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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2020 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is deja news live from berlin alexina vallone arrives in berlin the russian opposition leaders a long journey from siberia and set the clinic where doctors will try to find out what's behind the apparent that left him fighting for his life a close friend of his tells russian authorities are in no hurry to investigate we'll find out more. and thousands fleet some of the biggest wildfires ever to hit california the blazes were sparked by lightning strikes in the state's governor is blaming climate change.
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i'm michael it's good to have you with us russian opposition leader alexei novell knee is in a berlin hospital this hour receiving treatment following a suspected poisoning. lapse in lost consciousness after drinking tea 2 days ago in siberia doctors there initially refused to allow him to be airlifted to germany. the final metres of alexina volleys journey from siberia took. one that the kremlin critic spent on conscious. not only was flown out on this plane chartered by a berlin and geo his supporters had feared for his life after a suspected poison attack on the opposition leader. nepal news wife you'll hear requested treatment in germany but the medically back. was only given the green
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light after a tug of war between russian and german doctors over whether he was fit to fly. spokeswoman cure a our mission thanks supporters and said the transfer abroad was a 1st step in what would be a long struggle to restore nepal and his health. a hospital is no stranger to treating kremlin critics who appear to have been poisoned. 2 years ago activists say love was taken here after showing poisoning symptoms he helped secure the same treatment for nepal me. president vladimir putin sr predicts the 44 year old former lawyer was barred from challenging putin in the 21000 presidential election since then he has campaigned on behalf of opposition candidates in regional polls supporters hope that german doctors will be able to get to the bottom of what caused the sudden debilitating illness in
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a safe environment free of any political interference. julia has been reporting on the arrival of alexis at the hospital in berlin there she caught up with a busy founder of the cinema for peace foundation which paid for the airlift she asked him about the current health condition. well we are very happy that you finally arrived in berlin that we could fly him out. the good news is that he's stable so the whole travel did not affect him but it does doesn't mean that i mean i was see we are we're kind of like very happy everybody's happy but there's no reason to celebrate because it's in a very good condition so there we were it starts now with the doctors the disparity . if the german government have any role in assisting or helping with the operation to bring him to berlin we were very happy to hear 2 days ago that i know americans
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together with the french president made a statement that it should be found out what happened and that if you need medical assistance he's welcome in germany and france and other countries offered to so i think it was very helpful and obviously. we kept the authorities informed about our activities but this activity is for private. and what does the family feel and think at the moment and what do they expect going forward with his taking care of at the hospital when i think they're relieved that it's to be an odyssey house and that's a relief to be in a 1st class hospital to have a good treatments and obviously now it will be the question what the doctors can do and have to do. and. i would apparently this is not a thing for a few days as we're probably a long procedure and it's a long way to go i mean as we heard from the doctors if there would have not been to submerge still many noms if they would have tried to fly on to moscow he would
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have died. thank you very much. for more let's bring in professor sergei gloria former chief economist at the ied b. argue that's a european bank for reconstruction and development is also one of the top sponsors of nirvana's anticorruption fund and is a close friend of only arrive today professor in berlin for treatment you must be feeling relieved it is a feeling of relief but as you write that the situation is not out of the woods yeah he's unconscious and in the best case scenario we probably should experiment will take several weeks when your church came back to power and indeed has your refer to the case of. it was and fareed difficult and painful to cover. all of this is clearly sensitive stuff but to the extent that you can talk about this who do you think might be behind this apparent assault in the valley and what
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we don't know and. we don't know and we do not know why it has happened still i would say it is very important to remember it's not the 1st attack on a number only using chemical agents he says he was attacked in 2017 and the video cameras actually identify the men who are executive that dark and this man was not investigated interrogated or prosecuted the 2nd time was attacked last summer when he was detained in a moscow prison and that fact was actually started within the prison within the prison cell so it was also very easy to investigate it was not investigated as well which kind of tells you how the crammed into it's people who are talking about me and even if it's not. ordered from the very top of course it's the very top of russian government russian authorities that is responsible for not only this time one thing which i would like to remind you you mentioned regional elections there
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will be regional elections coming up in 3 weeks from now and why only has developed hadlee effective strategy for a pause in their will in part in those so actions it happened last year the last year was extremely. important breakthrough in various regional elections including in moscow and that's my number only spent so much time in jail last year and apparently government was very nervous regarding the election that this coming up in the valley was still is a very fact of communicator his you tube channel his weekly you tube channel is watched by millions of people in of course the government didn't want him to be on air in the coming weeks. until this election professor what can you tell us about his current condition what have you learned. anything except for what is what is being reported and and this is what you've just covered in your piece
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and and we just know that he's unconscious and we don't know. what exactly caused. you mentioned just before that there were 2 attempts on his wife that were never investigated these you believe given the international attention to this particular story and others like it that that is going to change. i don't expect in this particular. situation i don't expect that as long as this regime is in power in the russian this crime will be investigated i haven't all doubt that this poisoning was administered using special forces usually using special chemical agents not dissimilar to those that you've mentioned in the case of a video of 4 other russian dissidents including. who was actually boys and twice and of course that consoles very aware one british woman died in the russia it is
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still denying that russia was behind this old body poisoning and in that sense in that sense i think that is the longest of this that he is ruling russia which won't expire transparent investigation you yourself do not live in russia do you believe vonnie will return after this latest incident it is a question for saying that i mean i know him for many years he. looks you know one that i know he's a brave and courageous man and he believes that he will come back and i can decide for him it's for him and his family to. make his decision but every think i know about the legacy the fact that he's been out that before and still continued his very important work i would think that he will actually come back he will not stop his fight professor sergei duryea in france thank you so much for your insights
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thank you very much let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. president alexander lukashenko has ordered the belorussian military to use the most stringent measures to protect the territorial integrity of the nation he made the comments at a military base near the borders of poland and lithuania authorities have block some news websites reporting on large anti-government protests. the head of the world health organization. has said modern technology and international cooperation could limit the covert $1000.00 pandemic to less than 2 years at a briefing in geneva he said global solidarity is the key to the solution especially when it comes to creating a vaccine. and a former policeman dubbed the golden state killer has been sentenced to life in prison in the us he had already confessed to 13 murders and dozens of rapes in the seventy's and eighty's under
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a deal to avoid the death penalty in court he apologized to the victims for his brutal decade long crime spree. the fires raging in northern california have now become some of the largest in state history more than 12000 firefighters are currently battling the blazes that have killed 6 people governor gavin newsome said help is arriving from several u.s. states he also put in a plea for assistance from the australia and canada to the fires were started by lightning strikes and have forced tens of thousands to flee to safety. this is all that's left of karen hansen's parliament in northern california which she and her family are in they had 2 minutes to evacuate the small farm the full flames obliterated it behind never say a thing like it was the whole sky was red and orange i mean if. i don't have just read 9 and it was coming over the hill. there and it was massive i've never
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seen one like it only took a few minutes to get here the flames she describes the still making their way across california in the form of hundreds of separate fires they were sparked by thousands of lightning strikes and fanned by record breaking hate with more than 3000 square kilometers of land destroyed many fear their plots may be next. are really worth. their birds down the next 3 days. by tomorrow maybe you know more but pretty much i'm thinking we're going to. now it's unpredictable nature of this isn't understaffed firefighting. that much of what will happen next depends on weather conditions as the heat wave continues across california many more properties a likely to succumb to the flames. switching gears a hotly anticipated t.v.
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series makes its debut this week on streaming service netflix bio hackers is about ambitious science students with the power to reshape life but it's also a warning about the dangers of experimenting with genetic material. but if our eyes can see in the dark what if our fingers were magnetic but if our d.n.a. was perfect bio hackers is the new netflix series that explores that solved experiment an ambitious professor and 6 intrepid students try to polish up their genome curiosity mates make love mania intended for below game afghans understand. they've got a telescope. president phil after day after christmas as often the titles are. some of his american feel that the philadelphia typecast respond to undergo just again i. self optimization taken to the extreme this series addresses
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a highly topical subject while hacking is booming instructions are available on the internet and research is flourishing everything show is really possible and conceivable not science fiction but 5 minutes into the future. which up to the event the script and i thought it's funny what they've come up with. i saw a documentary and thought funny but it's all true because of the darkness was. the way it is science taking us in this fast paced series director christian due to illustrates the dangers that lurk when mankind wants to play god. this series does not demonize science on the contrary it shows how dependent we are on research usually because our biochemist say whether humanity survives or not is a fact of biochemistry and to have. yet bio hackers makes it clear that it's extremely dangerous to experiment with genetic material. diseases all sins are
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badly thought out the. that's your news update i'll be back at the top of the hour for the latest headlines remember you can download to news app or visit dot com i'm michael o'connor the whole team here thanks so much. robbed of their soul that's what if people experience is when their heritage is taken from them countless cultural artifacts were brutally stolen from africa by colonialists camp carted off to europe. what should be done with the stolen north from africa. still.


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