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tv   Myanmar and the Rohingya  Deutsche Welle  August 8, 2020 10:15am-11:00am CEST

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reveals himself to be a cool little girl who doesn't know what she's doing. and a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you this hour. testing has begun for journey for travelers pretending to have gemini any money refused testing will be fined $25000.00 euros. that's if they've got any news for now coming up next i don't film on my own body and it's rohingya muslims more news coming up in 45 minutes. images of cars on. the photo studios are kind of documents lives in bygone era assumed. 'd and leads to those living today. they are guarding gaza's past in a box. collected memories stored supporters 14th phone t
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w. i do they can there was raining that day the river had flooded. before last we couldn't cross the river with our babies and children and we were sitting on the riverbank and they were gone his soldiers came and surrounded us. by someone as a beginner again is a layer. there and there will they started stabbing our men and shooting at them the 2nd i shouted shop you just by his house the women would long sticks langan with analyzing i need. a lot of really.
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very very brave 10 soldiers carried me off along with 6 other women that are down the dominican rather. than one another and as they took us away my youngest brother said to me farewell my sister. in law i can't say all the terrible things they did to us. jill out there right there that. what happened was called a cleansing operation. in the summer of 2017 the myanmar army laid waste to the western state of rakhine formerly are
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a contraband. nearly 500 villages were burned down. the row hinge a population fled to the forests and hills muslims one wanted in a mainly buddhist country. after days on foot the survivors reached the border. on the opposite bank bangladesh.
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that are looking for when we have enough time anymore the soldiers beat us. i lost my daughter she is a little bigger than this child here i bothered my mother missing when they set the village on fire i took my wife and the children who were there and ran away as fast as i could since then i don't know where my daughter is $400.00 a. therefore they got in the street and by the river i saw many dead bodies including children wherever we looked there were mutilated and burned bodies there because the no food idea in the level of it.
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the crackdown left thousands dead in recalling the province where the range of people used to live. most of them fled myanmar their own country. bangladesh has taken 700000 refugees. the situation remains a textbook example of ethnic cleansing can anyone rule out about the limits of genocide maybe present. genocide. international law is yet to decide but that's what many academics and diplomats are calling the situation. what is not in doubt is that the events were premeditated.
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and that requires decisions by people in power that requires time and resources to plan. unless it be meditated nothing. happens without a plan there's always a master plan 2 . bangladesh is home to the largest refugee camp in the world. the in-joke all told the same story citing the same violence the same methods.
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the name of one village has become synonymous with crimes against humanity. to law told. far from their homeland the survivors in this village tell their stories. to describe a well oiled machine. at the number. that day at 8 in the morning it is soldiers attacked our village from the north they said our houses on fire and fired their guns we knew we had to get
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away. with a lot of we took our things and fled. why don't they go. for then we knew that we took our bags and our children and ran to the beach we hid by the riverbank. but then the soldiers surrounded us like a mother to decide oh about the. plus that a lot of them not a mother the people ran away in all directions some fell down others jumped in the water. and they drove us all out of the in the bank many couldn't download then they separated the men and the women who did it layover in buffalo really. one long . you don't play on the nomination shot and killed the man they're out about and they might have had better. have had them on with the weather got there to escape the bullets we jumped into the river and there were 4 or 5 of us we fled to the opposite riverbank from there we saw what they did to my wife and the other women.
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we had to watch what was happening. so i think. they didn't stop shooting we watched and cried. my wife and i had a baby it was our 1st child. i watched and i wept. for joy donna with my with all the men were dead they started to throw the babies in the water and they killed the children with machetes before they threw them in the river to the wall. and i watched them beat and kill people they said my house on fire and threw my baby into the file. after they had killed the man and children they started dragging the women off in
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groups of 5 or 6. got on with little girl and they brought us to a house blindfolded us and bound our arms and legs they raped us they knew no massey. when. the soldiers came to us 3 times then they left us lying on the ground and like to see in. it was late afternoon. i thought i was going to die. i close my eyes and said my last prayer. at that moment they set the house on fire. but i managed to crawl out that we're going to get there they are used to be afraid of death but i'm not afraid anymore mother father one of the.
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men and women separated children massacred systematic rape. they used the same methods and almost all the villages they attacked. matthew smith has an ngo that defends human rights in asia. he's investigating the violence suffered by the wreckage of people. we documented upwards of 11000 soldiers from 27 battalions that were operational during these attacks that requires decisions by people in power that requires time and resources to plan so all of these all of these aspects certainly speak to a genocidal intent.
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the eyewitness accounts of the survivors are unanimous the soldiers went along. there a minute it was tested and it was a variance in soldiers acted together. there at least 500 of them the tools villages liason killed people and burned down houses and that then i saw them attacking people with knives cutting people struts and throwing babies into the fire when it bought a house they did it on the soldiers orders. now than they did out on the air then i mean got that. civilians and soldiers acting
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together. there is a dead end here in these images filmed by a myanmar soldier an officer in combat gear is addressing some buddhist villagers. don't you know these people are breeding like rabbits there are more and more of them that's why they're a threat to our ethnic minorities who they want to populate the whole of. then they will conquer the whole country and take control of it that's what they're planning to do. we can't be afraid of these foreigners. where they are. the officer reveals the me and more armies plans. the moon we will hit them hard and fast have no doubt we will cleanse their villages. one group of soldiers will be in charge of cleansing the area while
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another group will prevent the russian ship from escaping. so they don't scatter anywhere. but here i don't know them is essentially describing what the military ended up doing which was attacking running until it is in some cases blocking them from from from fleeing and then massacring them and in other cases just driving them out towards bangladesh. you know i go i don't know we have no backpacks no food and we won't sleep we have come only with our guns and bullets so that we can defeat them. but we're counting on your help in this mission show your courage. on yourselves with machetes he sticks around and we even have to fight people don't and small children to make sure we defeat them. and you see the soldiers encouraging the civilians to themselves take up arms and so and we ended
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up seeing this this this ended up taking place villagers were armed with farm equipment with long swords with knives in some cases with firearms and they flanked me i'm army soldiers and police one eyewitness described it to us after watching some of these trains described to us as they were being trained to kill it looked like they were being trained to kill he said to us. arming civilians creating a militia to attack an ethnic group amounts to a war crime. was a crime against humanity.
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in the last few years one man has played a central role in changing mindsets. starting in 2012 when he was released from prison this month has been touring the country to convince the poor of the dangers of islam. a holy man turned politician. 'd 'd who has harnessed the anti rohingya hatred inherited from the colonial era.
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during the 2nd world war prior to independence the muslim minority supported the british. many buddhist and myanmar never forgave him. 'd he met the market the height of his favor. sometimes they call me the neo nazi the bald nazi or the bin laden of myanmar but i've already made my statements about that. a lot of. the racist preacher was protected and financed by the generals in power. ah machine iraq the exploited his popularity to have mixed marriages prohibited.
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i think. a little while ago i'm very active on social media especially on the issues of foreigners and rape i. listen to the biggest threat to all of us are the muslims who marry several women and have lots of children because they want to become a majority in myanmar. i asked quite a. little by little the radical monk saw its influence growing with hindsight his words could be understood as a warning. the government made the right decision they no longer use the word. they say they are illegal immigrants and they should be put in
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a camp where they won't even be prepared to send them to another country. driving the rohingya muslims out of me and mar the country where they had lived for centuries. that day the monk revealed the general's plans years before any action was taken. it was also at this time that london based academic thomas pick managers went to southern rakhine. there were media reports about the problems with muslims there were reports about muslims raping buddhists making the front pages of the media. there were a group of monks touring the country to explain to schoolchildren the problems
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of islam. a specialist in state crimes mcmanus quickly became convinced that an act of genocide was imminent. this is part of a stigmatize ation stage of genocide you problematize another group they're still accepted to the still part of society but you point to them and you say look what they do there's something wrong with them and that is the 1st stage in genocide. the theatrics to turn from words into actions. led by radical monks and accompanied by the police the buddhists attacked muslim villages.
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it was the 1st act of a tragedy that would last 5 years. in june 2012120000 wreckage of muslims were driven from their villages and forced into camps. southern rakhine had been cleansed. little by little the ropin just lost the remaining rights. they could no longer study seek health care or even leave the camps.
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or any. of. those not in prison camps but confined to their villages in a rest day like. we're . all hoping. well not. really well. on either gone. but after years of persecution in our movement was born in regard to rock n roll him just salvation army. only committers of this
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mysterious guerrilla army are these propaganda films. that are going to murder but. without uniforms and under equipped the militants attacked me and more police stations in the summer of 2017 the powder keg had been lit. when august 25th came around and running in the attendance attacked and killed a handful of. myanmar officials the authorities essentially activated what appeared to be a very well planned operation. the massive repression of the wreckage of minority led to the myanmar army being
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accused of crimes against humanity. you don't. want to bother with rakhine state to me and mark. the region is off limits to journalists. since 27000. humanitarian organizations have also been banned it's a territory devoid of outside witnesses. you know when you're. going if you don't know when you go about it like you know who would like. to defend itself against accusations of genocide the myanmar government
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invited in a handful of journalists. the trip is tightly controlled. over. we take the only road leading north to where the injured live for they were driven out. everywhere military camps and forts took the place of birth villages the ruins of which are barely visible.
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slow down please. love low life slow down but stopping it's up to question each time we pass a bill in which the car speeds on. we pass what used to be booked in jakarta nts for only the charge stops of palm trees are made. the driver seen it all. but he has been warned. he has only one word to say color. the pejorative ethnic slur used by the region's buddhists to describe the range. as soon as we arrive in the northern capital of rakhine were taken to a press conference. one might think.
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a propaganda lesson delivered by the governor and a handful of officials in the finest room and town. people in a minority a little bit when we look back in history we see it was always the muslims who attack the local buddhists. they seized the land whenever they had the opportunity . the government just did what was necessary to retain our national territory. the official version of the genocide. i think. it was neither the police nor the army who drove these people out nobody forced them to leave it was rohingya terrorists who burned down their houses forced them to flee with.
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the accusations of crimes against humanity or brushed aside by the mayor. there was no genocide here it has never happened and never will. if that were true why are muslims still living in the region. but how can that be. if it had really been genocide then they wouldn't be here anymore. and you know i didn't even go home. they've managed to kill 22000 in my estimates range and drive up to a 1000000 out of the country without any repercussions and they've managed to convince the people that this is all fake news that this never happened that the birth of their own houses and left on their own accord. after the genocide it's the
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last stage it's about denial it's about rewriting history it's about understanding what happened in another way as part of the new national story. what has happened since the engines were driven out. of. the convoy heads to northern rakhine their trucks everywhere. the road is still being built but whole villages have appeared only one year after the wreckage of flight. prefabricated houses that the government has given to buddhists moving here from other parts of the country.
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the settlement show that the royal hinterland did not stay empty for long.
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international community is increasingly taking a stand and denouncing the crimes against the right engine. for justice takes time. in the corridors of the palace of nations one woman is once again preparing to defend the range of cards. since 2014 yankee league has been the un special rapporteur for human rights for me and mark. there's no water provided on the. roof you know ok it's on cue about. i think. here.
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mr president distinguished representatives ladies and gentlemen i'm honored to once again to address you and represent you in my report to this council on the situation of human rights and me i'm out. i repeat the international community going to tell bangladesh they must continue their generosity indefinitely for a crisis but that was caused in me i'm up a reason to tell the road into refugees that they are going to have to endure the situation and definitely the answer to the above questions must be unequivocally no i encourage you to stop the talking and start the doing i thank you for attention thank you. for instance trajectory is it time for children to smoke or interview yes of course it's been delayed or long and yet as you know justice delayed is justice denied. you know high level. generals who really did feel were doing.
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atrocities crimes they must be tried and as long and as well as others to me to make. their. release you know that exceptionally who are these others to whom the diplomat were 1st. given her knowledge of the workings of the myanmar political machinery at the start of her mandate young he leave regularly met with nobel peace prize winner. but in 2015 the lady from young gone refused to express an opinion on the road into question. we met her briefly during her election campaign. but since the war in syria the state has.
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once appointed state councilor her position became clear it was that of the military with whom she shared power. yankee league and the nobel peace prize winner had been close for years. for the 1st time the south korean diplomat revealed what was said during their last meeting . i would have a tete a tete a private meeting and i would raise many issues and had a very good point we talked you know she asked about my mother about how my father is doing we talked about family. when i met her and her 1st right after she was
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elected use of a hand and she said oh no we don't use that word range and i told her no i can't use something else and principle i am going to use it later age. despite having a mandate from the united nations the diplomat was only able to visit north of rakhine once. when i saw her in 2017 she was very bitter about the u.n. and. and i asked her i need more access to different areas and in july she said to me if you continue there now this narrative of the west general to you may not get any access. 3 days later she asked me in march parliament to withdraw the diplomats accreditation young the league was forced to leave me and mark.
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had built up a lot of political capital over the years she is a nobel peace prize winner and she used this to provide cover for the military to carry out their operations every time the international community came in and said look we have reports we have evidence they were trying to bamboozle beyond science to cheat using her capital she built up over the years to provide cover for the military to carry out a genocidal campaign this is complicity in genocide and uncensored she should be investigated for complicity in genocide. if our own sons who choose image has been tarnished by the road into crisis those who cause the chaos of rakhine are using it to their advantage.
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after 50 years of dictatorship in 2011 in march started moving toward democracy. a transfer of power from the military to a civilian government. but in fact it didn't happen the general still controlled the country. is going to benefit from the destruction of their injuries from their annihilation the genocide the military need a way of explaining to the burmese people why they still need their such a huge military at all. so the question is do we need a minute's rise country so that so the military are creating problems like the ranger so that the country will rally around the military is that offenders they've
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remained in power there in complete control of the country the strategy was a success. a strategy that worked in the general's favor not only on a political it could also mean big profits. we know state is resource rich so we know that the military are going to want to get their teeth into the resources that are there it shouldn't have been one of the poorest state and. we have some evidence some reports that there in central. there is are irena there is nicole there is all those what you call it specialists and that is official government secret almost where you have no access to any information
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there's no data and so to have access to those resources. he can't have people living there. having driven out the undesirables you mark claims to be ready to welcome them back . at least that's the official line adopted under international pressure. the forty's take us to the border to the bridge over which hundreds of thousands of injured are meant to cross on their return. to myanmar authorities promise to house the engine in this empty camp. the
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camps are guarded by the same brigades which drove them from their villages. inside officials are waiting for the new arrivals the scene is carefully staged. yet although i would you say this is the authority for immigration and identification. all return east will register here. you know that then we will issue them with this identity card. and inform the card as a condition of their return. and. then they can apply for an official i.d. card. but it doesn't mean they are citizens of myanmar. this card
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merely states that the holder is an immigrant who wants to live in myanmar. by the end of it big yeah yeah. yeah. if they accepted the really enjoy whatever their burmese nationality. they all refuse. the last minute visit to the camp on the border in myanmar. these were a hinge and chose to stay in their country. me and marcus and present them behind barbed wire.
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how is it possible to believe a 1000000 exiles will return to trust the promises of a country which tortured them. what is going to happen next for the ranger come bangladesh absorb them into their size what does that mean for the right india as a culture. the genocide is continuing is going on as we speak so people have to ask the question how do we get through hinge a whole and how do we rekindle their culture how do we get people back together and if we don't do it the genocides continuing so so every day that nothing is done is the world continuing the genocide of the original. 2 2 with no guarantees for their safety with no recognition of their identity the work engine don't want to return to their land. one of the most persecuted
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minorities in the world is waiting for justice. largest waterfall here you can dive in without my. son brian ross as an art project pointis traded by swiss artist payout tony l.l. and a team of filmmakers the designer is this a. priority the multimedia show inside cause. $13.00. more.
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i'm secure in that of my work not hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers we're alliance of. what's your story. 'd on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor another guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information.
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about a book. live from berlin this is the news mandatory coronavirus testing begins for travel is of driving in germany testing stations are open other brothels terminals and border crossings as concerns grow that a 2nd wife eve of the pandemic might be hitting germany to the rules apply to anyone of driving from breaching is deemed to be high risk also coming up. he will .


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