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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2020 8:15pm-8:30pm CEST

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city of cody also known as cali cut reports say at least 14 people are now dead and dozens injured the plane was carrying almost $200.00 passengers. so this is you know we're news don't forget you can find all the latest information by adding to our website www dot com or find us on twitter our handle is every news . thank you so much for spending at this part of your day with me to care for something. truly major just. shows. certain ways to bring your good.
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passion the drama competition marketing numbers atmosphere our fight at intuition love money. stands for arms fire spans and found all. on you to join us. the u.s. ratchets up a digital dispute with china as you executive order targets not just social media hit to talk but china's massive payments and messaging service we chat. business sentiments 1000 south africa experts point out that the nation's recession was was think even before the pandemic hit apple look at the economic impact of. over 1000
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on kenya as coronavirus cases in africa reach a milestone. been possible and that's the business world stocks took a dive today president or trump has spent of u.s. transactions with 2 of china's tech sensations $0.10 messenger a chat and dances video sharing app to talk as global ramifications. in just 6 weeks those uploading videos like this one to mobile app tick-tock can find themselves on the wrong side of u.s. law. the u.s. has around 100000000 take talk users but not for much longer. washington issued an executive order banning u.s. transactions tick-tock parent company the white house believes the app threatens national security saying it allows china's communist party to spy on u.s. citizens china refutes that saying the u.s. is merely upping the ante in the ongoing trade conflict and the u.s.
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taking national security as an excuse frequently abuses national power and unreasonably suppresses companies of other countries this is an outright hegemonic act china is firmly opposed to it the controversy centers around this company by dance based in beijing it owns numerous apps including tech talk and residents in beijing were not happy about the american moves. because i don't agree with this move from the u.s. it restricts the free business growth of tech talk but it also affects those american youth who like tech talk so much. that it will be with me what i don't want to use american products anymore and i will support the chinese alternatives and economic self-reliance that wouldn't be that way that. recently u.s. software company microsoft expressed interest in buying tick tock from byte dance the white house says if a u.s. company bought that up the ban could be avoided the u.s.
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government's executive order also focuses on 10 cent holdings the chinese owner of we chat hugely popular in china the messaging and social media could soon be banned in the united states as well. of to see a market analyst at a wanted craig craig what have been the significance of the u.s. banning we chat well i think it would be significant not necessarily on u.s. consumers because they are still quite limited in number but what the broader ramifications really would be the action at stake and it's not entirely clear but if it if extends for example politico you wouldn't be allowed to download it on an i phone because apple's an american company all on and would be hiv has a similar reasons and all of a sudden the ramifications become far more severe also i think it's worth noting that any action taken by the u.s. is going to have a response from china so you get you looking at the u.s.
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tax base and say which u.s. tech companies are in china which u.s. tycoon reason trying to gain greater exposure in china because these are the ones that you will smugly going to be targeting this is from the chinese perspective going to be seen as an attack on chinese tech companies who want to expand globally and compete with the u.s. so we can expect that it's not going to be taken lightly craig let's talk about the chinese perspective because the chinese foreign ministry accuses the us of suppressing foreign companies that's exactly how big you know rates. it is. it's one of these really difficult savvis 'd the yukon that's certainly argue with the point on data privacy it's become such a hot topic look just here in the in the e.u. now over the last few years the g.d.p. everyone has become obsessed with dates and what's what's happening with the data and what it's been used for so it's hard to necessarily disagree on the outside if
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you think if you believe if the u.s. government and maybe all the governments around the world believe that the chinese regime is going to have access to this day to be able to use this data for purposes that we don't. we don't agree with then it's going to be very difficult to. sell bill from the chinese side you could almost on the political as well and there is quite clearly a political angle with this step don't quite strongly is his is china cross many ways including the coronavirus but also chinese tech as well the trade will proceed all of this and how to tackle them into it as well so there is clearly a political angle as well so you can almost on the argument from both sides but you wonder if this is successful and if the u.s. does bond them and it does make it difficult for american companies to effectively promote these chinese firms in other countries follow suit like any tech company in china looking to expand that is going to have a very difficult on really briefly how do you see the trade war developing
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considering it's very uncertain times and considering it's now entered this news new phase and during the digital sphere. well the biggest factor in sense of the trade war comes and those present donald trump that realize that if it wasn't done perhaps this. joe biden would act very differently with respect to china even though he has been backed into a corner and forced to adopt a slightly on the john of authority himself as well if he does get reelected then we will truly whether this is just a political campaign or what there is something more to it we use technology for technology transfers etc is a key part of the trade talks so i suggest that we could have many more years of the standoff between the world 2 superpowers curriculum thank you very much. and just to point out how far reaching this story is south africa's main stock index abruptly ended a 4 day rally today and because index heavyweight naspers plunged following trump's
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executive orders the south african media group has a one percent stake in chance and it tends it will south africa has bigger problems on its hands the coronavirus is hit it hard as din africa and the economy faces its worst crisis since the end of apartheid a survey of executives shows sentiment falling companies continued to shed jobs even as manufacturing activity begins to pick up again analysts say the nation's largest latest credit downgrade to junk status has nothing to do with the pandemic they blame the government's chaotic economic policy. as ring in for the wet in johannesburg philip just as this pandemic has shown up companies that was struggling before the crisis the same goes for countries and they have bad business practices. and of course they are. what we find in south africa is that a lot of companies are now saying we have to pull back on investment we simply have to hold on to our cash because we don't understand what the government is doing we don't understand the regulations that we have
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a continuing ban on the scent of al called that's affecting breweries it's all sort of fitting glass manufacturers they're continuing ban on the sale of cigarettes and there's an ongoing cold case about that so secret companies are now saying we can't invest in this economy and of course others in the economy also looking at this and saying our trust is fundamentally broken here the future does not look right we know that consumer spending is going to be low but on top of all of this our relationship with the government has been severely dented by this and that in and of itself is causing the pulling back of the basement to make create a brighter future what south africa got to do to get out of this economic crisis. well we know it's going to be bad i mean the wisc ace in our nose at the moment is talking about something like 50 percent unemployment and those are the official projections coming from the government so the government has really said that this is an emergency situation and they've called on south africans to take everyday
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actions to listen impact of the virus and virus spread that's kind of the media thing and they've promised to take firm action in terms of corruption and the kind of wastage that south africa has been dealing with for decades and there's a lot of cynicism about the ability to do that now under the circumstances of these new borrowing a new international barring but you're really a lot of the talk is about talking more so the government and various departments keep saying we will sit down with business we will figure this out we are a resilient nation we will come up with plans meantime the business sector is saying to us well we hear all this talk about consultation and something hasn't happened yet. just really briefly a yes or no a lot of experts say this is the governments are doing what are the chances of the government turning things around. it's happened before south africa has closed its way back from extraordinary problems before so yes there is a possibility but things are as bad as we've seen them in modern south africa
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certainly philip thank you very much for your analysis. and it's not just south africa which has been badly hit by the crow virus appendix impact is also being felt everywhere on the call tonight including east africa's most advanced economy kenya. coronavirus precautions are now a common sight in nairobi masts and hygiene measures are required but despite these precautions the number of coronavirus cases in kenya has been growing rapidly the pandemic has already hit the economy hard and with africa now exceeding 1000000 confirmed infections fears are growing that things could get much worse if you see seas we work so that we can eat but since the 1st case of 1000 was announced i have not been able to work life is difficult and it will only get worse now that the continent has more than 1000000 cases and with infections continuing to increase i wonder what will happen when we get to 5000000. kenya is one of africa's
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success stories and it has one of the continent's best medical systems but the africa centers for disease control is keeping a close eye on the country it's warning that hospitals could be overwhelmed. but many here say they cannot afford a 2nd outbreak. took out a loan to buy this car but now i'm unable to pay if things get worse i'll have to move out of the city and back to my home in the country side business is bad i don't know what to do. as the corona virus spreads across africa kenya's very development could be at risk. german exports rebounded in june making up ground lost during the pandemic and pushing a factory out put exports down by 15 percent from may that in turn spurred factories to increase production by roughly 9 percent for the month economists warn however that a full recovery is a ways off exports still significantly under their prepared denecke levels. french
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wine production is cents rise this year according to france's agriculture ministry warm weather is expected to boost the great publicist with a rise of 6 weight the same heads but the news is mixed for wine makers who've been struggling and made code 19 classes wine exports of fallen and other countries wine industry is negotiating production target with some producers looking to cut output to shore up christ's. i'm feeling the heat here in the studio today i'll tell you that nice doing business with you.
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mean an animal living to get. there and unspoiled nature nelson only rain cofounded national the only african wildlife conservation center run by the masses. but since the coronavirus pandemic they have faced many more challenges than usual needs a lot of them shoot. their conservation movement to find go.
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out for a go. see i'm 69 w. . and automatic. cast. video and or you know. any time anywhere. w. media center. this is state of the news africa coming up today the troll map off to tehran through some violence is widespread speaking camp through because of the breaking insurgency that you will hear from a victim this trying to heal from the mental damage she sapphic off to being gang raped and a counselor who is helping others like her. and how the current rise pandemic is saying.


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