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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 4, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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i like to have quit anything electronic and my name is and i'm away and i am away. this is deja vu news live from berlin germany's children heading back to school after the summer break just as coronavirus cases are on the rise the focus is on keeping children and teachers safe we'll talk about the steps to do that also coming up today. it appears as if spain's former king juan
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carlos has fled the country amidst the corruption probe is accused of taking millions of dollars and kickbacks in the saudi arabian royal project. i'm brian thomas good to have you with us today here in germany children have started going back to school just as coronavirus cases are on the rise it is the 1st time many of these children have been in a classroom since march but the experience is not the same a reporter visited one school in the city of rostock in northern germany to see how the school children are just. finally back where they wanted to be in the schoolyard with all of their friends for the 1st time in 5 months these children from john franklin primary school in rostock can play together without a mask and without a daring to social distancing rules. even hugs are allowed although not recommended
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. and it's best of my it's better now because we are allowed to sit next to each other again and we can see all our friends again no. one is i i find it great because we can see all of our friends again and also our classmates and teachers. even my sister's very 1st day at school so that's really exciting it's often a central target. just like this class all 11000000 german pupils are supposed to return to a daily school routine in the next couple of weeks a great relief for their parents as well but playing and learning so close to each other every day comes with a certain risk of infection that to make some teachers uneasy. as of course we're anxious it's not just school it goes beyond that. i'm thinking about
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my family my grandmother is $91.00 you don't want to be a carrier plus i have to be extra careful as my child has asked. passer with coded 1000 infections rising again in germany parents have mixed feelings about the new start to. this is a mother do this there's a degree of uncertainty you don't know where people have been on holiday. i'm glad it's starting up again the last 6 months have been exhausting. comes to the. school started normally and i could see that. distancing. keeping the kids at home even longer isn't an option for the school teacher. sure the goal is really important for the children and their families as well i think schools can restart despite the rising cases. for the most part everyone is trying to keep a distance even though some hugs are just inevitable for the kids they hope to be
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able to continue their school year as normally as possible. and did obvious political correspondent money all chese is here to talk about the search for normality in german schools good morning to you emmanuel is there any broad support for schools here in germany to be opening again with children like we saw in that report not wearing masks and not really social distancing. welfare and that have really depends on the way you live in germany in regions most affected by the pandemic they will lose applied for example mosques are not men that's a reality so into reporting mecca borg upon the end of it they will be made mandatory in by and come september and come this school of thought there. was at least affected the region was by and was one of the west affected region along with north rhine-westphalia here in germany and you with the opinions of 218 depending on the way people are talk to some parents in north rhine-westphalia recently and
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they said they were very where we've got mosques wouldn't be mandatory so it really depends on the pandemic experience of the last few months ok so the localization in terms of lockdowns is matched by localization of a mask usage for kids german infection rates are creeping up again what's the fallback plan in the event of severe outbreaks will it be back to home schooling for the kids. well there are different scenarios and again that with depends on where in germany another outbreak happens for example in mexico i'm right now which says as a tester and they starting. school yesterday schools were in charge of organizing brains of students into cohorts of 2 was a maximum of a couple of 100 students should an infection occur these systemic use mccann isn't should run the possibile to isolate only a section of the school and not an entire school in the very out in the out ahead it's an entire school that would be closed with this learning being implemented in
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case of a cluster and in case of a holes they can waive all schools will be closed and moved into distance learning you know talking about distance learning to keep children and teachers healthy there's a new push for liberalizing homeschooling in germany remains illegal in this country could we see modernizing education become part of condemning control efforts. while definitely does be no reshuffle of cars in terms of education culture here keep in mind that many teachers for example weren't trained to be distance learning teachers so does also the question of the cost of training them but also a cost for children and their parents to acquire the relevant material for online classes for example and the federal government millions in funds to try and have parents and children alike to get the digits of the equipment and to train teachers so these of course lead to a rethinking of a school structure of and you mentioned the question of homeschooling that's came back past few months in fact the lines are definitely moving but that's not
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a new scituate that's a new situation for everyone it's a new situation for schools for children for parents and also for us as a society as a whole to we think the traditional model of education and certainly is a manual thanks so much for coming in on this today thank you. spain's former king juan carlos is reported to have abruptly left the country is the partner comes amidst a scandal over alleged illegal payments linked to a high speed rail project in saudi arabia and a letter to his son king philippe the former monarch said he was leaving spain so they could work unhindered by the charges against his father he said he would continue to be available to prosecutors. the news is rocks by juan carlos a former spanish king is going into exile it's not been announced where he's heading he says he's done so to protect the money from scandal but his decision has
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outraged many spaniards. this is really bad he should pay the money back. it's a heist he decision he should stay and defend himself in court like the rest of us . prosecutors have long been investigating kwan colace the monarchy is facing accusations he took a kickback from saudi arabia when spanish companies won a contract to build around the way between mecca and medina then the king's former lover could it's a sign of it can stein is suspected to have received the bribe money spanish journalists were given late types with helping to hide the some. but the king made a fortune especially in the united arab emirates and the gulf states and also sat iraq. he excepted gifts and donations and then he set up an elaborate financial structure to conceal that money there's nothing to save me about a bill is. that if republicans have been capitalizing on the royal scandal
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by organizing protests against the royal family they are hoping spaniards have had enough. of the corruption doesn't just involve a few bad apples demonstrating against the money he has a corrupt system of innocence and they want to get. punk carlos allegedly continued to finance a lavish lifestyle with the laundered money after he abdicated the throne he could still face charges of the matter but now he's put a little distance between himself and son king philippe and between himself and prosecutors earlier we spoke with your analyst i may have less clothes in the dread it told us more about the former king's reasons for leaving the country. real reasons and probably one of the main reasons is that for making the spain he's trying to save that institution and the morning after all these reports
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are given very bad press. in spades we also know that it has. a nation of prosecution ready to try. should they find any wrongdoing after 2014 because. let's remind that the king of his brain has full immunity until he's abdication in 2014 and all these allegations of bribery. 14 why he wasn't stealing off of his bed the prosecutor believes or. you know carry on for all the events to 2014 he could be tried in the supreme court. let's get you briefed down some of the other stories making the news today u.s.
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president all from and his company may have engaged in quote extensive criminal conduct that's according to a new filing by a new york prosecutor who's trying to obtain the president's tax returns the president calls the fraud investigation part of an ongoing which often. hurricane has made landfall on the u.s. sees the east coast with winds of nearly 140 kilometers per hour or forecasters are warning of storm surges dangerous winds and heavy rains in parts of north and south carolina a category one hurricane is for getting cast to move north along the eastern sea. australia is deploying its military to enforce stricter lock down rules that have come into place in the state of victoria. people found to be breaching isolation orders will now face fines as high as $14000.00 u.s. dollars. swarms of locusts have descended on farmlands in southern russia
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causing huge damage to agriculture hot dry summers being blamed for the plague creating the perfect condition for the insects to breed there are estimated to cost millions of euros and. norway has announced restrictions on cruises along its coast after dozens of people were infected with corona virus on board a ship cruise liners bearing more than $100.00 people will be barred from stopping off or disembarking passengers in norwegian ports for at least 2 weeks the decision does not apply to ferries hurtigruten was the 1st cruise line to resume operations back in june now it's facing criticism that it restarted prematurely police are investigating whether breaches of coronavirus regulations led to the outbreak on the m.s. road ahmanson the ship is now docked interim so while local authorities are scrambling to prevent the fires from spreading. then he has to protect the highest priority
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now is to follow up on those who have tested positive and to prevent the infection so and as we know the disease has a set an incubation time so it will take a while before we understand the full consequences of break probably cause a claims. that this make you pit. crew and passengers were infected onto july cruises between the mainland and this fall by occupied ago in the arctic circle. of the ship may have spread the virus to thousands of tents and villages along norway's coast critics say hurtigruten was too slow to inform people after the 1st case was identified the company has admitted mistakes were made a 1st offense they really let us for them 1st of all we have very sorry for the situation that has occurred we're working intensively with the municipality together with national action control body. no we general thirty's taking any
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chances back closing ports to cruise ships for at least 14 days for an industry already down billions in revenue the latest outbreak is a major blow as it seeks to persuade passengers that returning to its ships is safe we have something to smile about during britain's lockdown a former air force pilot became known for spreading some much needed cheer by drawing a moat she's in the sky today richard goodwin was back in action this time over bristol the city was holding its annual hot air balloon festival to onlookers surprise the balloons were joined by a huge smiley drawn by goodwin's plane using the clear blue beyond as a scare us. let's get your minder now for our top story this hour germany's children are heading back to school after the summer
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break just as coronavirus cases are on the rise parents and teachers and teachers of course hoping that the measures in place to stop the virus filters effect and spanish media says that the former king juan carlos left a comfort 2 year olds under investigation over reports that he received bribes in connection to saudi arabia he's declined to come. this is d.o.b. news up next we have your business news with the band don't go. to. our planet he's a perfect. places pushed for me.


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