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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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the state of the news live from berlin levanon government resigns after last week's devastating explosions in beirut announcing his resignation prime minister haasan blames and demi corruption for the blast that killed scores and flattened much of beirut he's stepping down amid days of angry protests against government negligence we'll go live to the lebanese capital for the latest from our correspondent. also
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coming up tell our roots erupts in anger after the country's presidential election the defeated candidate claims the result was ring after the government claimed president lukashenko had won some 20 percent of the vote the results triggered anti-government protests and a fierce police crackdown. and a call for early welcome to the program lebanese prime minister haasan has announced the resignation of his government after last week's massive blast in beirut and a weekend of unrest during which protesters stormed multiple ministries aabs cabinet had only taken office in january this year many lebanese blamed the country's political elite for years of corruption and negligence which they say made last week's explosion possible. as deion's folk clashes continued on the
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streets outside the country's parliament and governments resignation had been a key demand of the protestors. let's take you live to beirut now where our correspondent basile i read he is following the latest events as the new storage to emerge protesters took to the streets of the lebanese capital again how has the resignation of the government gone down with those demanding change where you are i talked it seems that the protesters they did in fact get such far right by that it's mission of the current government to if there is a nation the clashes between the protesters the scripted forces the right. forces continued on to a few moments ago i don't know if you can see behind me some of the right or just coming back from to engage me go from patient between them people just it's just outside the mark 2 square i don't i don't 50600 meters away from our discussion
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started since i don't know about so you're far out as i'll go on scene so you see all the eyes are coming back to who did own. the bases so it seemed. with us to left this city don't own a lot. had there been any political reactions to the prime minister sensation. yes indeed 1st of all the opposition forces would come to you so that you could nation. it's come to find the decision by the government to do. that took place in the heart but to preen caught in lebanon which was which is one of the which is the supreme court in the us they call it the council of justice. and let's look ahead for a 2nd what are the most pressing issues the caretaker government coming in now will
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have to address. as taken to take a government. minder of 42 years. future time now do you secure wishing that among the political parties the m.p.'s the blocs many people that you could party they should among each other to to have another you to have to form another government it's. not going to from our sources that it should be a national government which means that includes all political parties we tried that before several times in government that's why some political parties in the opposition saw it they said it didn't work so how come it will work again so it seems the coming days we will witness some i gained some although the political. and there is somebody who can step up in this situation another political figure
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maybe who can't who can step in now and give a promising message to the lebanese people. it's so hard especially if the current situation in lebanon is linked to the region a secure way should one we talk about forming information off these government we talk about the general influence in lebanon among different parties i guess we can talk about some international influence in lebanon. right now it seems that the old situation it's not quite well we have to wait until the next 48 hours to see a hollow the bunny's people how do you give on these authorities accept and take over these. nation i think reigning in beirut thank you so much for your reporting . thank you for more on this i'm now joined by am from d.w. arabic a mom thank you for coming in and this is an important moment for lebanon but protesters
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are demanding more fundamental change not just a government overhaul and how do you go about that in a country like lebanon it's indeed a very difficult time for lebanon at the moment lebanon has already been witnessing and going through various crises before the latest explosion took place so there's a lot at stake at the moment is going through a economy crisis as well as the political instability due to different factors related to regional powers fighting over and taking lebanon as a playing ground to work out their own fights so at the moment the protesters that are taking the streets of beirut are not satisfied with the resignation they are happy that this resignation happened they were demanding for this resignation since the blast but they are saying that this is not enough the government is not the sole responsible behind this blast the whole political system based on corruption and client that has been kind of preparing for one disaster after the other due to
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various reasons so this is not enough for them as he was announcing his resignation the prime minister said he was stepping down to fight alongside the people of lebanon but isn't really an ally the people are looking for i mean the reaction in the street says it all people took to people a bit of took it to the streets in protest of what happened. dad has been a controversial issue since his assignment as prime minister last and forming the government in january he hasn't been well received by the protesters that took to the streets since october despite claims that he was being brought to kind of present the angry crowds he did not prove to be. by having a working on the reforms he had promised hasn't been a figure that the lebanese people wanted to see and that kind of responsible
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position and people took to the streets again despite. the virus and despite all the various crises that happened we witnessed in lebanon a very serious economy crisis which the government of holds the sole responsibility making the situation go further down to that south stream so he's already been a controversial figure and i doubt that the lebanese people will welcome him as an ally in the next phase international donors have pledged nearly 300000000 euros in aid money to help lebanon on overcome this very complicated situation after the blast after the government's resignation who is going to make sure this money really goes where it's needed the most the caretaker government will still be in charge for the next few months we never know how long the process of political change takes and love and all its might be months until a new prime minister is agreed upon the complication of the complications of the
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lebanese situation says that various parties have to agree on the prime minister we see a lot of pressure from the international community towards bringing about serious reforms that was very obvious in my course visit to boot we will see. the german foreign minister visiting beirut in the next few days and he will definitely be bringing about the latest from the international community demands and reforms in lebanon so the international community wants to help but they also want to see serious reform measures being taken from the lebanese government. w.'s arabic desk thank you so much for your analysis thank you for having me. let's now take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world hong kong. pro-democracy activist activist chalo has become the latest public figure to be arrested under china's new national security law for the territory she was arrested
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just hours after police detained media tycoon jimmy lay in a raid on his newspaper apple daily the publication said hong kong's press freedom was now hanging by a thread. afghanistan's president musharraf has approved the release of or 100 taliban prisoners that's after an assembly of tribal leaders agreed to let them go the taliban made the prisoner release a precondition for entering talks with the afghan government on ending the country's civil war. a gas explosion in the u.s. city of baltimore has killed at least one person and injured several others 1st responders are searching for people still trapped in the rubble after the blast leveled several houses what caused the explosion is not yet known. now to bella bruce where the election commission says president oleksandr no question co won a landslide 80 percent of the vote and sunday's election but the opposition
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candidates atlanta taken off sky and says the result was rigged and claims victory for herself germany's government says it has strong doubts about the results which triggered clashes across. the leaders of belarus see these demonstrations as a threat to their authority in minsk and other cities tens of thousands showed their support for the opposition on election night even though according to official figures their main candidate won only 9.9 percent of the vote. then the situation escalated security forces attempted to disperse the demonstrators using stun grenades water cannons and rubber bullets almost 100 people were injured in the clashes authorities say they made more than 3000 arrests joe le doux at 1st things were peaceful people walked in a chain there were a lot of them then police vans came and started to arrest them. there were a lot of people with weapons they started shooting at people's arms and legs
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despite winning less than 10 percent of the vote opposition candidates for the teachin off sky claimed victory and she called on president lukashenko to step down the authorities should think about how they can peacefully hand over power to us. right. now so far they have only responded with violence against peaceful citizens . and she did nouns the election as illegitimate. we have official reports from many polling stations that i received more votes than the other candidates. we have proof of photo fraud . have people who are ready to come forward about fraud at polling stations and the board evidence is allegedly circulating on the internet this video purports to show a woman climbing out of a polling station with banks claim to be filled with ballot papers.
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incumbent lucas shanker the official winner with nearly 80 percent of the vote said the protests are being organized from abroad. to work a few little sheep are being directed by people in the czech republic to the opposition understands nothing and is urging people to take to the streets in order to i quote hold negotiations with the government so that it voluntarily hands over power lust but handing over power is something lucas shango has categorically ruled out years i had of a planned visit to moscow on she was a german foreign minister heikal mass also commented on the elections in belarus is that hopes that the country would improve its record on democracy and the rule of law had suffered a major setback. for her it says get over france and poland we had already called for free fair and transparent elections ahead of the vote both yesterday and in the
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run up to the election there was absolutely no sign of that. we are now demanding as those who took to the streets peacefully according to the democratic right are released immediately to get going as it. was rude i know and i want to remind you that the e.u. lifted sanctions against fellow troops because the country took steps in the right direction such as the release of political prisoners we now need to discuss within the e.u. whether this can still be valid in the light of the past week and days for government targets or. visits. now is germany's foreign minister heiko must speak and there you're watching the news here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour lebanese minute prime minister haasan diaz has announced his resignation along with the rest of his government comes in the aftermath of last week's devastating explosions and a route which triggered anti-government protests the knowledge that endemic
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corruption is a sibling for the blast. my colleague brant gulf will have more headlines for you at the top of the hour in the meantime remember you can always keep up to date on our web site w dot com and follow us on twitter and instagram that's abstain double units on the company for me and the entire team here for lent thanks for tuning. in the. climate change. remember so. much i'm still. going to do yours today to ensure. g.w. dot com there goes the making. clear tour.


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