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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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lose for the future. pretty major city. to insert. into. this studio be a news live from berlin doctors here in germany's capital battle to save the lives of russian dissidents saying a valley specialists are trying to find out why the opposition leader collapsed and fell into a coma after drinking tea to supporters say he was poisoned the valley was airlifted to berlin on saturday from siberia. and scientists in germany hope
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a concert could i'm walkin new insights into containing the coronavirus hundreds of masked volunteers turned out to help study how the virus spreads in indoor events our reporter was there and we'll talk to you in a moment about the experiment. it's great to have you with this doctors here in berlin a trying to save the life of russian opposition leader alexei now valmy he arrived in the german capital on saturday morning from siberia 2 days after becoming seriously ill on a flight in russia now his supporters allege that he was poisoned european leaders made public coffers of support as doctors from germany and russia ah good about whether he was fit enough to fly it took 2 full days of frantic diplomacy to getting transferred. all the action now is here while doctors at berlin charity
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hospital try to save alexei live on these life his health has become a political and diplomatic issue the world is watching. germany's president called for an urgent explanation of a it was a late night you know good all those who can contribute something to clear this up do that to no valley had been in the siberian city of thompson talking loudly about corrupt russian elites and rallying those who might vote against the russian government there will be a regional elections coming up in 3 weeks from now not only has developed the effective strategy for abortion there were in part in those elections it happened last year but last year was extremely. important breakthrough in various regional elections including in moscow and that's why not only spent so much time in jail last year and apparently government was very nervous regarding the election there this coming up not only was it still is
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a very fact of communicator his you tube channel his weekly you tube channel is watched by millions of people in of course government didn't want him to be on air in the coming weeks. until this election a senior german m.p. from anger merkel's party also suspects foul play. as far as the external signs are concerned it looks as if it's another case of attempted murder and a message to the opposition we'll get you the german medics who transported in the valley in this isolation pod obviously did not share the russian diagnosis of blood pressure problems. for more let's bring in john a name server she's a former d.w. journalist and the co-founder of the boris nemtsov foundations of freedom that's named after her father the russian opposition politician who was assassinated in moscow back in 2015 is on a welcome you know like saying of ali and his family personally and your father was
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a close friend if you use who or what do you think is responsible for what happened to him. so far i'm actually thank you for inviting me i'm actually a wage in for the results of the test to rechannel been conducted in believe in and i couldn't tell who was from charlotte to add are going to reveal some of their slang and so on mon day what my personal feeling is that now while the name was poisoned. i think r r r got into responsibility you know that in russia now there are a lot of political prisoners. are put his critics are being folds and they are some of them were killed my father was killed just 500 mirrors are away from the kremlin wall he is caves has never been sold and will
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never be an assault and despite all our efforts. and search and jump in this case i'm sorry to jump in you believe alexei navalny was poisoned who or what do you think poisoned him who did it. this i cannot answer this question by the way i can say if they have to because not why is there more powerful i am position was in russia i think that at least putin like him or put him president of russia holds political responsibility for his poisoning and we waited for 2 days before he was transported to the believe and i think that high rent and i fish shells tried to block his transportation to a billy how confident are you that we'll get to the bottom of exactly what happened
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to alexei navalny off to roll you criticize the investigation into your father's killing you called it an imitation so i did not criticize it it wasn't an investigation because it wasn't cool it wasn't transparent and they are failed to identify them washed the minds of those who killed my father and moreover they failed to identify why then would t.v. ne hind my father's and the nation and it was of course i am pretty sure epilate it all in mad a raid it murder regarded not while it is far as i know the central investigative committee is not going to open in the investigation into why lee's case. and it now all depends on the germans doctors whether they will be able to find out what say abstinence was used to try to attempt to
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kill alex in our. care and we will wait for that diagnosis here in europe more than once we've seen how dangerous dangerous it is to to speak out in russia is this going to discourage the opposition movements there. it's different to predict and we are not all witness in are those measure of progress in the bell or rules and i think it was one of the reasons why now why lee my d. poisoned because after the presidential elections we saw massive fraud us and despised states poor serbs very cruel drool repression and now we've been on sunday every big march against. whom i personally regard as former president of miller was because he lost the elections
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so and i think that of those people in the kremlin included like him or putin they're all frightened by these days from belo rules and they might think that this same can happen in russia in the aftermath of any elections and you know within their heaven i think i'm in the elections on their 13th of september and alex in a highly is very active and he introduced his role in tactics of smart loot it's called in russia and it's proved to be very effective last year and i don't think that russian people are going to be discouraged because we as we descend growing discontent with the porter says of the russian government and especially growing discontent was the fact that putin is going to be in office full life as here earlier this year change the constitution and now it for me is him to stay
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full life insights into alexei navalny is alleged poisoning there from john and i'm sorry for his father rather russian opposition leader boris nemtsov was assassinated in moscow in 2015. well a bit of a different change of pace now in the german city of lab seek music fans have done something that didn't used to be used by the adult i went to a concert but this was not very ordinary so it was a scientific experiment the 1st of its kind in the world to test if lodge indoor events can be held safely during the pandemic concert promoters and live music fans everywhere right eager to see the results he wus scott waalkes for it was there to see for himself. it's like a blast from a not so distant past 1500 people packed together in an indoor arena in life sick for a concert of german singer songwriter tim band scope the fans here are volunteers part of restart 19 a study to see if and how big events can be held safely in the era of coke at 19.
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that's right most of mine chris is hungry maybe you have concert going is my hobby i go to 2030 concerts a year and now that it's not possible because of corona i want to support the study help find out how we can still hold concerts and kind of hunting out the. safety measures including a negative corona test in a thermal scan were needed to get inside. everyone taking part in this experiment even the press have been given these medical grade face masks and been ordered to come on at all times we've also been given bottles of disinfectant which we used to clean our hands as often as possible. contact tracers worn around the neck tracked the distance between concert goers to identify where in the area fans group too closely together. it doesn't sound very rock'n'roll but the one pop star present was satisfied with the
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results. of this summer we had to endure drive in concerts so for us this feels like the 1st step towards normality confuted also should to be to no money to deceive you to restart $19.00. it is not a perfect experiment wearing masks at a concert and keeping social distance are not real world conditions. i see such as to show that this is the 1st step you can either say we have no data or you can say we have done at that doesn't quite correspond to everyday life but get you have to weigh their time and going half way is better than not going forward at all. singer tim pence go and the scientists carrying out this experiment don't think it's the answer to all or corona problems but the results of this study expected in about 6
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to 8 weeks could make it possible to hold concerts why sports and other big public events again and to do so safely. and scope was there and leipsic he joins me now hi this god i imagine it was probably really nice to see some live music again after a while so many months but you know we saw people in mosques they were having to sit down dee dee feel like a real concert yeah i think the 1st thing i noticed was selling pot when i walked in i smelled disinfectant that's a big jump for a values the experience of. a yeah i mean it's very different obviously and it does have a sort of a bit more still a sterile environment but i have to say i'm not a huge fan to bed scope and to put on a show and when the lights go down and people start dancing clapping around you you do have to feel like oh this is almost like how it used to be but still not quite not quite normal and we have to give you mine this was a scientific experiment who paid for it. it's
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a very big scientific experiment actually cost a 1000000 euros to put this on for the day and the cost is split between the 2 governments of saxony were leipzig is located in its neighboring state in eastern germany and basically the. putting up all this money because they want to have some sort of database that they can use to basically help out the events industries in their states to help all these thousands of people who are out of work who can't go back to or who be setting up concerts like this and they want to give them some sort of scientific basis to say we can develop a plan that will allow you to be safe but allowed to put on these type of vents again and as you say these industries have taken just a massive heat in this pandemic when what are they trying to get from the dacha and when can we expect to see any results will fairly soon for such a large experiment i mean they said they're conscious of like 4 tetra bytes of data which i don't even know how big that huge but they expect in 4 to 6 weeks of the 1st data. analyze the data sets with they can say something about what the study
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took place on saturday and basically what they want to do is they want to identify where the risks are because at the moment people don't really know they don't know what hotspots what are the hot spots was the dangerous areas were in an event like like a big concert or a big sporting event and so with this basically creating with the data that gap in people with all their tracers they're going to create mathematical models that they are going to use to show to say ok if you take this type of approach if you have say 2 entrances never in crams in where the danger zones how how dangerous is it if you have 8 entrances and you do maybe a different model modeling or have different types of hygenic controls how safe is that and with these models they hope to be able to go to the politicians and say look we can do it this way and this is safe enough and then maybe we can have these type of events again super interesting scott writes for the culture thank you.
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and that's your news update at this hour i'll be back next hour with. thanks for watching. because in germany to learn german in the. why not learn with him. course. carefully.


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