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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin alexina valmy arrives in germany for emergency medical treatment doctors at a top early in clinic are standing by for the russian opposition leader whose ambulance is now on its way there from the airport the kremlin critic phil unconscious 2 days ago after drinking water he supporters from the east was poisoned teet. also coming up the political crisis in below verse deepens as the authorities crack down on government opponents protesters in the capital minsk form a chain of solidarity and d.q.
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wind is demanding the release of all political prisoners. plus thousands flee some of the biggest wildfire has ever to hit california the blazes 1st box by lightning strikes and the state's governor is blaming climate change. i'm jarid reid it's great to have you reverse russian opposition leader alexei no valley has arrived in germany for emergency medical treatments following a suspected poisoning a plane carrying him took off earlier on saturday morning from omes skin siberia before that it nonviolent brought the island kremlin critic from the hospital had been in the care of russian doctors there since another flight he was on was forced to make an emergency landing 2 days ago now found the collapsed after drinking tea and has been unconscious on a ventilator his supporters believe he was deliberately poisoned. well russian
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doctors at 1st signal valmy was too ill to travel but health officials have backed down and said they would allow him to be transported to germany. we took the decision not to oppose his transfer to another hospital the one that his relatives indicated to us. that was what nirvana's wife yulia had been desperate to hear she had been fighting since arriving at the hospital on thursday 1st to get her husband's own doctor to see him then to get the german medics then. we believe that the doctors that deliberately delaying so that the chemical substance in my husband alexei's metabolism has time to disappear that's why they went let him leave the hospital alex says health situation is probably very bad so we don't believe the doctors and the hospital and we demand that their hand my husband over. know we didn't kill come here the sheriff's
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a hospital in perlin 2 years ago it's medic successfully treated another russian dissident who seem to have been poisoned that was pussy riot activists p.r. to vessel off the group it flown vessel off out sent medics to go get novelli and persuade the russians to let him fly and as we mentioned a little bit earlier alexina valmy is in berlin and right now is on his way to the sharon tate hospital in an ambulance where he'll be treated to w. reporter julie delhi is outside that hospital julia hi there bring us up to speed if you could on the values condition and what's expected to happen now. we've heard from the spokesperson from the cinema for peace foundation which organized these trip to berlin that he is in a stable condition after the flight we have heard that he is now on the way to the hospital here behind me where he will then be taken in by doctors and his situation
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will begin to be evaluated and he will be have to be treated as his condition is still serious and investigations into what may have caused his health condition can begin here there is a strong police presence there are journalists everyone is waiting for another only to arrive and that should be happening any minute now for us why was alexei navalny brought to building in the 1st place. the shoddy to is a world renowned hospital and can offer high quality care but it also already treated a similar case 2 years ago. or a vet a seed of pussy riot activists from russia was also flown here by the same foundation cinema for peace and was treated here after another suspected poisoning therefore they already have experience in similar cases and the family wants to be treated abroad and the investigation into his ill health to be conducted by
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independent doctors. we should make it clear that it isn't the german government bringing the valley here but n.-g. o. who is these n.g.o.s. cinema for peace is a berlin based foundation and it is funded through for philanthropists who support for monetary and projects in particular filmmakers working on social issues and also organizes awards ceremonies here in berlin that promote movies that deal with political and social issues the foundation has said that the vollies trip has been financed through private donors and the fine the foundation has organized the whole trip organized the flights the doctors the visas all the permits to get him here right before he did arrive in berlin there was a sort of period of time where russian doctors didn't want to let him leave russia what persuaded them to allow him to come to germany in the end certainly
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mounting pressure on russian authorities and on the doctors for example coming from an open letter written by and of all these wife to russian president putin to push all thirty's to let him leave the country and finally when german doctors were allowed to see and. decided that he was fit to fly in their opinion russian doctors went along said it was ok for them if he flew if the family was aware and taking responsibility for the risks that's reporter julie delhi out from outside the shop and take hospital where russian opposition politician alexei novella is due to arrive very shortly for medical treatment thank you julio. to bill averse now where thousands of anti-government protesters have formed a chain of solidarity across the bell of receiving capital minsk authorities are holding one of the leaders of striking factory workers and they're threatening the demonstrators we've criminal charges the u.n.
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is calling for the release of all those who've been detained. shoulder to shoulder in support protesters again standing firm in minsk. a chain of solidarity stretching kilometers through the belarus in capital as far as the detention center where anti-government protesters have been held since the disputed election nothing after this but when you see that you. realize that no national merit and no one has stopped pursuing a goal to force luka shanker to resign it helps to keep our spirits up and not to get sad i didn't know it was the show the beginning we were really enthusiastic now people are starting to say the protests a calming down the people a pessimistic we have to remember that the regime had ruled for 26 years it's impossible to overturn in just 10 days. the opposition is still encouraging people
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to attend mass demonstrations and urging the authorities not to use force and the u.n. is calling for all political prisoners to be released bellary soon authorities say nearly all have been freed. for good for many a hoping lukas shimko is losing his grip on power but the hard line leader insists it was solve the political crisis in the coming days. is a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world today u.s. postmaster general louis to joy has appeared before congress amid widespread concerns over postal delays mail in voting is likely to be a key feature of the november election jew to the coronavirus and to. demonstrate is in iraq have set fire to the gates of the parliament building in the southern province of basra the main oil producing region protest is the angry at government inaction over the assassination of several political and women's rights campaigners
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us. and turkish president tayyip erdogan has announced a large natural gas discovery off the black sea closed over one says the find will ease turkey's dependence on gas imports and could make it an energy exporter analysts say the discovery is significant but not a game changer. well the fires raging in northern california have now become some of the largest in state history more than 12000 firefighters the current battling the blazes that have killed 6 people governor governor newsom said help is arriving from several u.s. states he also put in a plea for assistance from australia and canada where the fires were started by lightning strikes and forced tens of thousands to flee to safety. this is all that's left of karen hansen's parliament in northern california she and her family are in they had 2 minutes to evacuate the small farm the full flames obliterated it
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behind never say a thing like it was the whole sky was red and orange i mean if. i don't know they just read 9 and it was coming over the hill. there and it was massive i've never seen one like it. a few minutes to get here the flames she describes a still making their way across california in the form of hundreds of separate fires they were sparked by thousands of lightning strikes and fanned by record breaking hate with more than 3000 square kilometers of land destroyed many fear their plots may be next. are really worth. their birds down the next 3 days. by tomorrow maybe no more but pretty much i'm thinking we're going to lose our lives. but now it's unpredictable nature of this is an understaffed fire fighting force. that much of
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what will happen next depends on weather conditions as the heat wave continues across california many more properties a likely to succumb to the flames. the world health organization is hoping the coronavirus crisis can be brought under control within 2 years that's despite cases rising around the world even some countries that have thought that had they had reined in the virus seeing a resurgence germany has recorded a spike in new infections with more than 2000 concerned on saturday that's the highest number since april it followed 2 other days with well over 1000 new cases health authorities say they're struggling to process a backlog of tests well some people blame some blaming young people for the resurgence saying they're not sticking to the rules on social distancing well our reporter took a tour of berlin's most popular bars and clubs we are in the center of a possible corona hotspot the linz central this neighborhood popular for its bozza
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nightlife is now seeing a rise in infections we are still around but most young people didn't seem to be worried to be some agreed to talk to us but want to stay anonymous we actually understand are you scared to get infected this well no not at all. we don't think about it at all we just want to go out they said that the 2nd wave would come and so why would it be triggered by people going out we don't know how long time is corona's going to last so you can't just keep being scared like. yeah all the time so infections in germany are rising and they're rising fast parties on the street problem the boss and best friends are in the spotlight we're going to check out this iconic by your employer lynn before we go in i'm going to put on my mask. inside we see that germany's strict hygiene measures are being upheld
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people keep their distance and just a great amount of your khyber everyone wears a face mask when moving around inside the customers are allowed to take it off one seated at a table. but that seems to scare people off tonight only a few. when coming in their guests to say next door i didn't have to wear a mosque i hear then they turn around and leave so my feeling is that as a bar you are punished when you stick to the regulations another rule customers ever quiet to fill in peace contact forms but then name and telephone number but that's also a problem. i can't believe that mr donald duck with this weird address came to the spot look for yourself. and you might say you have all. the district of once to fight the coronavirus by making more random inspections now but their
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resources are limited explains the name. we can only do so much that we have just under 50 employees they walk in shifts 7 days a week but we can't do more than just surprise checks. on the inspectors come check every bar but their presence might remind people of just how serious the situation has become in the end things can only improve if guess show more responsibility. so news from washington now where the national zoo has announced the birth of a panda cub zoo's doff say the 22 year old giant panda may jang is off to a good start and is nursing and cuddling uist and cutest resident but so far they haven't announced the baby pandas name. a quick recap now about top story russian opposition leader alexina valmy is involved in for emergency medical treatment
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doctors that's a shot at taking a clinic expect his ambulance arrives from the airport any moment now he's been flying in from siberia where he's been hospitalized following a suspected poisoning. will keep following that story for you from all you can head top web site t w dot com i'm tired reading boating thanks for watching. been robbed of their soul that's what people experiences when their heritage is taken from them countless cultural artifacts were stolen from africa by colonialists and carted off to europe. what should be done with the stolen north from africa. stolen soul stored september 7th on g.w. .


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