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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2020 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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come. on respect. this is. from berlin tonight russia's top kremlin critic. german doctors say he was poisoned the german chancellor and the e.u. are calling for an investigation doctors treating the ball here in berlin say test results point to a toxin affecting his nervous system. is now under 24 hour police protection will russia hold anyone accountable also coming up president donald trump makes
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a surprise appearance on day one of the republican national convention as delegates formally back used for a 2nd term in office and the man who led byron munich into the trouble of major titles this season kanzi flick turk over as. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel is calling 'd on russia to investigate the poisoning of russian opposition leader alexina volney of all knee is being treated here in berlin at the charedi hospital today doctors said that tests showed traces of a group of substances called. inhibitors in the volney system no specific compound has yet been identified the body is currently in intensive care in. a
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medically induced coma his condition is said to be serious but no longer life threatening. or let's go now the d.w. political correspondent emanuel shot she has the latest sports good evening to you and most of the german chancellor she reacted quickly to the hospitals confirmation that this indeed was a poison. yes i go america reacted quickly and strongly she say that those responsible in the fall in this case must be identified and have accountable and to get away as foreign minister high commodity she called on moscow to fairly and you know transparent manner investigate a suspected poisoning all the ticks say and the volley because of his status as a a political dissidents do use diplomatic cif as just i thought i also called on the russian all currencies to provide an investigation and then a transparent investigation on the case so very strong statements tonight from the government and from the european union in light of what appears to be the poisoning
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of i say now you know that's the political part of this what about the medical what else are the doctors saying. well i say enough on the it probably was intoxicated by a substance on the nest to raise inhibitor group but the exact substance itself hasn't been identified yet this is a subset you usually find drags in pesticides but the nerve agents on the brains a newer transmitters and the tests have been gone several times they've been done in separate laboratories so as to establish a diagnoses and the hospital indicated even though they said of on these a health condition was pretty serious all the time there is no there's no acute denture he's alive and he's being treated with an antidote which is called pain and there's no visibility though on the possible after effects of the suspected poisoning and what about rush or as a reaction coming from. there has been
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a reaction from russian the house officials they say definite on the tested negative for nestor as inhibitors when he was hospitalized in august and it hasn't been a political reaction so far but on the german side and balinese very much aware that the german capital isn't a safe place for dissidents to the russian every scene actually a geragos on august 23rd 2019 a former georgian chechen military commander was murdered by an alleged russian intelligence officer here in berlin in broad daylight and abetting accuse moscow to not cooperate with the investigation and as a result expose to russian diplomats and moscow retaliated by expelling to jenin one so also the german authorities at the time moved the alleged killer there for fear does a russian intelligence might try to kill him even within a german prison so this goes on to show how very little trust there is between the 2 countries at the moment and. sorry alex
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a they suspected poisoning so if i may comes with a lot of tension between the 2 countries at the moment yeah it's easy to understand why there are so many suspicions here in berlin tonight our political correspondent michael shannon's with the latest here in berlin and i thank you and here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world police have arrested several activists they say are responsible for government protests in factory strikes it's part of a widening government crackdown on the opposition in the aftermath of president because she goes disputed election victory earlier this month on sunday tens of thousands of people meant to protest the result which they say was rigged. after 3 days of talks the west african mediators have failed to strike a deal with mali's military coup leaders for the formation of a transitional government regional leaders have been pressing for a quick return to civilian rule following president because keith has als during
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last week both sides say that no longer wishes to rule rescuers in india are racing to save people from the wreckage of a building collapse south of moon by dozens of people were trapped when the structure came down following heavy monsoon rains authorities say at least 28 people have been pulled from the rubble protesters were out on the streets in the u.s. city of collusion was constant late on sunday after police shot a black man in the back seriously injuring him it's the latest in a series of protests against police brutality and racism sparked by the killing of george floyd back in may but that would say the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave the. us republicans have formally backed donald trump's bid for a 2nd term as u.s. presidents trump secured the nomination in a roll call vote as republicans began their national convention in charlotte north carolina the convention is being held in person though this year's event has been
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scaled back because of the coded 1000 pandemic last week's democratic convention was almost entirely virtual because of fears of spreading the coronavirus. after clinching the nomination the president defended his handling of the pandemic and said his administration had encouraged the lockdowns at the right time. we did the exact right thing we shut it down then we reopened and that's what we're doing now we're well into it but. if we didn't shut it down at that point we would have had millions of people dead the job that mike pence and the task force and all of us together have done has been incredible what we've done what we've achieved more than 170000 americans have died from 900 so far let's take the story now to our washington bureau chief in this poll in this good
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evening to you the formal nomination itself that was no surprise but it was brought forward time wise why right brain it's really unprecedented that a president or a candidate really delivers a speech before the exceptions speech which normally takes place the very last day you don't trump obviously is really missing crowd so he took this opportunity to get cheered on and off to all get the media attention he wants so what did he say when he accepted the nomination. and it was really weird speed so there was hardly any substance beside it spreading fear and chaos let's have a look. oh our 7 you know if you want to really drive him crazy you say 12 more years 1.
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we caught them doing some really bad things in 2016 let's see what happens we caught him doing some really bad things we have to be very careful because they're trying it again with this whole 80000000 mail in ballots that they're working on. in his what is he accusing the democrats of here. well basically you know he says if he loses these elections it's the fault of the democrats because they promote mail in wilding and absentee voting because of the pen demick obviously that's his main take they he accuses the democrats to be willing to steal these elections so that's why we're starting the convention what can we expect over the next 4 days. there's also a very young president. he will donald trump the president donald trump will appear every single night and deliver
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a speech and then he will supported be supported by his family members his wife feels big his 2 sons will speak his 2 daughters will speak one thing i think it's worth looking out for is for him the key haley because some experts say that she will run in 2024 as president regardless of this outcome of this year's election that's right she's the former u.s. ambassador to the you've been in she's supposed to speak this monday night we'll be listening for that in this poll in washington is as always thank you hurricane marco and tropical storm laura have torn through the caribbean and the gulf of mexico leaving massive destruction in their wake at least 11 people have died in the dominican republic and haiti both storms are expected to hit the u.s. gulf coast this week. storm laura has already left a deadly mark on the dominican republic in its wake flooding that's left homes
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inundated and up to a 1000000 people without power. residents have been trying to salvage whatever they can. in neighboring haiti torrents of flood water gushed through the streets in a similar picture of despair. most people here on safe this town is destroyed as you can see look at the people walking by the house is a condemned there are dead people traders have lost their goods it was. after gnashing southern cuba storm laura is now heading towards the u.s. gulf coast and puerto rico in tandem with another potentially deadly storm system marco. u.s. president donald trump says emergency services are in place this is so water and
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president that the scope of the storms and also the fact that they come so quickly after one another both storms have the potential of gathering strength before they make landfall and could cause significant damage so we're going to get basically a right hook from marco and then a left hook from 4 more. storm surges of up to 2 meters high and predicted for coastal areas in louisiana and mississippi. residents are doing all they can to prepare for the double punch heading their way in the coming hours. our sports news now european football's newly crowned champions buy in munich are back in the bavarian capital after an historic night in lisbon the red carpet was rolled out for the players who beat paris unction mon in the champions league final they arrived with european football's greatest prize the champions league trophy a small number of fans were on hand to greet them later when their buses arrived at
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allianz arena because of the pandemic there was no official theory for the team. looking through the famous names of the byron side who beat p.s.g. it's possible to overlook the man who took over the reins of a club in crisis just last november byron management introduced hansei flick as the interim coach but 9 months and 3 trophies later this caretaker has become a fully fledged byron legend. i it was once said by immune it could win the bundesliga trophy playing with their hands in their pockets. but after a humiliation in november last year the bavarians set forth in the table and were forced to sack then coach nico cove and hunt for a savior to their season they didn't look far and in fact promoted then assistant coach kanzi flick on an interim basis that once is on for what's important for us
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now is to look ahead is what happened we have to see to it that we start acting on the pitch often plots it's a key and as the buy in head honchos went looking for a big name flick focused on getting the best out of his team. days of searching turned to weeks management noticed that flick and his newly motivated charges were still winning and he was soon given the job on a permanent basis take the football world by storm. the german cup in the bag. 6 as well as their 8th straight one just league title click at 1st revived then refined a winning machine of epic proportions sunday's victory over party sanjit man has completed flix journey from bahrain replacement to buy and legend. you're watching news live from berlin stephen beardsley is up next with business stick around we'll be right back.
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if we do this to try. to see. the footsteps. we've seen in. the fleet street. want to. kill mary matalin.


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