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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2020 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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who is the rightful president of bella reuss almost a week after the election protesters continue to demand a new vote claiming that president alexander lukashenko his victory last week was rigged and the european union agrees and that could put europe on a collision course with russia moscow has warned europe not to intervene europe says the future of the roost should be decided by the people not by the military of lead a mere putin i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. we stand by the people of a lot less stuff desireless we don't accept shooting there's been a huge infringements and against election rules these elections were not free and
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they were not fair we will sunk shouldn't all of those responsible violence put pressure and also take a shine off the results of the election and we do not recognize the results these elections. also coming up tonight last week u.s. president donald trump announced a peace deal between israel and the united arab emirates he predicted other arab states would follow he apparently did not mean saudi arabia peace must be achieved between the palestinians and israelis based on the internationally recognized parameters and one you know once that is achieved all things up a civil. right to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the european union standing with the people of bill roos and walking a very thin line with russia leaders held an emergency summit today to discuss the
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crisis in bella ruse more than a week after an election in which president alexander lukashenko was declared the winner demands for a new vote continue unabated many of bella ruse say the election was rigged today the european union agree the e.u. said that the presidential election in belo ruse was not free and not fair it announced sanctions on those responsible for the fraudulent election and the e.u. demanded all protesters arrested during demonstrations be released direct and clear positions placing europe firmly on the side of the people of below roofs. but the e.u. held back on one important point unlike the thousands of protesters in minsk european union leaders are not demanding bella ruse hold a new election and that may have more to do with the president of russia than the president of bella reuss belarus is a former soviet republic and remains firmly within the kremlin's spear of influence
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on tuesday russian president vladimir putin spoke with the leaders of france and germany and reportedly warned europe not to get involved in its support of democracy in belo reuss europe risks going too far giving the kremlin an excuse to send in troops to turn bella roups into another ukraine. this is not lunch time well the end of a shift this is another nail in the coffin of likud shanghai's credibility. because will catch the state run chemicals factory threats have no power over them any more . protests because it one of the countries find track to factories to join them but some decide to keep the jumps. thank you very outside at a rally across the industrial heartlands of balor us rejection of lukashenko regime
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has gone nationwide and on wednesday that rejection officially went international a clear message from the european union we are ready to accompany peaceful democratic transition of power and bellows. germany's angela merkel has spoken with russia's putin but said lucan shanker wouldn't take her calls for middle income. only mediate if one is in contact with all sides but we will do everything we can from our side to promote a national dialogue. through the. security council meeting the talk was of no talk. the leaders of the western countries offer us negotiations conversations and at this time they continue to push their line we can see it we understand it but we do not accept it i want them to hear that solution. but those filling the streets across speller us day and night are desperate for dialogue one
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of their leaders told t w they want everyone to help. if it is possible that the e.u. states the russian federation and ukraine can help us to organize a dialogue within the country and with external partners so that the transfer of power happens and we listen to each other i would always support it this is a decisive moment for us. we must be. decisive not only because putin has remained tight lipped but decisive because they have the support of the european union and decisive because now their fear has gone. well let's take this story down to the capital of bill roos w.'s nick connelly is in minsk tonight good evening to you nick the european union's position now is crystal clear it considers the election fraud has there been reaction from the president bella ruse or his government. good evening brant well there
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hasn't been any official reaction from prison but in a way he doesn't need to he's already accused european governments of interfering in belarus of financing these protests he's very cagey now costing these protests as a western conspiracy against a russian ally but just a few weeks ago he was peddling the opposite line costing the opposition as close to moscow as an attempt by the russians who were unhappy with his unwillingness to draw close to moscow to unseat him so that gives the sense of just quite how desperate position is now in on the one hand you're forcing democratic standards of demanding them and russia of the hand wanting to join have a closer the european union is slapping saying sions on what it says is a substantial number of individuals responsible for violence repression and election fraud i mean these are targeted not to hurt the people of bella reuss will they help the people. i think we're in the realm of gesture politics here brant
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and i think people have taken this to hop's and the people in the square protesting earlier on had read about the fact that europe wasn't recognizing these elections and sanctions have being brought in and i think this is about giving a signal of solidarity or at least of hope to the protesters here so that europe is listening and watching them in terms of the nitty gritty and i don't think to make much difference the people who work at the k.g.b. headquarters behind me here in minsk are used to sanctions at the wave after wave of sanctions against others and they have passed without much of a change here i think people being challenged that fact that those in. in the the one demand the protesters have risked their lives for in the past 10 days that demand has been new elections yet the european union today did not call for new elections bottleneck to hand didn't recognize the last polls i think these are kind of diplomatic details at a level for that for most better russians coming out to protest today not that
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relevant in terms of the bigger political diplomatic chess game i think there's a lot we're not privy to and that might just be yesterday's news within a matter of hours or days i think the more important or interesting thing to look at is the cultural change in bellerose people have lost their fear of speaking out you have people who are far from politics musicians coming out and giving back the government award saying that they're not happy with the government and i think that is a cultural shift that will not be easy to draw back even if these protests which went nic there is also of concern here in europe that could have the same fate as georgia in 2008 or ukraine in 2014 you have covered the conflict in eastern ukraine extensively what do you think is the likelihood of russia sending its military into bell rooms. i mean definitely this is not saying that can be ruled out and in theory wouldn't be that difficult as there are already russian troops in belarus as part of joint russian russian military bases but i think in practice the political
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cost diplomatic cost the kremlin would be exceptionally high to have russian tanks on the streets and we've seen in recent months attempts to bring some kind of recreational between the west and russia maybe some of the sanctions that slapped on russia. to crimea that would've see put paid to all of that i think what we might see more realistically is helpful some kind of russian may be right police operating without insignia as was the case in crimea back into the beginning today we had reports of russian specialists being brought in to the russian state t.v. company to replace the russians who'd been locked out for being disloyal to the regime that kind of deniable help is much more likely and something that the kremlin might think will come with a small a diplomatic process in washington there is concern that this could all. lithuania is a nato member and is where the leading opposition candidate in bella ruse fled to after
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the election last week now we know russia has the capability to invade lithuania if only to make a point that would of course force nato to act in is that a realistic concern were you warm. i can't see for now a russian invasion a nato state i think that's the reason why russia has been so. vocally opposed to any kind of nato membership for ukraine for georgia a little into belarus because for them and they to state is something maybe a step too far too big a risk but i will what i think nato members poland if you any of that have borders of dollars have to fear much more realistically is a much more significant russian military footprint along that border $2.00. than exists already and the integration of things to states has progressed quite some way but there will be a price to pay even for covert help you can shake a will have to allow some kind of deep integration with russia they've been pushing this for time and he's been trying to avoid this to keep his kind of room for
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wiggle between wiggle room as it were to europe and russia and he will have to somehow come up with the goods if now he relies on russian 5 powerful manpower to put these protests down. but will definitely be watching to see which side wins up coming down on the right side nick connelly in minutes for us tonight nic thank you . well the european union today demanded that bella ruse release all protesters who have been detained in the last 2 weeks some 7000 in total now we understand that many of are ready been freed some say they were beaten or tortured in police custody some protesters went missing and have not been heard from since can anyone help we have more now in this report this small park in front of an isolation center on the outskirts of men's cars become an important contact point for relatives of victims of police violence molen tears provide information about
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the whereabouts of those who were arrested during the peaceful protests. helping those who are gradually being released from the isolation center and everyone waiting to be released we give them clothes and psychological and medical help. the authorities let some volunteers inside to see the detainee's they are the 1st unlearn about the conditions of detention and the circumstances of the arrests some of those who have been released returned to pick up their belongings that. we had distributed leaflets saying that the strike was a legitimate active resistance then we went home. only. half an hour later about 5 unidentified man arrived they broke into the apartment we girls had in the bedroom the boys all had to get down on the floor and we were threatened
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with a gun. then we were taken to the police station before me. but his. we all had to stand against the wall with our legs as wide apart as possible. hands behind our heads facing down a policeman parted face down my back and what hit me between the legs with a baton. then we went to another room where we all had to kneel in a row for the body surgeons. small to somehow to strip naked others were just searched. the volunteers tell us that it's sometimes difficult for them to see people coming out of the isolation center a number of them need psychological help immediately. even nashville some young people can't concentrate properly others laugh or smile constantly to cope with
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their fear and you can see that they are traumatized and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or pieces of it according to official information around 7000 people were arrested the interior ministry says another 112 people have been moved to various isolation centers across baylor. last thursday u.s. president donald trump announced a peace deal between the united arab emirates and israel describing it as an stuart the agreement to normalize relations is the 1st between a gulf arab state and israel it is also historic because it was not preceded by a peace deal between the israelis and the palestinians palestinian leaders say that the u.a.e. stabbed them in the back and almost 20 years ago arab countries led by saudi arabia agreed that all relations between them and israel must be predicated on this
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a solution to the israeli palestinian conflict and the establishment of palestine today here in berlin the saudi foreign minister said that position has not changed . we also addressed the issues of regional. stability among them the need to continue to work together to find. ways to stabilize the region among that we talked about the developments related to the peace process and then there to god i have to my colleagues that the kingdom aside there remains committed to peace as a strategic option based on the arab peace plan and relevant at the national editions and neighboring the palestinian people to establish their own state with easters from its capital we appreciate all positive efforts that aim to achieve peace we we consider of course any unilateral israeli measures taken to an expressed an interest trees or to build settlements as illegitimate and as endangering the prospects for
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a permanent peace solution and any efforts to suspend those. unilateral moves are appreciate it thank you so what is going on here someone who may know is true to parts he's co-founder executive vice president of the quincy institute for responsible state craft he's also the founder and former president of the national iranian american council he joins me tonight from washington traditions good to have you back here with us on the day the trumpet ministration was quick to point out last week that its maximum pressure policy on iran was key to the deal between israel and the u. a. has iran brought those 2 countries closer. that is the common talking points and something that i think serves the political interest of some of these parties to point to that as the driving force behind this development but if you scratch the surface you will see every other different
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reality 1st of all nathaniel himself had said at one point that things are happening that we're an imaginable before as a result of this common iranian threat but if the common iranian threat has led the u.a.e. to do something as unimaginable as making peace with israel without any requirements in terms of the palestinians then one would expect that much if not all of us foreign policy would be focused on iran as this big threat that they have to balance against but in every view of us foreign policy makes it quite clear that the u.a.e. is entangled in many different places far far away from iran in the middle east and almost exclusively what is primarily against turkey and qatar and the muslim brotherhood iran seems to be a far distant threat in that sense not to say that they're not concerned about iran not this in and they don't have a major challenge with the iranians but that doesn't seem to be their focus or leaves me with a conclusion that this is rather much more of
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a talking point that is quite effective to make in washington rather than necessarily being the root cause of this you know when this deal was announced last thursday we spoke with a lot of people even a high profile rabbi in the united states told me that this was just the beginning that more arab states would follow the lead of the u.a.e. today however the saudi foreign minister but he seemed to mix that idea. yes i don't think you're going to see an onslaught there might be one or 2 more states that will follow suit but there are some specific benefits for the u.a.e. that this had u.a.e. is untangle a turkey it's in tangle with qatar and this and they're down to the very hawkish crewel israel constituencies in washington whose help they have turned to in the past and whose help they do need in the future when it comes to dealing with qatar and turkey many other arab states don't have the type of and the the ordos
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incentives and as a result would be willing to break with the arab consensus which is yes agreement of recognizing israel as long as israel recognizing that makes a palestinian state possible so it is a major diversion from that and it's one that perhaps was not terribly surprising mindful of the rather extensive relations that the u.a.e. and israel already have had behind the scenes but i don't foresee that being the case with many other states in trying to you've just written an analysis of this deal that's appearing thursday in the new republic and we just want to show a part of that in it you write what binds israel saudi arabia and the u.a.e. together is not so much the threat from iran but the threat of the united states leaving the middle east military to these 3 states have been the foremost benefactors of america's military domination of the region which is provided them with a beneficial power balance that they could not have achieved on their own so there's
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no mention of iran there is it all about american military might. it's not all about it it's not that iran is not important but iran is a very useful tool to use to be able to justify some of these measures whereas in reality what really has brought them together is not iran and you know although again iran is a factor here the biggest thing that they are fearing is that the united states would start leaving the region militarily and its military dominance of the region close down a large number of its bases and if you pay close attention that is where did the debate in the united states has been going for quite some time and it's definitely increased under donald trump we've seen what he has done when he comes to bases in germany and europe this is a large and ongoing and will be continuing trend in american foreign policy in which the american public is tired of the united states having 850 plus military bases around the world in all kinds of different outdated military engagements and
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agreements so much is missing at home and so little is being done to deal with internal issues this is a major problem for the u.a.e. israel and saudi arabia because they have benefited tremendously from america's military presence in the region and they're quite eager making sure that the u.s. doesn't leave they have opposed everything that would have to sell it stated a less than american footprint in the region including for instance the iran nuclear deal which a continuation of the crisis with iran is one of the most effective ways of keeping the united states engaged in the region yeah that's a very important point there try to parse it with the quincy institute for responsible state craft former president of the national iranian american council fascinating talking with you try to we appreciate you. the chinese city will houghton was the 1st epicenter of the corona virus pandemic
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chinese officials have always maintained that they did all they could to stop the spread of the virus but stories are emerging that suggest otherwise stories are. people who paid a high price because of government secrecy tonight we introduce you to a man who is speaking out in seeking justice he says the virus was able to kill his father because beijing him the truth about the viper's. this small neighborhood is home ensuring gin is a place filled with memories for john high. student is over for him last year my father used to sit at this place. every time i come to these familiar places i go to places i used to visit with my father. i'm overwhelmed with grief at the same time i feel anger jungly far john highs father was a veteran of china's nuclear testing program he was a 100 didn't but he spent his last years at his son's home in the coastal city of
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shenzhen about 1000 kilometers from one in january he broke his leg as a veteran he enjoyed good medical insurance but he was required to get treated in his hometown. so when he needed treatment i took him to. and when he was in hospital i sat by as. this was my way to show my love for him we chinese don't like to talk about our feelings to express our love with words but we show them with deeds. now i feel haunted by remorse i feel that by taking him to han i sent him to his death. at that time corbett 19 was already spreading in the city and local officials were reassuring people that the virus could not be transmitted from person to person alive as it later turned out his father contracted the virus in
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hospital john hi could do nothing but to sit by his bed and watch him get weak and he. has kept videos of his father's final days on his phone. jungly fast drugged for one week before he died his body was immediately taken for cremation. in my opinion the officials who covered of the disease in its early days have behaved like criminals. china since largely managed to control the spread of the virus life is back to normal in most places the government prides itself on its ability to continue outbreaks through testing and quarantine the public mood has shifted from anger to appreciation of the government's response and those want to remember the sufferings of the past under pressure to keep quiet john myers try to
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file a case in court against your toiletries his case was rejected his social media accounts were shut down he has received threats from the authorities so this isn't what these events have left us relatives of the victims with the boundless feeling of pain it's a pain that will stay for the rest of our lives but the local authorities just say this matter is already over to their tone shows a complete disregard of other people's lives because the chinese still dealing with the pandemic where the day is almost done the conversation continues online you can join us on twitter either do the news or you can follow me at great gaffed t.v. we always like to hear from you every member whatever happens between now and then to. another day we'll see you going over.
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to. the audience decision against violence i'm going to. go your man off quit his job after the ballmer see an election mockumentary of his colleagues to coalesce the actions taken against demonstrators. what will this mean
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for him and his family. focused on the road. next to. nothing come out of the jet well i just sometimes i am but i'm standing up in which a couple of germans think stephen for jemma culture of looking at the stereotypes of the quests but in her think the future of the country guy not. yet needed to be taken as grandma down deep goes it's cold out ok bob i'm right joe join me to meet the jetman bundy duppy of. course. like. oh. my gorgeous was good for the russians.
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still. so many different walks of life. some foreign. policy come straight from the heart to its former c.e.o. even for doing the delusion the mushroom inches. from his blog to their final resting place the russian. w documentary. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe i'm lara babalola thanks for joining us europe's last dictator is clinging on to power as bella ruffians rise up against their longtime.


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