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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 8, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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bialik asked airport city managed by from part. this is v.w. news that live from berlin and anger in the streets of beirut protests following tuesday's devastating explosion leaves at least one police officer dad and dozens of people injured demonstrators blame the blast on the years of government corruption also coming up on the show. u.s. president donald trump assigns executive orders to extend unemployment benefits
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after negotiations in congress stopped well get the latest from washington d.c. . i'm claire richards and welcome to the show we start in lebanon where protests protests against the political establishment have left more than a 100 people injured and one police officer dad and demonstrators have stormed a several official buildings setting fire to at least a one a government ministry the country has been deeply shaken by tuesday's devastating explosion in beirut support the blast killed more than 150 people injured thousands more and destroyed large parts of the city but. they came from near and far and their message was clear. down with the government on the dander of political elites they share. are incompetent and deeply corrupt
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and what happened on tuesday was the final straw for them. nearly $3000.00 tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate exploded devastating large parts of the city the chemical had been stored for 6 years without adequate safety measures in a warehouse at the port the explosion they cannot get people's discontent with their leaders. i am here because of this devastation explosion that we just witnessed an 11 on that was it is a complete neglect this is neglect this and could upset and typical see i am here the one thing we can do it say in the face of all you have to change the government to change how we. have to change everything people are dying from hunger and this is unacceptable in america prime minister hasan who himself is being partly blamed for the situation in the country says he will now attempt to call new elections he says that's how change should happen. but it's unclear if those on the streets will
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listen to him with the situation growing ever more tense during saturday's day of protests a day of rage lebanon is in turmoil and looking desperately for a ray of hope amid the darkness. let's cross now to our correspondent basle every day who is standing by for us in beirut good to see you we have reports that the situation is escalating with protesters having stormed at least 3 ministry is what is it like where you are now. we can i do a 4th one the ministry of energy one of the main it's in fact the ministry that responsible for the electricity sector for. importing old these issues are related to this industry and it was severely criticised by the. knees of the politicians during the past weeks and years in fact because it was it played the ministry to being the tool to save before the city sector but let me say something here and
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observe that we can see i want to state that we have foreign ministers that are taken by the protesters and we can put one which is the banks they don't they blame the banking sector for what they are right now financially and economically because they believe that the bank expected mainly the sense that. they gave the chance to these government these politicians through this system to be corrupt that they. would with money all over again until we reach a $100000000000.00 of national debt and let me mention one thing here that's 40000000000 dollars 45000000000 dollars in fact the debt. much a motto i don't 45 percent of the mission and a cold. that's why people are so angry about the rights of us i don't observe it unobservant that's something very organized which is something but again nice it
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seems that this night it's going to be a turning point in lebanon ok and it's in response to these organized protests a prime minister has signed i gave a speech on television proposing early elections do you think this will in any way placate the protesters who are self that's so much explosive material was left in storage but how safe. your election by the 4th us. most of the money and some but if you can fuck you today one of the . question. is are you trying to parliament has a 3 piece today and it seemed to be going on with this in the coming days some of the blocks in the position. that. he's on but on the circumstances political circumstances on how it's to what should
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we go on in the next 48 hours let's say. oh yes what's happening tonight it's something really turning point in lebanon 100 you have said that he his cabinet will discuss only near the elections on monday i don't think that this will it will be. the protesters will buy that. because the. old the promises they didn't kept it so i don't think the situation with the current prime minister will go as he thinks it's over the situation is very very. let's say very complicated way and that's why what can you tell us about who is organizing these protests. it's not clear yet as i said it's been. sort of the things being. about what we can that we can't say who's behind them but
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you can say that the i can't say i was. the judge in this was witnessing what's going on the protesters to create a different 2nd one. of these protests that they believe to be the i.s.f. i mean the security forces all of the you know and the ministers and from a 3rd party they go into the associates of banks it's all of us. old. guys very well and they are. they have a very good communication between each other and it seems that they ordered you plan for that before i did have these bets i read it in beirut thank you for your reporting i think you could on to the us now where president donald trump says he's taking executive action to extend benefits to americans thrown out of work by the current virus pandemic bypassing congress after negotiations between
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republicans and democrats broke down accuse rival democrats of trying to block the benefits. him or have chosen to hold this vital or systems hostage on behalf of very extreme partisan demands and the radical left democrats are we just can't do that so hopefully we can do something with the middle later date but we're going to be signing some bills in a little while that. are going to be very important will take care of pretty much as entire situation let's paint you know as a whole in washington d.c. to give us a better idea of what we're looking at here you know what exactly are these executive orders. right so he signed the executive orders which extend the unemployment benefits that will give the recipients $400.00 a week that's $200.00 less than before then he was due so he signed an executive order for a pay roll tax cut for those who earn money at less than $100000.00 but these are only for people who actually have
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a job and then he also promised to reduce some student loans so that's the basics right and so with a $200.00 less per week and then what was previously being given out and what the democrats wanted in their negotiations how helpful will these benefits be to average americans. well you know it is better than nothing we have to say and the whole situation is really dire you know we already see that in some states . churches and private people deliver food to. americans because people run out of money you know this is a country where people do not have a lot of money in the bank account so they really need this unemployment benefits so it's at least something but it will not drooly kind of held those who really needed most. right at the poll in washington d.c. thank you so much fear of fighting. let's go now to some of the other stories
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making news around the worlds police in the czech republic as say a fire in an apartment building of a killed 11 people was started deliberately 10 others were injured in the blaze the czech interior minister said 5 of the victims had died when they jumped from the 12th floor it to escape the flames. thousands of israeli opposition supporters have again gathered a prime minister benjamin netanyahu is residents to demand he quit and i knew i was under pressure amid an ongoing corruption trial and perceived mismanagement of the coronavirus this summer has a seen some of the country's largest protests in a decade. the survivors of india's deadliest plane crash in 10 years say the jets waited violently before it skidded off the runway in heavy rain in the southern city of cozy code at least 18 people were killed in the air india express flight from dubai was repatriating indians stranded by the pandemic. of france has
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promised to send it teams and equipment is to help deal with an oil spill that environmentalists fear could become a major ecological disaster the government of the indian ocean island that relies heavily on tourism has declared a state of environmental emergency. british authorities say there's been a record number of migrants a crossing the english channel from france to england because of calm weather this week the strait may only be 30 kilometers wide at its narrowest point have but it's dangerous because it's the world's busiest shipping lane. well here in germany it figures show corona virus infections creeping back up fueling fears of a 2nd a pandemic wave but germany is also experiencing a heat wave that could turn out to be a fatal combination as beaches become overcrowded with sweltering tourists and day trippers. germany's baltic coast samus for its endless stretches of white sandy
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beaches. and is no exception but in times of coronavirus restrictions over crowded beaches are supposed to be a thing of the past only those staying in hotels are allowed on the south. even so $10000.00 daytrippers descended on the resort companies renting out the region's much loved we could beach chairs had to turn customers away. no model that i normally on a day like this with temperatures of 30 degrees celsius would have 800 people on my part of the beach right now i can only let 15200 people that moved through the 40. i've come in for a lot of verbal abuse over the last couple of hours and some people even got physical in fact it just got so bad security are on their way right now. and it's noon when the. local authorities in tim and. the additional security
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personnel to help enforce social distancing rules on the beach. moving. the bottom line is that beach goers are not keeping to the distancing rules we may as well go straight back down to the beach and start again because they've all moved back closer together again already it's overcrowded. to stop this. is one of the resorts involved in the new beach traffic like it tells would be daytrippers whether their favorite destination is too crowded for is it or not. let's take a look now at some of the other developments in the coronavirus of pandemic paris authorities say wearing a mask will be compulsory outdoors in certain busy areas beginning on monday that's after around $400.00 people a day we're testing positive there meanwhile brazil is expected to hit 100000 deaths on a saturday so it's allowing shops and restaurants to reopen even though the pandemic has yet to peak and germany has issued
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a travel warning for parts of bulgaria and romania because of spikes in cases there are 2 european countries as so far have had a relatively low numbers of infections. well to soccer now and byron munich have sealed their passage into the champions league a quarter finals after easily eliminating chelsea byard will now face a barcelona in a one legged game in the last 8 next friday in lisbon as after the catch of the defeated napoli a buyer in the robert levin doubts he converted an early penalty and met it late on in your one home when behind closed doors. even paris it was also among the scores as byron wrapped up a 71 aggregate victory having won the 1st leg at way back in february before the coronavirus suspension. global warning is generally not good news though but sometimes there are positive affects as paleontologists are finding out in siberia what this young what we mammoth was exposed to view as
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if i see grave in the siberia permafrost melted away as other remains of animals that died thousands of years ago are also coming to light such as this world's hedge and even a cub. they were discovered in an area where the 200000 year old from a frost is melting dangerously due to climate change. that's your news update at this hour i'm claire richardson in berlin thanks so much for joining us. and. learn which course of. video or you know. where.
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it is from. is from. rachel. rachel.


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