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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2020 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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it has been almost a week since the beirut blasts europe and the us are seen the aid and have pledged millions of dollars to help rebuild but that money cannot buy lebanon's political elite what the explosion obliterated credibility tonight the entire government of lebanon resigned a capitulation to corruption a power vacuum in a country that is now as close to collapsing as it has ever been i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. does that mean. for example today we are heeding the people next hour i'm pretty sure i'm not going to
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let go i'm not going to go we want to open the door towards national salvation i'm not intimately angry and i'm here to tell them that their time is up i am today announcing the resignation of the government. also coming up tonight the president of bella ruse says he won sunday's election by a landslide but europe says there may be reason to believe the vote was forced and not free. the e.u. lifted the sanctions against valorous because the country took steps in the right direction such as the release of political prisoners we must now discuss in the e.u. with it they still applies in the light of the past week and the past days. but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day in lebanon where the shock waves from last week's explosion in beirut continue to rip through
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the country today the entire. government of lebanon resigned over the weekend ministers began stepping down one after the other as calls on the street for a revolution became more desperate and violent tonight's resignation amounts to an admission of utter failure a government accused of corruption at its core that was unable to protect the people it is supposed to represent a government many in lebanon now say with blood on its hands and here is the lebanese prime minister and what he told the nation why the government has quit. now that today we are heeding the people and their demands to hold accountable those responsible for a disaster that has been concealed for 7 years. and their desire for real change. change from the corrupt destructive state from a state of theft to
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a state of law and justice and transparency to a country that respects its people. in the face of this reality we are taking a step back to stand with the people to undergo this battle of change with them who we want to open the door towards national salvation that the lebanese people are taking part. of this is why i am today announcing the resignation of the government. may god protect lebanon. and there was a lebanese prime minister speaking earlier today for more on joined tonight here at the big table by my colleague from arab it is from lebanon so good to have you back on the program with us tonight were you satisfied with the message from the prime minister today. that's a tough question to answer as many have been means i am not satisfied with this
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resignation we've seen the protests this evening following the prime minister's resignation the protesters are saying this is not enough their resignation does not saturate the demands of the people they want to hold accountable those responsible for the blast and those responsible for years and years of neglect and mismanagement of the whole system and lebanon of the whole government so this resignation comes on the brink of an already boiling country with various crises and there's a big fear that this will only create more turmoil in this country and. basically the corruption is bigger than the state bigger than even the political elite. but he said nothing really about how to change that absolutely and he said nothing about how he discovered that i mean that's definitely not new information for that have been these people they have witnessed the corruption in the state and its
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various forms the last blast that blew up beirut last week was one last episode. that kind of showed the real corruption that's taking place in the state as the early investigations are showing that there has been a mess and mismanagement of this crisis so he did not say who's who stopped him from working he did not name call those who who are did not allow him to do the reform he had promised when he was elected as acted as prime minister he did not expand on the. why this had to happen and he left the lebanese people with a big question mark what happens next and what is your role he said i want to join the people but obviously the streets of beirut has answered him and told him people do not want you. let's look at what lebanon has been for the past decades it's been controlled by men who are like we're almost like mafia white godfathers have acted
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in their own interest instead of in the interest of the lebanese people do you agree with that statement absolutely i agree 100 percent of that statement lebanon has been witnessing a big mismanagement project since the civil war and many of the lebanese crises that's been happening over and over in the country are due to this political ruling elite taking control of the country and their relations with the outside with external forces me to regional or international forces this lebanon is a big example of a mismanagement of the state even of a failed state as it's being reported at the moment so the warlords definitely take the biggest responsibility and that's what has sunday up today tried to say but in a very very vague way without calling names and what about hezbollah. is in the government i wonder how much credibility it has now today warned the
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lebanese people not to allow the charity of foreign powers particularly the u.s. and europe to influence them but does hezbollah after what has happened is does it have a leg to stand on hezbollah definitely has external support mainly from like any other lebanese party that also enjoys western and international support and the calls at the moment by lebanese all around the world today in berlin there was a protest at the german at the lebanese embassy in germany calling for the for the for the for the german. not to support this murderous system as they call it this murderous state so how is enjoying support from external powers however all the other parties are are enjoying the same the same privilege so the big question is how will the new government if a new government is going to be formed soon going to deal with these various questions and how are they going to address the extern and influence it's
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a good question and we haven't gotten an answer from anyone so for europe the united states they've pledged millions of euros and dollars to help rebuild but only if the money goes to the people who need it who's going to make sure that happens that's the biggest question at the moment 250 almost 300 billions have been offered yesterday during the the. donor conference that michael had called for the question is how are they going to make sure they will get to the hands of the people is the resignation of the government the 1st step into forming a more credible government that will manage the aid that is going to be flooding lebannon in the in the near future or does this open a new bigger question into what kind of future does levanon has to face and the new future and how are we going to get rid of that and that's what the people are
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calling for of that complicated system before we let you go or there are people in the wings waiting who would like to come to power were he would be you know fresh wind for lebanon i mean i don't i don't see any new faces but are there there's definitely a lot of faces that could be the new prime minister the question is will they let someone credible who is honest and who's transparent to take over that's the biggest question question all right. as always we appreciate your insights thank you thank you brant have. simply him. when the religions are not top priority for the lebanese people tonight food clean water electricity and medicine are and there is money already earmarked yesterday french president mccrone led a virtual donor conference with leaders from the us europe and the middle east which is a paid $250000000.00 euros was pledged but mccrone said that money will come with
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conditions the time for awakening action has come the lebanese authorities must now implement the political and economic reforms demanded by the lebanese people that will also enable the international community to act effectively alongside lebanon in the reconstruction process that was the french president there mccrone for more tonight i'm joined by the w.'s political correspondent simon young here in berlin good evening to you simon those conditions there not only french they're also german the german foreign minister made that point clear today that me. well that's right brant the german foreign minister echoing that idea saying that if what lebanon really needs is a long term long term plan long term support and the support from the international community in particular for germany will involve a commitment to overcome corruption as we've been hearing about but more than
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that i think. foreign minister marse was saying that so you know 1st of all what the people of lebanon need is free and fair elections that's the very least they can expect he said and going forward it's not just about overcoming corruption it's also about you know laying down the rule of law strengthening the rule of law and reforming the economy so that international investors know that the money they're putting into lebanon will be well spent and will get to the people we know that the german foreign minister is planning to travel to levanon later this week who does he plan to meet with now that the government has resigned do we know. well it's not clear but i think the meetings will be with officials said that he really wants to put across the german concern about the. state of reform in lebanon and obviously it'll be for him about just seeing the damage on the ground
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seeing be off tomorrow the relief efforts off to germany of course pledged $20000000.00 euros worth of support at that donor conference on sunday all right simon stand by we're going to go from one political crisis to another the election results in belo roofs president lukashenko has declared victory with 80 percent of the vote but his challenger disputes that and europe and the u.s. they have their own doubts as well the german foreign minister travels to moscow tomorrow and bill the rooms will be on the agenda take a listen as it considers very well we will certainly be talking about the current developments in ballerinas tomorrow and most gun. i have to say that the ambitions but also a $100.00 risk would after all open up to once more democracy and the rule of law they have suffered a modern city a setback with a presidential election that we are all currently following. and simon can germany
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can the european union ever really get a conclusive definitive answer about the elections there were no well lection observers i mean is it almost too late. well it would appear so brant presumably a recount in the presence of international observers could go some way to. obtaining that that clear result from these elections but i've seen no prospect of that happening at the moment and foreign minister mark again talking about bellerose he said there was no sign whatsoever that there had been a free or fair election that he's very concerned about it and the democratic progress in the country that suffered more than the base of defeat so you know germany's in concert with the e.u. and the international community more generally i think he's trying to put the pressure on the regime and of course also at the same time calling for
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restraint from the authorities you say put pressure on me what could the european union do if there is consensus that the vote was indeed writ well one thing we've been talking about today is reintroducing some sanctions there are there is a program of e.u. sanctions against about. more than 100 individuals it was from belarus but they were partially lifted in 2016. amid signs that maybe a democratic sheets were beginning to emerge in belarus and in order to sort of improve relations with that country and the e.u. but so now what the german foreign minister has been suggesting might happen is that they could look at whether it was appropriate to reimpose sanctions on some of those individuals in order to you know tighten the screws a little bit perhaps but as you say it does come rather light that it does
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a political correspondent so i mean you're on the story for us here in berlin tonight so i mean thank you. well lebannon and bill ruse have one thing in common both of our countries with a political class engulfed in a crisis of credibility in belarus the result of sunday's election ignited violent protests on the streets of minsk the whites which the capital has never seen a state media declared a reelection victory for the credit president alexander lukashenko he reportedly received as we said 80 percent of the votes but the opposition is not buying that the president's main challenger is refusing to recognize the results and says that she won the most votes. the leaders of bella ruse see these demonstrations as a threat to their authority in minsk and other cities tens of thousands showed their support for the opposition on election night even though according to
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official figures their main candidate won only 9.9 percent of the vote. then the situation escalated security forces attempted to disperse the demonstrators using stun grenades water cannons and rubber bullets almost 100 people were injured in the clashes authorities say they made more than 3000 arrests and challenged at 1st things were peaceful people walked in a chain there were a lot of them then police vans came and started to arrest them is a bit accusation there were a lot of people with weapons they started shooting at people's arms and legs despite reportedly winning less than 10 percent of the vote opposition candidates fenlon a teacher not claimed victory and she called on president lukashenko to step down. the authorities should think about how they can peacefully hand over power to us. right. there was so far they have only responded with violence against peaceful citizens. and she did nouns the election
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as illegitimate. we have official reports from many polling stations that i received more votes than the other candidates. we have proof of photo fraud. we have people who are ready to come forward about fraud at polling stations it's on the board evidence that is allegedly circulating on the internet that this video purports to show a woman climbing out of a polling station with banks claimed to be filled with ballot papers. it is it is a it incumbent lucas shanker the official winner with nearly 80 percent of the vote said the protests are being organized from abroad. to work little sheep are being directed by people in the czech republic the opposition understands nothing new and is urging people to take to the streets in order to i quote hold negotiations with
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the government so that it voluntarily hands over power lust but handing over power is something lucas shango has categorically ruled out you are joined by. analyses at the research center for east european studies at the university of bremen here in germany organs good to have you on the program tonight 1st of all what did you make of the election results. overwhelming win 80 percent of the vote did that surprise you. well actually i was not of course surprised the fact that he won and everybody expected that i think because you know we have this long history cation all an excellent election results in belarus still approach 20 years already so it's not a surprise we're actually surprised me and disdain peter that he used to have you
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know the last 10 years maybe even more this 80 percent that he is definitely not heaven now and it's quite obvious so this has lost that popular support and it's actually obvious for quite a majority of people that even if you had a chance to weed which i don't really believe that will definitely not be 80 percent what does all of this mean then for his main challenger who managed to attract tens of thousands of supporters. does she have any recourse here or does she have to accept the fact that she has lost this election. well the problem is nobody actually knew generally end if and now it's not quite clear what is the end strategy like the strategy of all. of the inquisition also for people to show that their majority and to protect them since people are kind of self organizing themselves also able to help with insistence also social media i don't think we
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need. to one last is not calling for protest and she cannot always not willing to to join the protests because she's afraid that she will be in rest so it is of course the problem that the people in belarus and all kind of looking for a leader and they don't have that at the same time they may show an unprecedented level of health organization because last protests in the regions in the small city was off to the elections and i was have met since. president lukashenko he has been in power for 26 years i mean he has staying power but at some point it has to end do you see the cracks in his ability to to rule bill or rousseau meat is the end of this era is it on the horizon in europe it. well i have been a few the end of the era of you know the nation's leader or hoffler leader of the
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president who has a lot going. on but he started also during the president so it's not the 1st time that we'll see people aren't hit with him. back that they've been also some you know signs of cracks in the system as you've just mentioned just if we see how many polls and actual polls. on the ground showed it was i think over 100 or something like that polling station that show that you think it actually lost its you know stay and this is why that was you never had this number of any tall. members of the election commissions who would have who would not have these here to you know to count those harry and it's ignoring you i tendency for belarus and it showed that people became more solid through charles and that people start to lose weight here and we definitely have been you know that old relationship between state and society and that was when i'm you know that obviously is an
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important development and we will see how that plays out to moving forward all go over from the research center for eastern european studies at the university of bremen over we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you. in china stalls selling goods and services have long been a traditional feature of city streets but they don't suit the image of a smart modern china that the government wants the world to see and so stalls have been banned in many places where now with a recession and many people struggling to earn a decent wage street stalls are making a comeback our correspondent mathias berlinger reports tonight from chengdu and western jog. sheeple night market is located as in always drive from china to city center. it is one of the places in the western chinese metropolis where vendors can
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set up stalls without any special permission when one has just used to stop the time and make your business you know you need to get here early otherwise all the spots are occupied. with the economy slumping and unemployment on the rise the government is encouraging people to engage in smaller trades grin used to work in the age our department of a big company. behind. the epidemic is change the job market. those companies who survived are treating employees differently they don't care about their employees because they think you won't dare to leave i quit because they made me work a lot of overtime. and i'm exhausted and. until recently this was how china wanted its retail industry to look like a real estate boom had in a city neighborhoods torn down and replaced with shopping centers many of them catering to the luxury 2nd markets and street stores were driven out of the city up
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to today vendors who set up their stores in chengdu city center face hefty fines but some take the risk this man who does not want to reveal his name used to work on the city's construction sites. say. there's no way to find employment right now i'm getting too old for these jobs so i set up the stall. people like him are called aereo vendors in china they show up in popular places and quickly leave when officers approach with few other perspectives he invested his savings into an old motorized trust say you thought you would say oh my business is not really good it's just enough to survive and pay my rent i have to make a living somehow same with the. despite encouragement from the central government cities a hesitating to allow them back to beauty is often limited to the old school after quitting the office job one was looking forward to being her own boss but quickly
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had to learn that when you really want freedom has its limits too. there are days when business is bad and you just don't feel like coming back the next day but if you do that you'll lose many customers there are rules in this business and one is that you have to be there consistently if your customers know you will be here and they will come if you're here one day and the next day you're not it won't work well. for a long time with visuals and citizens for street stores as a remnant of the past but for one does not plan for the near future. well the day is always done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news you can follow me at brighton golf t.v. every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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the. best part of such. a most. absurd claims compilation of the must see. just sent him.
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a cut. cut cut. absurd regulations never ending common procedures the frequent loss of. germany's in power industry is facing staunch opposition. why is the minister. who has a vested interest in seeing wind energy fail. struggling transition comes up. in 60 minutes on t.w. . the time and place captured in pictures. images of the gods of.
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the flu studios are coming documents lives in bygone eras. and leads to those living today. they are guarding gaza's past in a box. the legacy in black and white. collective memories stories of august 14th on t.w. . the 8th.


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