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use fear and want to hold your. own girl. on g.w. . this is good of you news a live shot from berlin in germany the 1st children head back to school after the summer holidays as coronavirus cases are on the rise schools are reopening their doors to students amid an increase in infections across the country all eyes are on how children and teachers can stay safe and stay in the classroom also coming up a royal runaway spain's former king juan carlos the 1st flees the country and then
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a corruption probe he's accused of taking millions of dollars in kickbacks from saudi arabia. and who will join a joe biden in his bid to beat a donald trump we'll have a closer look at the top contenders are vying to become his vice presidential running mate in november's election. i'm guy raz it's an welcome to the show here in germany it's the 1st day back to school for some children and it comes as new coronavirus cases are on the rise again it's the 1st time the students are going to school full time since march for life in the classroom won't be quite what it used to be our reporter visited one school in the city of rostock to see how they're adjusting. finally back where they wanted to be in the schoolyard with all of their friends for the 1st time in 5
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months these children from john brinkman primary school in rostock can play together without a mask and without daring to social distancing rules. even hugs are allowed although not recommended. so. it is better now because we like to sit next to each other again and we can see all our friends again where no. one is i i find it great because we can see all of our friends again and also our classmates and teachers. even my sister's very 1st day at school so that's really exciting it's out in the central turk. just like this class all 11000000 german pupils are supposed to return to a daily school routine in the next couple of weeks a great relief for their parents as well that's playing and learning so close to each other every day comes with a certain risk of infection that to make some teachers uneasy. as of
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course we're anxious it's not just school it goes beyond that. i'm thinking about my family my grandmother is $91.00 you don't want to be a carrier plus i have to be extra careful as my child has asked the. passer with coded 1000 infections rising again in germany parents have mixed feelings about the new start to. this isn't a given there's a degree of uncertainty you don't know where people have been on holiday. i'm glad it's starting up again the last 6 months have been exhausting. comes to. school started normally and i could see the. distancing. keeping the kids at home even longer isn't an option for the school teacher. the goal is really important for the children and their families as well i think schools can restart despite the rising cases for the most part everyone is trying to keep
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a distance even though some hugs just inevitable for the kids they hope to be able to continue their school year as normally as possible. well spain's former king juan carlos is leaving the country to live abroad they now think comes after the 82 year old who was accused of corruption allegedly receiving up to $100000000.00 in bribes from saudi arabia when carlos abdicated in 2014 handing over the crown it to his son philippe 6 some reports in spanish media have suggested that the former monarch has already left the country. the news rocks by juan carlos a former spanish king is going into exile it's not been announced where he's heading he says he's done so to protect the monarchy from scandal but his decision has outraged many spaniards. this is really bad you should pay the money back.
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it's a high speed decision he should stay and defend himself in court like the rest of us or you. prosecutors have long been investigating qualm carlos the monarchy is facing accusations he took a kickback from saudi arabia when spanish companies won a contract to build around the way between mecca and medina there the king's former lover croon it's a sign of it can start and is suspected to have received the broad money spanish journalists were given late types with helping to hide the some. you know. the king made a fortune especially in the united arab emirates and the gulf states and also saudi arabia. he kept it gifts and nations and then he set up an elaborate financial structure to conceal that money. saved up i don't. know. that it's republicans have been capitalizing on the royal scandal by organizing
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protests against the royal family they're hoping spaniards have had enough. of the corruption doesn't just involve a few bad apples demonstrating against the money he has a corrupt system of innocence and they want to. punk carlos allegedly continued to finance a lavish lifestyle with the laundered money after he abdicated the throne he could still face charges of the matter but now he's put a little distance between himself and son king philippe and between himself and prosecutors. earlier we spoke to journalist in montreal and he told us more about the former king's reasons for leaving the country the real reasons are probably one of the main reasons is that the former king of spain he's trying to save that institution and the morning after all these reports are given very bad press
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to. spain we also know that it has. a nation of persecution all 3 teams are ready to try. should they find any wrongdoing after 2014 because. let's remind that the king of his brain has full immunity until he's abdication in 2014 and all these allegations of bribery. and 14 why he wasn't still in office that the prosecutor believes or. you know carry on looking for all the event to 2014 he could be tried in the supreme court. in madrid let's go now to some other stories making news around the world a new motorway bridge has been inaugurated in genoa italy to replace
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a structure that collapsed almost 2 years ago to the day the collapse of the miranda bridge it killed 43 people and was one of italy's worst civil disasters in decades the new bridge designed by star architect renzo piano was built in a near record time. the former northern irish politician john hume has died at the age of 83 he was a north awarded of the noble peace prize in 1980 along with david trimble for their efforts to end a decades of violence in northern ireland she was a founder and leader of the social democratic and labor party and campaigned for the nonviolent reunification of ireland. a massive wildfire is spreading in the u.s. state of california east of los angeles fire protection officials say the blaze has consumed around 80 square kilometers of dry brush and timber in the $8000.00 people have been forced to evacuate their homes. of the u.s.
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presidential race now democratic candidate joe biden is expected to announce his choice of running mate next week in march he committed to choosing a woman as his vice president since then dozens of names have been floated as possibilities and a moment we'll speak to our washington correspondent but 1st here's a look at 4 top contenders for the post. one person seen as having a good chance of becoming biden's running mate is kemal harriss observers say she takes lots of boxes she's a person of color something seen as crucial given the current ructions over racism in the u.s. . she's also someone the public knows well having tried to secure the democratic nomination herself before withdrawing to support biden in march crucially she has a reputation as a fierce and competent debater. however critics fear there could be a lack of personal chemistry between her and biden something some say could be
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a drawback for her. senator elizabeth warren is another well known face she too for to tough campaign to become the democratic nominee. was. the one she brings experience and is biden is demanding the ability to do the job on day one but her age could work against her some also worry she could alienate republican swing voters by being too progressive and too liberal. then there is senator tommy duckworth a veteran who lost both legs during the iraq war supporters say her military credentials and her personal narrative may well appeal to conservatives frustrated with trump. as a time merican she's also from an ethnically diverse background and hailing from the midwest some think she could also give biden the edge when it comes to battleground states such as michigan but others fear her lack of experience on the national stage could be
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a disadvantage. but another figure thought to be in contention is former national security adviser susan rice protector of north korea she also served as u.s. ambassador to the u.n. under the obama administration and as such has a wealth of foreign policy expertise including on russia and china at $55.00 she's also relatively young but detractors say one chink it could be that she's never run for public office. well i'm joined now by i did abuse him as paul in washington d.c. and as a let's take a closer look at these candidates who is seen as having the best chance to become biden's running mate well i think this is. because she's a really experienced politician she has a very interesting family background so her father is immigrant from to my car her mother is an indian immigrant so she really reaches. out to minorities and they
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will be crucial in this election campaign and she has been a prosecutor really gives her some good points in the robber cons of the conservative part of the democratic party a woman from a diverse a background who of course also ran in the primaries previously what does a biden's choice need to bring to the table to give democrats the best chances of beating president trump in november. rightly i mean vice presidential picks have all from being seen as being kind of a strain for the candidate has a weakness this biden is obviously his age but not only that he is a man so yes he already said that he's going to pick a woman he needs someone who is attractive for the swing voters for those republicans who are just not willing to vote for donald trump one more time he also needs someone who people trust who is able to really guide this country out of this
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economic crisis which is just about stalin is this is another really demand for all this person has to be able to reach out to. those democrats who really do not like joe biden so this is really kind of a big of the monster this person has to fulfill that's a number of areas where this woman might potentially be used by it and chances but we don't always hear quite so much about vice presidential candidates why do you think there's been so much attention to this race. well i do think it is because. after all president trump is such a controversial president this is really gives this whole election campaign such a huge worldwide i think attention that's unusual at the 1st point but then again it's also like joe biden's age we know that his v.p.
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pick is only a heartbeat away from becoming a president because this is likely that he's not able to run for the full 4 or 2 to be in office for the full 4 years so likely that he doesn't only pick like the 1st female vice president but maybe he picks the 1st female president after all on the right you know as paul in washington d.c. thank you for your reporting. so let's go now to something to smile about during britain's coronavirus lockdown a former air force pilot became known for spreading some much needed share by drawing in the sky today richard goodwin was back in action this time over bristol the city it was holding its annual hot air balloon festival to onlookers surprise the balloons were joined by a huge smiley drawn by goodwin's plane using the clear blue sky as you see in those pictures as his campus. you're
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watching news and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you children in germany have started returning to school after the summer break many of them haven't been in a classroom for months because of the pandemic parents and teachers hope measures to stop the spread of the corona virus will prove effective. that's your news update as our don't forget you can always get the latest information around the clock on our website dot com and by richardson and berlin thanks so much for joining us. in the colbys in germany to learn german word for the. one don't learn with him don't use it you learn course because free. sleep. carefully. will. be nice to do good.
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