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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2020 3:02pm-3:30pm CEST

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was brought to berlin charity hospital on saturday after falling ill in siberia ramping up security at the sheraton hospital in berlin alexina valley is being treated here for what his supporters say was a case of poisoning. confirmed that doctors treating putin's most prominent critics say he probably was poisoned. it's said clinical findings indicate poisoning with a substance from the group of color noster is inhibitors it's not clear exactly what the substance was some call in australia's inhibitors a used as a treatment for alzheimer's disease but chemicals from the group can also be used as a nerve agent chancellor angela merkel and foreign minister heiko mosse are demanding an investigation in view of mist in the valleys prominent role in the political opposition in russia the authorities there are now urgently called upon to investigate this act fairly and to do so with full transparency alexina on the is
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not the 1st russian critic of the kremlin to be poisoned the former spy alexander litvinenko died in 2006 after he drank poisoned tea before her assassination journalist anna politkovskaya said she had survived an attempt to poison her and the opposition politician boris and then soft was gunned down in 2015 and now this suspected attack for politician norbert wrote ken it's clear who's behind it these are this latest attempted murder and the threats and intimidation against anyone linked to the opposition has once again revealed the true face of the regime and in particular vladimir putin could start. doctors say alexina vell nice condition is serious but not life threatening. for more on this story john rocker's spondon emily sherman emily the kremlin has not reacted to the statements of the chancellor of the search takes any demanding and investigations
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investigation what did the kremlin say well we heard from the kremlin spokesperson that me through his cough and he said that doctors had been a bit hasty because they actually haven't identified what substance may have been used against another viney or was found in his body at all in fact it's just a group of substances that had been found it's worth pointing out of course that that group of substances includes dangerous nerve agents and initially the kremlin had said that if it was found that he had been poisoned that an investigation would be absolutely necessary now today we heard that it's much too early to open an investigation because all we know about these health at the moment is that he's in a coma and we don't know what substance may have been used against him if any at all according to the kremlin or the president of course denies any involvement but given the history that we've heard in our report how credible is.
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well of course we absolutely don't know who's behind this alleged poisoning if it is one and we know that now viney had a lot of enemies including in high up places he's known for his anti corruption investigations and media there have been media reports that in siberia he may have been carrying out an anti corruption investigation into local politicians there from the ruling united russia party his team haven't confirmed that yet but it does seem likely and when it comes to kremlin involvement we may never find out it's important i think to point out that. when people talk about putin's involvement there are there it's a system that has been created it's not necessarily personal involvement by the kremlin there have been much discussed articles in russian media about how much.
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viney had been followed in siberia by security forces who apparently knew everything from what he was eating to where he was staying how many rooms his team had rented when he ordered sushi and so on considering that level of surveillance that he seems to have been under it does seem unlikely that the author already is wouldn't have known about a potential poisoning but we obviously don't know and are unlikely to find out whether the kremlin or authorities are behind this as we've heard many a position this is uncritical journalists have been poised targeted in some other way inside and outside of russia what do ordinary russians say julius. well this has been a big story here particularly of course in off the zisha media with people kind of discussing it after all nobody has supporters and offices across the country he's
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called in the past for office dition protests as well and his anti corruption videos on you tube some of them have had millions of hits including for example his investigation into former president and prime minister. but i think the vast majority of russians probably think that if he was meddling and investigating such such high up people such high up politicians then this is surprising do you know because moscow correspondent emily serve and thank you emily. for a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world officials in afghanistan say at least 12 people died and scores were injured in a wave of attacks across the country violence including a truck bombing started at the base or afghan forces in northern province the taliban of transportability. facebook has blocked access to
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a group that is critical of thailand's molecule of the thai government threaten the company with legal action it comes as pro-democracy rallies are spreading across thailand the bloc group has a 1000000 members it's found that she's face book of cooperating with the regime to obstruct democracy in. the gaza strip and to do a full lockdown for the 1st time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic comes a day after the 1st cases of community transmission were detected health authorities are concerned about the ability to cope with an outbreak in the poor and densely populated territories. america's summer of racial reckoning is intensifying with more in wisconsin over the shooting of a black man by police officers protesters in the city of clash with police and threw bottles of fun. refused to disperse despite the curfew the city has become the latest flashpoint for outrage over racial injustice. began after officers shot
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29 year old jacob blake several times in the back on sunday bystanders filmed the shooting on their cell phones like survived but is seriously wounded in hospital. i. don't do it on lookers you know. 7 shots are fired. because a hole in blair's under body weighs. 29 year old jacob blake was trying to stop a neighborhood dispute according to his family's lawyer you know his young children were in the vehicle his fiance witnessed the shooting it was 2 male officers and one female and the 2 male officers instantly like detained i'm like you know put your hands about like no questions or none of it and i'm just trying to simply get the keys out the car my wait a minute like he didn't do not the wrong like you know just answering questions 1st
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before you pin this man up against the cover and not even say no no my furthermore the kids in the car they didn't even know the kids was in a car. blake survived and remains in a serious condition in hospital several police officers have been placed on administrative leave a state investigation is under way. and will be clear this was not an accident this was a bad police work this felt like some sort of been dead or being taken now on a member of our community. protests erupted on sunday night in the town of can no show wisconsin vehicles were set ablaze windows smashed. outrage grew on monday demonstrators once more having to insist that black lives matter. it always comes back to this heads up don't shoot that's what we do heads up don't shoot but doesn't matter no because it doesn't get there. we
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still we still get. the. demonstrations have spread to other cities jacob breaks name is now added to the long list of victims of police violence in america. has been reporting on the unrest and throughout the night he sent us this the situation. this is the 2nd night of protest of unrest in can also wisconsin and as you see here those law enforcement officers should local sheriffs but also national guard are protecting the courthouse in the middle of kenosha now during the course of the night there were several fires several cars were put on fires but also now several buildings and it was a really really busy night for the fire department here so far and no real clashes between protesters who are now still around and law enforcement and speaking of law
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enforcement we have seen some law enforcement troops or officers who were all dressed in black and head knowing see no identification no name takes nothing and it is probably fair to assume that also federal law enforcement is seeing kenosha to try to control this situation or get a handle on it the curfew which was imposed by the county earlier tonight did have no effect as you can clearly see there still protesters now out in about in the middle of the night here and can osha local time protesters are very very upset very very angry they are asking the question what has changed in america in the last 3 months since the murder of george florida in minneapolis what has changed they think not so much and only this can be an explanation for what we have seen in this video where police officer in can osha shoots of like the f african-american and black man with 7 shots in the back. it was staying in
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the u.s. where republicans have formally nominated donald trump as their confidence in the presidential election will face the democrats kind of the joe biden trump secured the nomination on the 1st day of the republican national convention in charlotte north carolina in a speech the president accused his opponents of trying to rig the election this election years the battle for the soul of america america it's all on the line and what the republican national convention marks and numbers it's certainly making up for in passion. your destiny ladies and gentlemen. is inside as our freedom and liberty and the american dream. is yet. in a scaled back event donald trump junior partner was among the key speakers on the opening night. land of promise. of the sun himself went on the attack you're trying
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democratic candidates joe biden as a puppet of the radical left whose agenda would mean the end of the law and order. people of faith are under attack you're not allowed to go to church but mass chaos in the streets gets a pass. it's almost like this election is shaping up to be church work and school versus writing looting and there was something america such a great country a narrative also picked up by the missouri couple who went viral when they were films pointing their guns at black lives matter protesters you were watching from quite neighbors so make no mistake no matter where you live your family will not be safe and the radical democrats america. donald trump made an unscheduled appearance at the convention center in charlotte after he formally won the nomination to buy for a 2nd term. trump repeated his unsubstantiated claim that the democrats would steal
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the election got him doing some really bad things we have to be very careful because they're trying it again with this whole 80000000 mail in ballots that they're working on and the only way they can take this election away from us is if this is a rigged election we're going to win this election right. thank you for a 4 day convention gives the republicans a chance to reassure the american public his concern has grown over the handling of the covert crisis and racial injustice. donald trump is expected to use every one of those days to prove he's ready for a fight. will include. joins me this too for some analysis. almost 180000 americans have died the coronavirus pandemic black lab spent approaches rocking the country is it is team are they trying to turn that
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into an advantage somehow of course they're going to have to try donald trump for being an incumbent president all the advantages that come with being the incumbent president for being in a good position to win re-election is nonetheless in a very difficult spot i mean none of the polls are in his direction not only is his approval rating only in the low forty's biden is up in most polls both nationally and states anyone $7.00 to $10.00 points americans only 23 percent of americans say in a recent a.p. poll that the country is going in the right direction and less than 40 percent of americans say that the trump administration has been handling the coronavirus pandemic in a good way let's not forget the top of black lives matter and the coronavirus is also historic economic crisis so what we saw yesterday and what we're going to be seeing over the course this campaign is either distracting from these issues or trying to find a way to make it look like donald trump has actually been on top of these issues we already saw testimonials from people regarding the growing of virus saying that
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trump has done a good job we've seen donald trump in a more empathetic a listening position where we saw him meeting with people hearing their stories last night in the opening of the of the convention and as it comes to what's going on now restock because of what happened in kosher this yet another black man being shot it's going to be come down between social injustice which is what the democrats are really me pushing versus a law and order what's the what the trump campaign is going to be pushing and wherever you see yourself is probably where you're going to be siding talk about the democrats if you compare the tone of this going to the convention it's only day one of us compared to the democratic women. last week what's the difference i actually find a very interesting how similar they are both are walking is very fine line of darkness and light to use joe biden's terminology at last week both are trying to paint an optimistic picture of course you vote for me whether it's all trump whether it's joe biden and a very very dark picture if you don't the democrats trying to say america is
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a great country american do so much better but america will not be the country you know anymore if donald trump wins america cannot handle or withstand another 4 years of donald trump and the child administration trying to say the exact same thing so much is great we made america great again before the coronavirus we had the greatest economy job growth especially among minorities ever let's go back to that it's very difficult to walk that line remember donald trump started his his presidency with american carnage that is a very dark place to start and the other thing the trump ministration wants to do is try to paint the biden campaign and democrats as calling america racist calling individuals racist nobody wants to think that they're racist don't want to think they're voting for someone who's racist so donald trump by saying this is nonsense might make people who are skeptical about that more comfortable in voting for donald trump donald trump usually thrives on these become ventures with lots and lots of support is cheering him on this is of different type of conventions it's
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very virtual how's he doing with that belief if you he's also a t.v. man and this is a t.v. event so we already saw some of those pictures very slick pictures very slick background very slick production values so while donald trump does thrive on that live experience the t.v.'s thanks very good as well and remember this kind of vent virtual pre-planned means it's much more controlled he stays on script less chance of him saying something that might get him into trouble. from the peep from from voters with a new quote thank you very much for this analysis. you are saying he knew still to come to migrants whose lives turned out to be very different as part of a new serious look in the fallout from europe's migration crisis 5 years ago we meet 2 men who came to germany full of. the 1st to india where at least 2 people died and many more were injured when an apartment block collapsed and my heart that's south of mumbai some 60 people have been pulled from the wreckage of
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a 5 story building but dozens are believed to be still trapped it's not clear what caused the collapse. can you hear me a rescue worker beckons for survivors to answer his call. under the glare of floodlights for signs of life amid the mountain of rubble one eyewitness said the building shook before it disintegrated. but people of a minute though. i live on the 5th floor i went home and had hardly been there for 10 minutes when my daughter came into the bedroom and she said papa the building is shaking. because now what everything you read again. officials fear a dozen people could still be trapped national disaster response teams are now on the scene. in total subtlety and you'd have already been discharged go through a critically injured had been moved to a hospital in mumbai for better care. come morning crew sent cameras into the
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debris. meanwhile an investigation is underway into what triggered this 10 year old apartment complex to collapse. the one of the possible causes had begun to thwart rescue efforts india's monsoon rains. 5 years ago in the summer off 2015 europe faced its biggest migration crisis since world war 2 hundreds of thousands of desperate people fleeing war and economic hardship trying to reach the continent the largest group of migrants making the thrill use journey came from syria 4 years civil war had forced them to flee president bashar assad's forces increase their attacks on opposition strongholds and the so-called islamic state was gaining strength but people from many other countries including afghanistan and iraq pakistan and every train also left their homelands in search of a better future in your. face with an unprecedented wave chancellor angela merkel's
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government decided to let them in almost a 1000000 migrants claimed asylum here as part of a serious looking back on that sum of 5 years ago we met up with 2 of those who came and face very different futures. that my name is. i was born in 1980. i fled eritrea because i could no longer stand the never ending military service at the us of the house. you know. i'm 31 years old. i arrived in germany in 2015. i had to leave syria. and then after 2 years of military service i came home for the 1st time i had only seen my daughter once at birth and never again after that when i got home i walked right past or i just didn't recognize her
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nothing in life could be any sadder than that. i learned. that i was arrested by the secret service. when i got out of prison i couldn't stay in syria. i wasn't afraid to flee my you're often hungry your toilet. you want to sleep in a real bed not on the ground and they made it there. yeah i never would have moved to the courts is what i went off on my own at 1st. i didn't want the whole family to flee together. if something were to happen i wanted it to happen only to me. with nothing and i thought i came to germany on may 2nd 2015 at 1st i was in munich then i was sent to berlin. you still got a body. in syria i was
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a doctor. and i wanted to get professional training and continue that he. the doctors here in germany are not allowed to work without a license so i thought ok what can i do. i could work as an interpreter as a volunteer. people were nice and told me some german words you have been all. over the one up d.n.a. said i thought it to me during the asylum procedure and i was told that i could apply for a family reunification. but i would then have to show documents that do not exist in eritrea. marriage certificates birth certificates i wanted to have. been 2017 my wife finally had a hearing at the german embassy. right after that i wanted to call her to see how it went. to work then i found out that she died suddenly that he didn't get
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a home and i didn't understand it at all i lost my will to live. tried 1000. and 2017 i passed the professional language exam at the medical association of berlin then the knowledge exam that they're not got my license to practice medicine it is stated as such as $10000.00 and i got my 1st job as a resident in your mind out of my work is my life it's my whole life i was just completely leaving. my own little business where nothing was not well. i can never be well without my 4 children in the house because if i had to say goodbye i cannot sleep and i'm powerless. to its mind. i can't say whether i want to go back to syria and leave all stay here forever. live and. die just maybe i can
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still be possible or teen if all goes well in the us at this. time someone has moved my hope is that my children can come to me. after all that's what i'm fighting for as well because i can't go back. to was a movie. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you russia has rejected calls for an immediate investigation into the suspected poisoning the opposition leader of. the kremlin accuse the german doctors of jumping to conclusions by using the word poisoning saying but have no conclusive proof off the substance causing the ball is still. coming up next in news asia a brutal military crackdown force of revenge of muslims to flee myanmar now i return home seems more distant than ever. so stay tuned for news
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asia with paris fantasy coming up right after this news broke and that's it from me for now phil dale will have a news update for you at the top of the hour is from the other news stream thanks for watching.
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because finally years ago a german chancellor on the american made a famous claim of his us and us. germany opened its borders to refugees 5 years later we take an in-depth look at what happened then. what follows. and the consequences of the refugee crisis that we're still facing today. our talk on daily news.
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i think is everything challenging 1st on her make a muslim. so much different culture between here and there still challenging for if he would lead. an islamist think it was worth it for me to come to germany. and got my license to work as a swimming instructor i'm sure now our 2 children nothing to us just want us to just destroy. what's your story take part cherish on info migrants document. like. oh. my god just love was food for the russian soul. comes here steve. so many different walks of life. some are compact and ugly trying to put all of this comes straight from the heart
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to its former c.e.o. even when there's no money dilution the marsh fork in trucks come. from the 1st months of the last to their final resting place the russians d.w. documentary. this is the doctor coming up trapped. under the bridge refugees remain in. a brutal crackdown. drove them from their homes to help one of them to return to talk to an official.


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