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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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did you ever look at the. this is d w news live from berlin u.s. vice president mike pence issues a warning to voters that head of november's election to the hard truth lose. you won't be safe from joe barton. in the keynote address on line 3 of the republican national convention pence focuses on law and order to make his case for another 4 years of president trump. also coming up pence was speaking as the national guard was deployed in wisconsin 1000 troops are backing up police in the
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city of could osha which has been rocked by demonstrations over the police shooting of a black man cops the new zealand monster terrorist will spend the rest of his life in prison the 1st person there tonight paroled the victim's relatives celebrate justice being done. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program republicans in the u.s. have mounted a robust defense of law and order on their 3rd night of the national convention it comes as the nation faces new tension following the shooting of jacob blake a black man in wisconsin now vice president mike pence was the keynote speaker warning that only president donald trump could uphold order he said that americans didn't need to choose. it's between
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a lawful society and standing up for african-americans trump then joined him on stage making another surprise appearance. of his acceptance speech on friday on the final night of the convention. let's hear more of what my pence had to say the violence must stop whether in minneapolis portland or can no show too many heroes have died defending our freedom to see american strike each other down we will have law and order on the streets of this country for every american in every race and creed and color. and let's get more we are joined by peter wallace so day 3 of the republican national convention the message very clearly law and order here what were the main takeaways yeah absolutely that there was no clear message. then law and order in
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fact he said law and order are on the ballot it was this really painted this really dystopian vision of america if the democrats when he you know painted a picture of a country cloaked in darkness and chaos and say you won't be saving joe biden's america also saying that the choice in this election is whether america remains america he then turn around and he preys on trump that's really one of the things he does best you know touting the economy that's been faring well until the pandemic and he also did what a lot of other speakers have not done which was to actually talk about the coronavirus. he praised the administration's efforts which he has helped lead and also said that they're on track to have the world for the 1st safe effective coronavirus vaccine by the end of this year. there was some speculation that pends what may be used the stage to try to set him up for potential run in 2024. and
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there were really moments where he is felt like he sees that opportunity to not only appear vice presidential but really presidential for instance when he reached out and expresses support and and you know condolences to people who are now in the path of hurricane laura. i think you know supporters will be very happy with this speech and if you don't care about facts it was objectively speaking i think very solid speech. but it really captured i think the as sense of much of this convention which is you know pate the american the way that trump would like to see america not the way that a lot of americans feel it really is let's have a look at the way that america is right now the way that it has been the past couple days the past couple of nights in connection with constant in the wake of jacob blake a black man being killed by police there protesters on the streets sometimes unrest
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let's have a look and then get your reaction. the streets of an ocean are once again tense as police in armored vehicles attempt to keep the peace for another night of protests against the shooting of jacob blake. they're now getting back up from the national guard and federal agents this after a traumatic escalation videos taken tuesday showed demonstrators trying to disarm a man then he starts shooting hitting several people and wounding 2 of them fatally the alleged shooter then approaches police with his hands up but they do not arrest him and he was only captured a day later in illinois what happened yesterday night. 2 people were shot and killed the 3rd person was shot and seriously injured the killings came on the 3rd night of protests that have rocked can osha since sunday then police shot blake in the back wounding him at the scene of an altercation
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authorities have now released more information about that incident. officers attempted to arrest jacob. age 29 a law enforcement deployed a taser to attempt to stop mr blake with a taser was not successful in stopping him mr blake walked around his vehicle opened the driver's side door and leaned forward while holding on to mr. officer. fired his service weapon 7 times. blake is being treated in hospital and his family say he may never walk again. the u.s. justice department says it is launching a civil rights investigation into the incident but for now the protests show no sign of relenting. and we have seen this and so and he said he is there you know outrage on the streets over systemic racism how is this impacting the run for
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president well in many ways we've seen the candidates in the parties drift even further apart than the word began with i mean we're really seeing very opposing visions for america you look at the republicans we talked about law and order they've shown very little understanding or sympathy for these protesters what they've done instead is rather to you know launch a campaign of fear is specially white fear you know a strategy that worked very well for richard nixon back in 68 when when he was elected president where he painted a very you know still be an image of you know crime infested cities suburbs going up in flames and in not so subtle ways you know dog whistles that paint black people also as really a threat to the well being and the security of white people. the goal is exactly that to try to win a white suburbanites many of whom they lost during the midterm elections when 18. so that is one of the main goals for republicans here on the other hand you have
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the democrats you know the party that is pinning itself a party that can unite and heal america these wounds that we've now seen being cut all too deep by these past protests and in the shootings you have you know come all the harris's vice presidential candidate who's going to try to also bring all these different parties together to to be the you know the head of racial justice and it's really hard to say which message is going to be more effective both sides say that they're very enthusiastic on his action and there's the aspect but there. country and what you've highlighted there is actually some efforts to to deepen the polarization in order to gain some votes yet where does all of this leave america know exactly that there's very little united about the united states right now you know politically it's the most divided that we've seen the country since the civil war. if anything they're going to have it in their intact and isn't each other
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right and so. what these why don't we diverge english and of the direction that the country should be headed and you don't see a lot of room for compromise or willingness even if it does make you wonder unless either side when resounding me how are they going to get anything done and will they even accept defeat unless it's a resounding defeat. thank you. and also in the united states weather forecasters say that hurricane laura could be one of the strongest storms ever to hit the country the hurricane has made landfall in the southern state of louisiana after strengthening by nearly 90 percent in the last 24 hours meteorologists say that it is likely to produce an unprecedented unsurvivable storm surge along the coast of louisiana and texas around half a 1000000 people have been ordered to evacuate. let's get
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a quick check of some other stories making news around the world police in bellerose have detained dozens of protesters rallying in central minsk it's part of a widening government crackdown on demonstrations in the aftermath of the country's disputed presidential election the august 9th poll saw president alexander lukashenko win a 6th term in office protesters say that the result was raked. trade commissioner phil hogan is resigning amid allegations that he reached lockdown restrictions in ireland a week ago hogan attended a golf dinner with over 80 people sparking a national outcry the irish government says that his actions undermined public confidence. and kevin meyer is quitting the chinese owned video take talk the former disney executive only joined to talk from june the app has been under strong pressure from the trumpet ministration it says that takes talks ties to
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china make it a national security threat microsoft and oracle are currently jostling to buy to talk. the man who carried out deadly attacks on 2 new zealand mosques last year will remain behind bars for the rest of his life the high court in christ church sentenced britain to rock to life in prison without the possibility of parole the white supremacists admitted killing 51 muslim. chauffeurs in new zealand deadly a shooting outside the courthouse relatives of the victims and their supporters welcome to the verdict it's the 1st time that the country's courts have handed down a life sentence without parole. and i'm joined now by far miles to his joining us from wellington an unprecedented decision here was a surprise. well no actually in fact many people were expecting.
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a sentence of life without parole in the government this was a man who spent months if not years of his life meticulously planning these attacks . every aspect of the 2nd day. and it was just a heinous nature of the crime. which is made is worthy of new zealand highest ever. toughest of a sentence. he randomly shot and killed the elderly even shot a 3 year old child. when announcing the sentence the judge justice cameramen said he had no choice even if he spends the rest of his life in prison nothing can make up for the crimes he committed given all of that how was this received in new zealand. and there were intensely emotional scenes outside the court in christchurch. mostly relief and jubilation actually family
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members and victims survivors of the attack leaving the courtroom right to hand. and celebrated the fact that this man would never leave prison. i mean if the just in the identity she was released by the sentence that was handed down and she said she hoped that the victims of this attack now felt the arms of new zealand around them. what about the shooter did he react at all to the news in court and why didn't he use the opportunity to speak indeed in court. well. now terrorist reportedly showed 0 emotion in court but that that going along with the previous 4 days of the trial. he's shown next to no emotion and over 90. them testified in court.
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many were fifield that he would use the separate unit just grandstanding to send a message. but last night it was announced that he wouldn't last minute decision reportedly because he didn't want to show any remorse and he thought it was the best thing for the family and himself. so yeah this sentencing brings the trial to an end in new zealand but the. trauma of the grief that the victims and survivors will be suffering from will most likely go on for years to come but at least i will get some solace from the fact that this man who caused so much pain and suffering. will never see the light of day again absolutely miles 20 feet of the reporter thank you. you're watching news a quick reminder of our top story u.s. vice president mike pence has more voters against electing the democrats joe biden as president in november told the republican national convention that only
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president donald trump could maintain order. with that now you're up to date up next it is business news with my colleague monica jones there's also always more on our website w dot com you can also follow us on twitter and instagram at g.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin and thanks for watching. we know that this is very time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing. so take care of yourself a good distance hands if you can date and how we do w. here.


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