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biala gassed trends airport city managed by truck bomb. this is deja vu news that live from berlin and a race to save lives in beirut the day after a massive blast of devastated the city the explosion of flatterers the capital's port killing at least 130 people and injuring of thousands more beirut's residents are demanding answers and some of port officials are now under house arrest also coming up on the show. india's prime minister inaugurated the building of
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a hindu temple on the site of the demolished last many fear the construction will stoke religious tension. and in japan remembers of the horrors of her 75 years on a scaled back ceremony honors the 140000 victims of the world's 1st atomic bomb will go to tokyo for more. than welcome to the show rescuers in beirut are digging through the rubble and a desperate search for survivors following explosions that left much of the city in ruins at least 135 people are dead thousands more are injured and nearly 300000 people lost their homes in an instant the blast took place at
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a warehouse store in highly explosive chemicals under little oversight authorities have now placed a number of port officials under house arrest and declared a 2 week state of emergency for the capital. a day of grief for lebanon as the country reckons with the losses and destruction caused by tuesday's explosion. with many people still missing rescue workers are desperately searching for anyone still alive under the collapsed buildings. that this man was rescued after over 16 hours under the rubble. a glimmer of hope amid the devastation. shops and homes were destroyed across favorite hundreds of thousands of people likely unable to return to their homes for months. as the lebanese begin to deal with the aftermath a strong sense of community is emerging but
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a feeling of disbelief still lingers. kiba high yet we've never seen anything like this in our lives it's difficult and the scene is shocking and scary i took everything in after all the destruction i looked for my family and gathered them and went out to the balcony to take a look it was a massacre. was the little extra 15 minutes of i saw a lot of her if it scenes i saw dead people i saw people running and screaming all the carrying their children you know people who had lost their children others looking for their mom or their sister and it was horrific it was difficult. to get much but small. planes carrying rescue teams and aid have begun to arrive from countries around the world the lebanese government announced a 2 week state of emergency and ordered a number of court officials to be placed under house arrest they include any officials involved with guarding and storing the explosive chemical ammonia nitrate
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that seems to have caused the blast in. this we are determined to investigate. yes there are you and reveal what happened as as soon as possible that's the british those responsible. investigators have begun searching the wreckage at beirut's port the 1st step towards fulfilling the president's promise to deliver justice. from beirut our correspondent basle i read it describes how people are coping a day after the disaster it's like they will. be. citizens in specific 11 on the internet or they are still under to be on the show they are still bringing their pieces together 300000 citizen lost they're all partially or completely they are displaced they they left alone they are seeking
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for homes i don't bathe in different areas so you can imagine how dramatic the situation is especially that we're talking about damages goals billions we cost billions of dollars to. be in beirut let's go now to some of the other stories making news around the world 12 people have died in a bus accident in morocco around 30 others were seriously injured when the bus overturned a close to a good deal on tuesday in the country's southwest coast local reports say the crash was due to dangerous driving on difficult mountain roads. facebook has removed a post by u.s. president donald trump because of false claims about the coronavirus it contained a video clip from an interview the president gave on fox news on wednesday in which trump stated that children are almost immune to cope with 19. and former u.s. vice president joe biden has announced he won't be traveling tomorrow milwaukee to
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accept the democratic party's presidential nomination jewett coronavirus fears instead he'll give a speech or from his home state delaware the nominating convention at the end of this month it will now be almost entirely virtual. well today it marks the 75th anniversary of the us a bombing of hiroshima the world's 1st atomic bomb killed more than 140000 people survivors and families of the victims laid down wreaths and offered prayers at hiroshima as a peace memorial park they also marks the moment the bomb hit with the sound of a bell followed by a minute of silence. for this years of ceremonies had to be scaled back a juge of the coronavirus and only a handful of foreign dignitaries attended the event it was also a broadcast on why. a few survivors are still alive today but their stories speak of horrors that will hopefully never be repeated. jiro home assuming it is.
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in japanese that means a survivor of the bomb. he was exposed to radiation in his mother's womb as she walked around ground 0 in hiroshima looking for his father. but his father had been killed. the part about us. if we don't speak the bombing will be forgotten as if it had never happened that's why we must keep the history and people's testimonies on record with us. on august 6th 1945 u.s. president harry truman gave the orders to drop an atomic bomb on the japanese port city of hiroshima. the blast and shock wave instantly killed tens of thousands of people tens of thousands more died from strange new diseases caused by radiation. 3 days later the u.s. dropped a 2nd bomb on the city of nagasaki. truman succeeded in winning
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a decisive victory over japan and an end to the 2nd world war. but not a painless one the white house and the us military were well aware that their celebrations came at the cost of over 100000 civilian lives here oshima bombing remains to this day the deadliest single act ever perpetrated by humans. if you here are still alive to tell their stories how masooma hopes their memories will live on but that his generation will have been the last to endure such horror. for more let's cross now to tokyo based journalist. today a ceremony marking 75 years since the u.s. atomic bombing of hiroshima took place what can you tell us about. thank you for having me yes today 75th anniversary of the atomic bomb that was dropped on hiroshima today the ceremony was held scaled down
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significantly there were social distancing in their chairs and their general audience was not was not allowed to enter the parks unlike previous years exactly at our 8158 am you do the exact moments where and so if you 5 years ago moments of silence was observed in remembrance of the obvious on a bomb. this money has never been cancelled since there was built in 1952 and today the list are over 324000 names of the victims were put in the center and this list is of worst of dates each year and then there was the mayor of hiroshima with gave this speech and the version of all to unite against common threats to humanity of course includes the threats but he also warned about the rising nationalism which is threatening the
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people of the world and you refer also to the fires and their. crisis are those ceremonies taking place with the social distancing as you say today there are very few survivors of the bombings of hiroshima or nagasaki a still alive but what are we hearing from those who remain and can bear witness to history. the number of people who were directly affected or by didn't bomb was very dull so there aren't as many of them around but they are healed and they are as still vocal these still feel that. there is a goal they are fighting for which is this battle and the nuclear world nuclear weapons in the world has not been here every year they hope that this goal will be achieved but it has not been yet so the mayor of hiroshima each year make it.
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32. 24202 and. i thought. ration but. but their numbers are dwindling and they are not going to be around for much longer in the future so the men sir is passing the torch to the new generation and prospering very very experienced the next generation so they will lead the movement to a world. free of nuclear weapons and making sure the world that never forgets out an iranian thank you for your reporting from tokyo thank you. well india has a bolstered security and kashmir as it marks one year since scrapping the disputed regions semi-autonomous status the government strip the jungle and kashmir india's only muslim majority states of its special rights last august director modi's
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government said the move was necessary to better integrate the region and its economy but the imposition of direct rule caused anger a security restrictions chokes the economy and kashmiris face a lockdowns communication blackouts and mass detentions. parallel to the anniversary indian prime minister modi led a ceremony to inaugurate the building of a hindu temple that has been the focus of a bitter decades long dispute between hindus and muslims. of this hit stands for an historic triumph for india's hindu nationalist government after a decades long dispute prime minister narendra modi led the groundbreaking ceremony for the new hindu temple at the flashpoint holy site of a yoga. omari this temple will become the modern symbol of our culture i'm using the word modern deliberately it will be the symbol of our perennial faith our nationalism this temple will also be symbolic of
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the united strength of millions. the security was tight in a year leading up to the ceremony the city has long been a religious fault line at the center of intense sectarian violence in 1902 a hindu nationalist mob raised the barbary missouri mosque in najaf the incident triggered religious riots that left over 2000 people dead most of the muslims. hindus believe ram one of their major deedes was born at the site and claimed the mosque was built on a temple there. this case has been going on for 71 years but now finally the divine moment has arrived and everyone is very happy to be able to witness this temple for lord where extatic. modi's b j p had long been rallying for the construction of a temple on the site after a lengthy legal battle india's supreme court awarded the disputed
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a lot to hindus in november of last year the verdict caused disappointment among india's muslim community but many have since come to terms with the decision. to import the muslim community has accepted the verdict and we want to help with the construction of the temple with you. as muslims will be able to build a new mosque on a nearby plot but prominent muslim leaders feared the new temple could have bold new hindu nationalists to target other mosques in the region. well a day after the huge explosion at the devastated by a route people in countries near and far have gathered to show solidarity. palestine is crying out for beirut reads this sign at a vigil in the gaza strip many people waving lebanese as well as palestinian flags even in israel which is technically in a state of war with its neighbor the lebanese colors a lit up
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a building and i tell of you that square. a candlelit vigil was also held outside. paris and the eiffel tower switched off its lights an hour. but that's your news update at this hour don't forget you can always get the latest on our web site dot com i'm clay richardson and thanks so much for joining us. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. covert 19 special and next on d w. last we are fighters want to start families to become farmers or
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engineers everyone of them as a planet into really soon.


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