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tv   DW News Africa  Deutsche Welle  August 19, 2020 8:30pm-8:45pm CEST

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and. language courses. and. w. . business did have the news africa coming up on the program one day is a long time in politics that's proven true it's not the way what it 1st looked like mutiny became an all out coop to meet the new man in charge now that the president and his deputy have been forced out of office the international community doesn't like what's happening to the country how uncomfortable are they going to make it for the new sheriff in town. and catalonian artist sanity l tells us about his recent collaboration with beyonce.
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allowed to see what a welcome to africa it's good to have you along the leaders of a military coup in mali say they will bring about a political transition and hold fresh elections within reasonable time it comes off the mahdi's president abraham announced his resignation just style wisoff to being detained by armed soldiers his ousting follows months of protest over corruption and economic mismanagement in the west african nation but while the events have been met by jubilation inside mani they spoke to long among international observers . the gunshots that on meant to kill but to celebrate this con navigates the geron crowd sitting inside is believed to be the detained president abraham boubacar kato and other officials and later in the day
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a wary looking president cater appeared on state t.v. . if some elements of our armed forces concluded that my presidency should end with their intervention. do i really have a choice. i accept their decision because not a single drop of blood should be shed to keep me in power who was in fear for me do not you know the coup leaders also appeared on state television vowing a transition that would lead to fresh elections remember as soon as no one descends into chaos day by day and a key and insecurity because of the people in charge of its destiny. real democracy doesn't go with complacency no weakness of the state authority which must
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guarantee freedom and security of the people in a secluded situation. where power grab started as a mutiny among soldiers at an army base near the capital bamako after seizing weapons and taking high ranking officials prisoner they then moved to the president's house surrounding it and firing gunshots into the air. crowds of anti-government protesters cheered on as the democratically elected leader was arrested and driven away. very happy because this is the liberation of the people of mali all molly and we're waiting for this day and we were waiting for the president and his men to allow us to breathe. molly has been gripped by months of anti-government protests with many accusing caters administration of corruption and incompetence especially when it came to preventing a jihad this insurgency from the north. while the president's resignation was
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celebrated by those in the streets the takeover was roundly condemned by the international community echo was the west african regional bloc pledged to close london air borders to mali as a result it must feel like deja vu for some a military coup was launched from the same army base in 2012 right toppling that then president and sending the country into a period of chaos this time around the people of mali will be hoping for a smoother transition of power but it is still unclear just who that power will be handed to. and for more on this story i'm joined by the deputies told me all that is for tony's been covering the region specifically security for the last decade welcome to the day to the table at told me so it's a question of who will hold power in mali right the coup leaders have said that they will hold an election in 2 year time but its military role for now actually
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the leaders say they're going to try and bring in place a civilian transitional government and really that government is the one that will bring about elections so we'll wait to see how that plays out but we also have to look at who makes up that civilian government so the which whether those individuals are credible people ok let's talk about the regional body here ecowas they were involved in mediation talks between the now alstad president cater and the opposition they have slammed this takeover how much pressure can they put on the coup leader. yes well the threatening sanctions they've ordered the borders around mali to be closed course wants to be seen to be laying down the law and not giving any shred of legitimacy to this military takeover really. and so if you look at even when the mediation was going on when the talks were going on between the opposition and the president of course still even though the
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opposition want to the president to step down and of course insisted that they had to be some middle ground and it wasn't just for the president to step down and at the same time they're saying there has to be due democratic process and not just a military unconstitutional takeover ok let's talk about for now former president basically once left want to leave the actions how do we get to place where you've got people outside his residence celebrating the fact that he's been hold out of office well i mean how many african heads of state have we seen of this man who come in with so much goodwill and then leave disgraced you know like this and this is yet another case in the case of president ex-president case and now who a lot of people you know came to the streets because they accused him and his government of corruption of accused him of nepotism appointing his own cronies including his son to keep positions in government. you know not being able to
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implement fully the agreements of the all goes according to as between the government and different groups failing to deal with ethnic and jihadist violence across the country we can public services the list is endless and people coming out to say this is not the government they voted for write a mother figure in the story is this very popular in mom who goes by the name mahmoud he's been leading the opposition party said we've been seeing on the streets in mali in the run up to this. tell us a little bit more about him and where is he fit in. this well this is a conservative scholar a scholar like figure in mali who has. you know garnet massive support he actually used to be an ally of president cain so about 2017 when they fell out. dicko is somebody who has been believed to be one of the key figures who would help the government possibly if there were if there were if there was the
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case to have talks with the jihadists and kind of bring them to the table and he's that kind of fair go who is seen as being able to rally the public but also being able to reach out to for example the enemies of the state and i think if the military are supposed to are hoping to have some success that would be somebody that they would look to to try and bring in if not for his advice and you know see where he lead tell me what does an unstable mahdi mean for the region that that's i think a major threat mali is a vast country if you look at why a lot of these groups didn't want full government control which there isn't in the in the whole country there are many parts where the government really doesn't exist because people are able to operate within their own regions carry out all kinds of smuggling of people of drugs of weapons and the lack of control enables that to go on if you look at for example that's why jihadi groups have been able to
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to flourish in that region that's also why for example mali is one of the routes for migrants going up to europe so i think if things fall apart in the country then that just creates more room like we see in libya for this kind of instability and for different criminal groups to to to grow and flourish from within that space all right to me a logical as always thank you to me for that and emphasis. that was cameroonian artists singing with the global pop star beyonce for her visual album black is king. is the famously known in cabaret and this
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collaboration looks set to make him while across the world now he wants to promote african music on the international stage. he recalled there will be a. brutal with the american superstar last year on the gift which is a soundtrack for the movie the lion king. so let's also ready a big name income and obama using scene but his collaboration with be pushed into the global stage. i got this call i did the song what would be and say and one of my idols being a producer and an artist myself pharrell williams which i will my role my respect so it has been a great honor to represent africa to represent my country and not just for myself but for every other artist that has been in that that that was called up for this
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album we were many of us and it's a good thing to showcase african music at this level. says the release of the lion king out recently the musical theme black is cute so let us found besides good beyond the small central african nation. the singer songwriter and producer is back in this to do producing his 1st international album entitled africa reapers in that he's hoping his mix of african sounds will be a hit beyond his home continent. africa we have taken over the music in the world but we can only succeed in doing that if we come together and work as one people i mean it's not a common room thing it's not a gonna thing it's not a south african thing it's not a nigerian thing is not moral call but it's an african thing and if we can present africa as a nation and not as needle bits of countries and we will succeed to be we can be
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rican ruled the world. so much as been seen for almost a decade he's most successful single on it i was released early last year. 10000000 views on you tube. most musicians in cameroon i last year noon outside the country . media personality drunken back is convinced select justin will bring more exposure for the country's vibram music scene. i want the rest of the continent and the world to know that we have good music we can make you. dance we can make you feel good because that is smile in your face and that for me is everything and that for me i feel like this is what this club or asian will make . cameron moved like globally. every sound this very show. charlotte is now a means to build a community of artists from around the continent whose songs can inspire other
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worlds is also planning to open a new school to mentor young african artists. and on that note let's see the president and city i'll see you next time. he goes with us' crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues in the all of us so it's are available online and of course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters to me and now. he's quite as simple as it seems. to understand the why.
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we need to take a closer. experience knowledge to the world today. before they became a global sensation the rather unsung sation all beatles took to the stage for the very 1st time 60 years ago this week welcome to arts and culture more on that historic anniversary coming up and also on the show are these the coronavirus super spreaders of disco photos of the botched party life in the austrian ski resort before lock down. and germans make great cars and washing machines so why can't they put together
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a decent outfit the latest in our series meet the german. but 1st they were the bookers 4th choice that night. at a club known more for strippers and prostitutes and for good music but that is how the beatles got their very 1st paid gig 60 years ago this week in hamburg west germany today of course they're one of the most famous bands in the world and despite the coronavirus hamburg's and how many concert house put on a very special performance to celebrate their 60th. ringback 'd like you've never had it just pianist you know whose names i'm.


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