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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2020 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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this is news line from alexei navalny arrives in the german capital russian opposition leaders long journey from siberia is that the sheriff takes any way don't this bill try to find out what's behind the apparent poisoning and they've been fighting for his life plus a friend of his tells fink w. the russian authorities are in no hurry to investigate. well mike is in washington conveying a british saturday session to address my old delivery disruptions i want to shore up the u.s. postal service with bins of dollars ahead of november so vacations so my little
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ballots arrive on time. and we go to tokyo with helping to educate the public about the best place to stop the spread of the coronavirus graffiti ops i think colorful messages to get people's attention and thank frontline medical board. and i think how broken russian opposition leader alexeyevna found me is in a bergen hospital this hour receiving treatment following a suspected poisoning and found a collapsed and lost consciousness after drinking tea 2 days ago in siberia doctors they initially refused to allow him to be a lifted on to german soil. the final metres of alexina volleys journey from siberia to. one that the kremlin critic spent unconscious. not only was flown out
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on this plane chartered by a berlin and geo his supporters had feared for his life after a suspected poison attack on the opposition leader. in the fall news wife yulia requested treatment in germany but the medical evacuation was only given the green light after a tug of war between russian and german doctors over whether he was fit to fly. not only spokeswoman cure a our mission thanks supporters and said the transfer abroad was a 1st step in what would be a long struggle to restore nepal and his health. berlin shari's a hospital is no stranger to treating kremlin critics who appear to have been poisoned. 2 years ago activists pure tibet's of love was taken here after showing poisoning symptoms he helped secure the same treatment for in a volley. of only has been one of president vladimir putin secure system critics the 44 year old former lawyer was barred from challenging putin in
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the $21000.00 presidential election since then he has campaigned on behalf of opposition candidates in regional polls. supporters hope that german doctors will be able to get to the bottom of what caused the sudden debilitating illness in a safe environment free of any political interference. or day doubly as julia south delhi has been reporting on the arrival of lexi abounding the shark a hospital in there she caught up with. founder of the cinema for peace foundation which paid for the elite she asked him about the family's current condition. we are very happy that he finally arrived in berlin that we could fly him out. the good news is that he's stable so the whole travel did not affect him. but it does doesn't mean that i mean i was see we are we are kind of like very happy everybody's happy but there's no reason to celebrate because it's sort of our
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trigger condition so there we were it starts now with the doctors at a charity. did the german government have any role in assisting or helping with the operation to bring him to berlin but we're very happy to hear 2 days ago that anglo american all together with the french president made a statement. which should be fun of what happened and that if you need medical assistance he's welcome in germany and france and other countries offered to so i think it was very helpful and obviously. we kept the authorities informed about our activities but this activity is for private. and what does the family feel and think at the moment and what do they expect going forward with his taking care of at the hospital when i think they're relieved that it's to be an odyssey house and that they're relieved to be in a 1st class hospital to have a good treatments and obviously now it will be the question what the doctors can do and have to do. and. i mean apparently this is not a thing for
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a few days as we're probably a long procedure and it's a long way to go i mean as we. as we've heard from the doctors if they would have not been as emergency landing in arms if they would have tried to fly on to moscow he would have died. thank you very much. for staying with the story and sergey griot is a close friend of the family he's the former chief economist at the european bank for reconstruction and development and he's one of the top sponsors of the valleys anti corruption front when he spoke to us earlier about why he thought his friend had been attacked there will be regional elections coming up in 3 weeks from now not only has developed a highly effective strategy for their will in part in those elections it happened last year last year was extremely. important breakthrough in various regional elections including in moscow and that's my number one it's been so much time in
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jail last year and apparently government was very nervous the guardian they alexion that it's coming up and i've only was still is a very fact of communicator his you tube channel his weekly you tube channel is watched by millions of people in of course government do you want him to be on air in the coming weeks. until this election as alex develop needs a friend so ok gloria ok now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. president alexander lukashenko has ordered the belorussian military to use the most stringent measures to protect the territorial integrity of the nation he made the comments at a military base near the borders of poland and lithuania authorities have blocked some news websites reporting on large anti-government protests. families of coded 900 victims have marched in new york to mourn the 175000 americans who have died of the virus they also protested against the trumpet ministrations handling of the
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crisis during the candlelight procession people walked across the brooklyn bridge to york city hall. we go slow my kids are set to vote on a bill to provide $25000000000.00 in emergency funding for the u.s. postal service ahead of the november presidential election the democrats sponsored legislation aimed at preventing delights as millions of americans vote by mail this year because of the corona virus and to make the postal service has been under scrutiny the president don't want trump admitted to holding back funding from the post office the president has repeated unfounded claims that mylan voting leads to rampant fraud. correspondent cala black is following the story from washington color talk to us about the significance of this vote and in particular its timing the u.s. representatives have come back from their summer recess particular specifically for
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this vote so that tells us is something about how important this issue of the u.s. postal service is that they have come together to pass this bill that as we've heard will provide $25000000000.00 to the u.s. postal service and would also what also kind of turn back the clock on some changes that were made to the postal service already this year like the removal the removal of postal sorting machines and the ban on overtime hours for a u.s.p.s. employee is it is however highly unlikely that the bill will really go anywhere after today because while it's pretty much certain to pass in the house where democrats hold the majority in the senate republicans who hold the majority and that chamber have already made clear that it's probably not even going to be on the floor for a vote there. so on friday the postmaster general who is both
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a trump appointee and a republican party done a said it was his number one priority to get election mio in on time to democratic politicians and well mike is believe those words to be true. no democrats are not optimistic and there were not convinced at all by what's postmaster general lute detroit had to say they shared stories of constituents come to them already complaining about shocking delays in mail delivery and saying that they don't get porton prescription medications on time or small businesses that are losing hours because when they ship out their products clients only receive a lot later than usual so they are losing business and all of the contributes the fact that democrats say the joys and competent and they don't trust at all to run mail and election smoothly with the way the u.s.
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postal service is run right now just quickly before we go trump has long claimed that postal voting can lead to fraud is there any evidence for this. no there is not and several experts have spoken out about those many a times saying that mail elections are not any more susceptible to fraud than regular in person elections if you will and that trumps only pushing this message so he has something to point to when the elections don't go his way and he can say see it's all fraud i told you so from the very beginning color black or in washington thank you standing in the u.s. in the fires raging in northern california have now become some of the largest in state's history more than 12000 firefighters are currently battling the blazes that have killed 6 people governor gavin newsome said help is arriving from several of the u.s. states he also put in the plea for assistance from australia and canada. the fire
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started by law thing strikes and have forced tens of thousands of people to flee to safety this is all that's left of karen hansen's parliament in northern california she and her family are and they had 2 minutes to evacuate that small farm the full flames obliterated it behind never say a thing like it was the whole sky was red and orange i mean if. i don't have just read 9 and it was coming over the full. bore and it was massive i've never seen anything like it and it only took a few minutes to get here the flame she describes still making their way across california in the form of hundreds of separate fires they were sparked by thousands of lightning strikes and fanned by record breaking hate with more than 3000 square kilometers of land destroyed many fear there may be next. are really were.
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there were birds down the next 3 days. by tomorrow maybe you know all no more but pretty much empty i'm thinking we're going to lose our. fun now it's unpredictable nature of this is an understaffed fire fighting force origins have warned that much of what will happen next depends on weather conditions as the heat wave continues across california many more properties a likely to succumb to the flames well in many african countries artists are playing a leading role in explaining how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as a freeway that main social distancing washing hands and especially wearing masks but as you're about to see in togo the delivery of that crucial public health information is particularly colorful. a wall paint and a message these graffiti artists are in their element right next to
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a busy street in togo's capital loman josie and wilson and her collaborators paint to educate. these paintings are supposed to help make people stick to the hygiene roles they show how people can protect themselves and others from the coronavirus not shaking hands keeping a physical distance and sneezing into elbows they also thank those on the frontline in the fight against covert 19 health care workers. we show everything that's important for protecting people against coven. the project was started by the graffiti artist collective the going graphic heard they encourage artists from across targo to do the same on social media. from want to know it's a real honor for me to be part of the project and open to raise awareness and support people in the pandemic without it and to give some space to the total and
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not generally in africa or be. on the record about. the messages of being received well especially by young people. who have fed the pictures show all the hygiene roles even someone who conned hero speak could understand the messages and stick to the roles of. the artist beginning with the. blood when it's against the coronavirus when you go pasta and see it then you start to think more about protecting yourself paying attention to the rules wearing mosques washing your hands and using disinfectant regularly with good. as long as there is no back saying prevention is the only way to fight the pandemic so the artists will keep painting their crucial message around time going and finally tonight cheery for what might be the most heartwarming coaching news of the week 11 year old bell a student at the bus on the module went viral with this video of him dancing
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barefoot in the rioting and it got the attention of the a bear american ballet i wonder they saw the same video you're watching and i offered him a scholarship in new york starting next year has already started classes online. and with that you're up today i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour so ben take it. in the light of climate change. africa. what's in store. for their future. e.w. dot com for the major cities to go to insight cleek.


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