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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  August 15, 2020 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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this league and the german cup this season and i'm hoping to climb all 3 major trophies telmex take on the winner of the match between manchester city and leon. you're watching data over the news coming from berlin how low for the us will behave with you next hour to bring you the headlines and of course you can always stay up to date on our web site that's the data dot com if you get to follow us on twitter and instagram to date what you news i'm rebecca richest from make me anti tank thanks for watching. passionate drama competition while marketing numbers atmosphere powered by that site intuition love hate money millionaire fans friends 5 spam and friends. to go on you tube join us. then gemini with double team at any
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time any place. in the n.f.l. as you have i love the little squad almost to sing along to it is the combo from super fancy. for. interactive exercises. everything is online and interactive learn german history with d w. 4 players football is my. more than just
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a game it's life but many are playing a game with their life playing with pain killers taking legal drugs to test their limits. for tired. enough mind to spend is this piece of self it just. is it doping how dangerous are painkillers and why don't collapse like those questions sports life one of football's dirty secrets. former better blame in strike or even class niche is a cautionary tale when it comes to painkiller consumption in professional football and it's often dramatic consequences for example on kidney function in
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2017 minutes was in hospital receiving dialysis 3 times a week later that year he got his 3rd kidney transplant. 3 years on aged just 40 his health has deteriorated due to the painkiller consumption jur in his playing days. in his time a veritable team doctor gets to man ski supplied him with pain medication for years . as the doctor of malpractise saying he failed to recognise the damage to his kidney which demands he denies since 2008 a damages case worth millions of euros has been rumbling on classen it's currently refuses to comment due to the young going trial. many players feared going public on the issue but some have chosen to speak out revealing the true extent of the consumption of legal drugs. in professional football. because.
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if it isn't together he is in. that one of the. losses. in the might of i'm a business to spin venice and from all this mess and divide that's a muffin vendor who can give us this level height methodist and. it's medication used to treat inflammation lower fevers and numb pain ibuprofen. paracetamol and dick loaf and substances many people have at home which are usually available over the counter but regular use can have disastrous consequences over time they damage the kidneys the stomach.
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and even cause heart failure. we found that i prefer an increased the probability of cardiac arrest by 30 percent we also found out that. also even higher increased risk of arrest the probability of us increased by 50 percent. danny schoene started taking painkillers just 17 when he was fighting to earn his 1st professional contract in hamburg. to near them that's now months have to. find. an interview from the liason had envisioned by this mad. by. the tablet and sue given he then played for several bundesliga sides before moving abroad injuries plagued his career pain medication became part of his routine so delights in the hi fi.
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smell. good king and how to be productive time for half a tablet. that mitch and the spirit. only me get done. make need and think. and from. the former pro your home a brother of germany international maps went even further shortly before kick off he once took for injections into his knee. convinced he needed to play whatever the cost you're going to go ask a harmless simple got to be a. lot of the body as well. and she is going for michele field funneling money and discoursed me. if you want me to come in to get. for them and ok my kinds of about. when i was last. painkillers part of every
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day life for football is something which on your own berlin defender. finds disturbing he has tried to stay away from the pills which is so often used as the easy solution. for you just kind of. keep this. even. more going for walker because you don't get it for them. transfer brought up dust on the best of it it's not tradition. must understand he had to make complet. fair also and also. but when the exception becomes the rule it brings with it a heavy price to pay. this is the. builder would ask me this punishment then and here. to call.
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find a stick it's for sleep as a child herself. this is. not mitt. it's a problem that is fueled by football's tough guy culture if you can't play through the pain you want good ole strong enough. info. to. give us and to give him the ben z. it's been. nich minutes and. a skit last minute you have. to deal he does. swinish. imprinting on.
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the pressure to perform doctors like oftentimes in a difficult position there's a clear conflict of interest within the football club coaches want their charges on the pitch not on the treatment table. the. familiar. to. you and then you go. well. when the minutes. of the 18 bundesliga clubs wanted to talk to us about their use of painkillers do doctors have the final word under pressure to get players fit faster than humanly possible the team doctor of 3rd division side. says the demands are too high
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that. this is. the. players who spend too much time off the pitch. to injury prone and the 1st to be cleared out when the club wants to save wages. footballers it's about their livelihood. specially if i don't know feet of ice and. doesn't even. better than you can an intervening us nothing to noone can end this thing is you. who walk. down the aisle divided to be tied into. the strain on players has increased immensely over the
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decades more kilometers more sprints higher intensity. pain killers used to numb the pain or increase performance it's a grey area the substances do affect performance by shifting the pain threshold so how different is it from doping. maybe it would not. go org is still pretty. well so finished it. that the licensed i can wolf will not feel heroic so it's this training so there's no model moment on the old stoping dude. based in montreal canada is the world anti doping agency the body which decides what substances are banned in sporting competitions. does science directive believes painkillers do not belong on that list and there is
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a general opinion that pain killers are not performance enhancing they can restore performance but are not necessarily performance enhancing if you look at the risk for health i mean those substances are being widely used in all societies and if they are used according to the manufacturer's recommendations for those under frequency they are not considered to be risky substances and in its anti doping code water lists 3 criteria to determine whether a substance. should be prohibited. firstly if it enhances performance. secondly if it presents a health risk to the athlete. and thirdly if it violates the spirit of the sport. if a substance fulfills 2 of those criteria it is banned. scientists at the renowned doping control of burra tree in cologne interpret the anti doping
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code differently to wada. the misuse of painkillers equates to doping says biochemist skier. it's vibrating rooms in the food by some psycho or because one tried skiffy of them seemed of hidden for their food on campus for allies to bring in the. couldn't of them on small smooth named owned the navy. couldn't copy of inside. first then is from spock to be just pushed us over it to squelch them on the no spot i've been conned that indium on smelts need no dummy to comment in the end is that shawn. for the players this massive consumption of painkillers is not a game it's a risk to their health a risk that many seem willing to take to make it onto the big stage.
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and. enter the conflict zone. after the murder of the journalist stuff leak out on a good lead see a call to itself has become a firewood for violence and corruption mike hears this week it's the country's foreign minister everest costello he says he told the student truth pulsars image on how many more secrets have to come out before it will be possible. conflicts over. the next couple to. be in good shape if you're chronically ill you shouldn't work out that he should work comes under these hard problems some back pain joint pain this one treatment like roadstead and any medication the sex assaults. that last down is the right to take. and will tell you. to change.
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even 60 minutes teetotal you. leto's with the truth you know wrong many wrong hands. dylan. of course the subconscious always a world without beethoven i can't even begin to imagine. without a to. start september 16th d.w. . you know more you talk about a world who is being protected i'm asking you very simply who's protecting him. i keep on saying well i will keep on pushing for all the truth to come out after the murder of a prominent journalist daphne carolina. motor itself has become a byword for violence and corruption my guest this week here in munich is the country's foreign minister everest bartold out he says he wants to improve motors
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tanishq image but how many more.


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