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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin russian doctors say there is no evidence that leading dissidents alexina wali was poisoned the doctors will also not allow his transfer to germany for treatment of all he's fighting for his life at this hour you know so if you're in hospital his wife has not been permitted to see him as well. also coming up the democratic party's new nominee for president joe biden vows to end of what he calls a season of darkness in america shores of great honor and your melody i accept this
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nomination for president of the united states of america. biden also urging americans to unite and return to optimise. our bride thomas good to have you with us today doctors treating russian opposition politician alexina say they have not found any evidence he was poisoned of all these in a coma at this hour following what his supporters believe was a poisoning link to his political activities doctors in the siberian city of almost all refusing to allow of all need to be transferred to germany for medical treatment saying he's too sick. that after a german n.g.o.s and an air ambulance to pick him up in of all the spokeswoman calling that decision quote a direct threat to his life his wife is also not been allowed to visit him only was
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rushed to the hospital and for falling ill on a flight from toms to moscow prompting an emergency landing here's what the deputy had doctor at that hospital told reporters earlier this morning today i can say that none of the tests we have carried out so far indicate the presence of poison in the blood. let's bring indeed the views of moscow correspondent emily sherwin today due emilee 1st we hear that involved he's being flown out of the country then doctors say he can't be moved and now they suddenly are ruling out poisoning that's a lot of back and forth where do we stand right now. well we absolutely have been hearing a lot of back and forth a lot of contradictory information also from the doctors even just today we heard from 2 different doctors from that same hospital the head doctor and the deputy head doctor the head doctor said that it would take 2 more days of testing to get
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a final diagnosis and now we just heard from the deputy head doctor who said that there isn't any trace of poisoning doctors have said that it can't be transferred and that that would endanger his life but his team is very much still pushing for that transferred to germany they have said that doctors have told them that actually transferring patients is always possible no matter how serious their condition is as long as there is the right medical equipment on board they've also said that the fact that doctors are saying that elite that there are some legal questions and documentation questions that still need to be sorted out they also think that that isn't a valid reason because. his wife has given her permission and that should be enough and these press secretary today has written on twitter that she wants to appeal to the european court of human rights to help him be transferred his representatives
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have also been appealing to the kremlin because the kremlin kremlin spokesperson yesterday said that the authorities would if necessary help now by need to be transferred to europe if that is necessary so now by news team really pushing for him to get on that plane as they say that's necessary to save his life and his wife and of course wanting that as well for her husband let's take a listen now to what she was saying to the press earlier today. european doctors visit the patient. no one is being allowed in they did not even let me in to see him you've not seen him today. we demand to have my husband released to us so that we can transfer him to a european clinic where he can be properly treated humanely yulian of all the there are no she believes there was a political motivation behind this latest decision not to transport him what more can you tell us about that. you know one of our news team has been arguing that the
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doctors are making political rather than medical decisions they're saying essentially that those doctors in. aren't acting independently that there is some political influence on them and they said that the doctors have been stalling because they think that the toxins that they think are in the body need some time to pass through his body and that that may be a reason why the doctors aren't letting him be transferred yet so that european experts can kind of find out what he was poisoned with with if that is indeed true even though the doctors have said that he hasn't been poisoned they his team have also asked the investigative committee here in russia to open a case and they have asked them to investigate what they say is an attempt on the life of a public figure molly was on his way back to moscow from siberia when he fell ill
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on a flight do we know what he was working on in siberia. these team have been pretty tight lipped about what he was working on they say that he was working on a new investigation new corruption investigation he's been famous for publishing these you tube investigations into high ranking political officials now local siberian media has been reporting that he may have been looking into some politicians from the united russia of the ruling party here because he traveled to novosibirsk and to talk and in both cities there will be in september local elections which could be very contested and there are 2 there are independent candidates running in both cities that are being supported by now by in these local teams now not only in the past few months has been advocating
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a strategy for these upcoming local elections which he calls smart voting essentially he's calling on voters to vote for anyone that isn't in the united russia party so kind of voting against the status quo to get protest candidates into office and that's a strategy that actually has had some success in moscow city council elections as well so perhaps that was a threat to local politicians but we have to wait to find out more about that investigation sure and look into this developing story for us today we should have more details hopefully later today thanks so much for now. and the us the new democratic white house candidate joe biden has promised a different type of leadership for the nation in his acceptance speech in his home state of delaware he said the country faced one of its most difficult moments his
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speech was the capstone of a political career spanning about half a century setting out his vision for the u.s. presidency the 77 year old vowed to represent all americans he heads into the campaign with a clear lead in opinion polls over the president and his promise to tackle the pandemic the economic downturn racism and climate change. let's take a listen now to some of what joe biden had to say the current president's quote american darkness for much too long too much anger too much fear too much division here and now i give you my word if you entrust me with the presidency i will draw on the best of us not the worst i'll be an ally of the light not the darkness it's time for us for we the people to come together and make no mistake united we can and will overcome this season of darkness in
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america. joe biden there painting a dark picture of today's america earlier i asked our washington bureau chief in this poll of biden can touch a chord with this imagery that will appeal to undecided voters and what kind of president he would be if he wins the election in november he actually wasn't the only one you know we heard that over the course of the last 3 days from many people saying these are dog times see these are the dog darkest times in america since many many years this is really crucial for you to get out and vote so this is the main message and joe biden obviously also kind of tried to put that out is will this appeal to democrats probably is because they unite kind of behind the fear of another 4 years of don't know chuck he sees himself as a president for everybody and this is actually trustworthy because he's in politics since so many years and he was working with both sides of the ale he was working
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intensively with republicans he has republican friends so this will be really a huge difference evil not be as divisive as someone will try. it is folder reporting for us from the convention in delaware let's take a look now at some of the other stories making the news today days after mali's president was ousted in a military coup neighboring governments are pressuring coup leaders to return every member of the car kited to power was african countries fears of political upheaval could allow islam us to again gain ground in the region. at least 6 people have died in california and wildfires sparked by lightning tens of thousands have been evacuated from their homes in the san francisco bay area authorities say dozens of houses have been burned to the ground. it's developers now where opposition politician svetlana titian of style has called for more strikes and
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factories across the country that to try to force new presidential elections. fled to lithuania after rejecting the results of the presidential election earlier this month she told supporters not to give in to intimidation into span strike action meanwhile bill racine prosecutors have opened the criminal investigation into opposition members after they called for a transition of power. well thousands of people have been detained in belarus following the protest many have now been released and while they have been returned to their families reports continue to emerge of police violence the small park in front of an isolation center on the outskirts of men's cars become an important contact point for relatives of victims of police violence volunteers provide information about the whereabouts of those who were arrested during the peaceful protests. diet. helping those who are gradually being released from the
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isolation center and everyone waiting to be released we give them clothes and psychological and medical help. the authorities let some volunteers and saeed to see the detainee's they are the 1st to learn about the conditions of detention and the circumstances of the arrests some of those who have been released return to pick up their belongings now that. we have distributed leaflets saying that the strike was a legitimate active resistance then we went home. and i release or 5 unidentified man arrived they broke into the apartment we girls had in the bedroom the boys all had to get down on the floor and we were threatened with a gun. then we were taken to the police station before me. but
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he was damn near. you all had to stand against the wall with our legs as wide apart as possible. behind our heads facing down a policeman protests faced on my back and what hit me between the legs with a baton. then we went to another room where we all had to kneel in a row for the body surgeons. small to somehow to strip naked. were just searched. the volunteers tell us that it's sometimes difficult for them to see people coming out of the isolation center a number of them need psychological help immediately. some young people can't concentrate properly on the others laugh or smile constantly to cope with their fear and you can see that they are traumatized and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because according to official information around 7000 people were
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arrested the interior ministry says another 112 people have been moved to various isolation centers across baylor use. let's get your reminder now of our top stories at this hour russian doctors treating opposition leader like that of all they say they have found no evidence he was poisoned or refusing to allow to allow him to be sent to germany for medical treatment saying it's too sick to be moved his wife says no one is being allowed to see it only took ill aboard a flight and was rushed to hospital in siberia. and joe biden has become the democrats' presidential nominee of the candidates he officially accepted his nomination against his home state of delaware during the party's national convention 5 set out his vision for the presidency by valentine and what he called a season of darkness in america. this is the interview news live from berlin
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don't forget there's always more in our website you know dot com or you can follow us on social media feeds our brian todd was for the entire team thanks for joining us sumi will be with you at the top the hour time for. a meal and i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of on the fringe of the planet on the brink of disaster good long in-depth interview experts about one question how to change the focus on lisa.


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