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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2020 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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4. doctors here in berlin today said what doctors in russia would not it was poison test results for alexy novolin the the most outspoken crimean critic showed that he was poisoned and with that the medical quickly becomes political german chancellor angela merkel calling on russian president vladimir putin to investigate the message tonight from moscow we are not involved i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. greece few relief to hear that saturday morning in berlin sounding no one's to focus only on the medical case and nothing else since there's a very serious suspicion of a poison attack this must be clarified we full transparency to the last detail that
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was going. to be with the people in plain clothes working in your hospital i can't say who they were. there was no pressure on us or told you of course everyone wanted to know what happened. to many facts are still missing in the felony case medical facts and probably also criminological facts turned over sure one is obvious that something terrible happens obviously this is an attack on islam. also coming up last year he was the killer in new zealand's deadliest mass shooting he's now facing life in prison today he came face to face with the families of his victims and you thought you can't break. your faith is that we became more determined to try to. and i want.
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you to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with russia's poisoned politician alexina volumnia is russia's leading opposition figure the loudest critic of the kremlin and we know that he was being watched by the russian secret service last thursday when he suddenly became severely ill the siberian doctors treating him say they saved his life but they didn't say from poison on saturday of all he still in a coma was medivac from russia to germany today his doctors here in berlin said diagnostic tests made clear no volley was fords and now in a statement released by berlin's shariat a hospital doctors say that of all the remains in a medically induced coma in serious condition but that his life is no longer in danger doctors have confirmed that clinical findings indicate poisoning most troubling friend of all his wife and family his prognosis remains unclear the
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possibility of long term effects particularly those affecting the nervous system cannot be excluded. but. she's covering this story for us tonight she is also here in berlin good evening to you the german chancellor issuing a statement immediately after the hospital confirmed the poisoning diagnosis what did uncle americal say. well i'm glad marco had a very swift and a very strong statement to make she say that those rest of all these cases must be identified and have the countable afforded presumed poisonings she called together was foreign minister hike a moslem moscow to foodie and you know transparent man are investigated suspected poisoning of alexei and of on the because of his status as a politico dissident also used diplomatic chief just at burra say he called for the russian military teams to investigate the case very closely so pretty strong
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statements coming tonight from germany and also from europe we learned today that of all the years now under 24 hour police protection here in berlin if he was poisoned once is there reason to believe that someone could try again to hurt him. well there's a number of reasons for doubt there's a history of crime enough ponens being killed both in russia and abroad so these being protected here in germany he has been before he has a he was escorted by police on his way to the hospital here in bed then he's got it there as well and this afternoon more police officers came by the charity hospital where he's being taken care off to german government knows that better than even necessarily a safe place for politico this it and to the kremlin last year in august 2019 a former georgian chechen military commando was murdered in broad daylight here in belize in by an alleged russian intelligence officer which obviously increases the
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diplomatic tension between bad and moscow. today the german chancellor she called on last to investigate. being able to get the your. people callers the whisperers is that true. well in that case the clothes are pretty much off as i get america very publicly demanded answers from russia one should never forget that both that to me putin and i got america leading the d.d.r. to former east germany with america going up there and letting me have 13 being an undercover k.g.b. agent into his then india eighty's going to america won prizes usko for hamas or being of the russian language so they do know each other how each other functions very well and so germany has economy ties with russia but diplomatically we've seen an increase of tensions between the 2 leaders between the 2 countries. was the opposite views of russia and germany on belarus and now is
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a suspected poisoning of alexei nevada in the. you know we've got mr vali being treated in a german hospital he was flown out of russia his life was in danger at the time the optics of this germany saving a russian man's life from poisoning when russian doctors won't even agree that he was poisoned the optics are bad for russia and for russian president putin. well there's been a reaction from russian officials who say that an of on the how tested negative folk. inhibitors when he was hospitalized in almost the hasn't been a political reaction so of course it doesn't have good for russia but at the same time we've been here before and nothing but it changed. was murdered in 2006 putting is created by men and then soft was shot dead in 2015 and then last year we saw the ballot in america so tensions are just a committed ating and mounting between germany and russia over. russia's handling
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of this this is a yeah i mean it's so much of this sounds chillingly the milieu you have used on the story for us here in berlin emma thank you our let's take this story now to to run to i want to speak to dr david your link he's a clinical pharmacologist and toxicologist a specialist in poisonous substances doctors good to have you on the day i 1st want to discuss this poison doctors say that they detected colon extra rays inhibitors in like scene of all these systems so what what do you know what does cola next to raise do and what happens when its production is curtailed. so you think of the brain and nervous system as a series of billions and billions of of tiny little wires that communicate with each other nerves talk to other nerves and muscles or tissues by releasing chemicals and one of those chemicals is called. what nerve agents do is they block
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the normal breakdown and so when someone's exposed to this they are literally swamped with this chemical chemical we all got in our bodies right now but we just end up with enormous amounts of it and that's gotta sort of telltale clinical picture people who are poisoned with these things will begin to sound of age and sweat and develop abdominal cramping and diarrhea muscles will secure late they can have seizures end up in a coma and and often die or perspiring. and i assume as worrying vent for mr valma and his family tonight is that doctors are not sure what the long term effects could be from this boy's. well the they can have long term effects on nerve and muscle tissue one of the more concerning phenomena would be if someone was poisoned with this in their oxygen level was very low because the lungs were who probably the person was breathing well the concern there would be the brain might
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be deprived of oxygen and. you know might not recover so you know i don't have the details history of all these critical status but that would be a concern i would have and we understand that mr wagner he's been given an antidote the same and he did that was given to the script and father and daughter who were attacked 2 years ago in england with snuffy joe nerve agent. a chemical weapon i mean are we talking about here are some some type of poison that is similar to him can we deduce that. it sounds like it's from the same family i mean not a truck is actually more than 100 different chemicals there are literally thousands of different nerve agents you know some of these are used as pesticides but they are sometimes used for poisoning those the ones in the u.k. a few years ago the treatment of this is actually you know other than supportive
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care and helping someone you know breathe with a breathing machine is giving them the antidote and the antidote here is often needed in very very large quantities because of the sheer enormity of the amount of coal in the person that. and if we're talking about maybe that the same family of you know egypt here i assume that about a substance that is not easy to come by when we were talking about snow egypt we were talking about that only state actors governments and militaries have ak access to which should we assume the same for the substance that was used to poison mr nirvana. i mean based on what we know so far. these is the there are thousands of chemicals in this in this class some of them you can get quite freely but the ones that are used for poisoning in malicious cases like this there are typically doesn't take much at all these are minuscule amounts in
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the kid tax. to the skin so the sorts of compounds in this class that might be used poison somebody would normally be very very difficult. connections as being a connection you know which we know there are lots of them in russia the doctors the physicians in russia in siberia they say that they found the traces of a poison in 48 hours later the german doctors here in berlin they confirmed that there were traces of the poison is it possible that the toxin was not detectable at 1st and then 48 hours later became detectable. i suspect the detection capabilities in germany are greater than those in siberia and so you would normally look for a depressed level of this enzyme in the body these drugs as i mentioned to interfere with this ends and it breaks down to the chemicals that are calling and you can detect low levels of the enzyme for often very long periods of time not
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every hospital can do that i'm sure they can do it in i don't know if they can do it in syria my suspicion is not it's also i suppose conceivable that you could actually detect the chemical itself and that be more sophisticated testing that i think could be again normally the sort of thing that a military operation might do so i would be very much inclined to believe the german doctors and be suspicious that the russian testing was not valid or not reported accurately ok dr david yearly joining us tonight from toronto dr we appreciate your time and your valuable insights in this story thank you thank you. for the protests are not stopping. 3 leading opposition activists were arrested monday following another day of demonstrations calling for president alexander lukashenko to resign tens of thousands of people protested sunday in the capital
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minutes they accuse look of rigging the presidential election 2 weeks ago the authoritarian leader has responded defiantly threatening further crackdown. training and scouting ready for battle this military exercise in west on the roof is a show of strength while autocratic leader alex on the struggle to contain the ongoing dissent here close to the border of poland and lithuania the military appears to be preparing for a missile attack the footage was distributed by the defense ministry news websites have been blocked and a general strike that also affected state media is still under way what has happened in lithuania where the belarus you know opposition leader. skya has taken refuge could also be considered a show of strength but a peaceful one on monday she met with a number 2 u.s. diplomat deputy secretary of state stephen begun begins trip to lithuania signals a greater u.s. involvement in trying to settle the situation. down i think you actually
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see dollars selections we call well here's the really there's only. united states cannot decide. to develop. that. it's not just the u.s. germany's foreign minister on a trip to kiev if called on president look as sankoh to face reality and acknowledge the opinions of the belarussian people if you know it's not look good we're using all the avenues we have to bring about a dialogue process including through russia for instance with angle americans phone calls last week with president putin 2nd and my own with my counterpart sergei lavrov. that's one to unite fluence that russia has on mr integration go to make it clear to him that there's no getting around this dialogue shuffleboard
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called. during sunday's protests at least 2 prominent opposition leaders were arrested so far of the thousands of people on the streets of bellows. not spent hurt. the gunman who shot dead 51 people in 2 mosques in new zealand has come face to face with the families of his victims on monday inside a christ church court some of the bereaved and injured described the horrors that they experienced their gripping accounts were given in the presence of the gunman briton tyrant jared is scheduled to be sentenced later this week and will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance of parole. brought in bound hand and foot by shackles terence offered a stern defiant look and heard muslim prayers well that the 7 men are you know pretty low fees i've been in let me i'm wiped out the message in court from mothers
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daughters fathers and sons of terence victims you caused us pain but you white supremacist last year and you thought you can't break us you failed miserably we became more determined to want piteously out and i want to be loved ones i want to yours. my son solomon's son was gunned down with 50 others in march of last year brenton terrence drove to a mosque and started shooting then moved on to another muslim house of worship to continue his rampage families indeed the entire nation mourned the murderous acts of a 29 year old australian man who prosecutors say planned every move for maximum carnage what i can say you said it is clear that this is one of new zealand's dock assist days new zealanders today as then offered support for the families of the muslim victims often using the indigenous maori phrase here come up be strong you know
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can't haha do you think. are all. white and so long as i'm on a side hopefully justice just know that we will be sporting you know from the sidelines. back in court prayers for the victims and also for the perpetrator great sorrow and defiance. no words can describe what my biggest. fear is it's only going to. go well just broken because. we have become more united. on terror and faces life sentences for the murder and terrorism charges and the judge has the power to imprison him for the killings without the possibility of parole.
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reporter miles tweedy is in new zealand earlier he described one exchange in the courtroom between the mother of a victim and the white supremacists shoot. but there was one moment where the mother of one man who was killed by the government she directed her attention to them directly and spoke to him directly and she said she forgave him for killing his son and she said she had no height or desire for revenge now terence apparently reported the noted in response and then blinked heavily and then wiped his eyes following the exchange the gunman dismissed his legal counsel earlier this year and he's chosen to represent himself which has. led many to speculate that he may try some point to try and grandstand or saying some kind of message out to who knows what. now authorities are taking steps to try and. avoid death or to prevent that
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from happening. limited the number of journalists and the courtroom allow them a quarter to 10 and they're only allowed to report twice a day once at lunch time and i want to let on of the day. but there is definitely no absolute way of preventing him from signing that's saying something so i. just have to see what happens in the coming days. well you know suggests that iran is suffering the middle east biggest deadliest outbreak of the coronavirus with almost 360000 cases more than 20000 deaths the government says the outbreak is under control of that the economy has not been hit as hard as in other places but critics say the authorities are not telling the truth. after every customer i meet disinfects his
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taxi inside and out otherwise nobody will get in and neither will he business is very bad today i'm a good driver surround to run all day finally a good assignment for him i went through the for the by also have a few customers who no longer leave the house because of coronavirus i go to the bank for them or go shopping in the supermarket. but i still only earn half as much as before the corona crisis. our 1st stop is the grand bazaar here you will understand why the numbers are going up again sesame. at the entrance he warns us to go no further. i don't go in here it's very narrow and there it's covered and it's way too crowded the risk of getting infected is too high you can see for yourself. most people here where mosques but hardly anyone observes social distancing rules. we have an appointment with dr an e.c.m.
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and immunologist and then devise it to the national coronavirus committee in just 6 days he built a covert 19 emergency clinic a 2nd wave is rolling through iran the government is reporting more than 2000 new infections a day but anniston doubts the figures are accurate it's not any scale to calculate . exactly but in my opinion 2000000 is real. statistics. around 300 patients are cared for every day in this clinic one in 10 is positive. they are put into quarantine or referred to hospitals 2 weeks ago medi tested positive for curve it 19 today he's come to pick up the results of the follow up test. he said i'm no longer at
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risk myself but i can infect others i'm supposed to stay in quarantine for another 5 days the situation has gotten really intense a few days ago there was nothing going on here and today it's really full. out driver ham meat is scared is skeptical about the government not taking tough and measures against the outbreak. and force a strict quarantine we would need enough money but we simply don't have that the government would have to support the population financially so that we can meet our daily needs partly it's not able to do that. in the evening or how meat products is taxi in front of his house his 11 year old daughter is only allowed out with a face mask his wife hardly ever goes outside. normally i'd invite you in the team to come up to my apartment because of coronavirus and my wife is very particular about safety we'd better stay outside. i mean it's parents
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live around the corner he hasn't visited them in months a friendly way from below or a few words exchanged at the window. of the world war or my mother had cancer i watch out for her safety and often argue with my sister i tell her not to visit our parents but she still sometimes goes to help them someone has to do it. it's a struggle for survival that is tearing the country and its people apart. well european football's newly crowned champions of munich have arrived back in the capital after an historic night in lisbon the red carpet was rolled out for the players who beat paris on german in the champions league final thanks to a single 2nd half goal because of the pandemic no official parade to welcome the team back to munich as planned but its fans may well be making their own play is.
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now looking through the famous names of the by side who beat p.s.g. it's possible to overlook the man who took over the reins of a club in crisis just last november byron management introduced a flick as the interim coach but 9 months and 3 trophies later the caretaker has become a fully fledged by legend. i it was once said by immune it could win the bundesliga trophy playing with their hands in their pockets. but after a humiliation in november last year the bavarian set forth in the table and were forced to sack then coach nico cove and hunt for a savior to their season they didn't look far and in fact promoted then assistant coach flick on an interim basis the ones on for what's important for us now is to
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look ahead what happened we have to see to it that we start acting on the pitch often plots akiane as the byron head honchos went looking for up big name flick focused on getting the best out of his team. days of searching turned to weeks management noticed that slick and his newly motivated charges were still winning and he was soon given the job on a permanent basis. biron were back moving in the right direction but few would have foreseen that the unassuming man from hyderabad was about to unleash a run of form that would take the football world by storm. the german cup in the bag. 6 as well as their 8 straight just league title flick at 1st revived then refine a winning machine of epic proportions sunday's victory of a party sanjay has completed flicks journey from byron replacement to buy and legend. we'll see you tomorrow.
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because. alison james song should do much. what makes more good live and also be so consistent. and who can use their heads when the time is right. into dreams and other secrets in a strictly scientific manner of course. and share our answers with you.
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returning trust to traumatized children germany 945. thousands were alone and homeless. the allies offered them refuge in marketing indows dos monastery. survivors recall their experiences. the children of mine to destroy. 35 minutes on d. w. . we know that this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives
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so please take care of yourself keep good distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we deal with you for here for we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on over platforms and we're all in this to be done together and we're making sure it. stays saved everybody stacy is very safe stay safe the priest used to say.
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the science of the gold is there any such thing as 100 percent scoring chance what's the secret of the supremes.


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