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plane. this is c w news live from burn lead russia's most prominent opposition figure is unconscious in the hospital amid fears he has been poisoned a spokesperson for a legacy the faulty says he fell sick on the flight after drinking tea the plane had to make an emergency landing doctors say they are working to sink his life also coming up to god position in battle groups. and even just fission to project the
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results of this month's election the president lukashenko digs in his heels german chancellor angela merkel says the boat was neither free nor fair and democratic kamel harris makes history as the 1st woman of color on a major party ticket. i accept your nomination for vice president of the united states of america. together with joe biden terrorists and now has to convince americans that they can heal a country ravaged by the pendennis and deeply divided over the politics of president truck. i'm sorry welcome to the program russian opposition leader alexina vall knee is hospitalized unconscious and on a ventilator at this moment after a. suspected poisoning of all the was on
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a flight from siberia to bosco when he lost consciousness his press secretary said something had probably been added to a cup of tea that he drank at the airport the volley is considered one of president vladimir putin's fiercest critics of russia and correspondent emily sure win is on the story really we just had reaction from the kremlin tell us more. while the kremlin spokesperson. said that he's aware of the situation and he wished alex in the speedy recovery he also said that if they were asked all forty's would be willing to help move me or even help him get treatment abroad and pisco falso said that there would be an investigation into this case if it is confirmed that was indeed poisoned now no news team of course have been much more clear in their accusations they say that there was poison in these tea this morning
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and they have called on the investigative committee here in russia to open an investigation into this case as an attempt on the life of a public figure and what is the latest on the vollies condition at this hour. well we know that several members of nonviolence team and also wife you would invite in the have now arrived at the hospital earlier we heard a statement from the deputy head doctor of the hospital who said that. condition continues to be serious but that it's stable and that doctors are trying their best to save his life we have no diagnosis yet from them and the dog the deputy head doctor said that that would only come later in the day and that poisoning is only one of the versions that the doctors at the hospital are considering. he was working on a corruption investigation in siberia when this happened just before this happened
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of course we don't know though whether that is connected to his current condition emulation or when in moscow thank you. and joining us now for more on alexina vali let's bring in nikita cool a chant coffee is joining us from villainy yes he is an investigator at the anti corruption foundation which was founded by evolving welcome to the program and thank you so much for joining us volleys a friend of yours you have together for a year in your conversation how concerned was he about his safety about his health and about a potential poisoning. well here several years ago we discussed it was like 2 or maybe more years ago we discussed the poisoning or. we discussed it with. a kind of an. important figure in the russian opposition who is advocating for sanctions and he
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was poisoned once allegedly important and we thought ok maybe he ate something which was not very fresh. but these poisoning happened again and i remember. the discussion that it kind of be twice like someone is trying to poison him and then the. like pretty clear that someone is trying to frighten and save or even kill him because like 1st of all they imprisoned his brother and he spent 3 years in prison one and a half year in the single cell where he was a cell that did not stop then he was poisoned when he was in detention last year and he had some. like your credit rating and now this situation it's clearly seems that someone is trying to frighten him or even hear him so it sounds
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like you believe that this is indeed a poisoning tell tell us a little bit more about the investigative work that he was doing inside the area. well he went to tom scotto film. but particular scenes for the future. videos that we are going to release soon so i can't get into the into the details about what is the investigation is above but he went there and it was a business trip he went there to i shot the particular bots or the film so that a quarterly investigation is connected with tom's great he wasn't yet just briefly did he receive any threats while shooting. you can say that he received any particular threats because he is receiving threats all the time would have on twitter on his personal messages always have been i don't know we have a special. channels for reporting the gretchen and. the messages that
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are threats from the different i don't e-mail us or people so 'd you can divide the stress from the real threat so unfortunately they say he's getting threats all the time ok nikita collidge tank off as we mentioned you were closely with vali at the anti corruption foundation which was founded by and of ali thank you so much for joining us to share that perspective. prosecutors in bella bruce say that they have opened a criminal case against leaders of a mass protest movement against president alexander lukashenko that's after opposition activists set up a council to negotiate in transition of power amid massive protests calling for them to go bellerose has seen more than 10 days of demonstrations and strikes after the president claimed victory in an election the opposition says was raped. and for more let's bring in correspondent nick connelly who is joining us from minsk nic
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what is the atmosphere among protesters do they sense a change in the air. well you definitely get a sense that people have lost their fear fear of coming out in the streets just simply because there are so many of them i think there's a feeling that the regime here called put all of them in jail how is it that there has being significant violence protest as spending days in prison in detention about 30 people still unaccounted for days after they were taken in but people are coming out all voicing their dissatisfaction the regime in a way that was unthinkable just a few weeks ago think about these protests they're very diffuse there is no central protest camp these protests erupt all across mintz going all across the country and disappear as quickly as they begin i think this is part of the strategy to make it more difficult for the security services here to come off the people and to detain them but there is a real sense that this is far from over this is the beginning rather the end of the process of coming out and voicing their dissatisfaction of 26 years with just one president and what kind of reaction has there been to the plan to european
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sanctions. or yesterday on the main square here in minsk you way aware of thousands of protesters were out for get another protest to go to the government buildings there was that the people had taken this to notice they were happy to realize that europe is watching and paying attention to these protests i think it's more a symbolic step it shows that europe. it's solidary kitchen extent but then without making any particularly strong promises i think in terms of practical influence on the regime here i don't think it will make that much of a difference because being under sanctions time time again and those sectors have then been withdrawn without him doing much in return i think alexander the fact that those in a definitely on the symbol on the kind of gesture politics side of things that was important step for people here on the streets to know that they are being watched and that the events here are being followed bring us up to date on where russia stands in all of this because it has traditionally been
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a very close ally of the us. russia's closest ally they are currently so-called union states they have a kind of loose association which russia has always wanted to deepen to further integrate belarus into effectively one country with russia. preselection has spoken to several times this week and being assured of russia's willingness to support him should events escalate here i think it's a difficult. game because he has tried to resist full integration with russia he fears that russia will effectively take over and he will be left maybe only some symbolic figurehead the russians for now are not saying that they will bring in troops they are supporting at the regime. advises the russian state t.v. yesterday it was reported that many of the local journalists even replaces russian journalists because the locals were no longer loyal to the regime so i think it's
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about deniable support look you think a regime not russian tanks out in the streets of mints but instead stuff that events at the end support through people and resources that can shore up this regime without bringing that high diplomatic calls for the kremlin without coming out in kind of full scale support with boots on the ground that. that is what we're going to see in the next days and weeks so it's all very covert at this point connelly with a view from minsk thank you nick. and let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world leaders of the coup in mali have met with top civil servants and opposition representatives and pledged to hold elections within what they call a reasonable time the u.n. security council has demanded the release of mali's deposed president. and all other detained officials the coup follows weeks of growing political tension and anti-government protests. u.s. media say the state of michigan has reached
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a $600000000.00 agreement to compensate residents of flint over lead tainted drinking water lead began link leaking into the water from aging pipes after the city changed its supply in 2014 making local children sick thousands of residents filed lawsuits against the state. helicopter pilot and helicopter pilot excuse me has died in a crash while battling california wildfires hundreds of fires are blazing across the state forcing thousands to evacuate their homes lightning strikes have sparked blazes and drive vegetation amid a record breaking heat wave now in its 2nd week. online food ordering company delivery hero will replace quire card on germany's blue chip dax index the berlin based company owns some of the world's biggest delivery of ground wire card will leave the dax next week after the scandal over a 2000000000 euro hole in its finances this is. caller harris has accepted the
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democratic party's nomination for vice president of the united states the senator from california became the 1st woman of color on a major party ticket democrats are hoping that alongside presidential nominee joe biden harris will galvanize voters to unseat donald trump harris said that trump's presidency has cost lives and livelihoods. a historic 1st for the democrats and for america come along harris is the 1st black and the 1st asian american woman on a presidential ticket and she laid out her vision for the nation we can do better and deserve so much more we must elect a president who will bring something different something better and do the important work a president who will bring all of us together black white latino asian
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indigenous to achieve the future we collectively ront. democrats are positioning biden harris as a chance to really gain a foothold in a time of. the evening centered on strong female voices united behind the pair have a bridging of the democratic old guard with a new after the last election peroxide bomb and used his address to rebuke trump saying he never took the job seriously read criticism of a sitting president by his predecessor for close to 4 years now he has shown no interest in putting in the work no interest in finding common ground no interest in using the awesome power of his office to help anyone but himself and as friends. no interest in treating the presidency as anything but one more reality show that
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he can use to get the attention he craves. no more into the future of democracy in the us is at stake biden alongside harris he said is the change the country needs right now. let's bring in bars foreman who is a burly and based us political analyst for us welcome to the program carla harris focusing on unity in the united states i mean it really looks like this is the theme of the democratic convention tell us a little bit more about the message that she got across yesterday. well it certainly is i mean there's a narrative that's running all through the 1st 3 days of the democratic convention and that is trying to divide and he'll do well in sort of very polarized system but even more than that so an emphasis has been on the actual mismanagement by the trumps of ministration and this is something that it's really quite a stark contrast to earlier you know presidential campaigns where even former
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presidents have spoken out even republicans have spoken out for the year for the democratic team so what what all the speakers have been emphasizing is the greatness of the moment what's at stake carol that the american democracy finds itself in. trying to point toward solutions we have to talk about what iraq obama also said yesterday the fact that he really took the gloves off and was highly critical of the sitting u.s. president donald trump this was quite extraordinary wasn't. very much so i can't remember a single time where this happened earlier and to the obama himself has been very quiet in the last years i mean it's been very rare for him to comment what's actually going on and i think you make similar remarks yesterday where she said ok the democrats have been trying to sit still and wait and see what happens once trump is in office but no is the moment of reckoning for so what is the convention
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and you know taking the summation of all those messages as we wait for joe biden to speak later what has it showed us so far about the democrats' strategy to try and retake the white house in november. well i think this is a very exceptional your this is a very unconventional convention as many have pointed out the convention is important because it's the moment where the campaign really starts this time around and it's quite visible and so to do time has been to try to point out well this is the moment to actually intervene trump has had total credit tendencies and to develop over time. to portray biden and harris as the mo target of that is trying to be inclusive of all americans and all the diversity of the country. us political analyst boris foreman thank you. german chancellor angela
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merkel has met the climate activist gracia tuber in berlin to discuss the ways to tackle climate change america welcome to burke to the chancellor rhee along with other members of the worldwide fridays for future movement including germany's luis annoyed by our of the activists were expected to deliver a petition demanding stronger action from e.u. leaders to protect the planet signed by 125000 people germany currently holds the rotating e.u. presidency and has vowed to make climate policy a central focus. of political correspondent dina has a is following developments outside of the chancellor e. and berlin so we have to bring demanding stronger action nina to protect the planet what was response the climate activists said that anglo-american was nice and very friendly and good up to back said that america was
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a scientist herself so the climate activists appreciate the fact that she clearly understands the science behind climate change and is not a climate change denier for example but when it comes to translating the signs into concrete political action the climate scientists activists said that it's not clear what germany will do and that it is very hard for germany to actually manage to bridge that gap that is currently existing between what the science actually demands and what we're doing at the moment that angle merkel apparently promised to cut back and her fellow climate activists to be a lot braver and germany has the e.u. council presidency that rotating presidency which which is powerful does give the platform to be a bit braver so what's the plan. the e.u. has set itself the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 now that is a very ambitious goal and germany indeed has the council presidency at the moment
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it's had it since the 1st of july and it had lots of ambitious plans for big client summits etc but then of course the corona pandemic hits and all those topics were thrown off the agenda and emergency measures had to be taken to support the countries that are really suffering here in europe so the e.u. is currently working together when it comes to reducing emissions in the big sector of energy and when it comes to big industrial plants but other than that it's still very much a national effort to bring emissions down germany is on a good track and of course what it can do is lead by example it is the blocked biggest economy after all uncle miracle is an extremely influential figure and the latest climate protection plan here the report that was released this week actually showed that germany did manage to bring emissions down by 35.7 percent in 2019 and this is before the current
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a pandemic actually unfolded here in europe so this is something where germany could come close to reaching its own target this year of reducing emissions by 40 percent but then of course the next milestone is already waiting germany wants to bring emissions down by 55 percent by 2035 and they can't rely on a pandemic to help them achieve that goal nina hoss outside of german chancellor thank you. well here's a look now at some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic india has recorded another record number of new infections with almost 70000 new cases reported on thursday the country has now ramped up testing to more than 900000 a day germany has seen just over 7500 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours it's the highest daily figure since april when the pen demick was considered to be at its peak italy has also posted its highest new caseload since may when the
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country emerged from one of the longest lockdowns of the world authorities there reported $642.00 new infections on wednesday and south korea has warned that a recent outbreak from a church in the capital seoul could spread nationwide the government has warned that it may impose the highest level of restrictions if the numbers continue to rise. france will make a wearing mask it's compulsory in the majority of workplaces starting on september the 1st the country was among the hardest hit in europe by the covert $1000.00 crisis earlier this year now new infections are soaring again and experts say it's largely because of young adults w.'s marina strauss reports from paris. an iconic view of carriers this summer dark clouds are looming over france and its capital because of the rising number of covert 19 in fact fans people all have to wear mosques in several parts of france this is also the case here in paris is some
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street to dunk respect rules you have to pay a 135 your number stuff gone up in all i treated but young adults are especially affected some people. in the sense that we have to pay more attention or national there's a bit ironic station other restrictions because of the holiday so it's not fair you will be assuring that you know it's nothing more so it's home of them all cases so it's important to limit the sprats to protect our elderly who are most vulnerable and if you continue to put this epidemiologist. tells me france should carry out even more tests to avoid a 2nd blocked out young people who often don't show any symptoms are a key factor she says compound yeah it's understandable you know where i'm ok says among young people because they often have more contacts at
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a party during the 1st away from it simply because we did some tasks and i saw some matching up even though as a woman now we're actively looking at all of them. people like and one kind of the you know are often blamed for the rise of infections. he's been organizing open air parties since the country reopens after lock down this. video shows cindy changing at one of them paris nightclubs are so closed so persians are heading to places like the one who has sand a public park on the edge of the city looking for parties who are going to be difficult we're organizing mcconnachie so outside where the risk of contamination is very low we're already doing what's happening in other areas as well but because technology has always had this is the arabs got to it's easier to rely much that we don't pick. people because we were. going to do to you could more. variations have different ways of dealing with the covert 19 threat
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but if the situation gets worse more restrictions my follow. now to some sports news buyer you nick has been french a limbic leone to secure a place in the final of the champions league surged an arborist for twice the 1st half to get the bigger and a comfortable 2 male halftime lead the result was sealed by a late header from robert lee. the 3 no when means the german champions will meet our sancerre man in the final in lisbon on sunday. a quick reminder of the top stories that we're following for you here on t.w. news a spokesperson for russian opposition leader alexina volleyed says he's unconscious in the hospital in siberia after a suspected poisoning he became sick on a flight after earlier turn continue the hospital's chief doctor has confirmed that
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the outspoken kremlin critic is in a serious condition. to convalesce harris has accepted the democratic party's nomination for vice president of the united states the senator from california is the 1st woman of color to join a manger party's presidential pick. democrats are hoping that alongside presidential nominee joe biden paris will galvanize voters in order to unseat. don't forget i was going to be his only goal just download our app come google play or probably our store it will give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news if you're part of a news story you can also use the deed up you opt to send us your photos and videos of what is happening. and with that you are up to date here on
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g.w. i'm sorry kelly in berlin music asia is up next with my colleague there rush fan or jeannie and for the latest you can always got it at our website w dot com also follow us on twitter and instagram i didn't need to care to. model.
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to. discover. the bomb. subscribe to documentary. this is the wus a shot coming up today a historic nomination in the united states with its roots in india. she raised us to know and be proud of our indian heritage. her response her late mother for guiding the pollster for life on how this is india connections make a difference to india or us stars where is washington for on such as.


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