endanger our health of many and we will also in danger of a recovery of our society our economy and i will quote true life when
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those who are loons so i mean the president calls the protesters irresponsible we have to say the protesters did have a permit on saturdays it's their talk of doing anything to prevent mass gatherings like the ones we saw over the weekend. well brett yes there is i mean as far as this demonstration on saturday is concerned the berlin police say the they are considering investigations of prosecutions of service multiple for that demonstration and for the lack of face mosques and distancing but more widely some people are beginning to call for. such demonstrations to be banned or at least only allowed under strict limitations if people refuse to follow the rules. but i think the mainstream view there is that the right to protest is an extremely important democratic right and shouldn't be pared down except with extremely good
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reason so the question really is what should the police do well there's been talk of you know imposing really tough fines but it is very difficult of course to police people who you know arriving on mass not distancing not wearing face masks it makes it extremely difficult for the police but i think there's a lot of feeling that you know something should be done to respond to this type of action you know so i mean the the images of these protesters chanting we are the 2nd wave i mean this shocked a lot of people around the world what do we know tonight about these protesters. yeah a lot of these people would seem to be the kind of people you might expect to find their sort of vaccine opponents or conspiracy theorists a number of them all right wing extremists members of groups like piggy or the
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f.d.a. and some of these people of course opposed the state in principle they opposed to the specific measures of government in particular so perhaps it's no surprise that they're there i think a lot of people though at this demonstration and people are demonstrating against coronavirus measures around the country perhaps i'm just skeptical citizens many of them business owners who just expressing their frustration about a lot of these measures which really are causing a lot of distress the vice president of the german parliament said today and i'm quoting here the politicians have failed or we explain to the people exactly what the aim of all of these measures is is there a disconnect here so i'm. well the politicians are got an extremely difficult task haven't they because they are trying to get people to take action before the most serious consequences of coronavirus arrive and i think it's fair to say that has been a bit of a spike in infections in the last week or so but in general most people in this
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country have had far more acquaintance with the measures to combat corona virus than they have with the disease itself so it is very difficult but if you just test take testing as an example you know the government's rolling out testing at airports and railway stations and other places trying to really ramp up that as a response but at the so far you know it's a voluntary program they're talking about making it mandatory very soon for people coming back from highly affected areas but you can see that there's a so there's a patchwork of different rules around the country and slightly different things that people are being asked to do so i think that does lead to a level of confusion confusion in the end you know a little bit of fear and to especially with school starting back across the country did abuse i mean young of the story for us here in berlin tonight simon as always thank you. well it is not only here
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in berlin where some are refusing to accept the realities of the pandemic last month authorities on the spanish island of majorca shut down several beaches after they discovered tourists were both from germany throwing illegal parties in violating social distancing rules there were also online videos of german tourists partying on bug areas golden sands resort without face maps the images sparked outrage as well embarrassing images from our pandemic summer but have any lessons really been lower. surest sinne party mood having fun and health care is celebrated golden sands in defiance of the coronavirus singer house he is also from germany he's happy performing here. the white house today we've moved the stage outside search completely outdoors
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before it was only half in the open always circulated freely but it's a lot better now there's so much more space but i got my coffee. at the entrance strands have the temperature taken and given hand sanitizer there are warning signs up everywhere. we don't want anyone to get infected with a virus. that would really hurt everybody. and it will show that. golden sands bowron is say that trying to maintain safety measures it's difficult to in full social distancing when people are drinking alcohol and the un is constant the parties altogether without wrecking their own business. because. we're doing all we can to keep people safe but they have to take responsibility for themselves as well. zel. and
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many party goers agree with that. once you get in there's a lot less distancing it's up to everyone to stick to the rules it's the same for us we think it's ok to come here in the evening. many golden sands hotels have decided not to open as some of those that have are around a 3rd full and is staying here with her mother and 2 children she booked in january and considered cancelling but decided in the end to go ahead. as if and the stuff all wear face coverings. he can maintain distancing from other people the tables a spaced well apart and it's the same on the beach i do feel safe here. but it's still a big challenge for the hotel's manages as it would you need those it's everything is very different this year we're completely really learning how we operate as
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a tourist destination with all the precautions we have to take to keep our stuff and visitors safe. hotels that doing their best to offer safe holidays despite the pandemic and trying also to save the industry. a bridge to the future today italy opened a much anticipated freeway bridge in the city of genoa it was 2 years ago when the old bridge collapsed killing 43 people the new bridge was constructed in near record time in was designed by star architect rienzo piano today he and italy's prime minister. were on hand for the opening ceremony traffic will be allowed on the bridge later this week he doesn't use charlotte shells and killed filed this report from general. a beacon of hope rising from the depths of
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tragedy this leak we structure now stands in place in general is infamous around the bridge almost 2 years ago to the day 43 people were killed when a section of the bridge collapsed sending vehicles plummeting on to the riverbed but. this is my ok mima chance or lived under the bridge most to polite her home had to be demolished off to the collapse. she still remembers the crack of the concrete crashing to the ground. but i think i stood up will be used to the police now complete i mean i opened the window and saw the bridge had vanished that i saw those 2 large lorries one white and one red right next to my house and in that moment a wave of anger washed over me because i knew those few cars were coffins. where the market made on. the scale of the disaster made the new construction
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a matter of national importance designed by general born star architect renzo piano the 1000 metre long span was completed in just over a year well continued day and night even during the worst of italy's coronavirus crisis its success is considered a model for the rest of italy. it was such a tragedy as such a terrible scene but so happened to do the work in one year and so fine. show that. from. what we can do anyway good things but to the relatives who lost loved ones the new branch is no course for celebration a group of 30 sister brother in north and their 2 children were killed in the disaster she says the effort put into the construction is a fresh source of pain if each. leg. is tough to see the
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joy surrounding this construction. we would have been happy if this huge project was john earlier the old bridge should have been demolished before our families were destroyed pre-market and those 3 family to force are these through. a criminal investigations underway after poor maintenance was blamed for the disaster the egg lay this was a national scandal one new construction alone went to fix the new bridge can't heal the wings of those who lost loved ones but it is a powerful step towards piecing together a city torn apart by tragedy it quite literally reconnect with west and offers this community a sign of hope and regeneration. they like. it's quite simple and light. says she'll never forget that day but hopes the new bridge will represent a fresh start for general. because they're not decades this is
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a wound which will stay with us but there are always comes a moment when you need to move on to live in the present and accept the past simply this is the present type of thing that. the locals knew him as the derry boy the rest of the world knew him as the peacemaker for more than today john hume the former northern irish politician passed away he was 83 in 1918 was awarded the nobel peace prize along with david trimble for their efforts to end decades of bloodshed in northern ireland with what became known as the good friday agreement. ireland is not a romantic dream it is not a flag it is 4500000 people divided into 2 powerful traditions those are the words of northern irish politician john hume to translate his lifelong commitment to reconcile the 2 arlen's
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a diverse cuts of the canadian offer. and then barry hume was one of the founders of the northern ireland social democratic and labor party which he went on to lead he advocated for a united ireland to peaceful reconciliation between cattle accent protestants hume was one of the architects of the good friday agreement that would put an end to decades of sectarian violence in northern ireland in eastern 1998 the same year he's private a role in the agreement earned him another peace prize alongside their leader at a protestant official guinea's party david trimble hume credited the people of both harlan's for the end of the violence on the island for the 1st over history the people of ireland north and south of overwhelmingly thought of this to hide their wish to live together by overwhelmingly voting for the good friday agreement therefore it's a duty of all true democrats north and south to implement the will of the people. tributes started to pour in was former british prime minister tony blair saying
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john hume was a political titan a visionary who refused to believe the future had to be the same as the past his contribution to peace in northern ireland was epic and here we have rightly be remembered for it while current british prime minister brace johnson hay the political giant irish prime minister may harm martin stated it is impossible to properly express to skate and significance of john hume's life he was one of the towering figure of irish public life of the last century his vision and tenacity say discount tree those sirens monder loss of a figure of peace. finn for more i want to bring in brian dooley he's an irish author and human rights activists he joins me tonight from london brian it's good to have you on the day we want to let our viewers know thanks very much you've written several books including black in green the fight for civil rights in northern ireland and black america the u.s.
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civil rights icon john lewis he was buried last week today you tweeted this john lewis and now john hughes 2 civil rights icons taken in 2 weeks may they both rest in peace. is is that how you see john hume as a campaigner for civil rights i don't think that's fair i mean he clearly was many things in a play to. a very elite level of politics to the soup in washington and london but . really he he started as a civil rights activist he wanted what was best for his neighborhood for the city for the north of ireland and opata is a local to some degree but mostly more so than in the north of ireland and john hume was heavily influenced by the civil rights movement of the u.s. in the wanting fifty's and sixty's and he always stuck by his principles all
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nonviolent direct touch and all in a lot of resistance so yeah i think that's what really drove him. hard he was a civil rights activist the civil rights leader would the good friday agreement wouldn't have been possible without john he. not. he didn't do it on his own but the north of modern politics in the in the seventy's and eighty's was really stuck like a net in a in a grid lock in in a style my and it was thought to be politically impossible for somebody to come out of their own political trench and even talk to somebody from one of the other factions and join him did that he he went outside his comfort zone risked his political career was vilified demonized by people who otherwise had supported him when he opened talks with a republican movement the. in the in the the person gerry adams.
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which also liked on him one cheatin and superficially on but were prepared to use on force to do it and join him and his constituency when prepared to do that but coloring outside the lines like that going across that divide. really was a very politically risky thing to do but actually if it broke open the whole problem it upset that equilibrium and right up the steps are the biggest steps possible i'm going to come back to a jury and in just a moment but 1st i'd like you to take a listen to what the us senator edward kennedy said about john human back in 1907 when i think john hume was an. indispensable and sort of awakening among american politicians in the 1970 s. that the most effective way that we could begin advance the course of peace is to reduce or terminate to the extent possible of financial support for bombs and
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bullets so how important were his efforts to securing u.s. backing for the peace process. again that that backing which is crucial it didn't really come to fruition until the clinton administration in the early ninety's but throughout the seventy's and eighty's arash a mark of a very powerful force in american politics was itself split between those who want to provide ammunition we surely to the republican movement and those like kennedy to summerize of acedia are for american fitted figures who backed him in trying to press for a negotiated a constitutional settlement around power sharing and both of those things actually seemed impossible in terms of ultimate solutions and yet hume persisted and persisted and persisted in really he's political career was one of insurance and
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to murtha you get rid of the decade after decade seemingly hopelessly but then again another piece of that equation changed when things are coming to power i heard tony blair earlier on that i think it was talking in attributes of about john hume same a jump humans were asleep to peace and that's just not true he wasn't solitude but exhausted a lot of the time but the point was he just persevered and can't go in any way much to the damage if we don't help. but really he without him it couldn't have happened and he can't hide it decade after decade don't least in north america. tom i want you to listen to what gerry adams said today his reaction to john hume's death. dand of it all at war and of course not least because it's only money allers what just because this is a sad day if it's possible that smart but it was not a problem with rights only our progeny of the united from our different
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perspectives. agree. and he was singularly against the ira but that's a big fear about that. event about 30 second's years let me just get what your reaction to hearing that reaction to the death of john. adams is quite right it couldn't have happened without him quite right so i had to point out that he and was opposed to the last series and its methods and yet somehow managed to break through to refer to it to persuade not just the r. and the republican movement that just because somebody wins doesn't necessarily mean somebody else loses that the north of on foot 6 wasn't in the end of 0 sum game and he was an architect of one of the great peace treaties of the 20th century brian dooley irish author and human rights activists brian we appreciate your time it's fascinating hearing your insights tonight thank you thank you very much for having me neal. well the day is always done the conversation continues online
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you'll find us on twitter either the news you can follow me at brant go off t.v. every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you that everybody.
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journeyed through a continent in crisis south america is being hit particularly hard by the coronavirus a pandemic poverty. elling health system. and political tension the ideal breeding ground for rapid spread of the fire. yes hardship continues to
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grow closer. 90 minutes on d w. w's crime fighters are back to africa's most successful radio drama series continues to bring up all of this so it's are available online to get more so you can share and discuss on w. africa's face featured and other social media platforms for a crime fighter to me now. we know that this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so please take care of yourself keep your distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we deal with you are here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms we're all in this together and run together and we're making sure you. stay safe everybody stacey stacey stay safe
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this is. from berlin here in germany new coronavirus cases are increasing as children head back to school schools are reopening their doors for in person learning amid warnings of more and more new infections across the country. staying safe and staying in the classroom also coming up tonight. former king juan carlos
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flees the country amid a corruption probe he's accused of taking millions of dollars in kickbacks from saudi arabia and the u.s. veep stakes scandal.


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